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Future Room Escape Walkthrough

Future Room Escape

Future Room Escape is the second creation of another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by MysteriousBox. In this game, you are trapped in a high-tech room. Your aim is now to escape from there by finding and using items and looking for hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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ok, lets do this

the sneaky circles show the way to use the long number pad

ALready solved 3 puzzles. But can't find to figure out the globe one

please Tessa, give a little more help

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:07 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

as this one is live, I'll give it first priority from my long list of games I wanna catch up

thx for creating this game, MB ☺

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:14 AM  

well, I must say that I'm baffled a bit about how to start - d/get that line hint...

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:17 AM  

ah, only now I found those circles you mentioned, black - let's see...

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:18 AM  

1 is red

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:19 AM  

now have several hints on TV
(you even can save as hint pics)

huhu AΩ, I think the red symbols will become numbers with the hint from TV...but I cannot find the right numbers



ok, I got the three numbers! rotete only the red part of the sign and it will give numers


Red white



       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:26 AM  

I get letters from that combo
(but apparently at least 1 is not correct...)

a challenge for my spatial orientation, btw ☻

and now ... ?
Letters ?

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:28 AM  

ah, ok - LOL - numbers then ☻
(but still can't see it...)

draw letters with the color arrows


       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:36 AM  

ok, for numbers:

arrows have to be on top (looking up)

first box has to be rotated 90° cw
but only the red part
(tilt your head to the left)

2nd box has to be rotated 90° ccw
but only the red part
(tilt your head to the right)

3rd box has to be rotated 180°
but only the red part
(make a handstand ☻)

but that gives 6 for me...?

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:38 AM  

this one needs for sure screenshots with added solution steps
(unfortunately, d/have time atm to make some... :-/ )

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:39 AM  

ah, nope - now I see the 9
(had to draw it out)

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:44 AM  

3 numbers

quickly made a snag.gy anyway
(hope it's not too confusing...)

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:50 AM  

3 letters

you need the fixed grid & the arrow hint from TV for that

the arrow numbers represent the segments in the grid

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:51 AM  

hi, for globe: think at day time (24h). sunrise at 6h sunset at 18h...

for globe you have to switch on the light first...

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 3:56 AM  

should have said: the white segments

& should have added a numbering...

2nd letter

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:00 AM  

LOL my hand is shaking & so the lines are a bit skewed ☻

3rd letter

right click to open link in a new tab

Hoz, I don´t understand it....the sceleton is six, so its in the top middle? (sunrise at 6 o´clock)?

sorry, missing a -t- Hotz :o))

ops, there is a card in the inventory, maybe I did it right.....

black düsseldorf, the light is your sun. you have to rotate your globe parts so the symbols are at correct time. 12h is near sun, 24h is at the dark part...

yep, you have solved it black düsseldorf...

any idea for 4#code? there are clues on your card...

thank you Hotz, now the four numbers to get out of here

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:12 AM  

for globe

each click = 3 hours

ah ok, there are hidden letters to form numbers...

and out. thanks for your hints above!!!

I was out shopping for a while. Sorry, I couldn't help you guys. Still can't solve the globe ...argh

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:17 AM  


symbols at centre-right-left

top to bottom



       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:17 AM  

& you must click the small arrow after adjusting globe
(it's not a navigation arrow ☻)

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:20 AM  

who's going shopping in the middle of a game...?! ;-Þ
(esp. when it's such a great one like this creation - challenging for a change! ♥)

AlphaOmega, my car is broken, so I had to use my husban's. And I only had a 15 minute "window" to shop. ;)

ha, yes, look at the back of the card and try to write numbers with some of the letters


       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:24 AM  

it seems that my lack of sleep is kicking in ☻
I just d/get it how for the final number code...?

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:30 AM  

you d/need the symbols on the card's front side...?

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 4:32 AM  

LOL - apparently not - was way overthinking ☻

look at beginning & end of each line to get the (written out) numbers

Out with no help. That was an interesting game..! Loved it.

I don't know Earth rotates anticlockwise before

wow this one is tough! i got the numbers but have no clue what to do with the rod it gave me or the red & white circles clue

so i used the hint above for the red and white clue.... so now i have the images.... hoping i can figure the rest out on my own!

hint above says "draw letters with the color arrows" huh? the clues on the tv look like they are arrows but how do you draw letters from those..... think i will wait for a video walk through.... to stuck on this one.... boo

       Anonymous  9/24/18, 10:25 AM  

are my hints above & the screenshots not helping?

3-digit code worked without the hint, I just tried to rotate those red parts and saw only three possibilities that formed a digit, so entered those numbers and a couple of puzzles later was slightly disappointed because of the hint I didn't need any more.

Was there any special hint for the last 4-digit puzzle? I just stared at those words, until saw that I can spell the names of the numbers, when I add left words to the right. Perhaps the ∞-symbol meant that we can switch the words?

For the globe in the center, the skeleton is directly centered in your view; the storm cloud (second ring) is one space to the right, in shadow; and in the third ring the bird is one space to the left.

I didn't see the red circles in the lower left for the longest time

Very confusing.

I'm almost 3 months late to this game, but it's excellent!

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