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EG24 INFO BOARD - Update 006 Walkthrough

EG24 INFO BOARD - Update 006

Dear EG24 players
Thank you all for being members of our big worldwide gaming community! Our noble aim is to keep you informed about what's going on with/on EG24...! Each of you is an important part of EG24: YOU, all our fellow players, all developers and all EG24 staff members. This page will let you access all of the most recent new developments and announcement. Any feedback from your side (questions, ideas, suggestions et al.) is much appreciated: we need your help and input to make EscapeGames24 the best place for you!
Thanks for using EG24 as your (favourite) gaming platform! ☺
AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& managing director

STAFF MEMBERS - thanks for your dedication!
Loki (Admin & IT manager), LSquared (Admin), Nini xD (Japanese Translations), annaby (Replays),  EGW (Video Walkthroughs) & a few more (although some of them don't want to appear on this list, they all are doing a great job, working in the background!). 
NEW: pending... - welcome! ☺ 
****************************************************************************01/11/2018 (AlphaOmega AΩ)
RATING SYSTEM (RS): In consequence of the on-going misuse* of the current RS by several EG24 players :-( , we will set another kind of RS in future. Our aim is - in order to get you used to this new RS - to have both shown simultaneously for some time.
*We have at least one troll & several mobile game haters who rate all games only 1* as soon as they are posted, without even playing them...! :-( There's also a trick several players (& devs!) know, how to manipulate the RS. Also with the current RS, we suggest to rate the quality of the games (awful, poor, average, good, excellent), i.e. you should play the game before, & not to rate a game low, only because you d/like the dev or the category.
****************************************************************************04/11/2018 (AlphaOmega AΩ)
BROKEN LINKS: Our guesstimate revealed that about at least 1/3 of all games posted on EG24 (~ 38 000 meanwhile & counting...!) have broken links (esp. the older games), as they never were checked & updated in the past, hence it's a huge task meanwhile. We are working on it, but it will take time until everything is up-to-date again. But you can give us a hand: when you encounter a game with a broken link, plz email us the EG24 game thread link. We will then redraft the game to not to be shown on the site until a (possible) working link will be found - thx a bunch for you help! ♥ Contact Us
****************************************************************************06/11/2018 (AlphaOmega AΩ)
VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS: From now on, EGW (Ale) will help us with creating the VWT play links. Therefore in future, you will find a VWT link added also for the daily games. Thx EGW for your contribution - much appreciated! ☺
****************************************************************************08/11/2018 (AlphaOmega AΩ) 
SPOILER TAGS: As long as there's no other spoiler option available (Loki is working hard on it - thx a bunch! ♥), you can use the following: <Xa href="SPOILER">mouseover here & look bottom left of screen or click this link & look in URL bar<X/a> 
Remove the 2 X & write your solution where the word SPOILER is (between the 2 " " ). Btw, this tag is to make a clickable link: <Xa href="URL">right click to open link in a new tab<X/a> (remove the 2 X). Or to make bold or italic: <Xb>TEXT<X/b> & <Xi>TEXT<X/i> (remove the 2 X).
****************************************************************************13/11/2018 (AlphaOmega AΩ)
SPOILER MAKER: From now on, you'll find a fun(ny) spoiler maker on top of each page. As ROT13 was used only seldomly, we replaced it with the upside-down feature. Like that, the spoiler won't be any gibberish anymore you have to decode, but with a bit of practice, you'll be able to read the upside-down text without decoding with the spoiler maker. However, it won't be easy to read and won't spoil, when only skimming through comments to find the help you need.
****************************************************************************17/11/2018 (AlphaOmega AΩ)
CONTACT US: From now on, not only top right in navigation bar on each page, but also as an orange banner at right side, we added a new form you can use to submit new games or older games worth a replay, report broken links or any other EG24 issues you might encounter while playing. When submitting a broken link, please add the URL of the particular game thread - thx! ☺


RE(HI) all ☺
welcome to our sharing platform!
as there will be more & more comments expected in this thread with the time passing by, plz follow this guideline:
at the beginning of each comment, set a KEYWORD to be easily found with the Ctrl+F search function on your PC (see my example in this post) - thx!

we will delete comments that are not relevant anymore for our fellow players on the go to keep the thread clean(ed) from unnecessary topics - thx for your understanding

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& managing director

stop the damn random games no longer link..

Great to see your dedication AO, Loki & LSquared! All the best!

we are about to reorganise the site & will take your suggestion into consideration
& plz pay attention to your choice of words to not to have your comments deleted due to an inappropriate expression - thx

thx for your compliments - like this we have proof that we are on the right path - the happy medium it is, as we unfortunately can't please each & every player's desires - but we have a sympathetic ear for all of your questions, requests, ideas & suggestions what concerns EG24

sorry but way too many replays simply dont link..

think it maybe dassyutu is classic example.. site no longer exists but it may be due to tsunami some yrs ago..

AO, Loki, LSquared and company...

You guys are doing a great job with the site. Keep up the good work! :)

I agree with Leroy about eliminating the random games feature. I'm able to play the random G2R, WOW and Eight Games that are about 3 years old (before I started playing games on your site about 2 years ago). But anything that comes up from 2009 to about 2012 seem to be non-working links, which would be difficult for you to stay on top of to see which work and which don't. So if you keep the random games feature, is it possible to globally set an age limit to minimize the number of non-working links?

Not sure exactly what you mean by setting a keyword. Do you mean just typing one or two words on a line above the rest of it, and does it need to be bolded? I don't know how to bold in the comment box, unless that's an admin-only feature. So I used the word random on top in this comment. :)

Two suggestions: Can you come up with some way to show an average or even fastest solving time for each puzzle, or maybe how long it takes you to solve it? Sometimes I can play a game for an hour, but other times I am just in the mood for 5 minutes of relaxation. Also, for a star rating, can you have the system eliminate the top and bottom 5% of the stars so a few people can't skew things so easily? Thanks for all you do.

I like the RANDOM games, even if its a 50/50 shot, there are some good ones on there.

Do players find it helpful to have the mobile games listed in the place as other games? I don't personally play the same type of game I play here on my phone (too hard to see on the small screen!). I would prefer to have the mobile games listed in their own area. Maybe other players find it useful...

I agree with LOR. I love the random games and would hate to see them go. It is 50/50 but there are some great replays....Escape Men, Esklavos, Button escape, Chicks escape, Choi cats (sp?), Maymay, Twinkle, Neat, many more. OK sometimes the link is gone but hey it's worth a look

I personally don't bother with the random games.

I am pleased to see the site finally being run by number of admins whatever each is responsible for, hope it goes on like this.

I actually suggested yrs ago to owner label each game platform which is why it tells ya now..

(RE)HI all ☺

some of your questions are already & will be answered in the description above
once answered, the comments with the hereof questions will be deleted to keep the thread as straightforward as possible - we suggest to check regularly for updates (numbered in title)

have a wonderful (Sun)day!

Please make a deasent site. This is like at free site for amatours. You can not claim to be anyones favourite game site this way. Must be a joke.

I would also like to see mobile games in a separate thread, one that I could link to on just my phone while linking to the PC platform on the PC. Thanks for everything!!!

It appears that both "Escape" and "Escape Room" on the main menu at the top point to the same games.

I play Random Games occasionally but also see the broken links. Broken links looks real bad, especially with Random Games listed at the top. Maybe just leave them as the footer of the page?

Tiquer, this drives me nuts as well. Create a search on this site and then bookmark where you land that has "-mobile" at the end to eliminate these games nobody wants here in the PC section. Use that as the link to get here and to refresh. Works for the random junk most of us don't want to see either.

I'd like to request that the date be included when a game is posted to the front page. This site used to do that ages ago and it's helpful in keeping track of which games you've played each day.

I don't mind having the mobile games on the homepage since it's written in the game description.
But it would be nice to see on there if it's Android or iOS without having to open the actual game page.

Luke, my bookmark is to the Best Escape Games (just the DG24 link they provide at the top). But that link isn't a search I can just append -mobile to. It uses a "label" argument in the url instead of "search". Not sure how to combine the two, forgive my lack of url argument knowledge.

Thanks for the site! I love it!

Thx for the positive feedback to my post AO! Many players in the EG24 community have assertive points of view, which shows how much they're used to thinking critically about their environment, apart from being passionate about solving clues, and these traits are commendable, as well as too rare in our present world - but they sure put somewhat of an additional burden on the shoulders of people like the members of our new EG24 management team! Pls take comfort in the fact that all your efforts and your transparency are appreciated by many people :-).

I am happy that I am no longer seeing clues required to use Rot13... that to me was a big pain in the ass!


It's hard to please everyone. There have been complaints about too many spoilers, then ROT13 was introduced. Then there were complaints about that strange language some didn't unterstand. Now, ROT13 isn't used often anymore. If you play the game, are lucky not to be desperately stuck and just write a comment, you might come back after some hours and see someone complaining that there's no help at all.

I'd really like the option to hide and show spoilers by hitting a button. I've seen that in other boards.

For the mobile games: Please keep posting those mobile games! Some are great, and as EG24 is the only gaming site I use I'd miss them if you cancel posting them. I wouldn't mind though if they'd be shown in a subject of their own.

Thank you guys!

My comment would be don't overthink it, too much choice and people make no choice at all, less is more - I would think most players would rather quality over quantity

Sure would be nice if you could group the games separately. Some of us have to scroll and scroll to skip the Mobile games only. Very frustrating.

For many years now, I'm playing games on Escape24. I've seen changes sometimes good sometimes less good. In my opinion it would be great if the MOBILE games are not shown in the overview-page.
It looks cluttered with the MOBILE games and pc games in one overview. I suspect that most players playing on pc and therefore a clear page would greatly appreciated.

I really miss the good old hints and tips from fellow players. Now mostly you see direct spoilers (maybe I'm a bit leery, but because nowadays the most games are shown on youtube, it's very easy to give spoilers away).
ROT13 is apparently less and less used, maybe because it's to many actions?? An other option is: place a 'spoiler marking button' above the comment-field. A player who want to give a spoiler can blur the piece of text with spoiler within, by mouse-over the spoiler-text and click the the 'spoiler marking-button'. Then it could look like this: [spoiler]text[/spoiler]
Keep up the good work.

As far as the rating system goes .. If I dislike a particular style of game, say collect 50 objects and move them around to a different scene type of game, I am entitled to vote my opinion. If this happens to be a 1, so be it. You say some users are abusing this and voting down games, so obviously you are against them PERIOD. If you vote a game 5 because you are a nice person, it doesn't mean the game was great for everyone .. IT IS A RATING SYSTEM// If you want to make the world a happy place, get rid of it, or just automagically make every game a 5 .. WILL this stop the crybabies who CLAIM people abuse the system .. come on, grow up. If you don't like someones opinion and the ability to rate it IN THEIR OWN MINDS .. then .. DON'T ASK FOR IT AND COMPLAIN WHEN THEY MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICE.

This site went rapidly downhill when Dazz Ley was allowed to do her 'step-throughs'. It didn't then help when the current 'MD' (what a grandiose title for a footling job!) followed her lead (and those awful threesome conversations on the Eight Games offerings really were the pits).

Basically, things can only improve here if all the truly awful game-makers are farmed off into their own section of mediocrity (I'm referring to AVM, GFG, G4K and their ilk).

On the subject of Eight Games, Avast reckons they all lead to a data-mining pop-up.

To be accurate, Dazz Ley did not start the step by step posting. It was started by someone else and she just mimicked the person. Both, I believe, were just trying to be helpful.

I really dont understand the big deal about spoilers, step by steps....If you dont want to read them, just dont read them. The pages are set up read as walkthroughs.... You come to comments when you are stuck. You people need to take a deep breath.

My own two bits:

a) There is a difference between what Dazz Ley and AO do. AO tells us in advance it's a spoiler, or puts it within indecipherable gibberish.

b) Rot13 is not so difficult to use if people want. The conclusion is: people here don't want it.

c) When I first came to the site, I couldn't get used to the blatant spoilers. I thought they not just gave everything away, they impeded casual conversation. However, I soon came to realize that this is what people here want. So, if you can't beat them, join them. I began to drop hints and spoilers too, but I try to prefix them with the word 'HINT' or 'SPOILER.' I just think it's basic decency to do so. But that's just me.

d) I honestly today think that the USP of this site is just this, that people can get hints and spoilers up front. This differentiates it from other sites. (Other than the site supervisors' friendliness.)

e) For those complaining about quality of games. Wake up! The point-and-click cyberscape isn't what it was years ago. The initial developers (especially American ones) have moved on, or are making paid games now, because there's more money there. The pool of free online point-and-click games is quite small and generally just find-and-place. If the site included games from developers who say 'make any contribution you want,' it could get more interesting. My brief (mainly) is to submit one unconventional, non-mass-produced game a week, and I know how difficult even that can be. People especially complain about the indie developers, because though their games may be funny or story-based, their styles are either 'old school' or 'old style.' Developers aren't making free, interesting, character-based, story-format games anymore. (Like Carmel or Jo99, the best examples.) They make short puzzle-based games. The players like that. They don't have time to read or follow dialog. (Everyone knows, because of the internet, people have stopped reading.) The administrators of this site don't make the games. They can only give us what's out there. Maybe the developers making the mass-produced games can be coaxed into making better ones.

e) About the opposition to mobile games. I don't like them too, but even Carmel games publicly acknowledged that PC games can't be financially sustainable anymore and tried venturing into Mobile. The Japanese, who are best at the straight puzzle-based games people like, are also increasingly going mobile. We are doomed! Android emulators choke up my machine.

f) So, be realistic and stay positive.

g) I would suggest enlivening the text. Every game description starts out with practically the same sentence. (Example: XYZ Find the Fish is another point-and-click game developed by XYZ Games.) It gets boring and repetitive. If the developer, as often happens, puts their name along with the game name, their name appears twice in the first sentence itself. You don't feel like reading the rest. Since I am a language professional, I find this especially troublesome. Imagine a newspaper in which every story starts out with the same first sentence. (Well, some may joke that happens anyway, but you get the idea.)

Well, that turned out to be more than two bits. Thanks for everything, to the players and the site. Have a nice day. Cheers!

Hi guys, my my, what a lot of feedback. From reading through the opinions, I can only conclude that we cannot possibly deliver a site that pleases all. (You cannot please all of the people all of the time.) I will give my opinion on some of the comments.

RATING SYSTEM: As an admin, I can see how many times a game has been looked at compared to how many times it is played. When a game receives 1 star rating but has not been played, that gives us no idea if the rating is because the player read the description and thought, 'I hate this type of game' or 'I hate this developer' etc.... We wanted a rating system based upon difficulty/enjoyability level.

MOBILE GAMES: Whilst I don't play them (note, I don't post them either), players have asked for them and they have become more popular....we must post them. This brings me neatly to: HOMEPAGE: The mobile games,puzzles etc all appear, as the homepage includes everything we do to the site. I am working on the tabs. The top navigation bar has had some work which now has a working MOBILE section, I'm trying to relabel games to fit nicely into separate groups but relabeling 38,000+ games is not done easily, or quickly.

ROT/SPOILER: I have a nice script for a spoiler maker. The comments do not support all forms of HTML/JS coding so [spoiler] spoiler [/spoiler] does not work. Mouseover scripts worked up to 2016 and were simple enough to implement...alas, no longer. The spoiler debate will never be resolved....if a person gives step-by-step, others hate it, a complete walkthrough, people hate it, little hints, people say the hints are too weak....or too strong. I don't have an answer but we are providing more and more video walkthroughs, the choice is there to watch or not to watch (Noel, how was that for a language professional to must feel ill! Sorry)

Noel, some very valued points here...the most important one to me was about the quality of games. We post the games as we find them providing a choice. If you hate G4K, AVM etc. why not scroll by to find your type of game. We have tabs and a search bar, you can search for a developer just as easily as a game title or style and again Noel has said exactly what I am going to plagiarise.....the developers you loved 12 years ago are more interested in different things now. Flash will not be supported soon, Unity and other methods of making games will take over but software costs money (tell me about it! I spent GB£450 on software I ended up never using). The developers don't do this for fun, it is their living, their job. It's hard work making games. We can't pick and choose what games we post as the players want fresh games every day and if the developers (mentioned above) are working hard to provide 7 games a week, the least we can do is to post them.

And finally, Noel again, the game descriptions are uniform to make life a little easier for us. In order to post a game, the process is never straight-forward....if anybody, and I do mean ANYBODY, wants to experience posting a game here, we welcome you to spend some time with us, in private, to go through the process.....the experience might just change your mind about the site. When you realise how difficult it is to produce a single game post, you may never want to do it be honest, I dread posting games as I know, one mistake and people are lining up with baseball bats aimed in my's a tough old (unpaid) job but somebody has to do it.

Thanks for reading....feel free to tell me I suck etc.. :)

Thanks for the knowledge, Loki. I wanted to share the 'game description' suggestion in private, but since I was writing this I thought I'd share the suggestion here. Yes, it must be a thankless and unpaid job, as I learnt from some private communications with your team. That was probably why you could say I chickened out and didn't take up a full-time offer.

Keep up the great work!

Hi Noel, you submit good, interesting games...that makes you a part of the EG24 team....every little helps and we appreciate it....just for a giggle and to those who are curious. The process of posting a game is something like this. 1) find the game 2) get and save the thumbnail image 3) Copy the developers game description (usually, you will have to edit it to make any kind of sense) 4) open the eg24 editor 5) paste the edited description but also add the first and last lines with a search command allowing players to see other games from that developer 5) insert the image and make sure it is in the right place, and the right size 6) create a link to bring you to the game 7) open a new website with a different editor 8) search the source code to locate the game file and copy it 9) write the code with the included .swf file 10) polish the look of the post by making it flush and neat (notice, our posts all fit left to right perfectly, no jagged edges), make sure the spacing is correct than add the right labels to find the game in the eg24 search 11) add a video walkthrough from our team member and add the code leading to that video 12) preview before posting 13) Publish the post and immediately check that all the links work 14) have a nervous breakdown whilst waiting for the reports on links not working or the game is bugged etc. 14) check comments to make sure the game is loading well for players 15) take a sedative and finally 16) wait for the other admins to check your work and tell you it's rubbish and full of mistakes then go back and fix your mistakes. Here is a little glimpse of the html required to make a game playable:

well, it won't allow me to post that amount of code so I guess that feature is out

PC/MAC/LINUX Users wishing to play [MOBILE] games.

There are a number of Android Emulators on the market, and I have tried them all .. some were a little nefarious to say the least ( aNdy for example ) BUT .. the one I use on my mac/PC is BLUESTACKS from .. It is very simple to install, can be a little memory/cpu hog sometimes but worth looking at if you want to dabble in MOBILE games and see what you are missing. It doesn't do IOS games .. ( and it is free )

thx Unknown
for your suggestion - I d/recommend AndY either, as this emulator is known to place a Bitcoin-Miner on your PC...!
dunno Bluestacks & its features, but IIRC, not all MG (Mobile Games) are available there & dunno if there's an option for APK Downloads...
the Android emulator I use & am very happy with it is NoxPlayer with loads of useful features & free, too - check it out:

right click to open link in a new tab

btw, until now, never found an appropriate free iOS emulator... the 1 I found isn't secure enough...!
so if you encounter such an emulator, plz contact me - thx


If the spoilers and comments were the biggest problems it would be a perfect world.

You don't want:
- no hints at all as you don't want to check a VWT
- too subtle hints as they might be useless for you
- spoilers as they might spoil (sic!) the fun of playing
- spoilers in ROT13 as you don't understand that strange language and/or you don't want to open a new tab for converting
- spoilers placed between symbols/numbers/capitals or something like that as it's too tedious to extract the information
- nice-to-see-you-agains or thanks-for-helpings as they are not helpful for your problem
- in no way any off topics or chats unless it's your own opinion or you can offend the developer or other members here

So what do you expect from the comments? A map for a hidden real treasure chest in your neighbourhood? A hotline number (free of charge of course) for solving your individual problem in exactly the way you prefer?

I for one usually open the game, start playing, and do not read comments until I’m stuck and hope for some help (appreciating that in any way it’s given), find something quite sneaky and want to give an IMHO subtle hint, or when I’m finished and want to leave my opinion about the game. The good old times are over when there were games people played together – just check the Neutrals or Robamimi which could be played without help just by geniuses or the crappy games with cult status getting fun when playing together (Darakeguma or – YES – the EightGames).

What I don’t want to read: Offending people I’ve got to know as very caring and helpful like Dazz above (she restarted a game more than once to help people being stuck) from people who never helped anyone else. Don’t claim yourself to be a good person searching racism and sexism in some games and insult some users for nothing in other games.

I agree Meritneith with all of the above. I play the same way as you by not reading any comments and start playing the game only looking for help if stuck. Because the comments are set out in the order they are posted it is easy to scroll down to see if there is any mention of or hints left for where I am stuck. I can then go back to the game without reading further and play on. If I (rarely and miraculously) finish and others are still requesting help it's great to assist with hints and tips. Also reading further up the page I didn't realise people gave low votes simply for games/developers they didn't like! How negative, pointless and petty is that? If we all made a list of our top ten it would vary wildly from player to player. Just play the ones that you favour and miss out the others.

thank you for your words meritneith.

I agree with some of meritneith's sentiments. Whenever you get a large and random cross-section of people in the same place (e.g., and internet game forum) there will be disagreement. Obviously, there are as many opinions as there are players, and many of them will conflict. No single one of us is entitled to have this (or any other) forum exactly as we want. But the one thing we all benefit from is a space free of negativity and pettiness. Sometimes I forget that some users here are probably children and don't meet adult standards for public behaviour and communication. But the more civil we keep the discourse and keep our sense of entitlement in check, the more we can all enjoy using the site.

Thanks to all of the admins, developers, and players who keep this site humming along! I've enjoyed many years of playing here, and look forward to more :)

I have been playing on this site for 10 years...and the one thing I just don't get is when certain people feel the need to criticize things, whether it be a game, another player, a developer, etc.

What I have said for years is that these games are a gift - a FREE gift - and when you criticize it's like saying you don't like the gift you've been given. That is is just plain rude. The old saying "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all" applies especially here, IMO.

Zoe, thank you for your comment. Valuable and wise words!

I really hope we aren't going to have animosity on this site. I was here when it all fell apart the last time, and the chat page, which I really enjoyed, was taken down. I enjoy seeing who is making comments, and giving hints - but please lets all keep it light and happy. I for one, loved the Eightgames ..... a bit of relaxing entertainment at the end of the day. Not all players enjoy the same things, but here, IMO there is something for everyone....let's lighten up and appreciate it for what it is

This is my favorite and ONLY place to come for escape games. I may not post but I come here for help. Love the games. THanks for making it free. Keep up the great work!

As Booknut says this is also My Favorite site for escape games. You (Administration) are doing a splendid job. Thank you all.

Thanks for this section) I finally figured out mobile games, I play with pleasure)

Hi guys, since it was stated I was working on a better spoiler maker,by unanimous vote, the UpsideDown was the favourite. I've made it as easy to use as possible.....I hope this appears a good option for you. Feedback always welcome, cheers.

I love the option of an upside-down spoiler! It takes just enough effort that you won't read it by mistake.

Great job Loki!

Zoe: You just did the exact thing you said you hate. :(
BTW, these games are NOT free. We pay for them with our time, which is valuable, by watching ads. So when we feel that we are not getting equal value in return for our time it is entirely reasonable for us to mention it, and to say why we feel that way, so that the admins and developers can improve.
I agree wholeheartedly that the manner in which that has been done in the past was very antagonistic, and resulted in a lot of good people being driven away. But creating a site free from legitimate criticism is even worse than one full of antagonism because it is artificial. At that point you might as well just hire shills to write the comments.

Many years ago I suggested that a far more strict approach to comment moderation be taken, and that if a comment wasn't a question about gameplay or a hint/walkthrough, that it be quickly deleted. I reiterate that suggestion now, along with a suggestion to put up a "Feedback" link on each game page which takes users to a page where they can provide written feedback on that game, its developer, or any issues they may have. That way the differing opinions won't clash in the comments section and derail it from its actual purpose, while at the same time the site admins and the developers can get the feedback they are looking for. I'd also like to see the chat page back up so that personal chitchat conversations (which also have historically worked themselves into petty user factions) don't also derail the game comments page.
Either way, without some sort of strict moderation the unpleasantness will be unavoidable simply due to human nature and varying personality types. Every social interaction website has the same problem, and strict moderation has been the only successful method of dealing with it.

To clarify, the Feedback Page would be a web form, and the feedback itself accessible only to the admins and the game developers, not published in a public forum.

Hi guys. The Contact Us form, top right of every page, allows you to give us feedback, please have a look at it, only a username, email address (so we can reply) and a message are required. We read each and every comment that comes our way. Ohhhh, do I argue the FREE issue........oh, go on then...the developers need the money to live, watching an advert has to the cheapest game on the market. We could talk with the developers and offer them money for the games to be totally advert free but that would mean we would then have to charge you to play the games.....see our dilemma?

Let me know if this is a satisfactory response to your points.

Esmerelda Pumphandle: To clarify, what I meant was people who insult. Such as "this game/developer is stupid". Negative, derogatory comments that have nothing to do with the intentions of this site - which is having fun playing games.

And by "free" I mean that the games do not cost anything to play monetarily. Paying for a game with "time" is a choice we make for ourselves, not something that is required in order to play the game.

I like the upside-down spoiler-maker.

The suggestion was for specific game feedback, such as "too short" or "clunky navigation", etc. But yes, it would be a similar thing to the site feedback link. Keeping subjective criticisms off the comments page would eliminate them turning into criticisms of the criticisms, which invariably leads to the sort of thing Zoe is talking about.
I certainly was not suggesting that you eliminate the ads, I understand the necessity of having them. I was merely pointing out that they create a financial relationship in which we, the users, make a contribution.

@Loki and Zoe
That contribution, while not strictly financial, does have financial value to the advertisers, and in turn to this site and the developers. We *are* therefore giving something of financial value. And if we didn't give that, the games would indeed go away. So it really isn't the case that we are getting these games for free, even though we are not paying money for them. We are paying for them with our time and attention while the ads are playing. Again, I am not knocking this. It is a very good and workable financial relationship. And Zoe is all financial relationships it is voluntary. But to say that we are not required to do it in order to play the games is only true in the immediate sense, because it is a relationship and if only one side is giving the relationship will end. If users don't watch the ads, nobody will get paid and the devs will stop making games and the site will close. So in that sense it *is* required that "enough" ads get watched to pay the bills, even though any one individual user is not so required. Meaning that even though the games are free for any individual user, they is not actually free overall. The ads must get watched, or the whole thing stops. (Or as Loki said, we have to switch to actually ponying up cash.)

This is all very tangential to my suggestions though, which are primarily geared to addressing the concern that I share with Zoe regarding animosity in the comments. My point is that if you reduce the amount of subjective matter as is practical, you correspondingly reduce the sources of conflict and disagreement, thereby eliminating fuel for the animosity fire. Let users provide the developers with feedback, but let that feedback be private rather than public.
Keep the public comments strictly related to non-subjective game play (help, hints, bug reports, etc.), and things should be much more conducive to friendly communication.


Thank you EG24 for all your hard work. I use only your site to play these type of games and I love the diversity of them.
I would like to see the MOBILE ones diverted to their own spot as I do not own a smart phone.
Whether good or bad I appreciate the developers supplying us with these games every day.
Love the video walkthroughs you have added as they are more useful to me than some of the obscure clues left, especially when I can't get past the first scene because of missing the vital object to get me to the next scene.

Keep up the outstanding work.

i also only play on this site and for people who don't want to read all the comments just to get a hint/spoiler,just do what i do,press f3 and type in what you need to know about eg knife,hammer etc also keep up the good work AO ,Loki,LSqaured,Nini and Annaby

I do agree with Zoe & Please don't delete this one, everyone should be allowed fair comment, I always liked this site & thanks for the good work, in the past before I signed in I used to use this site for hints, especially on SD games & really enjoyed reading them Zoe small tool all those people was friendly & fun to read with game hints not lots of other stuff like complaints about developers ads etc, there wasn't a problem, I don't understand why those W/T are not happening now & why so many complaints, Ads are important for free games, Dazz Ley was thoughtful & good but her step by step & as others also did was considered too explicit for some but not all, better a bit hidden, not moaning about it, she's a sweet person being kind & helpful, I like ROT13 but that doesn't suit all, but is that not what it's all about, it's called a walkthrough, Don't you think that having close video walkthroughs with the games is inhibiting the communication even more than it used to have, you could always search for VW/T if needed, I put some subtle hints in one game & someone complained that I should put hints not comments so I did a step by step only the once for this person, there were no other people on the comms.

Hi Joycy, we only delete when comments go against the commenting, damning or targeting another player etc.....blah......This won't be deleted, this is valuable for us to is what we wanted when opening the thread....FEEDBACK! We like feedback, even if it isn't nice for us to still has a place and we read everything posted so, keep it up guys, tell us what we do wrong as much as what we do right! Cheers!

ok thanks Loki, I do like the upside down hint, great idea

I have a suggestion for this thread only. Is there a way to reverse post the comments? This thread is getting lengthy to scroll through all the comments to get to the latest ones. I am enjoying the upside down format, one can skim skip right over them if not wanting to read them. If we have WTs, really don't need step by step hints being posted. An occasional hint is great for tricky puzzles or when color options are too closely related, or a puzzle has a glitch. just saying.

I have noticed that as of late not many people post hints at all. Mostly they just rate the game or if they comment they say "Great Game". What' the point in posting that? It doesn't help anyone. This used to be a great site for people to play together and leave subtle hints. Seems like no one does that anymore :-( I do like the video walkthrough link but lately because no hints I have to use it more and more and I don't like that. Has anyone else noticed this?

thank you Alpha for your dedicated work and thank everybody who s during almost 10 years ,were posted games,hints,tips and walkthroughs....i know many of you by names and im sad when i dont see you so often as before ....anyway,i appreciate Eg.24 so very much ,it helped me in such a differents way during years :D <3

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