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July 14, 2018

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Crash Course Conundrum Walkthrough

Crash Course Conundrum

Small-Tool - Crash Course Conundrum (CCC) is another free online «Change the URL» puzzle/riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. In this game, there are 20 easy levels to complete to get your reward. In anticipation of small-tool's masterpiece: Tool Torture Threesome, CCC is a prequel riddle to prepare you for the really big deal! Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Created and submitted by small-tool] 

Note: Please do not post direct answers - hints only - thanks!

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       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:02 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

ST!!! very LTNS!!! welcome back! ♥
I'm sure it will be great fun to solve your riddle...!

thx for creating this game, ST ☺

Yay, thanks Small. Hope this will prepare us properly for the real thing soon to come :)

Thanks for the intro to your new game looking forward to the main event soon

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:09 AM  

so far (lvl 1-3)

follow the ones that have another look

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:12 AM  

ah, the riddlers are coming out of their caves

welcome back dutchie & mtatt - LTNS either...!

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:13 AM  


you can also apply what you learned in lvl-1

Thanks Small. Please leave loads of hints everyone. I will need them.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:18 AM  

& hi clio - welcome back to you, too...!

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:25 AM  


same trick as in lvl-4 for a (mostly Easter) surprise in between

Hi Alpha. Well, the beginning gives me hope that i may eventually solve. However, it is too late on a Friday night/Saturday morning to continue. Good luck everyone, and if you get stuck, ask for help, and then leave me a hint please. Thanks in anticipation. Yours Sincerely, Clio.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:30 AM  


I used the following site (but there for sure are many others):

right click to open link in a new tab

but had to look separately for the first 2 on the list

btw, as an eco freak, I don't use Google, but my favourite search engine is (check it out - they plant trees for CO2 compensation!)

Hi AO :)
Yay, I passed the idiots test. Bonuslevels were a bit of a challenge. Looking forward for the real TTThing!

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:34 AM  

btw, another surprise on lvl-9

2 actions - do what you learned from lvl-1 & 2

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:38 AM  


I used this site (one of many):

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:41 AM  


such ppl also can read e.g. without seeing

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:45 AM  


I had a look here:

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:46 AM  


the most famous is «Save Our Souls»

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:49 AM  

btw, if you can't proceed at lvl-10

apply what you learned in lvl-1

Tried many combinations for the key on bonus level 1, none seem to work. A hint please?

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:54 AM  


I had a look here:

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:55 AM  

hi to you, too, arrie
didn't see you posting on EG24 for a pretty long time either..

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:56 AM  

(wasn't it at the latest Darakeguma the last time...?)

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 8:58 AM  


without it, you wouldn't be even able to run your computer

Bonuslevel 1, you need to anagram something to get 3rd egg.

Omg a SmallTool?! It’s been years I think.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:03 AM  


this site helped me a lot:
(as I was too lazy to do it by hand ;-Þ)

right click to open link in a new tab

& don't try to guess the last letter - it's not the one you may think

thank you Dutchie, I was taking 2 eggs together. Have a third egg now.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:08 AM  

lvl-16 & 17

it's about to find out, how the helper tools work to get the solution

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:17 AM  


remember what you've done at lvl-10 & apply it here

(but not with the same levels)

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:21 AM  


for a surprise: nice colours

otherwise granny will help

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:25 AM  


Luth will help here, too

then read like the Chinese

Can't play now, just want to say hello to the players, that haven't posted for so long, nice to see you all :) ♥

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:40 AM  

huh - bonus levels - where?

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:43 AM  

oh, didn't look down enough


       Anonymous  7/13/18, 9:47 AM  

well, dinner time here, will continue later...

thank you S-T for that lovely warm-up, can't wait for the real one!

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 12:27 PM  

back - but no more hints available here (& I assume nobody's here anymore...) :-(
it seems to be an unwritten rule for comments for a riddle (speaking from experience) - you get only hints, when you ask
but what's with the players who can't play live but later, mayhaps days, weeks, months or even years later...?! they can't ask no one anymore...!

anyway, out of ideas for the first egg of bonus

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 12:33 PM  

(got already 3rd egg)

well I feel dumb. going so swimmingly til level 8. I got the eGG and I thought the hint meant use the doubles but no joy there. HELP? anyone?

Hi! AlphaOmega
For 1 egg bonus granny
Stuck on bonus lvl2

Hi AO! I am not very good at these so I need help always!! I am stuck on the level 8 egg...I counted the letters in level 7 (multiple times) and tried a few other 'tricks' but not finding the one that works. Any more hints YOU can give?? Remember, someone will find this a year from now and will silently thank you! :)

Level 8 egg count letters on lvl 8

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 12:38 PM  

ah, there's still someone here - cool

count all of each

(5 words in total give 5 letters)

From crossword you can get egg 1 and 2. From egg 1 you can get egg 3 (ask granny for help). Egg 3 will tell how to get egg 4.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 12:42 PM  

counting is ok, but count at lvl-8 ;-)
to get to lvl-9

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 12:57 PM  

well, found lvls 1-20 mostly easy (had to rethink 2 or 3x a lvl, as my solution was wrong), but the bonus levels are confirming the well known fact for me, that I actually suck at riddles...! ;-Þ

Thank you for your help on 8.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:13 PM  

hm. out of ideas re crossword - I think I applied all the tricks we were told about in previous lvls, but not one has worked for me...
(mayhaps I made a mistake - happens easily in a riddle for me - on my way...)

Alpha - For the 1st egg, remember the first rule of riddling on your crossword answers. You can put the ? in too if you're not positive of all the letters.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:26 PM  

btw, does it matter that the 12 labours guy can be called with 2 different names?

Both the greek and roman names begin with the same letter.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:31 PM  

thx Janet
that egg (1 of 4) I have already...

I never got the 2nd egg but granny gave me the 3rd. And that gives you a huge hint.

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:38 PM  

have egg-3 of 4, too
I'm checking & checking - LOL - but the penny doesn't want to drop...
(mayhaps also too late here for thinking properly...)

google will help

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:46 PM  

but only when you apply the correct keywords...

no keywords needed (yet) Your answers are the answer

Hi all :)
Thanks for playing, hope you're having fun.

About the second egg on bonus 1. It's a crossword for a reason. The letters on the crosspoints are important.

Thanks small tool - I just went through Red Luth til I found the right one!

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:53 PM  

ST!!! in person! ♥
(well, at least virtually ;-Þ)
my saviour! ☻

I think I've already done that, but got a 404...

You got a 404 on google?

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:56 PM  

doh - missed a letter

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 1:58 PM  

nope Janet
in the riddle

I know Alpha - was just trying to help you get that 4th egg (and the keyword)

Thanks small-tool for the riddle, i love this!
I wait impatiently on Sunday LOL
And thanks to all who helped

Thanks S-T. That was fun. Looking forward to the 'real deal' :)

Seems I'm blind or stupid, but how to access bonus lvls?

To enter bonus levels, try anagram first letters of level 9.

@dutchie thanks! never got that egg :)

I've got eggs 1-3 for bonus 1, googled everything, but still lost.. :)

Hotaru the answer lies in your crossword puzzle answers

oooo...So close and yet so far....Level 18 egg. What's it all about!!!???

Unknown did you take a close look at the top picture before you got the egg?

Egg 3 for bonus 1 seems to be hiding from me. Can someone help me find it?

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 10:06 PM  

granny will help with the ciphered text

ditto here, Hotaru...

LOL been a while ST

@Janet, I googled all of them, with some other words and without, but I have no idea.

right, I did them all one by one before, now got egg 4!

thanks AlphaOmega. A doh moment. LOL

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 2:31 AM  

I took them all in one for my search already yesterday, but my solution still gives me a 404...

They all have something in common, or better; they are all the same thing. Use plural to get the 4th egg.

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 2:44 AM  

it's somehow funny, how a little single letter can affect the whole mood ☻

didn't think of plural - thx ST

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:03 AM  


LOL if you Google Translate the whole sentence, it should be Africaans ☻

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:07 AM  

& last word backwards is Hindi for scalp ☻

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:11 AM  

although I speak 3 of the languages, it doesn't help me much...

I think I am stuck in the same place as you, Alpha. I get one word each for the last two languages, but multiple possibilities from the first two. Turning them back to idea.

oh. I used individual language granny first. Sorry, forgot to say that.

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:30 AM  


found egg2
I saw that it's an Arab reading thing
& guessed the last one, as I couldn't find a translation... (what is this s***p?)

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:33 AM  

individual language granny?

oh. Then I am doing the wrong thing completely I guess. Never was any good at riddles.

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:36 AM  

don't let you irritate by my question(s) - I just wasn't aware of the existence of anagram solvers for other languages ☻

I used the flags, and then the applicable word, and used granny in that language, to get other words. Last two gave words which translated back to english. First two gave multiple possibilities. Not to worry.

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:37 AM  

& if it would really be an Arab thing, then the L in the last word should be on another place...

for lvl 17 what was the hint for which code? LVL?

hahhaa..I dont get irritated by riddles or by people giving help. You are giving help. I appreciate it. AS for what i was doing. I used google to see if there were gran's for other languages, and there were.

maman, i used the first letters which were in bold. It gave the name of which code to use.

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:43 AM  

used trick of lvl-8 on the English words & that gave me a nice granny, but unfortunately also a 404...

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:51 AM  

another granny of the English word gave me egg-1

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 3:52 AM  

or just another egg (they're not numbered)

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 4:26 AM  

clio - still here?
any progress?
not from my side...
(but my focus is getting distracted repeatedly, as I also have other tasks to do...)

No progress from me yet, Alpha. Still trying to find what you found for your first egg. Good luck to us both. (and hints aplenty please).

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 4:38 AM  

for the 1st egg I found, English firsts
as you have troubles with the first 2 words, read the foreign ones like an Arab for translation into English

Thanks Alpha. I think my brain is jelly this evening. I will try again tmrw. Thank you so much for your help and hints. Good luck to you.

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 4:55 AM  

good night then, clio
(when it's time for you...)

there are really a lot eggs in that level, but four are important
now I'm stuck at lvl 3

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 5:09 AM  

I'd like to help you, but can't proceed at bonus lvl-2 (still only 2 eggs found - mountains & family)...

For Bonus 3, FTF, there are a lot of firsts though ;)

For Bonus 2, there are other riddle methods besides ftf.

@Dutchie thanks with all help I passed the idiots test !!!

stuck at lvl-8 egg, I counted all what I can count but its always the wrong number (written in a word) I wrote in the URL :(((

Why yes, yes there are. Like ltl. And Alpha, It may have helped me if i had used the correct words in the beginning. One typo of my own making, which i believed, brought me undone. Thanks for the hint, Dutchie.

For lvl 8, try counting letters in each word.

for bonus 2 I used granny and google translator, the third word is the easiest to start

black dusseldorf. I count 7 letters in first word. 7th letter is G. Hope that helps. Good luck

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 5:46 AM  

tried some other methods, too
but it's way more difficult as I'm not sure of the last word...

ahhh...ok, that works, thank you clio

If you mean by last word, the one beneath Dutch flag, replace the a's by e's and anagram.

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 6:18 AM  

thx dutchie
I had that word already for a long time, but as you can read the other 3 foreign words as an Arab except the last one, I somehow got confused...

bonus lvl-3 now

but curious how many eggs are on b-lvl-2, as Hotaru mentioned that there a a lot...?

I think 4 'correct' eggs and 4 'close but nope' eggs

Small-Tool - we've missed you in the community!

I miss belgium chcolate LOL

please, need help again at lvl-18 I found the correct part of the helping tool site but I think I have to do something with the gibberish word bevor using it with the keyword, but what??

       Anonymous  7/14/18, 7:34 AM  

nothing to do with the gibberish word before
have you already found the egg at lvl-18 to know which keyword you must use?

see also my comment at 7/13/18, 9:17 AM

would like to finish before the real deal tomorrow, but still no progress at bonus lvl-3...

Key-Board can be read a couple of ways.

i q j g g i t q f ....there is a mistake in my brain, I didn´t get it :(((

himmelherrgottnochmal....I got it :o)))))))

Bonus 3: Lots of firsts to look at this time, and more than once.

LOL look red luth site I did riddles long time..

not sure if ROT been done yet..

good to see ST back but..

I'm still stuck on Level 18 Egg.....I've got the right cipher tool (thanks to the picture on Lvl 8) Read the comments and still, I"m a blank page!

ST did say no page source etc..

Unknown- I finally spotted with glee that part of the word for the K_E_Y_ was already there for all to see.

I'm stuck on 19. Help me out. I found the egg but all I can come up with is Uncle O and no clue and both are 404. No clue is so appropriate.

and I don't think there's help in the sty

You're very close, but there are no letters rotated! So, you got a tiny mistake.

Oh WOW. A great ending. Glad there will be easy in your next because I enjoy them but really struggle. Thanks for the tip, Small. I might have given up. will have to come back to find out what bonus eggs were about

hilarious - could not get past level 8 egg too stupid

Thanks Mamam, still not getting it though. I've stepped away and tried to come back with fresh eyes/brain but.....any more hints??

Check your answers (10-17) to get your key (and/or to get an egg).

I’m totally lost in Lv11. Can I have some help please? (I'm also stuck in bonus Lv3 ... double shame for me ...).

Hi S-T! I used my previous answers to pass lvl 18 and now on the lvl 18 Egg with pic of keyboard. I think I'm trying to decipher the wrong word?

Lvl 11
You're looking for words with the same double letters. Like EvEry and LoveLy (so your answer starts with EL).
Bonus 3. First letters (every word) will make a new sentence. Keep doing that.

Decipher: Y M L F S I C N V
with the (5 letter word) key.
Use the cipher on the bottle in the pic.

Unknown. You know the Red Luth cipher to use from the picture on 18. You have the egg which tells you your key = _ _ _ _ _. Now take the gibberish in bold on level 18, plug that and your keyword into the cipher. Use the bottom set of boxes where it says "ciphered text" and then below that "key" . And read the decoded answer in the plain text box

Oops was writing while st was posting

Great riddle. Thanks small tool - I too passed the "Idiot's Test"

omg.....all this time and I didn't read the cipher tool labels. I was doing it right all along. Wow.
:) Thanks S-T! Word to the Wise: READ! ;)

Thanks Janet! After reading S-T's comment (I didn't see yours) I kept trying and just couldn't ask for more had to be ME! I even reloaded Red Luth. Then I looked down at the second set of boxes and saw the difference. A head-slapping moment for sure!!

Lol, didn't mean it like that (was the only fitting pic I could find, in a short time, for that congrats page), but I seem to get away with it :)
Anyway, glad you liked it, hope you still feel like that Sunday :)

Thanks S-T for your kind tip and for this beautiful riddle. I was possesed somehow by the "idiot cloud" and was using the wrong letters (the ones in the middle) in Lv11. No wonder I was getting nowhere. Also, though I don't use to post, just to say that it is nice to read so many "old times" experienced riddlers again. :)

:) Thanks for all the help getting off Lvl 18's egg! do I enter the bonus rounds. I highlighted the page and don't see any arrow or links.

For Bonus levels, anagram first letters of the words on level 9 and scroll a bit down, arrow points at a button to enter bonuslevels.

Thx for creating this riddle s-t! It's been such a long time and that's what you were doing! I should've guessed!
This one was pretty light and fun (unlike the REAL one for sure lol)
~ I'm so excited for the 15th ! ~

Thanks Dutchie!! As much as I love these riddles it's always a learning curve!! Sometimes I swear I'm never going to play them again for all the brain crunching I do but ......they just draw in. Onto figuring out 2nd egg on Bonus lvl 1!

       Anonymous  7/15/18, 12:39 AM  

finally had the time to focus fully ob bonus-lvl-3 & stick with it
like that I could solve it in a jiffy

looking at my experience here with the bonus levels, I really dunno if I'm prepared also for the more difficult paths...

we'll see...
the real deal will be posted shortly - watch this space

       Anonymous  7/15/18, 12:46 AM  

you may find egg-3 first for another hint (but it didn't help me...! ☻)
for egg-2, focus on where the words meet in crossword (8 letters)

btw, I'd like to find all eggs on bonus-2
some more hints for that plz
(only found mountains & family & then the answer to get to bonus-3...)

I passed the idiot's test as well, Alpha. Yay us. For bonus 2: there were four granny's of those same you used for mountains and family. Also there were four using the English language words we found.

hi,im reading about bonus levels where are they?

Sofia, if you use granny on the first letters of lvl 9 it will lead you to the bonus. Scroll down when you get there. Good luck.

thanks clio

Need some help with 20. I know the cipher, but don't know what to do with it?

You don't need an online solver. Just use the grid in the picture.

Made it through. Time to start the real one!!

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