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Room Escape 2: Old Castle Walkthrough

Room Escape 2: Old Castle

Room Escape 2: Old Castle is another Chinese point & click room escape game developed by 4399. In this game, you are trapped in an old castle and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. There are 15 levels with a bathful of challenging puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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I'm already stuck with a light bulb

ah, the bulb still needs a part

part is next to lamp

in third scene , put chain and hook on ceiling

I have already made some progress. now in a room with a table, 2 windows, candles .... just examine all the corners

fifth scene: look under carpet and follow colors

take candle and light it in fire

lighted candle for window : code

6 : elephants : big to smal

è elephants 1 eagle 2 snakes

7 light lantern with cigar

brake plant with baseballstick

put lantern right down and do the bottles

I was stuck on plane with 2 tools and a parachute until I finally noticed the ceiling vent

I have no clue in 9

Tosca, any hint on the second snake? I think that's what popped up when I arranged the elephants.
(Found the bird by the coatrack)

missing the puzzle tile -- not sure which comes first

second snake with puzzle CA

Ah -- puzzle tile hiding next to chest!

9/ found dial in left panel

No idea what number I'm on now. Made it to a bar.
Note to others: combine things in inventory by highlighting 2 things. Sometimes you do this several times before you can use the item in the scene.

put dial in leftest panel and do three dials and put piece on map: code

10/ put three vases togethec and use on white powder

at white powder , take cord

In bar, after you find and place the fuse, you get to turn on lights on the ceiling by figuring out the order trial and error. start with 2-3.
Then you can fill the 3 glass bottles to the red lines.

cord on basket and put that on cieling at door, powdervases in it----> 11

11/ find paper and matches, lit fire, use paper : code for chest, key

lots to find in middle of screen, multiple hotspots.find detonation and tnt and handle in middle of screen exit

12/ use wood on rock and knife on another rock

Panicking -- I somehow reloaded the game. Yay! there's autosave!

Keep leaving good clues, Tosca -- I'll have to come back and finish another time. Thanks for your help :)

13/ found axe and ^shovel, used axe somewhere in the middle. now I see an X with white points

13/ I can see a green triangle, red circle, blue square

use shovel where you see the red cercle : ball

ball is dragoneye

14/ left top, square, put it down left

15/ oh oh a mathpuzzle, nothing for me

very easy mathpuzzle

put mirror on ceiling and play the game

mathpuzzle : start with 4-4-4 on top te get 12

try to lit up the three rectangles at the same time

use pickaxe where the light falls down

15: after placing mirror, then what? Still have a stick

put statue where you solved math

tautau; the three lightning rectangles

Out! I don't know how I can light up the rectangles

Any clues on the basement room with the ladder? I have hammer, wire, nails, crowbar and key

I was having the same problem, Shann69, but I clicked om the roped crate with the wire highlighted and suddenly it lifted.

Ah yes, thanks Siobh án. Thought I'd tried everything :)

Hi! I canì't fill the bottles! I lighted up the bulbs, but nothing happened

I did it! Just try and try...

where's the pickaxe?

       Anonymous  8/24/18, 5:50 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

slowly catching up my favourite games I missed

thx for creating this game, 4399 ☺
& thx ppl, esp. tosca for providing hints

Thanks! Most beautiful game I've seen in a long time, a real masterpiece with some interesting puzzles as well. Only disadvantage was that hotspots didn't change the cursor, which meant a very annoying clickfest. Usually I don't like long games, this one was an exception, because it consisted of many short games. I played it over 52 minutes, wonder how I had the patience.

It surely needs a walkthrough, unfortunately I don't have right now the time it will need.

       Anonymous  8/24/18, 6:21 AM  

have a hard time with the bottles... :-/

Stick in "stones and bones" scene with a blue metal stick looking thing, I used the knife and wood

lots of trial and error on the bottles for me AO

I feel like I have clicked every spot in this scene and cant find any way to move forward. This metal pc isnt being used on anything. Somebody help!

Finally found another set of bones with a flashlight and combined it with the metal piece.

Wow, what a great game. Pleasantly long and challenging. I could never have completed it without all the helpful comments and hints. A lot of those tasks were completed without knowing how I did it.

Where do you use the three jars?

Or pots in the scene with the cauldron hanging over the fire

Lvl 10 -- Use knife by water pot to get cord
(What Tosca called white powder I call water!

@Mirta -- lvl 10 (bamboo hut)-- Use clue near fire to open box for knife. Use knife to get cord. Combine cord with basket, hang near door, put filled pots in basket.

But I'm stuck in 11.
On restart (thank you @Mirta), I immediately found a scene I had missed on the right with a chest and matches!

Ha! what I thought was a bottle opener is a plunger and what I thought was going to be a bottle is dynamite! LOL

15 -- math puzzle does not have a unique solution. I started with 5 in the middle.

Wow that was an excellent game in the end (other than the random clicking required to find scenes). Some of the scene changes were a little jarring -- going from the industrial control room to the bamboo hut especially so. Lots of different kinds of puzzles and no language barrier.

photorealistic scene w/o hotspots; the result is a real clickfest and I just hate this kind of randomly clicking around until eventually sth happens

I gave up at the bottles. Too bad because I was really enjoying the game. Hopefully someone has the patience to redo it and post the solution.

Would like a changing cursor.

To reset a puzzle, restart that level. The quickest way is to click the symbol in the upper left corner, then choose the left chinese option to choose level.

In the bar (room 8), I could click the bottles without using the fuse or solving the light puzzle. It worked after combining the lantern and the cigar, and putting it at the floor to the right.

Anyway, if someone is struggling with filling up the bottles, here is a way:
Click 14 times on the right bottle.
Click 7 times on the middle bottle.
Click 7 times on the left bottle.

       Anonymous  8/24/18, 11:42 PM  

as my method of leaving the game & coming back later to the puzzle, where I'm stuck, always works, I made it so & could solve the bottles in a jiffy

thx for a solution, Ellie

pickaxe is to assemble (stick somewhere at left side IIRC) & top part from 3 bars to highlight together)

There are some good ideas here and the graphic is real nice - but all in all this is the type of room escape game where quantity is prioritized over quality, and in quite some spots the main challenge is to find the hot spots.

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