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Neat Escape from the Attic Walkthrough

Neat Escape from the Attic

[MOBILE] Neat Escape from the Attic is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by NeatEscape. In this game, you are staying in the attic of your friend's house. After waking up in the morning, you find yourself trapped in the room. Your aim is now to escape by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. This game has 2 endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Note: In future, we will also post free premium quality escape games created only for mobile devices (Android and/or iOS).

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       Anonymous  6/7/18, 12:55 PM  

dear players ☺
thx for supporting EG24 with your visits to play the latest free online escape games or to browse our big archive to find older premium quality games of all kind

thx also to all, who actively contribute with their comments, providing help for other players who may prefer to stay in the background – there are thousands of them around the world…!

nice to have you all as members of our big community ☺

thanks to you all, EG24 is still the best western site in the internet!

to serve you even more with the hottest creations, we are about to reawaken the mobile games section, starting here with a crowd puller like Neat – good luck & have fun! ☺

btw, if you find cool free escape games for Android or IOS on Google Play or App Store, you can submit them (click my nick) to share your discovery with the whole EG24 community – thx

what do you think of this reawakened section for free mobile escape games?
give us a feedback (click my nick)

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 12:56 PM  

btw, wanna play mobile games on your computer?
then check this site for the best free Android emulators (safe download):

right click to open link in a new tab

ありがとう for creating this game, Neat ☺

Did they not publish a PC version?

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:07 PM  

not for this creation
(otherwise we would have already posted it)

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:10 PM  

there IS sth in the top drawer

Are the Android emulators safe for download?

Carmel games went mobile and had a bad experience.

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:13 PM  

I've downloaded the AndY emulator without any negative consequences for my computer
(& I have high security settings...!)

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:18 PM  

there's always stuff under your sleeping place

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:18 PM  

mirror is dirty

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:21 PM  

it's actually 6 numbers

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:24 PM  

check obtained box thoroughly

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:27 PM  

check if you swiped away all parts

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:30 PM  

poor fish, captured in a small aquarium without any plants or other stuff for entertainment...! :-(

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:32 PM  

2 items for lifting bathtub - cool action ☻

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:34 PM  

combo dominoes & cards for suit box

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:37 PM  

word from unlocked drawer



       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:41 PM  

as there's a 2nd ending, I recommend to save the game before exiting thru door

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:41 PM  

(just in case...)

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:48 PM  

ah, did you notice the other keyhole...?!

you can move the gears again

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 1:52 PM  

combo letters with cards

I only hope you aren't scared of heights...
(btw, what a beautiful view...!)

AO, the link you put up has no AndY download.

My mobile says it's not available in my country...

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 2:14 PM  

dunno where you are from, but unfortunately sometimes Google a country block for whatever reasons...! :-(
sorry for you, that you can't download & play this great game
but as we will post more premium quality mobile games, you'll find one that is not blocked, I'm sure ☺

Thank you AlphaOmega, I will wait for them.
By the way, I.m from the Netherlands.

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 2:20 PM  

ah, I see...
but you can for sure find the download link with your favourite search engine (type in «download Andy emulator» or similar)

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 2:23 PM  

aangenaam, Sonja ☺

Hello everyone! There's a whole unexplored world of great mobile EGs and we hope you all can experience it to its fullest. I'm sorry if the game not available in your country, we are doing our best so no one is left aside.
I play mobile games on my mobile phone or tablet so you may not need emulators if you have one of those.

Thx for posting AO!

Btw, I have my phone connected to my Google Account so it recognizes my access and asks if I want to download it on my phone by just clicking the link AO provided. Maybe this information works as a tip, helping you guys in case you have any problems installing the apk. ;)

Hey Sonja,

I'm afraid all Neat Escape games have been removed from the European region because they contain targeted ads that violate the GDPR legislation.

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 8:54 PM  

it can't be, as I live in Europe & I had access to the game...!
& I didn't have any ad in the game, only an odd note on the TV that I couldn't make sence of it...

I dont get the number on the tv, I get 693...but it's not working....

I looked at a walkthrough and my number was wrong by one digit...

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 10:30 PM  

yep C'rock
it's pretty tricky to swipe all unnecessary parts away

       Anonymous  6/7/18, 10:32 PM  

yellow number from TV



hi AO, im in Austria and Google Play says this game is not available in my country....same as Sonya as i can see.....��

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:09 AM  

I'm in Switzerland & I had access
(mayhaps because the Swiss are neutral...?! ☻ )

sorry for you that you can't play this one...
but I'm sure there will be other games you have access to (there are already some cool ones in the pipeline...!)
& Neat also creates games for PC from time to time

Many Japanese escape games are not available now in Play Store Europe ... neat escape, hozdesing, funkyland, gam.Ebb, jammswork .... :(

Hi AO!

I applaud the initiative to make games from developers such as Neat Estate available on Android or OIS. I am here in the US and had no problem accessing this game through a download to Google Play.

However, I am not finding the Android to be a particularly user friendly platform for me. It may just be my age (76) that makes me more comfortable with a large PC screen and a normal keyboard.

Hopefully all these games can ultimately be made available for both platforms so that users will have a choice. Having some on Android and some on PC is commendable, but it means in my case that I will miss a lot of these games. I am hopeful that this situation can be addressed at some point.

Just my 2¢ - thanks for listening.

Mac Carter

       Anonymous  6/8/18, 12:43 PM  

the high times of games made with Flash are over, already for some years...
for PC games, HTML5 is the future
but ppl began to play more & more on their mobile devices instead of on their computers, that's why EG24 lost loads of visitors...
most of the crowd puller devs like Tesshi-e or - in the posted case - Neat & also loads of others like Hottategoya, Yomino Kagura & also western devs etc. shifted their development on games for Android &/or iOS
most of the games will never be released for PC...!

therefore I downloaded an Android emulator to be able to play mobile games on my laptop
(as I don't have a smartphone, only an old mobile...)

Thanks for the reply, AO! Good info.

Thanks also for the suggestion of an Android emulator. I've downloaded and installed one (Bluestacks) but am on a slow learning curve.

thank you A,i ussualy play on my Pc and always happy to see you helping wt spoilers/tips....i wanted to try also on my phone but its ok ,ill look for one its available here ....hugs from Austria 🤗🌞

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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