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Tea Room

Tea Room Escape is another point & click room escape game developed by Tomatea. In this game, you are locked in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving all the puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:10 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

a Tomatea - LTNS!

btw, just found out:
Tomatea & Amajeto are not the same team...! :-o
(although they share some resources & sometimes ideas - was misleading by a game where Amajeto used exactly the same room base as Tomatea...)

therefore we can post Tomatea games (again) as our posting rules are only «incompatible» with the ones from Amajeto (i.e. we will also post Amajeto games again after a break, but always with some delay)...!

thx for creating this game, Tomatea ☺

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:12 AM  

shapes from outer to inner

& it's not the star

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:17 AM  

connect cups & tea bags

(can't make a snag.gy yet, as site is down atm...)

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:20 AM  

take house apart

parts go right of grid for number hint



       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:21 AM  

don't miss switch in solved number drawer

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:23 AM  

place star & look at shapes again

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:24 AM  

placed canvas, but need 1 more tea bag for colouring...

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:28 AM  

had a bit troubles with turtle orientation

form first letter of the favourite drink of the dev (as it is in their label)

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:35 AM  

same for the birds

length of the strings matters



or in clicks


Kind of late. Game posted after everyone played it days ago.

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 12:35 AM  

now need a brush or similar...

stumped with the shapes puzzle. I see the clue but don't get the order

pop...ohhhh I get it

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 1:21 AM  

had to go afk for a bit, now back

finally found out to look under pulled out table plate

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 1:23 AM  

sometimes it's good to look behind the things

letter puzzle as per leaves

gives a word for a very small particle

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 1:27 AM  

when you have all colours, click canvas & paint

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 1:29 AM  

although 2 different yellows on hint, it's the same

strange game

What a nice game from Tomatea ! Thank you, and thanks to everyone who post the hints !

Very nice game, thanks! I was perplexed by the origami birds, thought that it's some color code, but later realized that I have nothing more left than the 4 buttons, bird "graph" and origami birds, so they have to be combined somehow and the color of the birds is redundant, just the heights did count.

I noticed the game was posted by AO, as were others this morning. I don't like to post negative comments here, but I'm curious to know why AO has to post comments before giving others a chance to play and post their comments? It seems that this site is turning into a place that only AO can post before others can:(

The game will not load. Why?

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 6:46 AM  

I really would like to have some company also in the games I post in my mornings...!
but as it's the time the U.S. players are still asleep, there's mostly no one else commenting than me - a fact, that I'm not comfortable with at all...! nevertheless, hints are always needed & therefore I provide them
but fact is also, that - e.g. when I don't have the time to play the game instantly after posting & then I come back to the game after some time (sometimes even 1 day later), there are unfortunately still no comments providing hints for players :-(

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 6:48 AM  

in which browser are you playing?
feel free to contact me (click my nick) about your issue

In Chrome, Aplha.

Never had a problem before.

No game in Safari, just a white screen. :(

AO - I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just suggesting to give people a chance. Since you know that people may still be sleeping here in the US, then why not wait until people wake up? As for no comments when you come back, maybe it's because people didn't have a problem

i can't load it on chrome or firefox

i could play by going to the tomatea site

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 7:46 AM  

I play when I have the time to play & then I will provide hints - I do it like this already for over 10 years now here on EG24...!
but feel free to contact me (click my nick) to discuss your issue personally, as this thread is just for providing hints - thx

       Anonymous  8/4/18, 7:48 AM  

checked in Chrome & FF (don't have Safari) & for me it loaded properly
for helping players with loading issues further, I should dig deeper & know more about your personal browser settings...

Thanks Alice, that was the trick.

Well - seems it won't make any difference. Just wanted to put my opinion out there.

Yes, thanks Alice I could play in the Tomatea site too.
and Alpha never stop leaving these hints please!

Doesn't load in Chrome, IE 11 or Edge. Just a white screen.

From me, I appreciate AO's comments and hints. I know they're there but I don't start to read them until I get stuck, and then I'm very glad she posted them!

I had no problem playing in FF.
Also - so glad Tomatea and Amajeto are back!

Same here with FF and I have been playing games on here every day for ten years without an issue.

I was curious so I just tried to play this in Chrome and it would not load for me there either.

Went to their site and it loaded fine.

I know people don't mean any harm, but I will never understand why they complain about people posting hints and spoilers here. It is LITERALLY what this page is for. If you read the bottom of the page, the site says, "If you don't want to get any help and solve the games yourself, you shouldn't scroll down the comments page for not spoiling your escaping games." This is a free-to-use site. No one who posts here is under any obligation to provide assistance to other players - they do so because they are interested in games and wish to help others. If you don't care for someone's style of posting hints and spoilers, oh well - that's what you get for free. I'm not trying to be harsh, but I think some periodic perspective is needed.

Thank you to all who post games and help others!

I agree. The comments part of this site is one of the reasons I use EG24 rather than any others. I have got better over the years and do have my favourites among the developers as you get to know which games suit you but overall I am still a complete dimwit and wouldn't enjoy playing half so much without all the hints and tips from others kind enough to chip in. As above if you don't want any help then don't scroll down. As elkwhale says I thank all of the posters offering help.

This game is not loading. Using FF. Not going to download any other browser, so don't....

I too think Alpha is doing a wonderful job. Posting the newest Japanese games, reviving the Mobile games and revitalizing EG24. Escapist and all of us are lucky to have someone who cares so much. And is willing to sacrifice her time to do so.

Yes, it's not like the old days - there are 2-3 times the number of games a month. So any hints have to come quickly. To help someone now, and to help someone else later. Thanks Alpha for your time and dedication to EG24. A labor of love, yes?

If playing on Windows 10/Edge you have to go to Tomatea's website so you can activate Adobe Flash.

Janet you are right. this site had it's hey day.( that is why many don't post here) Old friends. Yes I have got many emails from escaper to you. He forgets who he is talking to. But that being said. The Games have got really bad. So if you are looking for a site that is a dead issue just ask your self, What did escaper leave. and turned it over to escapist? I have been here along time. so block if you want. but many have left. why ask your self and you will see the answer. Just a thought.

Hey Bandy. You are an old friend. And yes, you're right, things change. But the choice is - do we let it go? Or do we try to continue on? Do we give up? Or try to make it better? I, like you and many others, have wonderful memories of EG24 and the friends we've made in the games and on cbox. So I treasure the memories, yes, but also look forward to the new folks who will, in truth, be EG24's future. May it rest in good hands.

Janet well said I agree ! Love! Bandytrc

Ah, love you too my very good friend.

There should be another star for games that go beyond "excellent". Maybe Brilliant?!

Thank you, Alpha.

Im sure this is too late for anyone ever to read it but having played games on this site for i dont know how long... but it is a very long time i would like to make my observations known.
This has always been the place to post hints and tips, and in the old days walkthroughs. Without this help i doubt i would ever have learned to play these games. Nothing is spoiled for me as i only ever read these threads if i am stuck and may i say now i always seem to be stuck where nobody else felt hard enough to post hints!
And i would like to add something i have been wanting to mention for all these years. It would be great if the games had a posting date and time, so often i have no idea which was the last game i did lol

       Anonymous  8/15/18, 6:30 AM  

link should work now

thx for being a faithful EG24 player ☺
btw, you can see the date & (Pacific) time when the game was posted in the comments, i.e. the first comment is mostly already posted shortly after the game is posted here on EG24

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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