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Ahab The XIX Gate Walkthrough

Ahab The XIX Gate

[UPDATE] Ahab The XIX Gate. Here, we are delighted to present you a new format of game: Ahab has created a game to run in various browsers, on Android and iOS without downloads of any kind! This is his escape game: a labyrinth to explore, puzzles to solve and - as usual - you must escape, this time from the XIX Gate. Good luck and have fun!

Note: We would appreciate your feedback to give to the developer to encourage more of this type of game - thanks.

Update: Video Walkthrough added - thanks EGW!

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Level 1 easy. Just check out what's behind each door. Level 2 not so obvious. Working on it now.

Arrows are forward back, not left right. Do 3 sets to get to next level.

Can't get the fourth door open. 6 pictures. A button at the bottom of each can be lit up. Three pictures are alike. Each of the other three have something different about them. I tried combining lights and picture differences, but it's not working for me.

Not my cup of tea. Very clunky navigation and the aesthetic does not please me. Plz consider that this is just my opinion and my personal taste.
Interesting concept though! Keep up the good work :)

3 is the cycle of a butterfly from egg to butterfly. Check the pics

Room 4: first door on left is not a zero but the letter o

I'm not sure what you mean, jazzypix321. When I played this yesterday, once illuminated, the first door on the left in the fourth series of rooms revealed a number 4. Today, having restarted, it shows a number five. I'm still none the wiser as to which button to light up in the first room on the right.

Siobhán: if you look at the pictures in each of the rooms one (I think it's the room closest to the exit door on the left, from memory) has little eggs inside the big 'O', one has a caterpillar climbing up the side, one has a chrysalis and one a butterfly. Turn on the lights of those paintings only in that order and door will open. I'm stuck on 15th level where walls close in on you and I can't find solution if anyone can help?

I can not pass level 10. Stakes fail to pass. The game seemed to me with glitches.

Which level is that, Nafanja? I cant seem to replay as I'm on level 15 (can't do it) and if I click "play this game" at the top of this page it just starts at level 15

Level 10 on the plates is written about good luck. The axes that swing from side to side I pass, the stakes (stakes, pillars) go further and I cannot pass them. I know that it is impossible to return to the level earlier (((

Passed 10

I just replayed in private browser to see which level you meant. Pleased you passed it which means you found the four leaf clover. Very sneaky. It's in a different spot every time

Has anybody done level 15 yet? The walls keep closing in and all 3 doors are locked. Stuck

How to get 11? There are 4 pictures. And below them the indicator.

In each picture something either disappears or appears in the time it takes the indicator to stop. They're tricky to spot. You have to tap the spot where the difference is (nothing happens to let you know you have the right spot but once you've done all four the door is open)

Thank you very much)

Hmm, I think we're talking about different rooms, jazzypix321. I'm talking about the rooms which lead up to door number five. I have a candle, and have revealed a number on the wall of the first room on the left, but have no idea what to do with the room on the right with the dots and some kind of focal device.

Aah. You look at the number and go to the room with lots of dots and you'll notice numbers on the floor. Drag the candle onto the number that was displayedthe other room and it will make a shadow on the wall directing you of which dot to press

My error. I hadn't gone back to the room with the fire after doing as you'd described, jazzypix321.

Level 15 is doing my head in! Really enjoyed the game up to now but it just seems like there is nothing else I can do to pass this level.

Dog, cow, cod, fox, hog, sow? But which one is it? None seem to work when using the numbers produced by the relevant intersections (-0) on the right wall.

Siobhan .. one Animal is moving its tail :-)

I'm at 14. Here the reaction and speed .. Not mine. Accidentally the hammer passed ... Ball (game thimbles) first found, the second did not guess. It's a shame that the level begins again with a hammer ((((

But none of them are moving their tails!

stuck at level 6 with a frame :(

Passed thimbles. No need to take the ball. And what about the next room to do? There is a house with characters ...

Siobhan .. -o is not meant as Zero but as O
Look closer to the animals .. klick on it

oh found it at top .. now moving on

fienchen : slide frame above and see numbers

I already knew that 'o' was a letter, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned 'dog, cow ....' above.

None of the creatures is moving its tail even when clicked upon!

Ah, one eventually moved! Thanks.

... and it wasn't the fox - must be randomised.

It's a little slow but absolutely beautiful drawings!

Can't kill three men .. at 14

I give up. I really can't be bothered with games which splash blood on the screen.

Killed the three men just for beeing smashed every time in next screen .. Level 15 .. what to do there? Both doors are locked

@Fienchen That's where I'm stuck. Really bugging me as there doesn't seem to be any clues on what to do. The 2 1/2 stars seems a bit harsh to me as once you get used to the format it's a pretty decent game - apart from level 15

Is there any trick in scene 14 to kill 3 people? Is it really necessary to have only speed?

Yes, Nafanja, only speed

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you. I'll try ..

Navigation irritated me so much I didn't want to finish the game.

Not for me. Level 2 was WTF and not intuitive so stopped there.

I'm waiting for a walkthrough. Too tough for my poor tired brain at the end of the day.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please, please, please can we have a clue for level 15?

The author of the game with such a “love” approached the players that getting to level 15 is not realistic for me (((

I DID LEVEL15!!! Spoiler...

Go quickly to the 2 doors and touch the ceiling. There's a lever.

Well done!!! 15 is the last level?

Nope. Stuck on 17 now. It seems to have something to do with the signs of the zodiac but no idea what to do

Well I can do something. There's a room at the end which is empty but if you look at the stars as they pan over the top they show a constellation. If it shows Scorpio then you would touch all the scorpions you can see and then go to the room that was empty andbot is now filled with candles, trees, water and a round door that is locked. However, if you back out if that room and go back in, it's empty again. I can't seem to get the stuff back in the room again unless I refresh page and start again

Zodiacs in picture statue and wallfountain.
Found in left picture: Gemini, Taurus .. sheeps maybe aries
Middle Statue: Libra, Virgin, Leo
Right : Capricorn, aquarius, fisces

clicking Zodiac in ceiling with responding partner in room always opens the room with trees and locked sign

Stuck so far ...

On the wall with left picture also: Cancer, Scorpio.
Saritarius is missing. Can't find it.

That's where I am Fienchen. A couple of the constellations don't look quite right though so it's hard trying to guess which of the signs they represent. The room with the trees may be represent the fire/earth/water but what are the gold bars and the yin yang sign on the door mean? Also is the fact that it is almost a mirror image mean anything?

@Ale Synkov: Sagittarius (there are two) under the painting and under the fountain drawn on the wallpaper (bow and arrow)

I have never seen Sagittarius constellation on the level, so cannot check it.

HOORAY!!!!!!!! I managed to get 14)))) !!!!

Looks interesting, but I can't get past level 2. Just don't understand forward, back forward. Red X for me.

At 16, fell into a trap. A rolled ball and a weight of 3 kg remained in the locked door. Stayed with 1 and 2 kg weights. We'll have to restart the game (

room 7 hint

Passed 16)

At 7, wait until the day comes to run forward and watch (I do not remember) flickering (flashing) on the left or right of the wall. Click on this glow. Press the lever.

Complete at last! For level 17 didn't find hint in the game... To complete it, in secret room click candle, tree, water, earth, gold in a certain order (not the oreder i've listed). It always the same (no matter what constellation)

In the filled room there are 2 trees. Both push? Maybe you can give the order of pressing objects?

Elements on feng shui five elements - fire, water, earth, wood, metal?

Great game !!! Thanks to the authors! Please continue!

You need to press one element, not two

I click and nothing happens. Closed(

So that? If you clicked on a 2 item, do you need to pass the level first? I do not want to go back)))

Passed the game)))) Another order is necessary) I really liked the game. Here are only 14 number got me to the white knee))))

It is necessary to press in the correct sequence.
Nafanja, No need to pass the level again. Keep clicking on items

Not both items. One of them (any). If clicked wrong order, you can start again without restarting level or leving the room.

Thank you all for your help!)


Passed too .. thank you all for help
Very nice game

my order was :

jbbq sver rnegu zrgny jngre

Thank you for the hint for 17. Finally out!

We are accustomed to games in which there are a lot of clues and you can complete the game in 5 minutes.
In this game you have to think a lot. And this is very good. We played it for several days. And that's great! I hope the authors will continue this series! Thank you very much!
I estimate a game on 10 stars!!!

“jbbq sver rnegu zrgny jngre” Google Translate says: “Weighs the weight of the device weighs in” in Letton...

jbbq sver rnegu zrgny jngre <- ROT13

Type in feng shui google. The text of the article will be the correct order of pressing the parts.

Replayed) Thanks to the author for simplifying the murder of three cowboys))) Found only 4 diamonds. Need to find 9). I'll try again to search. There would not be such a transition from scene to scene that was interrupted with anticipation ...

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