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Shamaniac Escape

Shamaniac Escape is another special point and click adventure type escape game developed by CrounchyBrothers for NewGrounds. In this game, you help an old shaman to find his five assistants. Then you will have revelations about you! Let the shaman help you to find your way by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  6/19/18, 1:48 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺
ask the magic eyed ball about anything – it will tell you all about! ☻

& plz do read «help» for instructions about special mouse moves
(once you get used to it, it’s easier to navigate)
& you get helpful hints from the shaman (also by ringing the bell)

great game for me so far (still playing…)

thx for creating this game, CB ☺
I just ♥ the graphics, the scenery, the atmosphere,the tune & the sounds, the gibberish of the shaman etc.
(& plz, don’t rate the game low, only because it may be not understandable for you at first glance – as it’s an adventure type escape game, it’s about exploring the world & not only to find items & place them somewhere else or just to copy & paste hints for puzzles - thx)

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:01 AM  

it's a nice creature's song

(you need to play with sound enabled)

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:03 AM  

creature on top of tree is hungry

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:07 AM  

1 assistant is from formed cloud

you need to make some compression

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:16 AM  

need an item for worm elevator...

also need last red leaf...

hi, blue fruits go on island on the left. I don't know the click order...

I have many controlling issues in this game :(.
zoom in/out and moving left, right, up, down is really random

I am missing bottom left puzzle piece (for above the door)

I have connected 2 part of moving branches, but what to do with key-like branch?

AO, what do you mean with cloud compression?

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:29 AM  

about directions, just hold scroll wheel down & slowly move the arrow cross in the direction you want to go

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:31 AM  

as soon as you have placed the 5 correct clouds on the shadow at right side you get a dragon-like creature

then repeatedly click on it till you get the assistant

thanks AO, but I don't have scroll wheel. I am using a mouse pad and this is a pain :(.

for elevator: you have to annoy fisherman, so he will throw away his fishing rod...

and how can I see the "correct" clouds??

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:39 AM  

I started with the one with the special tail to the left & then a bit by trial & error

are the barks all from the tree?

& what's about that hot item on top of tree?

what bark? you mean the blue puzzle pieces? I have found 3 pieces (2 from tree and 1 from the hole at bottom left, ring bells)

I guess I have found 5 clouds which could become bigger. but what now?

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 2:51 AM  

did you place them on the shadow outline right side in the sky?
they will stick when in correct place

ah finally. thank you AO!!

btw, take fishing rope, hang it on branch with bells and add blue fruit. but what to do with fish now?

look at window to get click order for 3 blue fruits on island...

Raised the left hand island, using the clues on the window.

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:00 AM  

how to annoy the fisherman?

and left island gives middle bark (puzzle piece)

when fisherman is sleeping, click on the part in water...

click on part of big fish mouth to get an assistant...

now I have red, blue, light blue and green assistants.

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:04 AM  

thx Hotz
(I think it's about clicking at the right time, when the swimmer also moves)

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:06 AM  

if those are numbers or similar at window for order for left island, then I can't see them as they're blurry...

ha, my last bark piece (bottom left) was on tree too: this little cup-like hole on top right branch. (you won'T see it, just note the light on your cursor)

AO, have you clicked and moved/rotated the window? when it's in correct place, you will see 5 roman numbers around the window...
I can give a spoiler too

5 bark pieces give yellow assistant (my last)...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:13 AM  

yep Hotz
it's rotated, but the roman numerals are too blurry for me to see them properly
hence, a spoiler would be appreciated - thx

spoiler for 3 blue fruits on left island (1: smallest, 3 biggest):


and out. wow this was a different kind of game with many trial and error, but fun. :D

I guess, at the end you will see different results of your element, symbol, animal, color... depending which assistant is in which slot.

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:23 AM  

(playing with interruptions...)

hm. Hotz
your spoiler d/w for me...
what should happen?
do I need to do sth else?

AO, you should place 3 blue fruits on island and click it in a special order. then the island will move...

I have opened a new window:
- place 3 blue fruits
- open window on tree and click on 3 circles in window so the lines are in correct places. now click a circle around window and roman numbers will appear.
roman numbers are different in every game...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:38 AM  

ah, that's what I thought (different each game)
thx Hotz

now as they're blurry for me, it's kinda bf'ing...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:41 AM  

btw, for me it was



here is a spoiler for moving 3 branches:

I had a different "solution" for 2 branches so the key couldn't fit. so I couldn't see my last bark piece, but my cursor lighted up...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:57 AM  

oh, missed that tiny pulley next to fisherman

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 3:59 AM  

that gave me my last red leaf

AO, this was the hook of fishing rod...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 4:05 AM  

btw, it was so blurry for me, because I had the gamescreen enlarged with the browser zoom function

I have to wait and do this one at home, so I can take my time and enjoy it!

Please someone tell me how to start this game???

None of the buttons work for me. have fun everyone else.

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 6:50 AM  

no buttons, Jenny
click on «start»

hang the blue fruit on rope

then I've clicked loads of times in the fish's throat for another assistant

I was really loving this game. It's a real brain teaser but I couldn't for the life of me find all 5 pieces of bark (missing the middle one) nor could I seem to do anything with the 'island' after it rose up. Such a shame.

Terry, if you have all the other barks, the middle one is in the island to the left. Just zoom on it, and look to the group of 5 screw-like points, a litle above them to the right in the leaves the pointer becames hand. Keep clicking, then you can draw the middle bark.

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 7:37 AM  

thx Antonia
still missing the bottom left bark piece...

& my key can't fit either, as it can't reach the keyhole...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 7:40 AM  

& still dunno what's with the steam hole, when taking away the plug...

& can't move lever at left island either...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 7:44 AM  

& didn't find that little cup-like hole on top right branch yet, which Hotz mentioned above...

AO, you have to drag the button on steam hole to the bottom of moving/rotating branch. then you can move the complete branch. connetct all 3 parts of moving branches and you will get last bark part.
see my comment @3:55 AM

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 10:58 AM  

ah, thx for checking back, Hotz
now that was a very tiny hotspot - I tried on the small platform before, but of course with no avail - now it worked - moving on...

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 11:02 AM  
       Anonymous  6/19/18, 11:03 AM  

btw, never did sth with the lever...

what lever?

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 11:11 AM  

the one at the left island
(& the 5 or 6 dots there also had a hotspot...!)

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 11:13 AM  

btw, my assistant colour order for prophecy above was


you can go back in game and "change prophecy"...

after the island moves up, you have pulled the lever once and 1 "worm" came out of 1 hole. you had to click on this hole. then 2 worms came out of 2 holes and so on...

good game!

good game

I loved this game! I am posting a Walkthrough! You need to collect 5 sprites for the gooneyman. click and dragggggg items
In no particular order:

Green: chase and click the little green flashes around the tree. when you get 6 in a row the sprite appears

Blue: drag cloud shapes to fit the dark shadow top right sky. click click click until the windhorse collapses into a sprite

Phul: distract sleeping fishing bird by tugging his bobber until he throws fishing rod away.
attach hook and then string (from tree behind fisher bird) to branch with bells at left.
attach blue fruit from top of tree to string.
tickle fish uvula until his head explodes.

Will-o-Wisp: put red leaves in the fire. find two in the tree and one flying in air first.
lift rock at bottom right to let inchworm out. click the stone with symbol to elevate inchworm. click on dirt wall to open it inside the hill. click on beast to hold jaws closed until inchworm crawls on to snout. release to send him to next level where he crawls into basket.
find the fishing reel behind bird fisher and use it to fix the lift and raise the inchworm. take leaf from house.
feed blue flowers to window monster for last leaf

Sun: find 2/5 bark pieces on the tree. complete tree puzzle top left by moving two semicircles together to make keyhole/globe. drag the tiny steam dot from center of top trunk to arm joint. move globe up and fit key in for another piece.
Clue from cave bottom left for bells(different for every game) gets another piece.
open square tree door. turn button design until numbers appear; note order of button pushes(different for every game).
collect three fuzzy balls, place on island. use button clue to raise island. tap tap tap just above and right of screws until grab hand appears, drag last piece out to tree puzzle.

place each sprite in the holes around gooneyman

Enjoy your prophecy!

Wow what a different game! Kind of weird at first, but really enjoyable! Thx for posting.

In the end I REALLY enjoyed this. It's a thinking game, not just a 'pick up random crap and drop it in random places' game. It took a little while to get used to it but worth the effort.

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 9:32 PM  

thx EP for the WT
& welcome to the posters society party ☺
(at least I assume that you're new - never seen your nick before...)

       Anonymous  6/19/18, 9:36 PM  

btw, after adjusting window hint, you need to click on one of the circles around to let appear the roman numerals

wish these kind of games are produced daily, not those find and place games.
thanks crounchybros))

Great game! Much better than all these factory-games here!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I agree with Lau:)

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