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June 26, 2018

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Wow High School Girl Escape Walkthrough

Wow High School Girl Escape

WowEscape - Wow High School Girl Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to know that a girl is trapped in an abandoned high school. You have to find the way to rescue the girl by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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sneaky panel in 7H sc

I got a perfect path for clean up the R.O.O.M. but it doesn't work.

Hi BBB & Dazz going in

Nvm, in second set of scenes it's just a copy/paste hiint for that; Lame :(

nice monkey

well thanks, been struggling with that.

use broom in start sc

got room perfect also but didn't work

Razor blade opens all the boxes.

switch light in passage in -4 sc

Solution for "cleaning the room" comes from new scenes.

Nice game. Thank you WOW!

Good one, liked the snooker balls puzzle.

well, I don't play snooker so I have no idea what to do with that puzzle, could someone spoil it please???

where is the magnet used??

Around the game are colored numbers. So every ball represents a number, like Red is 1.
You have to make the numbers at the sides by adding and/or subtracting.

Jenny magnet in hole outside

Outside?? I have no outside yet. lol

Thanks Burgers but I still don't understand.

stuck in first set of scenes. Have a face that matches the 7H on fence--can't put it there, an empty envelope and a grid on paper with symbols that don't seem to match anything in the 1st sc.

Need a box cutter or knife to open all these boxes!

where's razor

Guess I'll go to w/t. I'll be back with some help.

There is an 'outside' in the first set of scenes, Jenny! In room with clean the room puzzle is an arrow going to the outside scene.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Box cutter / razor you get from a puzzle in the second set of scenes.

same here cyndee

Was able to progress after clicking on ceiling lamp in hallway to see a spoiler for the puzzle outside.

Well, video walkthroughs are killing the game community. But if you prefere that, then no need for me to hang around here to try to give some hints.

Thanks burgers for the outside help. Did not even see that arrow. still can't get the pool ball puzzle though.

And you could have read that here too:

Dazz Ley 6/26/18, 5:31 AM

switch light in passage in -4 sc

BBB who mentioned v w/t

Second row of snooker balls puzzle is,

yellow, blueish, black, pink, brown.

I don't think there's a written walkthrough anywhere Joycy, so I assumed this:

cyndee43 6/26/18, 6:10 AM

Guess I'll go to w/t. I'll be back with some help.

wasw about a v w/t.

Thanks again Burgers. I hate walkthroughs so I appreciate your "hanging around" :)

Decided I didn't really care for the game after all. Too dark and dirty lol. I also don't like the abandoned asylum ones. Good puzzles though. Have fun!

still stuck broom won't work anywhere

Thanks for helping around BBB, nice one:)

what's wasw?

always a video w/t "somewhere" YOU know? ;)

Joycy me 5: 27 am

Dazz Ley 6/26/18, 5:27 AM

well thanks, been struggling with that.

use broom in start sc

I am stuck again, I can't find a hint or solution for the four moveable coloured balls puzzle. or a spot to use the arrows hint. Do they go together somehow?

hate video walkthroughs too, but sometimes I'm forced to see when stuck in something.

Me too Dazz.
I am missing 2 of those heads for the big grid puzzle and a hint for the coloured balls. Can you help?

Back in my days there were no video wt's and if then they were published days later. In those days 'every game' on EG24 had loads of comments and walkthroughs were written.

ah yes BBB I saw that afterwards

Jenny my first comment, did you see that?

The arrows hint is used on the 4 battery like things you had to put in wall slots somewhere. Then those batteries provide the color hint.

yw cyndee!

tried broom in start scene not worked, where exactly lol, I think I may have put light on if that shows shape

LOL thanks Dazz I did miss that one and found the other behind a panel leaning against a wall in the 1D scene.

Mirror above the fireplace.

Use the broom on the mirror on the right. Color hint.

I'm missing the last number ball for the first set. Have the 5 and 2.

Got it. Symbol clue on TV. Cans give the 1.

thanks BBB I did try there a few times didn't work until you told me maybe needed to be more positive :)

moving at last, ty

just submitted a new g2r to alpha, should be here any moment.
yw Jen!

Boy, I am having trouble with this game for some reason, Now I can't find the 6th #letter hint for the faces. I have 1,2,5,7 and 8 anyone remember where the other one is?

It was only 5 of them I think.

Yeah, I watched the walkthrough but unfortunately, I actually have 6 of them on my puzzle so I can't finish.
REALLY annoying after this much work.
Thanks for all the helps peoples. Much appreciated.

sorry not one of my favourites nice company

Too 6 goals (

The game is saved Overloaded the game and became 5 goals)

Coloured puzzle ball solution (in case you don't want to math):
top row: all red.
row with 24: yellow, blue, dark brown, pink, light brown.
3rd row: all red
row with 7: white, red, green, red, red
bottom row all red.

For me
bottom row is White RED RED RED
7 is rgrrr

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