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Nsr The Kingdom Of Egypt: Giza Pyramid Walkthrough

Nsr The Kingdom Of Egypt: Giza Pyramid

Nsr The Kingdom Of Egypt: Giza Pyramid is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by NsrEscapeGames. It’s been years since the legendary archeologist Karan Deshmukh died. His assistant Mia is recently in search of the Book of Death. Sameer is new to this profession. Mia still remembers the words of her mentor: «My last wish is to find the Book of Death.»  Tickets to Egypt has been reserved. Now it’s time for the two young aspirants get ready for an adventurous journey. Good luck and have fun!
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       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:03 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

oh, NSR is going a completely other style - let's get started as it's live - anyone else wants to join me actively with posting hints for our fellow players?

thx for creating this game, NSR ☺

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:04 AM  

it's the brighter yellow

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:07 AM  

btw, I just ♥ Egypt themes!

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:10 AM  

but don't have a tune...

2x 3 symbol hints in separate rooms

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:13 AM  

l/r in hall trial & error for me (didn't see a hint)

btw, you can use 10 hints

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:17 AM  

ah, have a look with binocs on top of left column before you enter
(but where to apply the hint...?)

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:18 AM  

oh, missed to go left after left door until now

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 2:20 AM  

hm. used 1 hint & now option isn't available anymore...

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 3:05 AM  

had to post another game, now back - not one of the 152 players (& counting) dared to post a hint meanwhile... :-(

have binocs, cylindric object, half of an arrow/dot hint, a hex tile, scroll with 6 colour hint & r/g number hint paper...

how to proceed...?

Stuck in the same place Alpha!

stuck with same - found 1 beetle (top of a column) and placed it, can't find other

can't find anywhere to use the RPBY snake over barrel clue

Where did you find that clue Unknown?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gwenyth, sorry I dropped out. there are 4 big columns at start (you can zoom in on 2) each column has the colored snakes.

correction - in front of building - 2 on columns & 2 on building

Aaargggg! Tough one. lol

Let me ask you, for the column’s left side there are too many wheels and i need the solution please help me

Sorry hazikrisz, do not have solution for that yet. I'm stuck as well.

Found it!

RPBY clue used to claim a star in the same area.

Brute force the beetle puzzle on the right hand side of the first inner room.

Thank you tiltsatwindmills :)

Where did you find it hazikrisz?

Anyone know what the JI puzzle or hint might be?

I'm afraid not, I seem to be stuck in the same spot as you, Dee.

Under dogs The color scale

Hazikrisz, if you are referring to the two dogs separated. One with 4 clickable colors and the other, three, I'm not getting it. :/

rpby works on buttons left of entrance not under dog

not a hint but while looking for a walkthrough I found this cool Egyption themed vid of someone's aquarium. Love it!!!!

So cool, Dee! I just became a fish owner and started my first aquarium myself so it's nice to see what others are doing.

I got the RBPY puzzle early on. Stumped w/the 4 and 3 one. Along w/everything else. lol

I could use a hammer for all of these tempting barrels and jugs!

lol, indeed tiltsatwindmills!

Think I'll travel to the ancient temples of Zuma for a bit. Need a break from this game. :)

colour hint for dogs-JI
Use the binocular-first place left above

That helped, thank you hazikrisz!

Yay! Thanks hazikrisz!

The LR code (I presume) isn't working for me with the clickable Anubis statues.

The LR code -use it outside

hm..Missing the orange gem

I dont know the arrow code

Ahhh.Birds for the arrows

I can't find anywhere outside to enter the LR code.

I cannot find an outside area for L/R either. Nor can I find any birds. Think this game was designed simply to frustrate the hell out of some of us! :/

LR code-use the paper-points

LR code to anubis black points in the paper

plainer explanation for dog colours after binoculars rot 13
znxr n W & V sebz 9 pbybhef sbe haqre qbtf

Stuck on the 4-digit code. I have the clue scroll (I think that's the clue, anyway), I'm just not sure how to work out the top number. It is NOT 4032 (42*96). Anybody?

I'm still stuck on the LR code and where to use it - can anyone point out where it should be entered?

stuck wth statue hex & pole object used binoculars & a pa0e colour clue

aha placed statue another room

just bfd blue buttons on floor got green line

tilts there's a spot outside in entrance yard l/r but can't remember exact I think it was under blue colour


I would truly appreciate a plainer explanation of where to input the LR code if anyone can help, please.

Thanks Joycy - I can't even tell which of the first 3 screens is the entrance yard so I'll have to wait until they publish a walkthrough. Thanks anyway!

tilts I said before there's a spot under the blue in first entrance on right

Crap! I think I need a sword....anyone find one? :)

tilts if you press the hint button it gives you a good hint :)

got the sword from lines puzzle took some doing

Nocra it needs another LR clue

thanks Hazi for numbers

When I clicked the hint button in the clue view it just took me to the anubis statues again and the LR code doesn't seem to work there.

TY, joycy..I already had all the gems and didn't realize :) Great game and good player clues. Thanks ALL!

got a wheel for GR used LR clue again

Nokra nice to see you I used to see a lot of your comments before I got blogger

out now really enjoyable game nice company thanks Nsr

tilts I did it several times before it worked, I remember now there was another one outside with a lit thing letting you know if its correct, just worked it trial & error the statue one worked after that

tiltsatwindmills, I used the L/R on the statues by clicking left or right by number of dots. 2 clicks Left, 1 click Right, 2 clicks left, 3 clicks left, 2 clicks right, and 3 clicks right.

Have no idea of the outdoor scene in the blue. Can't find a hotspot. Maybe already did it very early on in the game and now I've forgotten about it.

Bah! I don't know what's wrong - I've tried entering that sequence (and a few variations) many many times now and it just won't work for me.

AARRRRGGG! Maybe it just seemed like the clue to me. Maybe I just happened to get it right. Guess, I'll go look for the L/Puzzle in the blue at entrance, that I have not been able to find. GRRRRRR. lol, maybe I'll just start over or wait til walkthrough comes out. Lord knows I have plenty enough to do around this dump to keep me busy! :/

*L/R puzzle

Thanks Joycy for the clue!

I believe I've done the "lines puzzle" but no sword???

Got the sword w/the gem's puzzle.

Uhg....don't recall seeing a clue for the blue, green, lt. blue puzzle. Good game but very tedious. :)

Not sure how many times I've busied myself w/other things. lol

Now the walkthrough has been posted, it turns out the 2 pieces fit together (I tried that a few times and it didn't work so I forgot about it) and the code doesn't work unless you've put the pieces together. D'oh!

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 12:15 PM  

oh, finally had the time to come back to this & it seems I missed all the fun playing live together :-(
oh, alas - thx for your hints, ppl
& I missed you again, nokra...! :-/
(nice to see your avatar/nick still popping up from time to time...)

combine the JI hint with the 3x3 coloured balls grid and use this combination an the 4 blue dots and the 3 blue dots inside the temple behind the first right door SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER:

blue orange red pink --- green cyan cyan

Out at last - celebratory drinks, anyone?

the hint with arrows and dots is jused at the two anubis statues (amounts of r and l clicks)

the hexagon puzzle is not all logic, one of the ends is not connected with another one (hint: the right violet X symbol lays horizontally and is not connected to the upper green end)

the math rules for the numers pyramid are: each number is the result of the two numbers below it; therefor you have to add 1 to the right number and then multiplicate with the left number. 3x2=6, 1x6=6, 5x3=15, 6x7=42, 6x16=96 and 42x97=....

wheel is used at the red / green l/r-puzzle

key is used outside on the box in the car

could have been a good game but the error in the hexagon line puzzle costs a star

We lost power quite awhile ago. Been changing out soaked towels, spin, dry repeat. Raining like crazy. Ground was already saturated. Hubby called and reminded me of the disposable incontinence pads. Sheesh! IDRS anymore. lol Anyway, lost my game. Only had the final blue, lt. blue & green puzzle to solve. Counting myself as out! Fun game! Thanks so much for the hints everyone! Happy Weekend! :)

well done tilts :)

& Dee & all people hope we all get together again

Thanks joycy and I look forward to playing with you all again!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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