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August 4, 2018

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Can You Escape Prison: Portal Walkthrough

Can You Escape Prison: Portal

[MOBILE] Can You Escape Prison: Portal is another premium quality point & click adventure type escape game developed by BestEscapeGames. In this game with a scary atmosphere, you proceed by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Do you dare to go through the portals? Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  8/6/18, 1:31 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

catching up on the games I didn't have the time to play yet - this one is next

thx for creating this game, Vitali ☺

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 2:53 AM  

our internet connection issues getting worse & worse...! :-(
but they'll fix the house installation only in the end of August approx....! :-(

lock picking for sth heavy to leave passage open

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:02 AM  

for candles

look at shelf

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:04 AM  

rearranged numbers



       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:05 AM  

btw, use lens on number puzzle

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:08 AM  

note paper left of hatch

& I think, using lens a lot is advantageous

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:12 AM  

hint for -o- lock in C4 (use lens)

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:18 AM  

even it's a ghost dog, I don't like to harm any animal at all - not even in a game...! :-(

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:21 AM  

somehow I don't have my usual issues at mazes in this one

2 halves of coin for door

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:22 AM  

crystal grid paper for A-E / 1-5 grid

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:23 AM  

gear for A4

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:25 AM  

lever in A5 opens door with A5 hint

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:28 AM  

6 crystals for holes in pillars (use lens)



       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:30 AM  

don't miss lever under armchair

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:33 AM  

seems to be a long one...!

anagram letters on 3 missing cat papers

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:34 AM  

don't miss to pick up coin beneath placed lever

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:35 AM  

ring the bell (pause between the 2 sequences)

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:36 AM  

btw, there also was a magnet at one of the kitty papers to pick up

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:38 AM  

use lens also on rotator

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:41 AM  

2 things from unlocked bookshelf

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:42 AM  

for colour number, look at books



       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:44 AM  

oh, & check behind books

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:46 AM  

blow up your way

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:48 AM  

count dots on book symbols (lens)

& don't miss another coin


sun - leaf - ♥


       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:50 AM  

watch out - glass shards

take skull

1 of 3 clock times

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:55 AM  

oh, no - not another killing inside clock chest...! :-(

(use lens - well I have it on the whole time...!)

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 3:57 AM  

switch crossed out l/r hint on globe (lens)



       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:00 AM  

btw, have a look in book in hammered glass CB

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:03 AM  


lens again for sphere in shelf

(arrange twice for 2 hints - 3rd hint in book)

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:05 AM  

3 symbols


1 - 2 triangles
2 - circle
3 - triangle

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:06 AM  

2 skulls from chest

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:07 AM  

use lightning spell on dude :-(

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:09 AM  

4 more skulls in dude room

(you need to collect 10)

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:09 AM  

also key from dude skeleton

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:10 AM  

& another skull after lighting candles

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:13 AM  

another coin for bringing kitty back

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:17 AM  

another lock pick beneath figurine

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:18 AM  

for night table, hint is on top

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:20 AM  



%£&&0%£%£&1%£&%£0&%£&%£1&&£%£2&%%&£ clicks

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:20 AM  

trial & error for right padlock

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:32 AM  

ah, use magnet on hand padlock for another coin

oh, no, not another killing...! :-(

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:33 AM  

book under bed shows what to do with wind-up key

       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:39 AM  

tricky figurine

click on unlocked chest in dude room


grid 1-12 as you would read an English book


       Anonymous  8/6/18, 4:41 AM  

lens in dude room again

phew, epic game!
(would have been great for browsers...!)

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