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99 Roses - Everlasting Love: Episode 1 Walkthrough

99 Roses - Everlasting Love: Episode 1

Robamimi & Rinnogogo - 99 Roses - Everlasting Love: Episode 1 is the first part of the Japanese point & click escape game trilogy developed by Robamimi and Rinnogogo. Today it's the birthday of your beloved. After 3 years of loving care from his side, you want to make him a special present - something that he has ever wanted, as a token of your appreciation. But suddenly, you realize that you have lost the winning ticket you need to buy the gift! Find and use items and hints for solving puzzles to retrieve the ticket which will allow you to get the special present for your darling. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Dazz Ley]

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Yay!!!! Love these!

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:13 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

WOW - a Robamimi - very LTNS!!!
their last creation is from 1st April 2016...!
& it's a collaboration with the new dev Rinnogogo

thx for creating this game, Robamimi & Rinnogogo ☺

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:16 AM  

graphis reminds me of Gotmail games
very nice tune ♥
(only bummer it's getting always cut when changing the tab - but as loads of JP ppl are usually playing in the office ;-Þ it has its advantages ☻)

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:21 AM  

a mazy aparment that is...

check under bed

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:23 AM  

hm. card number d/w at both places...

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:27 AM  

another blank from enlightened secret bathroom compartment

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:29 AM  

check balcony after turning aircon on

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:31 AM  

ah, hints for number box at same place

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:35 AM  

also here some remains of the World Cup ☻

Card in washer in bathroom. Wow..so many rooms! Beautiful music. I will savor this one for a while.

Notice Plus 100 clue on cups.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:37 AM  

ah, the cup

Yes, reminiscent of Gotmail! Wonderful to have posted such a great game! Thanks, Robammimi (how I've missed you!) and thanks Rinnogogo!

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:40 AM  

not all shoes are shown at puzzle

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:41 AM  

1 & 5 are very similar

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:43 AM  

ah, you can close door also from the other side

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:45 AM  

couldn't find the puzzle from door hint again ☻

in corridor, bottom of bookshelf

Dishes cupboard give 1-6 clue, combine with shoes for box above shoes.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:49 AM  

you need some patience at TV

Nini, where are you...? ☻
we need you for translating...

sorry....sigh...trouble posting.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:53 AM  

take morse hint



Battery comes out of remote.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 5:58 AM  

there are not only numbers on cards

Morse hint?? Trying to work out the three digit box on the coffee table. Lot of hints around...the numbers on the Kamakiri bike ad?

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:02 AM  

1 hint left of box (grid)
1 hint right of box

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:02 AM  

(morse hint from TV)

Dots on soccer/football, clue for ball with buttons in other room.

thanks, AO! What am I waiting for at TV?

Ah! I don't have all the cards yet.

OH! Use the green candy to right of three digit box to choose numbers from grid left of box to solve.

Just a note: These games are a joy to play! These games are take your time, write down clues, challenge your thinking types of games. One of the best developers. They are not easy games, but you do improve as a player! :)

Still nothing at TV for me. hmmmm

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:16 AM  

you need to stay at TV till the end of the message (still hoping for Nini's translation...)
when you go away, the vid doesn't play further

& thx for your company ☺

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:17 AM  

btw, never used calendar...
was that mayhaps the hint for the final letter puzzle?

I've got all cards except Monday and Wednesday. haven't solved the 3 digit puzzle, word puzzle or sliders yet. Any hints?

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:18 AM  

& such a lovely ending ♥

looking forward to playing episode 2
(it's in the pipeline...!)

Stuck with these so far:
lamp robot (with battery) Not sure where and how to use it.
sliding door closes, but doesn't seem to have any clues.
The box and drawer on bookshelf still no clue.
Need Monday and Tuesday tickets.
TV stays off.

AO, where are hints left and right of a box?? (6:02 AM)

Close door while in kitchen for another clue..

A pleasure to play with you AO! I'm still stuck and enjoying it here! :)

chris, robot is used above bathing tub. if you can't see any hint on sliding doors, look on the other side...

Three digit box, Hotz? I posted: on table left and right of box.

Ok, moved further with above hints. Thanks! Enjoying this so much!

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:23 AM  

I think you can find all hints above for your unsolved puzzles
but if you need more specific info, just ask

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:25 AM  

on living room table for the box on it

Lamp robot?

Thanks for the other hints. But still needing Morse hint ???

ahh, on table. thanks

....waiting at TV still

Morse through the dresses in the closet. Left-hand side.

AO, should we really transfer morse signs in letters?? or what means your comment @5:53 AM?

Hints are awesome! I can't seem to see where anyone posted about word clue or translation of tv?

Hotz, just the length of shirts and skirts in closet will do.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:36 AM  

nope Hotz
it's for the dot/dash box in bookshelf

ahh, it's just a clue how to read the TV clue... thanks

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:38 AM  

oh, never noticed the length of the clothes...

hint from TV
right click to open link in a new tab

The morse code solve : patience is needed. Wait for the video to end. and blurry face cleared up.

As for the final solve. Look at the calendar. The circles starts on THURSDAY so start with Thursday and read sequentially and you will get the code. No anagrams needed.

Chris, I have tried this 11 letters, but it doesn't work...

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:42 AM  

ah, thx Chris
for the calendar hint
(didn't have the time anymore to look at it again)

Just so happened that the clothes in closet worked for me LOL. Still have no idea what the word is for the puzzle in bedroom closet.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:43 AM  

only 8 letters from cards

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:45 AM  

btw, somebody is misusing the rating system as a personal revenge or similar as it seems...! :-(
just after posting this game, it already had 1*...!
(so much pity for this person...)

why 8 letters???
there are 7 loosing cards and 11 circled days in calendar...

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:47 AM  

on 1 card, there are 2 letters

doh, my old eyes... thanks AO

I'm going to wait to play this but I appreciate you posting it very much.

I actually did need the anagram solver lol, but it was easy I guess once I knew the clue. thanks everyone!

2nd game is already posted. I've started!

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 6:54 AM  

well, cyndee - enjoy...
(it will take some time to prepare the game for posting here on EG24...)

AO you might want to just change this posting to all three links. All 3 parts are up and they are supposed to be played sequentially.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:03 AM  

that d/w Chris
as the 2nd part is a completely other story for the game description...

& plz don't post hints for the 2nd episode here in this thread, but wait for the new one - thx

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:19 AM  

submitted all episodes and Alpha will post them for ev1.

How to do the shoes?

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:35 AM  

order hint from dishes in CB
look which ones are at puzzle (not all are)

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:36 AM  

btw, I think everything is covered with the comments above

to find a particular hint, you may search with Ctrl+F & a keyword to find what you need

Had to leave for a bit...so much fun like old times to play together!!! YAY! I am still stuck with TV OFF? I have remote with battery and missing a couple cards. Any hint? Thanks!

Cant wait to play the others! wooohoooo

hi all, i still can't solve the final puzzle (words), can anyone help ? TQVM

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:38 AM  

btw, it's been a while a game had so many comments...! ♥

AO: How to get TV ON?

What lamp robot to light alcove in loo? I think I am missing a flashlight.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:46 AM  

lamp robot in bookshelf in corridor

for TV, you need vid tape from bottom puzzle at the same place (hint on closed door, close it from living room)

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:46 AM  

thanks alpha:)

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 7:48 AM  

combo letters from all scratch cards (between the numbers, 1 card has 2 letters) with calendar for order (at which day to start)

Ahhhhh!!! Totally missed that view! Thanks so much! What the arrows in all scenes! :)

And..that is where you use the battery..in the robot lamp.

Bookshelf is to Right of bathroom door! That is also where you use the grid from back of door in kitchen.

Alpha, i tried already but still can't open the safe box....so sad (start from Thursday).

The letters box in the closet is a sports term!

letters box: something you wear on your head (first three letters)

Did you get out @gino?

Such a sweet ending! I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Thanks Robamimi and Rinnogogo! And thanks for all the great hints!

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 8:14 AM  

was afk for a bit

if hints above don't help, how to get the word, here's a


but first, think of a head dress & of the phrase kids say at Halloween (take a part of it)


Dot dash clue is on TV at end of broadcast. Top to bottom. Use on safe in bookshelf in alcove. (Right arrow from bath door.

This game is what other devs should aspire to. I had to look twice when I seen Robamimi. Will save it for later but thanks for posting.

it's just maddening trying to find the bookshelf again.


I have real issues with direction, so this convoluted room set-up is very difficult for me. Could use a map. It's probably easy but not for me.

Still a great game, though.

       Anonymous  7/23/18, 11:25 AM  

Nothing more to say - just wanna make the 100th comment...! ☻

so many posts are rarely seen these days
(except mayhaps at an ST riddle ;-Þ )


so confused with the sliders. someone posted to look at the shirts and skirts in the closet.... but there are only 5 in each row in the closet and 6 sliders..... hmmmm

and what door in kitchen? the door to the kitchen has nothing on it on either side..... hmmmm

oh hitting head now! the sliding doors!

so got the vhs tape but tv says impossible to translate!

Out, but I didn't need to put the number code in the cupboards in the kitchen? Once I got the winning ticket from the bedroom closet box I was out.

Oh Robamimi.. I looove to take my time, listen to the music and enjoy the whole game experience when this dev is involved.. Thx for posting AO and for submitting Dazz!
I couldn't be happier right now.

The word is a three-goal in one game hockey term!

Excellent, thanks all for help

The hint and final puzzle is different in Japanese version. The answer is "hanpanitte" (半端ないって) which means awesome or incredible.

Where is the battery?

AO and Dazz,you guys are awesome,thank you for this beautiful game and thank you all for your comments and hints :D

The battery is in the back of the AC remote.

I didn't see a hint to which of the colored balls to use with the 9 numbers on the bike flyer next to them, I brute forced it (use green balls). Too many calendar days circled in the english version.

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