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Find the Escape Men 192: New pPhone Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 192: New pPhone

No1Game - Find the Escape Men 192: New pPhone is another episode of this Japanese point & click escape game series developed by No 1 Game. In this game, your objective is to collect 10 escape men by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles to finally escape the auditory where you were preparing the presentation of a brand-new product of your company! Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:16 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

oh, a live EM - let's get started...

thx for creating this game, No1 ☺

Well I am stuck have 4 Eman and thats it ??

You need clue from camera to get the one up high.

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:19 AM  

anyone else here who dares to post hints for our fellow players? ☻

have another look where beamer is shining at

I have clicked and drag phone as per hint from poster but??

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:20 AM  

oops, (how about refreshing) - hi bandy

some sneaky spots top right resp. top left in stage corners

Hi AO :)

LOL Had smack one up high!

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:25 AM  

btw, preparing a 10 EM list...

Hello, did you click chairs start scene and get and open paper clip?

It took me a bit to realize that there is more than one clickable chair.

Colors from cable DW ??

Hi Yvonne Were do we use paper clip?

Hi bandy, just started so way behind you at the moment LOL

There's a color code box in the seats, but it doesn't seem to match the cable colors

Yvonne you have to bend paper clip but don't know were to use it??

Same here Pellia??

Still in start scene, took step ladder top left of stage

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:32 AM  

tried several combos for colours but with no avail...

(box under a seat)

oops bottom left of stage, sorry

There are two slides in the projector. The 2nd slide is for the exit sign.

Well I 5 and that is it ??

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:35 AM  

with camera, do you mean the beamer?

count the amount of colours for box gives em

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:36 AM  


colour box

think increasing

(consider all)

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:37 AM  

oh, yvonne beat me to it
(had to edit my post, hence I was too late ☻)

Yes AO Meant to say projector sorry

pellia: If you count the number of different coloured "wires", that will give you the order of the colours (1 to 4 of each). Can't view cable anymore, so don't remember how many....

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:40 AM  

oh, LB - beamer = projector ☻

Up to 8 now.
Throw cable to one up by ceiling tiles.
Press and hold button on phone to reveal battery and lead on screen.
Still have dead phone
Still have

Still have not used paper clip???

Use straightened paperclip to open SIM on phone

Nothing from 3D and 3C phones ... or pineapple

The blue chairs bother me. Seems like something should be there.

TY Greenbug!

pellia: There is a green man on left side of ... um, 3rd? chair from the left. I just moved each chair back and forth from left to right (click on each chair twice to move and then replace it) and an Escape Man appeared on the seat of one of the chairs.

I've got 3 em can't find anymore help please

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:49 AM  

thx Dean

up to 8 EM...

@dean, I may have gotten that one and forgot. I'm at 8 now.

@yvonne, there's a tricky flash on the Let it Be poster. See also Greenbug's ceiling tile comment.

Even a video WT doesn't help for 10 EM. Can't pull the charging head.

Yvonne look on both side of stage and us cable to smack one up high were 2 phnoes on table are.

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:51 AM  

with looking at VWT, you miss all the fun of playing together as a team & figuring out stuff IMHO (but everyone's her/his own decision...)

bandytrc: Click on right bottom side of green phone, which will give you 2 ports. Left one has small hole, in which to place open paper clip end to get SIM card. Holding right one gives battery charge level image, which, when you click, gives EM at bottom.

Hi pellia what does tricky flash mean? got the ceiling one :)

This is too hard for me. I still don't understand the chairs.

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:52 AM  

as for me, enjoying your company very much
(it's like in the good old days - isn't it, bandy, yvonne...?!)

TY Dean G !!!!

LOL AO The good old days!

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:53 AM  

there's a button to push behind a panel in one of the stage corner scenes

1 - phone poster
2 - SIM
3 - Charging lead on screen
4 - ceiling tile [throw cable]
5 - Exit sign
6 - In colour box?
7 - On stage screen [spot light]
8 - On stage floor [spot light]
Cant get chairs to hand me one:-(

Missing last EM. Tried to do the "Click, Drag, Rock 'n' Roll!" from poster on left side of stage (top right corner for poster) but pPhone 3D doesn't do anything. I click it, drag it and then try shaking it (Rock 'n' Roll!) but It Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog! Help!

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:56 AM  

oh, GB
didn't you see my announcement of making a list...?
(I hate doing work for nothing...!)

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:57 AM  

got the click - drag - RR:
(started with dragging)

note the numbers

The chairs don't give anything unless I am doing it wrong?

bandy, thank you, don't know what to do about click and drag, or what the info from projector on the screen means LOL

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 4:59 AM  

move each chair 3x
(r-l-r or l-r-l, starting from left worked for me)

AO I have drag it shook it flip it Nothing??

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:00 AM  

note the L & R at projector hint
(increasing years)

AO yes, most enjoyable when playing together :)

Thanks AO will try again.

Thanks for chair hint AO... how did you stumble on that?!

It's afternoon here, and I feel like I've just woken up, brain not in gear at all!

bandytrc: Just reloaded game to do chairs. I went through all the chairs, clicking each one (one or twice - doesn't seem to matter) until I got to the end. Then I went back to the beginning and then went through them to the right, clicking each one twice. That's when I got the EM on the left side of the 3rd chair. Not sure what the mechanism is to get the EM - clicking all chairs, or each chair back and forth or ... It was more trial and error for about 1 minute!

5C phone only give me a big red !

TY Dean G,

AO, thanks for button LOL completely missed it

Now 9!
None from two phones or pineapple desk yet

OOOHH after you get red ! from phone back out and A EMAN!!!

Green Bug See my comment above on 5C phone,

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:05 AM  

don't have a charger yet tautau mentioned above...

I have 9 now.

bandy, haha, I have 4

AO click the side of phone and hold you will see battery come up and get a Eman from that.

@ bandytrc... I have two from phone in my hand but none form the two phones on the black table.

Poster on left side of stage should have read "Drag, Click, Rock 'n' Roll!" because when I Dragged the pPhone 3D (3 times, just to be certain!) and then Clicked on the pPhone 5C 5 times, I heard a "Click" sound and got a big red " ! " and then, when I backed out, like bandytrc, got my EM from under/inside the table.

Yvonne click the 5c phone and hold till red ! mark come up then back out.

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:13 AM  

ah, thx bandy
holding, not clicking
10 now...

AO, once you have all 10 EM (making a big EM), click on it and look closely at its wrist for a thin black line, which will open to give you a charger!

bandy did that, just done the phone in inv, would never have got that LOL

6 em now :)

9 Men. I haven't been able to get the one from the phones.

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:17 AM  

thx Dean

tricky attachment to charger:
- I had the smartphone highlighted to pull out charger
- smartphone in about item & the click (highlighted) EM

Your welcome Yvonne. I guess my 10th one is from chairs but I can't get him so I have to get some work done so I will say I am out LOL Was fun EV! see U in the next one!

going round in circles with QR scanner!!

Ok tried a little more and 10th from chairs!!!!

GreenBug: Just go to the "Locked" door with phone showing QR code and click on lock. Should open the door!

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:21 AM  

create escape QR code (bottom of screen)
then hold it against reader on door

aagh... create QR code and leave it on phone screen. Press CLOSE
then reselect phone and hold up to door lock and you're out.

Thanks guys

Ok, got it. I was only dragging the left phone once. Go back and forth and then move over to the 5c and click.

Yay bandytrc! Good job to keep trying and not just sit around! ;->

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:23 AM  

yep - great fun playing together (how I missed that!) - thx for your company ppl - very nice teamwork! ♥

bbr to post the complete EM list...

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:23 AM  

oh, typo *brb ☻

Dean :)

Thx everyone for all the hints! Love the EM games and this one was challenging enough! Glad I escaped!!!

P.S. DON'T buy stock in Pineapple Inc.!

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:35 AM  

10 EM
(incl. HINTS)

- light projector & look on wall in curtain scene
- wait at smartphone poster
- escape sign (l/r hint from projector)
- light stage spot (push button behind panel top left in right stage corner)
- above black box (throw cable)
- colour box (increasing number of cable colours)
- green smartphone (use straightened clip)
- 3rd blue chair from left (move them back & forth each & the whole bunch)
- hold button at side of green smartphone till you see battery, then look at screen
- black box (drag left phone 3x back & forth, then click 5x right phone as per poster hint)

I can't get charger from em keep clicking it won't come out, how did you do it?

Yvonne click and drag I think it was

bandy I knew you wouldn't leave me stranded :)

I'm getting frustrated it's not working for me :(

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 5:59 AM  

I explained my solution above - not working for you?

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 6:00 AM  

5:17 AM that is

oh well consider myself out LOL, thanks everyone for your help :)

AO where? so many comments for a change, mind you a lot are mine asking for help LOL

AO, phone highlighted in inv, em does not want to give me charger LOL, thanks anyway

       Anonymous  9/7/18, 6:16 AM  

click EM's wrist

AO, yes have done that :)

AO not to worry. maybe bug for me?

Thanks for the excellent game and for the hints! That 3D-5C was really clever, I couldn't work it out by myself. And on the screen there was also 14RR, thought that I have to rock'n'roll 14 times in addition, but didn't know how to do it.

The chairs were a real pain, I can swear I used that back-forth-back style at least three times, but it only worked after I had read the hint here.

Charger wouldn't release for me either. Consider myself out as well!

If I remember correctly, you have to view the phone and then add the man-charger to it, not vice versa.

Giving up. clicking on the "right" spot for every single item is completely annoying and frustrating and ultimately not doable for me. I hate having to try and find the answers to every.single.thing.

crap game, out by big X

CHAIRS: No idea if this is the only way but using each stack of chairs as a LR puzzle: LLL R L RR L and escapeman appears.

Having typed that out I now realize it's the reverse of the exit light clue.

To try to help, the projector MUST BE OFF to get the spotlight guy.

The final EM, click on his wrist, then pull the cable out. Bring up your dead phone and plug final EM into your phone. Use the QR code maker, create a code, and use that on the scanner on the door and you're done.

Thanks AO, Bandy, everyone I'm forgetting

worse escape men game ever

cable is below stage above chairs

count quantity of colors on cable. red is one.

Thanks, Unknown. Finally, that made sense.

I quit, the chair puzzle, I just dont get it.

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