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Chamber Escape: Can You Escape the Tower? Walkthrough

Chamber Escape: Can You Escape the Tower?

Chamber Escape: Can You Escape the Tower? is another Chinese point & click room escape game developed by 4399. In this game, you are trapped in a tower and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. There are 18 levels with a bathful of challenging puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Dazz Ley] 

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       Anonymous  7/22/18, 5:49 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

grab all your puzzle skills for this one (I think) - let's get started...

thx for creating this game, 4399 ☺

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 5:50 AM  


a sharp tool would come in handy

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 5:51 AM  

graphics & tune remind me of Flash512 creations


some demolition is necessary

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 5:53 AM  


3 particular places

& an assembled tool

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 5:58 AM  


4x a halo

mouseover here & look bottom left of screen or
click this link & look in URL bar



       Anonymous  7/22/18, 6:04 AM  


small lines are the gaps



right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 6:11 AM  

btw, - yay, it's a door game (kinda) - I just ♥ door games! ☻


2x tools to assemble

it's the X to shoot



stuck on lvl 6.. any idea of the order the targets need to be hit? I don't understand the hint

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 6:20 AM  

it's the X on the 3 shields that marks the shapes to target between the 2 other ones

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 6:21 AM  


yay, a pic puzzle - I just ♥ pic puzzles!

tool like a crowbar

a literal demolition

another demolition
(plz don't have a seat)


the handles


mouseover here & look bottom left of screen or
click this link & look in URL bar



       Anonymous  7/22/18, 6:33 AM  


more pic puzzles! ♥

plant prefers another spot

2x demolitions

think mirrored & exchanged
(never been good at this kind of puzzles, but finally could figure it out)




       Anonymous  7/22/18, 6:41 AM  


ditto here: mirrored & exchanged (row/column)




right click to open link in a new tab

Got to the level with the two pintings, the vase and two flights of stairs in about 10 minutes - and I've spent about half an hour there because I just can make and sense of the hint-matrixes behind the paintings. I've been trying to think so far out of the box that I can no longer see the box :) - still those make no effing sense to me...

Read the hint (thx AQ!).
So, I was supposed to treat that diagonal in the matrices as a mirror... and just how on sweet mother earth was I supposed to know that???
That's just lame. nothing to do with logic... or common sense.

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 6:50 AM  


catch stars
(what's this thing...?)

ah, enlightment ☻

a secret door
(check bookshelf)

book combo



Thanks alpha:)

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 7:03 AM  

I already encountered such sort of puzzles, therefore I knew what to do


& another demolition

trial & error for me for red buttons
(think spiral)

trial & error for me, too for hot potion colour
(3x mix - note square on trapdoor)

yellow is not used



Hmmm... I was just trying different combinations of the three potions just to see what happens - and managed to choose the right combination by accident :)

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 7:08 AM  

internet connection issues again - grrr!

Geez... For those of you who has gone down a ladder and now cannot climb up again... use the arrow in the bottom-left corner... it's somehow gonna take you UP the ladder...

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 7:18 AM  


the demolition continues

tool assembling

had to find the right pixel to heat stone

never gone thru a cauldron ☻

from top to bottom
(no horizontal position)



       Anonymous  7/22/18, 7:27 AM  


plant is hungry

sun clock assembling

it shows a bit later than a full hour

for pipe - think snake
& check fountain




       Anonymous  7/22/18, 7:42 AM  


a powerful tool to assemble & place

if you placed an element incorrectly, just exchange it with the correct one

key goes not on door

Hi all - following along. Thanks Alpha - would have been stuck several levels ago if not for your help

what a fantastic game, thank you for help AO

Stuck on 14 - triangle code, 3 blocks ... seems quite a pixelly level

had to resort to walkthrough

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 8:44 AM  

page loading & typing was slow as molasses & very laggy - had to restart my computer...!


connection interruption

placing tiles in centre triggers more possibilities

trial & error for me how to place tiles
(was there a hint somewhere?)

middle right was



planet puzzle
order: top, right, left triangle
(my solution)
mouseover here & look bottom left of screen or
click this link & look in URL bar

the last 1 or 2 levels were pretty straightforward but what in the world was the clue for the symbols puzzle in the level with the claw?

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 8:57 AM  


pic puzzle
right click to open link in a new tab

for 3 diamonds: what is missing
right click to open link in a new tab

spear head is actually a flag pole

tool combo

yellow flag fully down

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 9:06 AM  


tool assembling (4 parts) for fishing

creature is thirsty (or mayhaps it's holy water)

as per hints on brown tiles (just cornered & not round)
mouseover here & look bottom left of screen or
click this link & look in URL bar

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 9:13 AM  


2 rooms

tool assembling


find the right pixel on lever

       Anonymous  7/22/18, 9:17 AM  


path with trial & error (think snake)

causing harm to a living being :-(

shield on stilts for shadow

fill gap

phew - what a marathon...!

Oh God that was hard! Good, but hard.

Thanks for the explanation Alpha

Wow, this was one LONG game! Long, but almost entirely enjoyable. Good puzzles.

Wow! This is one of the best games ever!!

200 stars!

left painting don`t work, out by big X

Superb. Something in the sunlight is dirty and could be shinier with some TLC

That was really good, 5 stars, of course.

However, I didn't like the absence of changing cursor, for me it was a real pain to find some things, e.g. I needed the VWT to find out where is the exit from the room with bookshelves, despite of manic clicking I couldn't find it by myself.

Another little flaw was that the puzzles worked without seeing all the clues, there was an early level with turnable pans that I left unturned (hadn't seen the clue) and missed half of the level, because I got the color puzzle right without seeing the last color hint, exited and only later remembered those pans.

Those flaws are still minor comparing to the pleasure of playing this game, and I could replay my pans later (didn't risk to press the two option buttons before ending, then pressed and learned, that left one leads to the main menu where you can select levels as well, and the right one turns the music off).

Thank you for the game, waiting for the sequel.

The non-hotspots are a downer.

I believe this was the best "door" escape game in the 5 years I've been playing them.

There more like this on their site!

I got this blog site through my friends and when I searched this really there were informative articles at the place.

It’s never too late to develop your data and your contents really excite me a lot.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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