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Dassyutu Billiards Room Escape Walkthrough

Dassyutu Billiards Room Escape

Dassyutu Billiards Room Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by InfoWeb. In this game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun!
[Submitted by Dazz Ley]

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       Anonymous  6/7/18, 11:10 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

INVITATION to all lurkers ☻

be brave, create a Blogger account (it's save) & start to post
(if you already have one – or a G+ – don’t hold your horses back then...!)
it's great fun to give hints or to ask other players for help, when stuck!
as an active member of EG24, you even more become a part of a big worldwide gaming community...! ☺

thx for creating this game, IW ☺

thanks alpha:)

Thanks alpha, hi Dazz !

ahh hiyo emmes:))

Multiple use for the cue.

Click the balls, they will give you the order.

Use the binoculars on the clock, combine clue with clue from billiard balls.

Hi friends! Good to see you here, long time no see!

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 11:46 PM  

LTNS indeed, merit! ☺
how's the business...?!

Hi meritneith, yes, long time no see !

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 11:49 PM  

btw, I like to play billiards

Just to say, click the bottom of the drawer where you found the binoculars to reveal another coin.

Hi Alpha, thanks, more work than money but I couldn't resist to play a while.

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 11:54 PM  

IW always have number codes easy to remember (like 1-2-3-4 or similar) ☻

Doh, needed some time to find the place for the camera...

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 11:56 PM  

oh, you can clean spot next to the fallen balls
(hard to see in the dark)

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 11:59 PM  

(my keyboard always swallows the last letters typed :-/ )

thx for my last coin, merit
(have the list ready...)

Now stuck with black light, tape, and the still active cue.

POP. I missed the paper in the shelf next to plant.

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:01 AM  

combo with balls in inventory give order for symbols (not those on table)

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:01 AM  

actually, 1 cleaning for all spots ☻

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:04 AM  

combo balls on table (not those in inventory) with clock

Hm. I thought the order of played balls in video combined with printed paper should give the 4# for the drawer on TV shelf. Nada.

Holy moly. I missed another paper (with maze)! Zoom into DVD player, left of it is the maze.

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:11 AM  

some technical issues here ☻

technics to technics

btw, the long thingy is more a connecting cable for me...

Just seen that black light is used now. Maybe you need to see or take the maze.

Progress, maze is clue for the direction arrows drawer. You only need two arrows!

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:13 AM  

I can't zoom in on the DVD player...

Alpha, do you have the black light? It was inactive after getting the maze from there, so you might need it.

Now I have a clue for the photo but the 4# don't work.

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:18 AM  

combo with ball numbers in inventory (not on table) for camera number

somehow a bit confusing for me, all these balls...! ☻

And it seems Dazz and Emmes have gone?

Eh Alpha, did you recognize the number clue just written there at bottom of video when playing? Plain simple. ;-)

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:21 AM  

ah, I see, it works now - thx merit

black light is used on



       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:23 AM  

ah, yep - now you told me ☻

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:25 AM  

superimpose the one onto the other paper

I don't know what I'm missing by now. All items are inactive except for the order clue paper and the photo. So the 4# solution should be clear.

But everytime I try it tells me the password is not known which means I have to do something else first, if I had made a mistake it should tell me the password is wrong?

Not really? :-o

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:27 AM  

thx for your company, merit
nice to play with you now & then

Meh, I played the whole game without any help and at the very end I walk into a trap like this? :-/

Thanks for that help and yes, I enjoyed your company as well.


I still have packing tape, magnet and cue active - and photo. Where to use the magnet?

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:40 AM  

make the usual stuff combo & remember the statue

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:41 AM  

10 coins

- between CB & TV rack
- on table
- behind statue
- on shelf
- behind plant pot
- on bench
- on other shelf
- in billiards table's hole
- TV rack
- binocs CB

thanks AO - must not have tried the correct combo!

Hi alls and thanks for good game !
for code with photo and 4 circles paper (found in statue hole), you need to superpose these 2 papers ans 4# code works

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks Alpha for my last coin ;)

thanks for the coins!!!

I don't realize the ball numbers are shown in the video. It takes me long time to match the ball color

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey Unknown, that's not how we roll here. We like talking to each other and want hints, not a walkthrough. We also like hearing each other's stories like how long you looked right at the clue before realizing it was a clue. This blog is about the journey. Go find a walkthrough on a different site and stop annoying us.

Thanks, Alpha! (And the rest of you!) And thanks all for holding off posting walkthroughs until a bunch of comments are here first!

unknown stop please

wow! Nice to see some the old guard here! Does anyone remember the name of a game that was posted here with a dragon at the bottom of a castle? It was extremely difficult with amazing graphics. Thanks! (so many posters missing who felt like friends after years of puzzling together, even though worlds apart.)

@Firefly .. maybe Elements by Neutral? It was reposted not too long ago.

@Unknown, first of all: AO is a very passionate escaper and she just wants for everyone to have fun in a ever growing and loving community.
And second of all: If you don't want to create a Blogger acc, that's fine really.. just don't do it.
If you want to play a game at your own pace and your fun is spoiled by hints, just don't read the comments until you've finished w/e game you're playing. Simple as that. :)

AO is a she. Mind. Blown.

Thanks all for the hints. I hate using walkthroughs and don't make it through most games without some help from fellow gamers. Keep up the good posts. and LOL I though AO was a guy too!

Thanks, @Nini xD! I didn't think it was a Neutral game, but maybe it was. I'll check it.
Can we recommend games here? Loom series by akarika.net

Thanks for the very fun game, Dassyutu! :)

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 9:34 PM  

I'm going to post an Akarika replay today

How do you play billiards? I can't seem to click on cue ball or the other ones.

Used w/t, and felt stupid numerous times LOL

Combine last 2 clues within inventory before the 4 digit number is accepted. Even though you know what it is, must combine the 2 clues. Sad.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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