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Find the Escape Men 189: Scorching Heat 2018 Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 189: Scorching Heat 2018

No1Game - Find the Escape Men 189: Scorching Heat 2018 is another episode of this Japanese point & click escape game series developed by No1Game. In this game, your aim is to collect 10 escape men by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles to finally escape the heat! Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Dazz Ley]

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       Anonymous  5/31/18, 11:54 PM  

thanks alpha:)

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:03 AM  

can't catch that fly outside..

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:04 AM  

so far 3 men, blender, veggies, glass, cat food and boomerang

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:07 AM  

ok used boomerang outside, 4 men now

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:13 AM  

hope someone else comes because I have no idea what to do next:)

Look at thermometer and follow clue on shirt in mirror to get 4 number clue to open kitchen cabinet

Check out tongue after drinking blended veggies!

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:18 AM  

(RE)HI Dazz & all other players ☺

upset your neighbour with perseverance

& yep, that fly wasn't easy to catch

thx for creating this game, No1 ☺

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:18 AM  

keep knocking on left door outside

I have 7 men and nothing left to use - can't catch fly .... help!!!!

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:19 AM  

oops, your comments didn't show up until now, nikoko
(didn't want to exclude from personal greetings)

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:19 AM  

ahh you don't need anything to open cat food

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:19 AM  

nikoko see me at 12: 18 am

Thanks Dazz, now got 9 men

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:20 AM  

have 8 men now and letter

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:20 AM  

I noted a particular spot fly is passing by (always the same pattern) & then I clicked like mad there & was evtly able catch it

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:21 AM  

make that 9 after feeding your cat

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:21 AM  

thanks for tongue hint!

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:22 AM  

hm. that empty glass seems suspicious, but can't clean it (yet)...

Thanks alpha - got that fly after clicking like mad. Stuck on 9 now and still got the letter

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:23 AM  

thx nikoko for tongue hint

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:23 AM  

you won't have to alpha, see nikoko at 12: 17

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:23 AM  

I'm with you nik:)

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:29 AM  

just noticed that letter has a backside - not that it helps to find the last EM...

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:30 AM  

I thought the view by window is a clue or somwething, tried it on the fridge since you can't open the right window, but no go

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:31 AM  

ahhh could be for the closet!

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:33 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:34 AM  

good ending! thanks folks:)

Brilliant Dazz, it works on the closet

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:39 AM  

thx Dazz

btw, nikoko
never seen you posting here before - welcome then to the poster poets society party ☻

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:42 AM  

that's right nik, welcome)))

Hi and thanks for game :)
I think fly is easier to catch by cliking first on red button on handle (electric swatter)

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 1:44 AM  

I remember hitting the red button before I tried to catch the fly, but it still was difficult...
(what a horrible death for that poor fly...! :-( )

btw, the hint for the cabinet doors is outside

Oh, the closet doors... Don't know how I can be so dull I couldn't figure it out by myself. Was waiting for two buttons appearing somewhere.

Thanks for the fine and fun game, worth about 4.62 stars, so let's make it 5.

HOW do you blend these darn vegetables!

Put the plug in the outlet.

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 4:50 AM  

hi jen, click bottom right of fridge

Just get in the fridge you ijit.

Great game...consistently well thought out

Dazz, you're a genius. And I literally just caught a summer cold last night.

Cute ending! Fun!

Oh didn't catch it live ~~ T-T
But these are always so much fun! Thx No1!

For anyone looking for the boomerang, check your hair in the mirror.

I only have 9 escape men!

someone give hint. peep hole? air conditioner?

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:05 PM  

hi jj, nothing in air conditioner.

did you check tongue, sponge? anything you didn't do?

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:07 PM  

if peep hole, open the d oor and get out

       Anonymous  6/1/18, 12:16 PM  

escape men:
peep hole of door( go outside)

knock on left door several times outside

fly( use swatter in room)

oil sponge ( clean pan and check sponge)

4# ( check clue in mirror and thermometer

veggies in fridge( put in blender, plug the outlet and pour liquid in glass from 4#, drink and check tongue in mirror

blender after use

cat food in left closet, check mat

outside winfow on tree, use boomerang, cyberjar in 11:07

closet, check hint out by window

I cant seem to get the closet door clue...

NVM I figured it out....

That was a great Escape Men game. One of the most fun!

"I can't seem to get the closet door clue..."
"NVM I figured it out..."

Wish you had shared.

I had to watch the walkthrough for the closet doors.

I still don't get it, but for those who need help:


Which means clicking on whichever door is most to the right or left as indicated.

Hey- Mount Cook- Nice!

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