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Cherry Blossoms Escape Walkthrough

Cherry Blossoms Escape

[MOBILE] Cherry Blossoms Escape is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Nakayubi. In this game, you are visiting your grandmother's house, so all your family can see the spring flowers together, surrounded by the beautiful cherry blossoms. You're also very excited to try your grandma's famous «sakura mochi», although she cannot remember where she has put them. You've decided to stay and search for this delicious treat before meeting up with your family. Find and use items and hints for solving all the puzzles in the house. A bonus is also available after the game. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Nini xD]

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       Anonymous  6/16/18, 7:29 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺
if you find cool (new) free escape games for Android or iOS on Google Play or App Store, you can submit them (click my nick) to share your discovery with the whole EG24 community – thx

what do you think of this reawakened section for free mobile escape games?
give us a feedback (click my nick)

ありがとう for creating this game, Nakayubi ☺

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 7:30 AM  

to avoid the issue of games being blocked in your country, download the following app (it’s safe):

right click to open link in a new tab

(btw, they also have an add-on for FF)

you may change the security settings in order to allow installations from unknown sources
it’s also an advantage to have a file manager installed on your Android device where the downloads can be found

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 7:35 AM  

I just discovered that I can have both - browser & Android emulator - open, it just d/w with FF (seems to eat to much RAM...)
so I tried with Chrome - et voilà - I'm so happy! ☻
now I can provide you with hints 8-D

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 7:45 AM  

the line on piggie's nose doesn't count

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 7:47 AM  

you need always sth sharp to cut strings or ropes

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 7:49 AM  

oops, have to go afk for a bit - I'll be back... (with an Austrian accent ☻)

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:02 AM  

dinner's cooking, so back

hammered food for altar

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:06 AM  

ah, a sumo fight - who's gonna win?

the wrestlers move forward from left or right side

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:10 AM  

nice trees in patio

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:11 AM  

same for rock path

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:16 AM  

oh, bamboo pipe is closed

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:19 AM  

you don't need a purple pin wheel

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:21 AM  

thx Mr. Mouse to free the way

(he's strong, so it's a Mr. for me ☻)

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:23 AM  

oh, a new room

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:24 AM  

hopefully match isn't wet after being in well

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:29 AM  

pig is thirsty

Mrs. or Mr.? - anyway, she/he wants to do the tea ritual as it seems

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:30 AM  

blue is the winner

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:32 AM  

o-oh, my internet connection starts to be wonky again
(mayhaps because it's early evening here & the others suck more bandwith from the router...?!) - hopefully I can finish...

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:35 AM  

btw, drag the cable

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:36 AM  

ah, this is a hint at fireplace

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:38 AM  

after the tea ceremony, the frogs are helpful

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:41 AM  

that small wooden part with hole is actually a crank

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:42 AM  

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:45 AM  

still have that small stick with number...

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:46 AM  

it won't go for box on shelf...

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:52 AM  

not only the lamp to look in the dark

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:54 AM  

it's not where the petals are moving to

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 8:55 AM  

ah, a 2nd stick

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 9:01 AM  

bonus game after dinner - bbs

btw, feeling like a lonely wolf or cowboy (well, -girl) here...

but this thread has been viewed already by 151 players so far - hence my invitation again:

be brave, create a Blogger account (it's save) & start to post
(if you already have one – or a G+ – don’t hold your horses back then...!)
it's great fun to give hints or to ask other players for help, when stuck!
as an active member of EG24, you even more become a part of a big worldwide gaming community...! ☺

Sad to see such a wonderful game get such a low score :(

Thx for posting Alpha ! It’s definitely 5 stars for me ;)

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 9:53 AM  

I think that it has sth to do that these games are only for mobile devices - very often ppl don't rate as per game quality (which is mostly awesome), but like for many JP games («if I don't understand sth, then it's a bad game» or similar), they judge as per outer appearances (not a PC game)...! :-(
for me, it's absolutely not fair towards the devs & all their work they put into their creations...!!!

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 9:57 AM  

in this case, you can't not rely at all on the ratings
but what do you want, if ppl give 5* for a daily mass-produced game, where you don't need to use your full brain capacity, but mostly just collecting stuff & placing it somewhere else & just copy the hints for the puzzles without thinking too much
well, mayhaps loads of ppl like not having to think too much...

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 9:59 AM  

btw, took the sticks with me (as chopsticks mayhaps...?)

8 differences

- chart
- well
- box figurine
- bunny
- piggy (would give a nice lamp)
- door scene
- piggy figurine next to TV
- stick (that took me some time to find...!)

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 10:10 AM  

these games surely are awesome since you are getting them in here folks, thanks for your hard work nini , glad we're cooperating to keep this site the best.

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 10:19 AM  

btw, for already a long time, I stopped with rating games (except now the mobile ones, as they all are premium quality & worth 5* or even more)

I don't rate either, don't even look at ratings. I know what kind of games I like, don't need others to tell me that with a rating.
But I think it's a big mistake downrating the people who rate in a way you don't like yourself.
It's exactly what you say: very often ppl don't rate as per (YOUR DEFINTIONS OF) game quality. They vote what they like and if they don't understand then they don't like and then of course they should downrate the game, because it's not (like you say) about rating the game and being fair to the maker, it's about the user of this site showing the owner and admins what they want to see on this site!!!

In this case I think they vote they don't want mobile games. And I think EG24 should listen to the players/voters. Just the same as there are now two categories (best escape games and other escape games) based on ratings.

Btw although not rating I do think too Mobile games shouldn't be on EG24. I think it will make the downfall of EG24 even going faster. But that's another discussion.

No reply anymore?

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 11:01 PM  

perhaps Alpha got your point.

       Anonymous  6/17/18, 12:45 AM  

lost internet connection again yesterday, hence couldn't reply
plz contact me (click my nick), as this thread is only for giving hints or asking for help re the game & not for discussing other topics - thx

       Anonymous  6/18/18, 1:37 PM  

played this one, 5 stars from me too:)

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