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Can You Escape: Beach House Walkthrough

Can You Escape: Beach House

[MOBILE] Can You Escape: Beach House is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by ArtDigic alias OmniSoft. In this game, you planned on spending the holiday in your gorgeous beach house with a beautiful ocean view. Unfortunately, you got trapped inside! Explore the rooms by opening all doors. Find and use items and discover hints to solve puzzles in order to escape from the beach house. Bonus: «Makeover Mode», where you can decorate your house even further by unlocking different patterns and fabrics. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Nini xD]

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       Anonymous  10/1/18, 1:11 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

there will be Nini's WT she sent me provided shortly

ありがとう for creating this game, AK / OS ☺
& thx Nini for submitting

       Anonymous  10/1/18, 4:09 PM  

WT Part-1/2

- open drawer below dolphin pic for a wind-up key
- use this key to open wooden box on table near the staircase
- use magatama positions + orientations to open desk box (from smallest to biggest)


Click L 1x
Click R 1x
Click L 2x
Click R 2x
Click L 4x

- get a green gem
- zoom in on the pile of books on the same desk and get a memo hidden in between the books
- zoom out and then zoom in on the couch
- grab a flashlight (turn it on in «about item» mode)
- the memo in your inventory shows a hotspot on the center living room table, go there and collect the 2nd green gem
- zoom out and turn until you see the air vent Use your flashlight on the vent for a hint (shapes).
- go back and turn until you are in the living room
- zoom in on the panel near the balcony entrance and place both green gems there
- for the 4-letter code, combine shapes+names


- the shapes refer to the sculptures scattered across the room

Pentagon - MICHAEL
Triangle - PAUL
Hexagon - WILLIAM

- take the letter corresponding to the number of sides of each shape:

3 - PAUL - U

Answer: AQUA

- the entrance to the balcony is now open
- go there and turn right
- grab a hook from below sun lounger
- look to the sky and notice the clouds' shapes
- zoom in on the balcony table to see a hint burned on the wood
- use hook to reach the little key that dropped in the middle of the planks
- go inside and use this key to open the drawer below dolphin pic for a wrench
- use wrench on the center piece above the white table near the exit door to detach it
- turn it upside down on your inventory and find a button
- a little hatch was hidden below the sculpture
- use your hook to open it and get a part of something
- go back to the living room and use your wrench to open the CB (wrench serves as a handle)
- apply the balcony table hint to open the box inside


Square Circle Triangle

- get a button (bigger squared one)
- use the wrench one last time on the pic near the air vent
- use the smaller metal thingy you got to put the lock together and open the panel
- place the other 2 buttons on the contraption and click the buttons are per the clouds hint


Trapezoid Triangle Ellipse Rectangle Triangle Ellipse

- get a SD
- use the SD to remove 2 of the 3 air vent screws - now we can open it and use flashlight to get a golden key

- climb up the staircase and use golden key to open the bedroom door
- zoom in on the TV rack and grab a ruler from below it (left side)
- use ruler to reach a memo stuck in between the glass doors
- face the bed and use ruler to open the drawer on the nightstand to the left
- get a can
- combine memo + staircase hint for the arrow puzzle on the right nightstand



- get a bulky key
- use this bulky key to open the right side of TV rack for a small key and a coin. (take the bulky key back)
- use coin to open can on your inventory for a button and a lid (look behind it)
- place button on the panel to the right of the double glass doors and press it for a hint
- use the small key to open the doors leading to the 2nd floor balcony
- zoom in on the small white table on the balcony and open its drawer
- grab a scratch card (use coin on it)
- go back to the air vent and remove it by using the bulky key on the remaining screw
- get the metal cover (look behind it)
- return to the 2nd floor balcony and zoom in on the box on top of the table
- it requires a battery
- check your flashlight and use coin to open it and remove its battery, inserting it on the box
- use scratch card, can lid, air vent cover and the order given by the bedroom panel as hints to open this box

       Anonymous  10/1/18, 4:36 PM  

2nd WT part tomorrow, as it's way past my bedtime...

       Anonymous  10/2/18, 3:54 AM  

WT Part-2/2


right click to open link in a new tab

right click to open link in a new tab

- ordering the buttons like


- compare all 3 hints and see where each shape is located

by comparing lid and scratch cards hints, we see that they have only 1 shape in common (crossed rectangle)
- so, the common black spot on both hints is bottom left (position 4)
- do the same for the rest



- get a small golden key to open the double glass doors
- enter the veranda and zoom in on the white chair to grab a handle from below it
- turn right and zoom in on the clock, noticing we need a battery for it to work (take it from where you last used it)
- take notes of the clock hint
- go back to the 2nd floor balcony and open drawer
- use clock hint to open it


Turn dials so each color match its correct position:

RED: Left
GREEN: Bottom left
BLUE: Down
YELLOW: Up left

Click buttons like:

Left 2x
Down 2x
Right 5x

- get a water bottle
- go back and zoom in on the dirty floor
- clean it up by pouring some water on it and notice a hint
- return to the bedroom and fill the bottle on the water dispenser
- go to the veranda and zoom in on the blue vase
- fill it completely (you'll need to refill the water bottle) and capsule with a coin inside
- return to the 1st floor and zoom in on the panel beside the exit door
- use handle to open it and grab the 3rd coin and a marker
-climb up to the veranda and zoom in on the safe below the clock
- use balcony floor hint to open it

right click to open link in a new tab

- open safe and take a paper
- zoom out and then on the capsule machine beside the safe
- insert all 3 coins in the machine and get a capsule with a candle inside
- use marker on the paper and then place it on the blue ashtray on the veranda table
- then, use your filled water bottle to light the paper on fire
- before the fire extinguishes, light up your candle
- zoom in to the left of the capsule machine and use filled water bottle as a magnifying glass for a hint
- go to the panel beside the exit door use this hint to figure out the 3-dig code


- the magnified hint refers to 3 objects and has the letters "mm" (millimeter)
- measure all 3 objects and sum:

Marker = 9 cm = 90 mm
Candle = 7 cm = 70 mm
Paper holder = 13 cm = 130 mm

90 + 70 + 130 = 290

- use this code to open the panel
- the exit key is tied by a string, but you can burn the string with your candle
- do that, grab key, open door and escape.

       Anonymous  10/2/18, 3:55 AM  

oh, the ?? should be a ☺ (the icon d/w)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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