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Otsukai Escape

Rinnogogo - Otsukai Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Rinnogogo. In this game, your assumed goal is to help the little girl retrieve the lost key by finding items and solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Dazz Ley]

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       Anonymous  5/24/18, 3:49 AM  

hi folks, thanks alpha:)

can't continue now , will be back,for the crate look at the numbers 1-7 under each kanji word for sun, moon, stars

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 3:58 AM  

(RE)HI Dazz & all other players ☺

managed to open star/sun/moon box, but now dunno how to proceed in the new room

hoping for a POP(O) or somebody's help...

thx for creating this game, Rinno ☺

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:00 AM  

star/sun/moon box

figured out with Google-Translate that for 2-5, it's the



       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:03 AM  

then took a big lucky guess for the other numbers (which sequence is for sun & which for star)

remember several Japan. speaking ppl here on EG24, but they're long gone...
(ah, mayhaps Nini could help...?)

I used a bit trail and error for sun/moon/star

46 fgne 137 fha 25 zbba

Stuck with password aquarium, fish, octopus

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:07 AM  

btw, can't play in my favourite browser FF (mayhaps due to my security settings...?) as game site is loading & never stops...
playing in Chrome (with less security settings)

Zoran, combine 3 pictures on walls with poster next to door.
eg: octopus has a hexagon shape: U

Thanks Hotz

any idea how to use clue on bucket (use magnifier)?

2 3 4 5 6, count letter and transfer to number

@Hotz, Combine number and color word for Roman number

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:23 AM  

thx Hotz for the shape hint
(somehow I didn't notice them consciously ☻)

For the characters in first scene:


and out

What to do with the bowl of water?
And what with the sweater?

thanks Zoran and tautau, but I don't understand your hints.
count what letters?
combine numbers with which color words???

Nvm, found the washing tablet.
Nice game :)

Green is 3, 4.
3rd and 4th in unIVerse

Hotz, you have three color words, one is red second green and last is blue. use numbers to count letters

ahh, thank you Zoran and BBB!!!!

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:35 AM  

oh, tautau
you seem to speak Japanese
can you plz give us a summary about what's going on with this little girl - thx ☺

She need dress :)

stuck again, where have you found a bowl?

She just wants a clean dress I think.

She is wearing what as hat?

thanks again

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:38 AM  

I mean the little girl from the intro who lost the key mum has given to her (as I understood)...

and where is this washing table??
I tried to use the bowl everywhere. oh, this is not my kind of game :( ...

Between some cups it was.

Hotz, on left table

thanks BBB, I missed this pixel...

I don't think it was pixel missing. Just played again and I think it's only a hotspot after you found and filled bowl with water, but not sure.

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:55 AM  

ah, I expected a (bigger) device due to the word «table» & not a detergent tab ☻
thx for the hints, ppl

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 4:59 AM  

LOL, seems to be Hotz's typo that confused me (table instead of tablet) ☺

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 5:00 AM  

& of course it's not a tab ☻

Sweet and cute, even though it took some research. Thanks for hints everyone. Enjoyed this little gem.

This is such a cute story with such challenging puzzles, I'm going to write an old-fashioned walkthrough. (Hope this won't offend the PCP - Puzzle Correctness Police).

About the story, I'm just a beginner level in japanese, but this is quite easy.
Mom has forgot her important little pink book at the store, and ask yuu-chan if she can go there all by herself to bring it back. Being the the nice kid that she is, Yuu-chan is more than happy to do that, and her mother gives her the key warning her to be very careful at not losing it.
Of course she does exactly that.

       Anonymous  5/24/18, 2:07 PM  

oh, plz do so ☺
a written WT is so rarely seen these days (now each game has a VWT)...

thx very much for summarizing the story
I'm glad that I followed my intuition & wrote correctly about the lost key in the game description above, while only looking at the intro pics & understanding zilch of the Japan. text ☻

Lost-Key through -- part 1
(My was my version of the story, not knowing Japanese. Thanks to Tapio for the correct version, and to the other players for the wonderful hints and explanations )
Today when I got home from school, Mama told me she had errands (Otsukai) to run, but that I was big enough that she would let me go play in the park while I was gone. She put the house key on a string around my neck so I could get back in the house on my own. (Did she say something about chores as well? If so, I'll do them later)
I had a wonderful time running through the grass, playing with the cats, and catching ants! Finally I was ready to go home. But when I got home, I realized that I didn't have my key!
I looked around the corner, and saw that our big tomcat had the key around his neck! But he wouldn't let me have it. I had to feed him. We keep our cat food in a sun-star-moon box by the door and the door numbers in our compound are the hints. I'm old enough to know some kanji now, and "SUN" (日) was one of our early lessons and "MOON" is 月. (editor's note: These are also the symbols for "DAY" and "MONTH" when you see a Japanese calendar.) So I had sun = 137 and moon = 25, so the 46 sign must be STAR. I opened the box, then used the blue can opener lying on the ground nearby to open the can (I bet one of the cats knocked it off the box where it belongs.) Once I fed the cat, I was able to get in the house.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lost-Key through -- part 2
Inside the house, I saw my Dolly sitting on a stool in her underwear with a bowl on her head! I went into the kitchen, and saw her dirty dress lying on the counter. Oh yes, in the last rainstorm I played with her in the mud puddles. Mama told me I had to wash the dress by myself. The cupboard below was locked -- I needed another key! I picked up the mop from the floor.
To the right were two more locked cupboards. The upper cupboard needed 3 numbers, red-green-blue. The lower cupboard needed a seaweed-octopus-fixh clue. Looking around at the pictures, I saw that's circle-hexagon-square. But 164 and 064 didn't work. Oh, wait! There's a poster by the door that converts the shapes to latin letters. Sweet! That gave me a red word "NIPPON" and a magnifier. And there was the blue word "HAWAII".
But under the poster, I saw a bucket I must have knocked over when I came in. I used the floor mop to clean up to found the green word "UNIVERSE". There was a tiny mark on the bucket. Using the magnifier, I saw red "2"-green "34" -blue"56" So, I took the 2nd letter from the red word, the 3rd and 4th letters from the green word and the 5th and 6th letters from the blue word for "I-IV-II". Strange! Then I remembered our class on Roman Numerals! So I opened the cuboard, but couldn't reach the balloon that's floating inside. So I got the stool near the octopus picture and used it to get the balloon
It was a pretty balloon, but I needed that key. The sharpest thing I had was the can opener, so I used that to break the balloon. :( This key opened the water cupboard. I put water in the bowl, but I needed more. Among the teacups, I spot a pod of wash soap. I added the soap to the bowl and the dress. Now I had a clean dress, but it was still wet. I laid it on the table in the sunlight, where it quickly dried after I stepped away.Dolly was hiding my mobile phone.
So with my chores done, I went back out to the park with my housekey around my neck and my mobile on a string. What could go wrong?

AlphaOmega ΑΩ, thanks for the encouragement.
I came to the site near the end of the EGDAWT era and quite frankly, not every game does deserve a walkthrough but I miss them on the good games. I hate being stuck and having to wade through a long video to try to spot the one thing I'm missing near the end of a game.

I'm not as clever as zoz, with the amazing song-lyric based walkthroughs she used to do for Minoto games, but sometimes it does seem worth the effort.

For a zoz song-through to a song we all know, see: http://www.escapegames24.com/2010/08/minoto-three-bears-walkthrough.html

As long as we're on Memory Lane - The Museum of Walkthroughs by Zoz, small-tool, Nokra, Ellie, Irishenigma and so many others. My favorite was always Minotemian Rhapsody. http://walkthroughmuseum.blogspot.com/

       Anonymous  5/25/18, 12:22 AM  

yes, these were the days...
(missing them - *sigh*)

Oh, Janet, what a wonderful link! I had never seen it -- the WTs were written shortly before I discovered EG24. Will have to try to find some of the games mentioned!

Hey Puzzled - so glad you enjoyed it. The walkthroughs by our friends should not be forgotten. And though some of them are no longer with us (bless you SwissMiss) they should not be forgotten either.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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