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July 9, 2018

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Enigma: Super Spy Adventure Walkthrough

Enigma: Super Spy Adventure

[MOBILE] BadPixelGames - Enigma: Super Spy Adventure is another premium quality Indie point and click adventure game developed by Bad Pixel Games. In this retro story mode game with 5 chapters, World War II is on! It’s 1943 - a year before D-Day. Whole Europe is occupied by Nazis. While they are struggling to win on Eastern front, fighting Soviet Union, a resistance is being formed in occupied Poland and the rest of the Allied countries. The Nazis are using a cipher machine called Enigma 2 to send orders to troops. They have no idea that the code of the machine was broken by allied mathematicians. To read the messages sent through the Enigma, a code book is needed. The book is in Warsaw and has to be delivered to London - and that’s how this story begins. You - as a secret agent/spy, former commando - are supposed to be dropped safely with a parachute somewhere behind the enemy lines, but everything goes wrong. Your plane has been shot down by an AA gun somewhere above Germany. With a bit of luck, you manage to escape from the burning plane and now, in the middle of enemy’s territory, you have to finish your secret mission. The silent age begins - get the secret code book and help the Allies to win the war! Good luck and have fun! ☺ 

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       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:17 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

as per graphics, can't imagine that it will be bloody or violent, even it's a war topic...

thx for creating this game, Grzegorz ☺

       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:24 PM  

just noticed that it's only free for Android, but not for iOS
($ 0.99)... :-/

       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:26 PM  

funny monologues ☻

       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:30 PM  

btw, can play in my language (German), so it seems that the game knows about your location ☻

       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:36 PM  

it took me some time till I realised that

cow has a nice present for me
(of course, for you, too ☻)

       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:40 PM  

switches were trial & error for me
(didn't see a hint)

don't touch 1 & 4

       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:43 PM  

2 items in hole scene

       Anonymous  7/9/18, 12:45 PM  

o-oh, that's a deadly trap...!

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:21 AM  

as I couldn't continue playing yesterday, I'll go on now

stay in same scene as the trap, but in a position that let the Nazi fall into the trap

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:30 AM  

enter narrow shed

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:32 AM  

they're so trustful, those Nazis ☻

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:34 AM  

& it's a guy anyway

(an adult magazine about - cows...?! ☻)

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:51 AM  

o-oh - gross if you imagine the boar's action...

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:53 AM  

1 action inside house, 2 outside

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:54 AM  

don't miss air pump at fireplace

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 2:56 AM  

he doesn't look like he would walk around so much as he does...! ☻

fix bike

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 3:30 AM  

playing with interruption as I have other tasks to do...

fulfil the ppls' desires

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 3:31 AM  

he hopefully didn't hit the kitty with this tool...

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 3:35 AM  

you help the boat guy (another blond one...! ☻)
but not as he may think (& for sure not later)

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 3:38 AM  

bald guy must be blind as he accepted the helmet exchange

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 3:39 AM  

cats usually are good hunters

(& predators, too)

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 4:08 AM  

ah, there's a particular order for making coffee
(using a water kettle substitute)

btw, no matches or lighter needed

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 6:31 AM  

in Warsaw now

btw, the guy with the dog was a red herring (but his weirdness was kinda funny ☻)

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 6:52 AM  

OMG, that will become a yummy pudding ☻

don't miss bottle at beggar

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 6:52 AM  

his dog is hungry

& the inhabitant in the hole, too

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 6:54 AM  

for some funny comments, give the ingredients to cook first ☻

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:10 AM  

kiosk has now sth for you

stay healthy with loads of back & forth ☻

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:11 AM  

ah, now the watchmaker isn't unwelcoming anymore

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:14 AM  

2 clocks have the same time

same place for the fallen hand

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:39 AM  

(after tram ride)

now that's really a magic herb ☻

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:44 AM  

ah, there's sth under the bird cage
(poor imprisoned bird :-( )

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:46 AM  

OMG - the mother of the fruit shop owner really prepares special pies...! ☻

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:47 AM  

btw, note the slightly different uniform

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:50 AM  

LOL - that really was a magic pie ☻

       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:53 AM  

enigma code



       Anonymous  7/10/18, 7:55 AM  

oops, got busted...!

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