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Room Escape 3: In the Office Walkthrough

Room Escape 3: In the Office

Room Escape 3: In the Office is another Chinese point & click room escape game developed by 4399. In this game, you are trapped in an office and your objective is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. There are 15 levels with a bathful of challenging puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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Ok no ratings nor comments, yet going in

punctuation in the wrong please makes it a whole different sentence (sorry)

ok out of the first room, no language barrier yet

first room, look closely at tall closed cabinet at files on top for number hint

ok up against a brick wall in room 2

ok officially stuck, will keep randomly clicking till someone comes and saves me

I was excited to see this after the castle escape got me adjusted to the creator's style.
However, I seem stuck in the first scene. Got a key and need a screwdriver, (maybe) a hammer, and a 3 digit number.

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:20 AM  

(RE)HI Mystris, Puzzled & all other players ☺

just starting...

thx for creating this game, 4399 ☺

for three digit number check the shelves in large cabinet on left

Hi AO :)

And POP! Looked again at the books on the left... on to level 2.

hammer pig, coin opens box down cupboard ...stuck

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:23 AM  


aaw, poor piggy bank - it's even crying...!

Oh my goodness, my screen resolution is so bad didn't even realise I had the key to escape room 2 *sigh*

I am still stuck

playing with the tap handles in room three

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:28 AM  

there's a key behind a pic for the box from unscrewed panel

got it right by trial and error, onwards

thx I got the key but box didn't open

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:29 AM  


find 4 pics for pic directions

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:31 AM  


you escape this room thru closet ☻

Lvl 2 - match orientation of 4 colored frames, then place pots per diagram on PC (difficult to see)
Look around room for something else that's changed.

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:33 AM  

hm. tosca
mayhaps restarting lvl will help...


move yellow tap above mirror

am quite liking this game but am stuck again lol

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:34 AM  


clean paint with paper

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:36 AM  


wrench in bottom right locker

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:37 AM  


spanner used as hammer on the hinted tile

4/ pin and spanner gives hook

no idea what room I'm in but stuck with green chemicals

Lvl 3 Clean up a mess and use wrench as a sledgehammer. button above duck sink gives clue for pipes.

in this room look upper right for cobweb - use broom

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:43 AM  

in this one, it would be helpful to also provide where you found stuff (as there are no hotspots)


- pointy tool from lamp

4/ hook for box in aquarium

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:45 AM  

e.g. can't find spanner in lvl-4...

finally found the hotspot for the bottle near chest on floor, mix two bottles together and add to green chemicals

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:47 AM  

must post another game - brb...

click bottom left of tv to insert code

next room click around to find coloured paper clues, smudgy black paper onto window

align items in bookcase to match window pattern

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:55 AM  


where's that spanner in lvl-4?

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:56 AM  

or tosca - anyone?
(still can't find it - in office with shark)

place tile into grid on right and complete cat puzzle for final number

next room, dog coats for rubbish bin colour code

hold on AO will open another window and find it :)

no spanner needed in shark room, get pliers from desk, use to cut key from container near lamp

use pliers on key object to make hook, take chest from fish tank and you should be away

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:03 AM  

ok, thx Mystris
(then tosca meant pliers it seems...)

but no pliers from desk for me, only could take the pin from lamp (will restar lvl)...

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:05 AM  

made it so, but still no pliers on desk...

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:05 AM  

oh, darn, my world clock bar covered the pliers (yellow handles)...! :-/

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:06 AM  

(playing in full screen)

lol AO, as bad as the contrast on my screen - not being able to see keys in inventory

I restarted #5 (green bottles) and now can't find the 2nd bottle to mix. (have the red-cap one)

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:09 AM  

brainwash btw - you see 4399 everywhere ☻

Stuck in level 7. Place calendar. Still have a picture. Move object in a diagonal as shown in picture but nothing happen

(5) Oh, there it is in front of red lockbox!
Use SD on vent (another tricky spot to find)

ok back, just watching Bodie score another try against the Aussies, go ALL BLACKS

put strange tool I found on robot, apparently an arm, have DVD in inventory. Check certificates on wall and but in numerical order for box code on shelves on left

Oh, place picture in window to show hint. Go to level 8

yellow bottle cap before red chest CA

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:15 AM  

(chemical bottles)

key is for red tool box

8/ number box 4712

how to solve colour number code on tv, is there a clue?

Stuck in 6. Placed battery in phone and found 4x3 grid of numbers on right wall. Tried 4399 on phone, LOL!

colours dogs for round tin

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:20 AM  


- battery from couch for mobile

- make a call as per yellow pages

where is TV remote?

Not sure what to do with the monuments either

duh! there's a number on the phonebook

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:23 AM  


- have a look bottom left on TV

mystris look at footbal

gosh that was a hard level, trial and error again for tv and the soccer ball was a nightmare

mystris how did you solve it ?

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:29 AM  

(kitty pic puzzle)

have a look

- under chair

- in bookshelf

- on whiteboard

- in bin

- pull placed calendars

- 2 numbers on solved kitty pic puzzle
(first one is a 3)

- photo on window


ok next room and I might have a sit down as I can't find anything

tv was great and lesser than, using each number only once

soccer ball was matching outside colours to inside but I had to try and try again as I rotated the inside numbers (be careful bottom one has two blues, that caught me out)

Level 8: how to solve TV code? There are many possible combinations

7 - Mystris and AO both say to put photo on window, but it won't stick for me ... is there a trick?
(I hope this will tell me what to do with all these numbers)

and it's as simple as inserting the time into the number slots *sigh*

And POP! suddenly it sticks!

And don't foget to tear off the extra pages!

straightforward after I had my sit down, abstract picture was a tad hard but doable

last room maybe, I hit the microwave buttons by random, few tries they stick when hit in the right sequence - wonder if there was clue somewhere. Have one battery and the time clue but need a second battery - off for another hunt

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:42 AM  

(green wall)

- arm on blackboard for robot on sideboard

- dog coats for bin

- arm from bin for robot on red stairs

- DVD bottom right in shelf

fighting with TV & football puzzle...

ok there's a locked blue cabinet I don't have a key for, more hunting

Totally stuck in level 8 for TV and football

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:43 AM  

on TV, no 2 top right, btw

good luck AO I know top right was 8 if that's any help - wish now I had written things down

8/ I have projection on wall, now what ?

oops 8 top LEFT

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:44 AM  

no 3 bottom left

Tosca robot pointers to two numbers for last safe code

uggh, totally missed the blue key on the toaster (once you have toasted the bread)

nope another room :)

I have not a number 3 bottom left

check under sofa

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:52 AM  

well, what's wrong with my solution?


birthday party room

Solve TV but can't solve football. What is the trick?

time for blue box on sofa

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:54 AM  

& on football, only colours to match?
what's with the numbers?

AO, 8,3,2,11 are correct, change others. I can't remember my solution

tautau see mystris 2.31 am

cups in cupboard, lights go on when in correct position, use on off clue from blue box on sofa to get light pattern - fingers crossed final code

Football solved.

Pink Yellow
Green Red

not quite, make a word and then back out to see door open

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 2:58 AM  

in the last game, multiple solutions were possible
why not in this one...?! :-(

oh my goodness, another room!!!

happy birthday your glorious bas@#$rd - wow nice banner

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 3:02 AM  

well, lunch time here - let's see if I'll have time to continue later (not very sure about it)...

thx tautau

bottom is cyan 3

left side is green 6

find knife beside chessboard, take gifts, open and assemble telescope. use dart on balloon, get coin and insert in machine - pipe puzzle

ok I think I have Queen C5 from telescope, just have to find a chess piece

No idea what I did, but fiddled with dartboard and it opened to reveal safe, popped in code and got my chesspiece - onwards

9/ hour is code for red painting

9/ handle for green painting, yellow key for yellow painting

next room, have the hood up on the card, trial and error for light pattern (sticks when correct) and then it reveals colour dials that I'm twiddling

oh this might be room 13 - just say a number above the inventory bar

dont forget to push knob at colour puzzle (mirror)

just saw the number sorry, typo

9/ put battery in flashlight and use it after opening blue painting

9/ red thing for flashlight

9/ use red flaslight on thr same place

9/ under blue painting little hotspot for number

that was hard, you have to make the green wire continuous

10/ put icecube in micro and use round thingy

insert light and usb into ipad and use clues to insert to get code

next room (14) have black thing and something that looks like a glowing paint bush. Picked up battery off desk and combined with black thing which am guessing is a charger. Might need to find socket/plug for it. Bottom left suitcase needing a code

right in front of my eyes, red stick on bottom left is a crowbar - onwards

use crowbar on drawer, combine all items and have a phone now on charge

use knife and tape on wire under desk, security monitors come on - follow codes from deskpad to get security code for monitor

press Y but it's missing from keyboard - numbers on left, just use sequence with missing digits in each line

urrgh - again it was in my inventory (missing Y keyboard key) and contrast was too dark to see it, must have picked it up from drawer or briefcase

keycard and out to room 15

lol 3 hours to escape and measley 48% - good night everyone 11.17pm Saturday night in New Zealand

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 4:48 AM  

btw, top right you can see at what lvl you are on...!

(green wall)

TV SOLUTION (mayhaps there's another one)


- cartridge from football for device on red stairs

- key from player under TV after solving TV puzzle

- unlock DVD box for laser pointer

- ponter for robot hand

- number grid above TV

- other pointer in 4-number-box in sideboard
(increasing years on diploma)

I think, I encountered a bug - placed 2nd laser pointer from box in same robot had as the other & not it disappeared without having another number pointed out...! :-(
(restarting lvl...)

Level 8, for the TV, it is way easier than you might think. There are lights coming out from the sides of the tv. Match those with the colors of the tiles (repeated colors should obey the "bigger/lesser than" rule.

Level 8, for the football (soccer for some):

How many players are on a team? That's the number to add with every 2 sides of each pentagon. But every two numbers adding 11 should be the same color.

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 6:30 AM  

ah, thx for the explanations, Edgar

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 6:33 AM  


by replaying I realised that it d/matter which arm is for which robot - just 1 laser pointer for each

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 6:58 AM  


- red hint for red (time)

- green for green (handle)

- yellow for yellow (key)

- push knob at the end (colour mirroring puzzle)

- blue for blue (key)

- loaded flash after solving pic puzzle
(btw, messed up with copying & pasting pic puzzle to snag.gy, hence no solution to provide :-/ )

- pink for pink (number)

- red filter for flash for same place as before

- this time red for cyan (beneath blue painting)

- flash stays in inventory till the end of the level

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 7:06 AM  


- check plate, shelf, CB, counter

- ice & knob for MW (buttons trial & error for me, as I didn't see any hint - correct ones stay highlighted)

- red/white thingy for toaster
(don't miss the cyan key after toasting)

- 2 batteries for door puzzle

@willis pate,

with the hood opened, solve the puzzle by connecting upper green wires with the ones below.

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 7:14 AM  


- bulb under couch

- key for bottom CB

- cut cake

- look up (SD)

- SD again from vent item

- clock on table (battery)

- blue box on couch (time)

- blue box hint for cup puzzle (lights)

- cup number for top CB

- turn dials for obvious word

Very smooth until level 13, already half an hour looking at the paper with coloured equations and trying to combine it with pool balls in the pockets, "goodle", 4399 etc. Also don't understand the hint the car light shows on the wall.

Mystris, how did you get usb and light for the ipad on level 13?

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 7:36 AM  


- don't miss cutter for gifts at chessboard

- dart from board for balloon (coin for machine)

- not all pipes are used

- yellow square from machine left of colour grid
& match y (dartboard part)

- oops, dartboard already opened before I could see a pattern (I think it's about turning the parts to match the total on the outer ring - at 2 o'clock it was 1-2-4 IIRC - but that d/give 8... so I really dunno :-/ - or mayhaps multiplication...?)

- assembled telescope (2+1 parts) with hint for puzzle behind dartboard (click black part of telescope stand)

- place queen figure

Light from car shows 7 to the first power on the wall that is the first number on box inside car the other 3 numbers are the balls in the pockets of the pool table.
Get flash drive for I-pad.

Use Clues from paper beside I-pad to solve puzzle on I-pad then number appears at bottom of I-Pad for the door.

All right, the 7 is the first number and the pool balls come after 7 from left to right, tried to translate a Spanish escape game website to understand that. I tried starting with 7 before because of that little 1, but wrote the numbers in the row, i.e. 7523. Never thought that I have to take 7 from the right and then 325 from left to right, didn't seem logical.

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 8:40 AM  


- move seats (car key & cable thingy for iPad)

- play pool (numbers - holes)

- don't miss key on beanbag (hood)

- trial & error for me to make all buttons green
(1st part zig zag)

- connect green wires
right click to open link in a new tab

- lamp bulb for car

- wall number & ball numbers in holes for box in car

- USB-stick for white cable thingy at iPad

- iPad as per paper hint
(read number hints backwards)
line 1 - gives a greek cheese
line 2 %£&%£&8%£&%&£6%£%&£%&£1%&£%&£3%&£&%£
line 3 %£&%£y&£%£%b&£%£%&£&%r£%&£&%£%g£&%£

Out good game.

leave hint for 14 please.

Pen is on the coffee table

Willis: Go back to map, there is another discolored tile, click that.

In 14 you need crowbar on arm of chair by the door hard to see. Then you can open right drawer and get radio part. Combine with part from left drawer and battery from desk top by computer screens. then place in charger on left of desk. For code to brief case

That gives you tape and utility knife to fix computer cable under the desk. Then you have to reboot the system. You have a board with cam pictures 1-9. Use the clue from the Log book... touch the pics in the order from the log book and get 4 numbers. That is the pass code to reboot system.

Thanks, GrannyGamer!

Then you have to solve the wall to the left of the door. sudoku each row and column has 1-9. that will give you swipe card and y key for keyboard.

Willis look at the computer screen on the desk. V2N1 V3D1 V1C1 row one = c1 slide them back and forth to line up row 2 = N1 row 3 = D1

That will open and give 2 Buddhas for the table where you got the purple tile. face left one left and the right one facing backwards. pen will flip open a compartment with a key to briefcase on chair.

That gives you 2 Buddhas place them and the pen on the table where you found the purple tile. Face the left one left and right one backwards and the pen will flip open for a key to the briefcase on the chair.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The first number doesn't move on the briefcase got the other 2 by trial and error &%^&8&^%7&^%3&^%.

get 2nd flag from briefcase on floor that gives code to unlock and clue to key for desk

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 10:03 AM  

had dinner in between
thx for providing hints for lvl-14, GG

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 11:26 AM  

came back to this, but dunno what you mean GG with «slide» - where (literally or just mentally?)

AO... I'm with you. I don't understand the V1C1 V2N1 V3D1 sliding hint.

AO... you've got to get a CNDH card from map first!

thedood when you have the 3th CNHD plate, put it on the board left under the pc. Then line up the first plate(=V)C with 1 and so on.

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 12:23 PM  

ah, thx ppl
just found the purple square & slot for pen on table

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 12:26 PM  

after placing purple square on map, press the highlighted brown one

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 12:29 PM  

is there a hint for the buddhas?

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 12:32 PM  

well, solved Buddhas by trial & error (=BF - don't like that...!)

left is looking to the right
(not to the left as GG said)

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 12:36 PM  

& another t&e (=bf :-( ) for 3-number suitcase
as I didn't see a hint...

ditto flags...

AΩ I think there is no hint for buddhas. Me too BF-d it.

for lvl 12 where is the queen for the chess board

found the queen. Didn't realize the clue from the telescope was for the safe on the wall

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