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Avm Escape the Old King

AvmGames - Avm Escape the Old King is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. This old king is unlike any other kings. He is active and he doesn't like sitting around. In fact, he goes out of his palace every other day to meet the other kings. However, this king is not that famous. The king from the other kingdom doesn't know him at all. He thought that the old king will invade their kingdom so he ordered his knights to capture the old king. The thing is, the old king didn't bring to many knights with him, just you. You didn't have the chance to defend your old king but you can do something to get him out of there. Only you can rescue the old king so you have to do your best to help him to escape. You have to look for the key so you can open the door of this palace. Or better yet, you must collect items that you can use to break the door open. Nobody has to get hurt. You came here in peace and in peace you will leave. Good luck and have fun!

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shovel used in sc2

zigzag clue for 1-6 hexagons

for the buttons with green circle, you have to connect all dots, start from the top one

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:12 AM  

(RE)HI Dazz & all other players ☺

suddenly couldn't move from 1st scene to the 2nd, had to zoom in on number puzzle & then it worked

btw, no hotspot for shovel

thx for creating this game, AVM ☺

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:21 AM  

after connecting the dots, zoom out to obtain your reward

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:22 AM  

combo number grid paper & compass direction paper for s3

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:32 AM  

I'm sure the 125 etc. paper is for s5 buttons, but can't make it work...

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:35 AM  

well, fiddled around & suddenly it opened
AVM logic again, it seems...
I think, the sequence was



       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:37 AM  

books for s4

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:37 AM  

colour N dot paper for s1

whether it was the paper or the books, I did that hundred times

how are books for s4? no yellow

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:40 AM  

& for s4

(only needed 1 move back & forth, as puzzle was already adjusted for me...)

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:41 AM  

teddies are clickable

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:42 AM  

maths paper



ahh thanks! didn't see that

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:44 AM  

for those who are maths-affected



btw, the N paper was used in sc4, got a key that doesn't fit anywhere

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:46 AM  

logically, it should be AILN...!

alpha, where did you get maths?

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:47 AM  

the paper starting with 8&2=16106

I think my game's glitched, my key doesn't go anywhere and can't do anything else

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:51 AM  

still have that 125 etc. paper...

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:53 AM  

you may try to reload the game, it has a resume option (hopefully working...)

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:55 AM  

did the same (for me unlogic) order for remaining colour puzzle & it worked
(still asking myself why this order...)

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:56 AM  

btw, that yellow is olive on puzzle

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 5:59 AM  

my line counting d/w...

I did the Nila paper 2 X's and it worked.

Nila paper used 2x's S3 and S6

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 6:13 AM  

yep it worked, but for the number/letter/roman numeral sequences, it should be logicallyin alphabetical order, as the other lines are in increasing number, too

I know that 125 paper is for 5 digit puzzle but can't work it out?

I thought I did that IE. ABC ECT> I had to do it twice to get it to open?

Don't know what the stove is for??

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 6:18 AM  

125 etc. paper is not for 5# puzzle in s5

it's for cooking bandy))))

check that later, see u folks

Thanks AO I still have the paper though??

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 6:19 AM  

combo stove colours with the 125 etc. paper
(the same - for me - unlogical order as for the 4 buttons)

C U Dazz :)

I can;t tell the color apart because of the tint Bummer.

All else fails B/F works LOL

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 6:58 AM  

had to post another new game, now back

had to peek into the VWT for the 5#, but don't have the slightest idea about the path to the solution AVM came out with...

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 6:59 AM  

5# in s5



I gave up as I don't see any logic to this game at all?

"combo stove colours with the 125 etc. paper"
I have combined stove colors with books in S3...

for 5#code in S5: MIRROR!!!
thanks AO, I couldn't see it without your spoiler

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 7:18 AM  

ah, thx Hotz
alien number writing ☻

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