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ae27ff Riddle is another free online riddle game developed by Crashdemons. In this game, you will find a set of levels (41 so far) that simulate challenges and puzzles that one may encounter during an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) including simple ciphers, steganography, different types of encodings, and familiarity with internet resources. Each level consists of some text, images, data, or files that is intended to lead you to the next page with some amount of investigation. The difficulty of the levels begins very easily, but gradually builds on different tricks, hiding places, and ways of thinking about information. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Dazz Ley]

Note: Please do not post direct answers - hints only - thanks!

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       Anonymous  7/4/18, 10:52 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺
it's been a while we had a riddle on EG24...!

read the TERMS OF USE to get you started

for those who play a riddle for the first time:
you need to change the last part of the URL (before .php) in order to proceed

https://ae27ff.meme.tips/first.php becomes

if you get a «404 – not found» (as you put in a wrong answer), go back with the back arrow of your browser

thx for creating this game, Crash ☺

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 10:54 AM  

btw, I suck at riddles ☻
so won't be much help for this one...! :-/

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 10:56 AM  

& yes, you need to register to make an account

the advantage of it is, that your progress will be saved, even if you leave the game or shut down your computer

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 11:03 AM  

LOL, solved lvl1

the answer is already given ☻

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 11:12 AM  


check what I've talked about earlier

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 11:20 AM  


your favourite search engine is your friend
(mine it's ecosia.org - they plant trees ♥)

4 is pretty easy. Title and sentence give the hint...

Pretty big stuff in 5.

There's almost a cipher for level 6 on here.

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 11:38 AM  

hm. mayhaps I'm overthinking lvl-4

but all ideas I had didn't work (yet)...

I know how many legs spiders have, but don't see the connection yet with the numbers...

7 is a variation of the last cipher. Not a key number but a w***

AlphaOmega AΩ, use the greek word of the number.

Stuck on 20.

Need X** but dunno what to use..

AO, why do we count like we do?
Because we have 10 fingers.

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 12:13 PM  

(darn internet connection - grrr!)

huh Charlie...?
now I'm totally confused...
(brain eclipse as usual in riddles ☻)

Oh! I really don't know how a server works hahha!
Progress on 20!

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 12:24 PM  

it's all Greek to me ☻

Alpha: Number "base".

       Anonymous  7/4/18, 1:30 PM  

thx, Nini
never really understood the base thing...

but too tired now to think properly
let's see, if I'll continue tomorrow...

Finally onto 21!
Had to decode it by hand!

LOL i was extremely good at riddles once..

256 ascii characters LOL mutitply and change php

Hmm didnt work..
should be 16 times 1702..

16 bits gives ya the 256 ascii..

Onto 22.. this riddle is requiring some very fancy tools lol.

@Leroy where are you at?

guess Im overthinking..

I got place to look if ya need riddle help..

LOL I sure aint that far..

Did riddles for yrs..

running diff PC so cant remember my old tools..

I know a goodie called purple something that I sent some good links to owner..

remember last name will put link up here..

other one is use GIMP2
any picture analysis use that great free program..

hell I ran into riddles used reverse sound LOL I remember a good program reverse play..

riddles can be mad..

have a look... http://www.winterdragon.org/index.php?page=puzzle-sites
purplehell listed..

Ooops go red Luth.. sorry

I'm stuck on Level 7. I know what I have to do but I don't know the key word. Can someone please give me a hint?

The key for lvl 7 is already given... it’s in plain sight

lvl 15, I've got 4 letters from the picture, got the clue, second picture, but anyway I'm stuck. Can anyone give a slight hint?

@Hotaru, look closer at the pic.. there's more than 4 letters.

@Nini where? I'm blind enough to see only 4. Do I need a tool to make me see? Computer graphics is definitely not my virtue.

@Hotaru what I did was switch between the 2 and try to make out the letters...
(number of letters and corners):

3 3
2 2

thank you! I was able to see two more and just guessed the rest! onto 16..

Hurry and help me on 22 :D

It seems a long way to reach 22, now stuck on 17, with the zip file

if anyone is still playing could you please be a little more specific on the key for 7, I have tried everything I can think of, all previous words, caps, level.... what is in plain view that I just cant see?

I'm sure you can see the key at lvl 7, there are not so many words there... try them

I have tried all the words together and separately, perhaps I am using the wrong cipher? k******?

look at the s***** c***

guess my brain just isn't working right or something, have tried all words including ciphered words, previous level words, level numbers just not getting it

did you see the hint in the s***** c***?

are you talking about b**? if so yes and tried it also tried the same trick as to get the answer for lvl5, but nothing.

apparently I am not seeing "the hint". been stuck here for days not sure what I am missing, either over thinking it or missing a major step.

@robin look at the page source

omg, ty, was wrong cypher the whole time..thank you so much

could someone please leave hints for lvls as you are going along, it started out that way and then it all stopped.

@robin, where are you now? I'm stuck at lvl 17

@hotaru, I am on 10, not familiar with p****b** so not sure what I am doing there.

@robin, there two clues in the source, solve them, then you will know more from them
there are a few steps at this level to get the pass

ok, so I saw the source, solved one, see the r+c code tried it in every cipher …. must be overthinking cause I got nada, or I am missing a step, do I have to sign up for p****
bin and figure out how to use it in order to solve this?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@robin, URL (p*******)

@Hotaru lvl 17:

Have you extracted the file? (look right)

If u have, the file name is your hint.

Thank you Nini, that was the hint I needed

@Nini I see the file name, but I can't extract it, need password
I got completely stuck here with no new ideas what to do

@Hotaru.. (look right on the r**)

@Hotaru you'll totally face palm when you see it.

@Nini, thanks! I used a tool you mentioned in another place, but still don't know how to see it without that tool. Anyway onto 18

Still no luck on 22. I'm just waiting for a hint and not trying anything new lol..

I'm stuck on level 14, called ft. (Examination), with the creepy recording. Did anyone use a special tool to find a password? I deciphered what was in the source code but it didn't help. Hint? :)

@Yellow no special tool, but some space on your disk may help..

@Hotaru after some useless playing around with the audio I figured it out, thanks!

Stuck on 17 now...

@Yellow - it took me two days lol, there's a tool at the tips page that really helps

@Hotaru - I really don't know what I'm looking for. I'm probably over thinking this, so I'm gonna try again after I get some sleep :P

@Yellow check my post 7/7/18, 2:52 PM.

lvl 20 -does the title mean anything?
I've got two files, the tool, but nothing comes out of it yet
@Nini could you give a slight hint, please?

@Hotaru oh... 20 got me good.. the decoders I found didn't help at all. But I can tell you this:

1 file is the hint.
1 file is the message.
1 file is what you'll combine the message with and decode.

To start, take the next number after the one they tell you.

@Nini xD - What tool do I need for 17? I'm stuck...

@Yellow have you extracted the file? The name is your cipher.

@Nini You mean B3?

@Nini is the lazarsoft tool correct? nothing seems to work

@Hotaru, I decoded by hand. The s**** c*** has a hint of what tool you need.

@Yellow, yes :) is a very simple cipher

sigh, ok, ill try again

@Nini, do I decrypt using OT pad those two files with the offset from the fird file and then I x** which files? I tried so many different combinations, but got nothing but gibberish, I'm am lost deep in the forest.. :)

@Hotaru, X** is the way to go. You just need to know where to start.

For 22, look for a second file signature in the image, using a h** e****r. I used the same one as in level 16.

@Truus that’s what I’ve been doing for days.. but the new file is always corrupted.

Tried loads and loads of words combos as well with the extensions.. nadda.

I'm dumb, I've done every single cipher I can think of but none of them work. Guess we're all stuck ;_;

@Yellow B = base

yeah dont know what base 3 is or how to do it so uhhh... yeah.. and whats with the random F in the file?

@Nini, does your new file have the right e*******n ?

still lvl 20, I did as you told me before, but got nothing legible out of it.

think I'm getting it right now, it's just to start with 293 not 294, 3 letters manually so far and legible... :)

@Nini thanks a lot! now on 21, the funniest thing is that I tried to decode the password using many methods until I just tried it as a pass itself haha :)

@Hotaru yaay nice! Almost on 22. I have already given up lol but it seems easy..
For 21, check the title.

@Truus do you mean ext*****n? Yeah guess so.. r** right ? Same as the signature. Maybe I’m not editing correctly idk... tried switching places of r** and j*** signatures, tried to export lots of different parts with the r** ext.. nadda.

@Nini, I reached 22. Tried a few things nothing so far, I usually feel confused with graphics, cause I have little knowledge about it. Now I'm going to work, be here late.
But I don't think that level is that easy, look at the rankings- many players stopped there

for the 21 I took the shortcut from the s*****

@Nini, yes that is what I meant, r**. Have you checked Jeffrey, he may have a comment on the range ;)

@Truus I’ve tried taking from 52 to 9A.. as per the “comment” . That was one of the first things I’ve tried actually.. but still...
Dunno what to do with the J*** header and my R** is always corrupted and asking for a password. I’m really out of ideas.

Are you sure it is corrupted ? Looks to me like you’re on the right track, because you do need a password. It is very well hidden.

@Truus lvl 22, do I need a second picture for the pass?

the picture seems slightly wrapped?

Hmm I think my file is corrupted because there is nothing inside .. it keeps telling me that there are 0 bytes.
I’ll try to find a password somehow.. thx for the hint. :)

@Nini I keep looking for that password, but nothing yet

shouldn't it be 200 B?

@Hotaru, 200 bytes? Idk.. My files are always 0B (unpacked size).

Hi, had a quick look, you have to select 132 bytes and export to file. If necessary, change the extension to r** and then you need the password to open it. Hope this will help.

@Truus I guess my problem was that I didn't believe I'd actually need a password.. I thought the r** was just corrupted all this time, but guess not!
I'm doing some searching now ;D Thx a lot.

@Truus, could you give a slight hint where to dig for that password?

Oh my.. I can crack it :P

It seemed like a lifetime but I'm on 23!

congrats! I'm still in a darknes

@Hotaru, I didn't actually find it.. I cracked it.

23 is pretty easy. Used a cr******* so****.
Take a look at the bu**, you are closer if it's more l**.

to do it I must pass 22 :) I have no idea how to crack a pass, tried a free program, but it didn't work

This comment has been removed by the author.

got it, thank you!

@Nini, Thx for your hint on 23. I guess the "easy" one got me stumped for a while :P

And LOL !! on cracking the pw :D

Any ideas on the key on 24?

Looool I have no idea if I did things in the right order but I'm on 25...

I tried loads and loads of key bfing and then I saw something in the middle of the decoded text that looked like a word.. and then I used that word as key .. it worked!

25 is easy, you just need to be careful not to get lost. You also need 3 items.

@Nini with your clues it was piece of cake, and 25 was a real fun! Thanks a lot @Nini and ae27ff!

Hmmm level 26 seems so easy.. but I can't see it.. I'm ov********* the images but nadda.

@Nini look closer at the b****m, some h**/ s********* may help to see

Still looking for the password for level 22 guys any help please


jr penpxrq vg hfvat na bayvar gbby sbe penpxvat ene svyrf


I don't know it is the only way, though

*if* missing :)

@Hotaru thx.. but I can't seem to find any working reader :( (nor any decoder..)

just enlarge it and you will see, it's not clear but visible

@Hotaru, did you decode it by hand? (it seems too long for a regular po**** ba*****

i just used pencil and paper, looked at it for a while, it's a basic riddle thing

Hahaha !! That was misleading... I was so sure it was a ba***de... Thx :) (Already had the numbers in a notepad, but the right cipher didn't come to mind for some reason).

well, I first spent some time trying m**** c*** without spaces lol :)
help me with the next, I got the colors but what's next? that 800?

I'm still trying to understand what "colors" mean lol

Ermm.. the H** data shows me sequence of 3-pairs of letters repeating themselves over and over.. I found 4 different sequences and searched for their respective color.. I don't feel I'm on the right track ahah

Took a break for a bit. I'm still stuck on 17, seriously I've done everything, every cipher I can think of. What am I missing?

@Yellow just decode the contents of the file using the cipher (B3).

@Nini there are five, but I don't know if it matters. Any idea about the point 2. from the s*****?

well, I got sth that has shapes, but not shure what next, that ????

oh, that was easy after that

lvl 29 I need help with that audio, no tool I downloaded or online works for me

Hey @Hotaru I just got back to it.. still in 27.
I guess bl*** is the 5th one...

Trying to figure out 800. I was thinking f**gs... working on it right now :)

think of p*****, if there are colors, there is an i****

Tried to create an i**** with the selected bytes but nadda.. messing around with the /res folder gives me nothing as well.
And what's "p*****"? lol.

I just opened it in gimp with 800 p****s w**th

The data file w/o conversion?! Oh my...
I don't think PS can do that lol.

WOW Photoshop CAN'T do that! LOL

On 29 finally :)

29 so far: Downloaded the file, used mi****** al****** and could make out a word from the beginning of the audio..
There's a tool in the tips tab that could be useful but I got an error after installing it.

I'm at the same point as you, not sure how to decode the rest of the file. I think I have two first words from the coded sentence, too.
The tools from tips page don't not work on my computer or I don't know how to use them :(

Same.. used the word as a k**

I found a site that allows me to guess the k** l*****.
I guess I found the correct l***** because I could recognize some words.. Trying to guess the k** right now... it's a slow process.

On 30!

found some pages but still not much out of it
is the key gibberish?

@Hotaru no it isn't. 2 words. The 1st one you know already.

Find a V****** Cra***** T*** where you can update the result when guessing the k*** l*****

oh, just "cracked" it manually using red luth, when I had some words googled it and corrected the key and tada!

Any ideas on 30? I was thinking we need to do some kind of h*** inj****** .. I was ed***** the page trying to bypass the restrictions but it didn't work..

Did you decode the clue in the s*****? Some unknown field for me again, time to learn more :)

Maybe that's my limit in this riddle. Anyway I want to challange S-T riddle today, so I think I need a break here.

anyone still here? any clues for lvl 30? I follow the link but I don't understand much there and I have no idea what to do here

I am stuck on 26............ I have zoomed in and tried H** S********* in GIMP I dont see anything..... What am I missing and where do I look????

the bottom, g**** s*****, you may see them without doing anything too, but not so clearly

Thanks @ Hotaru I got 26..... But now stuck on 27.... I open the Z** file and then the data file.... all I see are different characters é é $ÿ $ÿ $ÿ like that, I am using notepad to view it.... Do all these characters make a P******??? reminds me of ASCII art kinda but I cant make it work.... how do I find the C*****???? help.....

RE: 27
I found the shapes by opening the file in GIMP with the hint Hoturo posted above, I am not sure what to do now, I have tried to find an alphabet or key to decode these shapes I have also tried to over lay one side over the other but cant make out anything usefull.... PLEASE HELP..................

I am stuck on the same place in 27 (with the unknown alphabet)
Can anyone help please?

PLEASE someone help us on 27

Level 7 please, ive read the source but nothing. Pls help

can anyone help on the 19

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Currently on 27. opened it in gimp used a***i to convert the symbols to dec****s. but haven't been able to make anything useful out of this.

This comment has been removed by the author.
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