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Wow Escape from Space Walkthrough

Wow Escape from Space

Wow Escape from Space is another point & click escape game developed by WowEscape. In this game, you flew into outer space for a research work. But unfortunately, there was a problem in your space traveller. You have to find the way to escape by finding useful objects, hints and by solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/11/18, 6:55 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

dear players
would you like to actively contribute to your favourite game site as an author for EG24?
we are looking for volunteers who would like to help with searching & posting games
for application or further info, click my nick
(to get my email address)
looking forward to get in touch with loads of candidates

thx for creating this game, Wow ☺

Note the roman numerals on the air tanks to get 4-color order. Incidentally, "VI" should be "IV".

I'm not trying to be sarcastic here but it doesn't make sense to me that EG24 wants volunteers to post games, yet they won't let SD and other reputable developers post their own games.

Pry both sides of the earphones off, and place the 2 round objects in the porthole, next to last scene to the left. You will get a clue for the 5-letter puzzle.

Note: the second item is a parrot, not a bird.

Press the buttons on the device in the background in the scene where you place 5 flying saucers. This gives you the clue as to how to orient the 6 radar devices on the floor in the 1-16 number puzzle scene.

the tripod goes left of start scene in hole

dip film

Hi joycy :) missed you yesterday

Use stethescope above door left of start

found sneaky spanner

Where did you find the spanner joycy?

Hi Yvonne :) looking for hole for tripod

Joanna think it was scene with direction plates

Yvonne can't find hole for tripod

got it was scene before you go upwards

Ray gun for girl

don't get ABC clue

joycy, are you through to next scenes? if so just do abc 2 lines and abcd for last line

Hi Joanna, I had already picked up spanner it was in the next line of inventory, missed it by not scrolling through LOL

Hi guys, late coming in. Having a bit of a problem with the K2, K5, etc. puzzle. There is no C6, V4 or V5. So how do you get those to work?

Hi Sugarcrush, 1-6 bottom line of puzzle

Hi yvonne. Here's what I did. I also had K1 and K3 covered like you said, but that apparently didn't work. Where am I wrong?


Sugarcrush, follow the bottom no's up so c4 c6 will be 3rd and 5th checked

Where are the stethoscope and the spanner??

Hi Jenny, I think stethoscope was last scene right, can't remember spanner,

Jenny, sorry 2 scenes right of start

Thanks yvonne, but the logic still escapes me. Maybe my brain just isn't working today, lol! May have to check the WT for this one.

Also for the letter puzzle in scene to the right of that, I have the picture clue but I don't know what type of bird that's supposed to be. Looks like a parrot, but there's no R to make the words parrot or bird.

And there's no T either. WTF?

Thanks Yvonne

Sugarcrush, we all have days like that, just take start letters of pics makes a word, the clue was tree = T

go along from letter and down for no. hope that makes sense :)

Got it, thanks yvonne. That 4th one was a cat, not a panda or bear. ::facepalm!::

Use magnifier on continents, if not sure the colour order is top to bottom


Sugarcrush, LOL you got it though

cup for rotating blade

Finally in 2nd set, interesting way to get there (raygun for retina scan on girl).

I liked that exit scene

had to go of stuck in first set can't get 1234 thing got clue ??

got it was trying wrong puzzle

math for combination not working for me
I'm thinking that T means times

Speak the clue aloud. For example 6T6 = Sixty-Six.

omg use first letter

Finally out! 2nd and 3rd sets were much easier. Nice game, WOW. Thanks folks here for the company and the help.

The bird is a Parrot

Completely stuck in second set. Have magnifying glass and tripod (both already used once) and what looks like a sheet of paper. Need one more saucer, a clue for the 8 picture puzzle to the left of saucer room, four transmitters (I think) for sun/moon room, a battery (or similar)for pod to right of saucer room, and something for the scanner on the wall, and 4 rocket ships for floor. Still need something for the blurry spot in the start scene in set one too! This is a hard one for sure! :)

Hi sm, did you get remote? think it was in moon/sun puzzle room, use it on pod

Ah, missed the remote control in the sun/moon room, for the pod right of saucer room. Gives picture clue for room left of saucer room.

stuck in 2nd set need something fo9r the glass dotty thing done all except the squares spaceman etc

Joycy - there is a remote control thingy top right in sun/moon room - this attaches to glass pod

sneaky remote in sun moon scene

Thanks for the hints everyone - couldn't have done it without them!!!

ty SM just found it

Where does the white paper/sheet/film? go?

found fingerprint paper

nm finally got it once I figured out the rockets on the continent list.

out now thanks for nice company & hints, good game Wow

Part way through I needed to pause the game. When I came back, it had restarted. Couldn't play where I left off. Big X for me.

Nice game...TY for the hint Mac

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