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June 26, 2018

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Rime Escape Walkthrough

Rime Escape

[MOBILE] Rime Escape is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by IzumiArtisan. In this game, you find an old strange book. After opening it, you are transported to a weird shed. Now you need to find items and hints to solve puzzles, as well as to collect the scattered pieces of your home's picture to be able to return. There are three possible endings in this game. Auto-save function available. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Nini xD]

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       Anonymous  6/26/18, 11:48 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

everybody should know now about the APK app (if not, look at my first comment in previous mobile games)

ありがとう for creating this game, Izumi ☺

       Anonymous  6/26/18, 11:51 AM  

oh, cool - a wide screen

       Anonymous  6/26/18, 12:01 PM  

book travel reminds me of Myst - still a big fan of this series (Riven etc.)

darn crappy internet connection - have troubles posting & can't have browser & emulator open at the same time...! :-(

Browser AND emulator? Doesn't sound
like a connection issue.
Maybe try clearing cache and stuff and
do a re-boot.
I get a flicker on my screen every 5 mins
or so. Otherwise, NoxPlayer does pretty good.
Just tryna help.

       Anonymous  6/26/18, 1:37 PM  

thx Kev
I know other tricks as well, but if you can go make a coffee (so to speak) & when coming back, the site still hadn't loaded, what else could it be than the internet connection... as I know that sometimes the download speed is not even 1 MBps...!

       Anonymous  6/26/18, 2:04 PM  

atm it's working again to have both open without changing anything...!

I've written a WT containing all three endings and I'll post it later :)

This game is just wonderful btw. Worth checking it out.

Alpha, maybe some process is eating up all your GPU.
Try checking the Task Manager when you feel your system is slow. Maybe you can determine what is causing it. :)

Oh-oh! my screen flicker is a
precursor to my graphics card
It's crashed before, but not this
often since NoxPlayer.
Fresh driver too!

Kev, wow!
Do you have any other graphics card other than the integrated one ? If you do, try running the emulator with it.

Or maybe try changing the video options on the emualtor (if that's possible.. I don't really use any Android emulators myself..) and set everything to low :P

Hi again, just did supper.
Using Radeon R9, 200 series.
Furmark says 57 FPS, smoothly.
I've never tried to tweak it, maybe
I should.
Could be a memory thing too, although
I have 8Gb installed.
Maybe too, the whole PC is so dusty that
it's not cooling properly. lol It's about
2 yrs overdue for dusting out and fresh
heatsink compound.
I'll try rolling back the driver first.

Thanks for the suggestions Nini.

Btw, if you are stuck I can help you out, you need only ask.

I'll wait a little to post the WT... you guys have to try a bit by your own :P such a great game has to be slowly enjoyed haha

Rolling back the graphics driver
helped a lot. Still got the odd
flicker though.
Awesome game! A whole new world
of games for me, in mobile!

Thanks for opening my eyes.

Here comes the WT!!!

Part 1:

You start the game in front of a book. Clicking on it will teleport you to a new room. The goal is to return to your original world by assembling a picture.

Go down from the starting view (windows).
Zoom in on the wooden box to the left and get a fuse that's laying on the ground.
Turn right. Zoom in on the right side of the table and grab a newspaper.
Turn 180º degrees and climb the ladder. Grab a paper to the left of the closed trapdoor.
Climb down and zoom in on the desk. Open the 1st drawer for a key.
Use the key to open the panel to the right of the elevator. Grab a pair of batteries and insert the fuse.
Go inside the elevator and grab a binoculars from the wall.
Use the binoculars on the starting scene to the left of the windows for a clue. Use this clue to open the dial drawer, on the table near the knife. Answer: RLLRRRLL. Grab a box.
About item the box and turn it around to see where the batteries go.
Zoom in on the panel to the right of the exit door and then on the little plate on the bottom left. Note the symbols and press the exact same ones on the box in your inventory to open the panel (light must become green after pressing the button). Get the second fuse.


Place the second fuse and pull the lever. The elevator is now on.
Go to the second floor and zoom in on another symbols box on the floor (the plate containing the symbols needed to open it is gone). Grab a hook from above it.
Turn right and zoom in on the locked toolbox. Grab a can next to it.
Stand in front of the elevetor but before going in, zoom in on the pipe on the bottom left. Click inside to get the tip of a SD.
Go to the first floor and use the binoculars on the knife (to cut the sting that was attached to it). Combine string + hook and use them to get a handle from the drain (left side of the elevator).
Use the handle on the 2nd desk drawer for a box of matches.
Zoom in on the stove and use newspaper + matches to light it up.
Use the SD tip on the mechanism on top of the table and turn it. Grab the tip again and a little metal part.
Zoom in on the panel to the left of the exit door and use the metal part to open it.

The memo on your inventory is the hint for the switches.

It may seem that nothing has happened, but in fact, the room lights are now on. Zoom in on the bottom lock of the exit door and use the buttons positions (map of the room's lights) and ON/OFF lights to open it.

Answer (x means pressed):

x x x
- -
- x
x -

Part 2:

Removing this lock will allow you to open the door just a little bit.
Grab a square button from outside. Also, use the can to get some snow. Note the wooden bucket to the right.
Use the lit up stove to melt the snow and pour the hot water on the ice inside the woodden bucket outside. Turn the bucket over and grab the SD handle.
Combine tip + handle and get a full SD.
Go to the second floor and unscrew the panel to the left of the elevator door. Oh, that's where the symbol plate was! Use it as a hint to open the symbols box on the 2nd floor. Get a silver box.


Go down and climb the stairs. Use the SD to open the trapdoor.
Take the elevator to the 2nd floor, go down trough the trapdoor and enter the elevator shaft on the 1st floor.
Zoom in on the dark hole on the wall and use matches to light up the hole and take a small key from inside.
On the shaft wall, there's a closed panel and a hole for something. Take the circle button from above it.
Zoom in on the wooden box to the left of the exit door and use the small key there to reveal a puzzle. The hints for this puzzle are scattered around the room: near the wooden box (on the wall), painting above the table and left side of desk's surface.
Note where the X's and arrows are on each hint. If you play a little with the puzzle will notice that each row has an X mark just like the hints.


After opening the wooden box with the correct code, you'll get a wrench.
Zoom in on the exit door and then on the pole resting on the floor next to it. Use the wrench on the bolt that's chaining the pole to the door and get it.
Unbolt the picture to the left of the elevator to get a lever and find the 3rd symbols box (the plate is dirty and not legible).
Enter the 1st floor elevator shaft and use the lever on the hole. Get a book and a coin from the opened compartment.
Go to the 2nd floor, make sure the elevator is there and use the pole inside the pipe (inside the elevator).
Enter the elevator and try to get it to the 1st floor, only to be stopped halfway by the pole. The door will open revealing a screwed panel. Use the coin to unscrew it and grab a key. By activating the elevator again, the elevator will ascend to the 2nd floor.
Use the key on the toolbox (2nd floor) and grab a piece of paper.
About item the piece of paper to get a hint and the triangle button.
Check the papers held by the knife and add the one you have to the other 2 to know how to place the 3 buttons (square/circle/triangle) on the silver box in your inventory.


x x square
x triangle x
circle x x

Use the brush from the silver box to clean the symbol plate (box behind pic to the left of the elevator). Now we have the symbols to open the box:


Get a rolled paper. Unroll it in your inventory and note the paper is refferencing the X's puzzle.
Go to the wooden box where the X's puzzle is and use the brush to clean it, revealing letters on each row. By following the paper hint, we get a 4-letter code. Answer: SNOW.
About item the book and open it with the 4-letter code. Note a torn picture in the first page. Go through the pages and get a key from inside the book. Use the key to open the big exit door lock.
Exit the room to get the Normal End.

Part 3:

Go back in-game and zoom in on the door lock on the ground to grab it. About item the lock to dismantle it.
Enter the 1st floor elevator shaft and zoom in on the opened compartment. Use the thin part of the dismantled lock to open the panel. Get a metal plate.
About item the metal plate, turn it around to find a piece of a picture.
If you put the pic together (on the book), you'll be teleported but you're missing the 3rd part so the world is not stable.
Go back to the shed as you did when you first opened the game. Assemble the lock on your inventory.
Take the elevator to the second floor and make it stop halfway like we did before (using the pole on the pipe and going down).
Teleport to your original world through the book and go in again. The elevator will stay in the same position.
Climb the ladder to the 2nd floor and now the elevator ceiling is serving as a floor so we can enter the elevator shaft on the 2nd floor.
Pull the lever and a chain will descend. Go back to the 1st floor by using the ladder and connect the chain and the safe by using the assembled lock.
Return to the 2nd floor, pull the lever again and the chain will now go all the way up revealing the 4th symbols box.


Get the last part of the book picture and complete it.

Out with the True End!

Btw, if you try to go down the elevator shaft on the 2nd floor and the elevator is on the 1st floor, you'll get a message asking if you really wanna do it. If you click "yes", you'll be stuck forever and end up with the Bad End.

       Anonymous  6/26/18, 9:07 PM  

thx Nini for the WT
btw, I've deinstalled my current emulator & installed the NoxPlayer - thx Kev
now everything runs smoothly (hence it was AndY causing probs...!)

I am playing Rime (why they named it this, when there are other games called Rime...) on my Android phone. I can't get the can on the stove. I have the can in my list of items. I select it then tap on the stove and nothing happens? Would appreciate any help.

       No Spam!  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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