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Escape Game: Luxury Palace Walkthrough

Escape Game: Luxury Palace

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Escape Game: Luxury Palace Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. Assume that you are living in a vast luxury palace. Though you have everything for your comfort yet you long to go out of the palace and experience the life outside. But you can’t step outside the palace just like that because you have been locked in the palace. You must find the key to escape from the palace. Can you find the key and free yourself from the luxury palace by solving puzzles? Good luck and have fun!

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Ahh, first in. Haven't played a FEG in a long time, will check this one out.

Key in pegasus's mouth in piano scene.

Knife from start scene used 2 scenes to the right, stays in inventory.

Use cane to pull green item off table in gramophone scene.

Knife is used twice (so far). Brown couch and roundel above statue. Added it to puzzle but don't know what to do.

As I'm about to start this new game, I wonder: has anyone been able to complete FEG games without hints or a wlakthrough? Not me, but I still enjoy playing them...

Cane used for table item also used in start scene under hutch (expands into a window).

Wooden pin is used above female statue, not the knife used on couch.

Knife used on couch used again to cut green bag you got from table. But first, expand one of the bowls you have in inventory and put the green bag next to it before using knife.

cut green item open with knife after you get a white bowl. (there are 2) add green thing which is grain. next????

Jenny, pour tea from teapot into the other bowl. I haven't yet found what's next for that.

Sorry Sugarcrush my mistake.
What I thought was a brush is actually a screwdriver for the gramophone.

Lilen, I'm surprised I got this far in a FEG without having to look at the WT. Will see how far I can get on my own, lol!

The roundel above statue is opened with hammer-looking thing. The knife is used 2nd time with green item.

Melody54, where was the item you thought was a brush? I haven't done anything yet to the gramophone.

In the first scene Sugarcrush, it was the first item I found but...

Thanks for the tea in the bowl hint sugar crush. No idea why either.
I can't even identify some of the inventory items.

Placed 2 square candles into the wooden bowl. Haven't yet found anything to use on it. So I'm thinking there are more candles and/or something to light them with.

Hi Melody, I thought it was a brush too LOL,

I unlocked another room and got a second bowl and a plate etc. I can zoom a plant there but no idea what to use anything on. lol.

Jenny, I have what looks like a corner bookshelf, 3 gold keys, and something that expands into a window (looks sort of like half of a pair of scissors), a plate, a wooden cane, an 8-muffin baking tin, and other stuff mentioned earlier. Looks like we're going to cook something, lol!

Just found the brush, thanks Melody54. It was on the bottom of the pedestal.

Hi Yvonne. I also have a hook from the petal bowl after using the speaker from the gramophone as a magnet.

Used the magnet from the gramophone on the petals/water bowl in first scene for a hook?

Same here sugar crush. lots of items no idea of their purpose

Petal bowl is still active.

Petal bowl still active after getting hook

Anybody read music? I don't.

Melody, ha, ha, snap :)

Me either Yvonne.

Ladder or plate rack goes through the first locked door - just beside the opened box.

Use hook on cage

Oooh I fed a parrot!

Give seed to bird

Thanks for the magnet hint, guys. Never would have thought to use the item that way. I don't get the piano clue either. Also, where is the clue for the 4x6 grid in the start scene after you add the rondele to it? Thought it might be related to the 4-color puzzle on the box, but I don't think it is.

Piano clue: each symbol is attached to another symbol; the top ones on piano give you the order to press. The 4x6 grid is solved at the end. Gold keys get used when you solve the slider puzzle on wall (once you get the missing piece). "Square candles" are in fact tea bags...

Use the piece from the symbols box on the puzzle and move to show 3 keyholes.

What cage...what bird? You guys must be way ahead of me.

Hi Sugarcrush :) look at Melody's 7.55

Melody where's the symbol box?

I don't understand Lilen's piano clue

Out. once I figured where to put the ladder the rest was easier.

At the piano, I have no clue how to relate the top symbols in any way to the bottom ones. I know nothing about reading music. The 2nd symbol on top looks like the opposite of the 5th symbol on bottom. Sorry, but I still don't get that one. Looks like I'll have to give in and look at the WT.

But right now I need to take a break. Going for a walk, will be back a bit later.

sugar crush the stand in inventory is a ladder. use it left side in room opened with key then click above it for parrot

You don't need to read music. The hint paper shows 2 symbols joined together. just try to see what they are and using the order already on the piano above the keys click each key in order to what is attached to the symbol above

thanks yvonne for your @8:05. Saw the cage up there but wasn't sure if that's the one you meant.

Sugarcrush they've mixed the music symbols together. you need to try to untangle them in your mind. The symbols at the top of the piano are the order to press the keys. The book order means nothing.

Thanks for the company and the help everyone.

Melody, help! I can't find where to use parrot clue, have no book

On the floor in the scene with the brown couch bottom left Yvonne. It's a casket.

Ok symbol clue from parrot used on box, in scene where you cut the sofa

The casket is bottom left not the couch *blush*

I have tried every combination of the piano and none of them work

Melody, thanks for checking back :)

Spoiler for piano keys

Press 5 3 4 2 1

No problem Yvonne. See you around.

Melody54, tried your piano key spoiler several different ways. Nothing worked.

This game is frustrating me, I don't have all day to spend on it. Quitting. Thanks all for the help though.

If you make a mistake on the piano keys, you MUST zoom out and back in before trying again.

Sugarcrush, did you have the book?

fun game nice rooms, good hints 3 keys hint & ladder helped me piano no probs just took a snip & matched thanks FEG

Great game,solved without any hints this time, thanks 5/5.

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