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Itagora Escape 23 Walkthrough

Itagora Escape 23

Itagora Escape 23 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Lu-Taru. In this game, you must unlock door by door in order to proceed. Find and use items and hints that will help you escape. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Dazz Ley]

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I'm stuck in lvl 6, can't find hint for the buttons but gotta run now.

just to give a bint, in lvl 2 there are clickable walls, start from the spot under the japanese letters.

thanks alpha:)

aye! hint

       Anonymous  6/25/18, 8:28 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

hint for room 2
mouseover here & look bottom left of screen or
click this link & look in URL bar

thx for creating this game, Lu ☺

       Anonymous  6/25/18, 8:31 AM  

btw, if you play these the first time:

- choose right start option
- you can go back in rooms by clicking numbers top left

       Anonymous  6/25/18, 8:32 AM  

room 3 has navigation bars
(not that it would help me to proceed...)

oh yeah for that:take a closer look at the letters

In room 6 you need to do the buttons in front of the guys. The hint is the numbers on the wall and the clock in room 3.

In room 7 is the hint for the other buttons.

*that is, the boy has a white shirt and the girl is wearing a red panty
between eight and four, depending on the clock, you have to click on white or red

I dont understand level 3... anyone still there?

Room 3 has an extra room to the left and an extra room to the right. Do the pattern puzzles there. Hint for those patterns is on the sign with POBODD

Thanks BBB... I still do not understand!! BTW, are you a Bob's Burger fan? Is that what your name means?? :)

On the sign you see, as faint background, a checker pattern, that's the hint for the right room and a kind of diamond pattern, that's the hint for the left room.

Actually more fan of his son (Gene Belcher), but yes I do love Bob's Burgers :)

haha! I knew it! I love Gene, he's the funniest one on the show! :) Still dont understand the POBODD though! lol!

In the right room make it:
White Yellow
Yellow White

In the left room

White White

on level six, I can only press the large/small buttons on the wall. the buttons in front of the boy & girl are unpressable, as is the grey button on the wall between them. What's the trick?
LORdesigns, are you still stuck on level 3? Once you color in the diamond and rectangle pattern on the side doors, the glass front in the center room will unlock. Then just press POBODD

You need the arm you broke off from the statue too press those buttons.

aha! Thanks BBB! I'll have to remember the old "always use a fake hand to press buttons trick" ;{

I finally got it! I could not see the pattern, so I had to bring it into photoshop to increase the contrast! I see it now... on the level 5. I have an arm and a weight. not sure what to do!
Thanks ZOZ and BBB :)

       Anonymous  6/25/18, 11:08 AM  

hang the weight on piercing of the big face

thanks for lvl 6 bbb:)

Thx for AO for posting and Dazz for submitting it.

Will play the second game and post the answers here :)

Kanji game answers:

(1st one just click "OK")

       Anonymous  6/25/18, 12:16 PM  

hm. my spanking solution is the same as Sisli's, but nothing happens for me...
what should happen?

Same here, AO. Nothing happens, hmmm.

Thanks for posting this, Dazz!! It requires a good bit of puzzling out - but, as usual, has such a very satisfying ending. I so enjoy the humor also!

If spanking code isn't working, re-enter the scene and try again.
Maybe the red bellow must be pressed first idk..

LOR and alpha, are you sure you zoomed on the clock? read bbb at 10: 47 am

The balloon keeps deflating, I have to see the hint quickly, but even so, nothing happens.

ahh you need to keep filling your banana

when getting dials hint: there is a GoGo arrow.

Excellent game! thanks ev1 for helping, yw A.C:))

Finally, I had to restart the game for the clock/spanking game to work. Thanks all.

       Anonymous  6/25/18, 10:46 PM  

came back to this for finishing, as I had other tasks to do yesterday

thx for the hints, ladies

Excellent fun, thanks! And thanks for the level 6 hint, I saw 8 and 4 on the wall, but since I don't know Japanese I automatically didn't know the Arabic numerals either. Or something like that.

start gogo happy yes is for the dials in the safe in 7. The clues are in room 2

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