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EG24 INFO BOARD - 27/12/2018 Walkthrough

EG24 INFO BOARD - 27/12/2018

Dear EG24 players
Thank you all for being members of our big worldwide gaming community! Our noble aim is to keep you informed about what's going on with/on EG24...! Each of you is an important part of EG24: YOU, all our fellow players, all developers and all EG24 staff members. This page will let you access all of the most recent new developments and announcement. Any feedback from your side (questions, ideas, suggestions et al.) is much appreciated: we need your help and input to make EscapeGames24 the best place for you!
Thanks for using EG24 as your (favourite) gaming platform!
****************************************************************************STAFF MEMBERS - thanks for your dedication!
Loki (Admin & IT support), LSquared (Admin), Nini xD (Japanese Translations), annaby (Admin & Replays),  EGW / Ale (Admin & Video Walkthroughs), Zoe (Admin), CoolDutchCat (cool) (Admin and IT support), Demolacion Sniffmouse (Author and IT advisor) and last but by no means least, SelfDefiant (Author & IT advisor)
****************************************************************************23/12/2018 (LSquared32)
🖳 Online Game Format Change Online games will now have an icon in their title, so they will no longer be jealous of the mobile games.  The big goal here is to make it easy to find online games if you want them and mobile games if you want them.  Having an icon for both will let us mark a game with both icons if it is both web and mobile.  Let us know in the comments if you like it or hate it. 
****************************************************************************21/12/2018 (LSquared32)
📱 Mobile Game Format Change Mobile games will now have an icon in their title to make them easier to find (and play or ignore, just as you like), and they will no longer be set as a top "sticky" post so you won't have to scroll past them to get to newer games.  Let us know in the comments if you like it or hate it. 
****************************************************************************24/12/2018 (Loki)
The new Information Board will carry a date from now on and so will the games. Hopefully, this makes things a little easier to follow.
**************************************************************************** 27/12/2018 (Loki)
Take care of our little EG24 escape kitten. You can make it jump out of the basket, stroke it, click on MORE to feed it and find a toy to keep it amused. Every time you interact with our cat, you are raising money for animal charities......and it's fun! Enjoy!

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
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Is it possible to place the newer/newest older/oldest buttons also on top of (especially the Riddles comments) pages?

Hi guys, IWANTTOBREAKFREE, all we can do is number the updates....I know it's not ideal but unless I get a brain wave, I can't think of a better way....but I will think on that!

Dutchie, Is it possible, I'm sure it is.....can I make it happen, that remains to be seen. I'll give it a good go though!

On non-working links:

You'll find if you scroll to the bottom of the comments, that I posted working links for quite a few of the older games. At least, working at the time I posted them. Yalçin gave me permission to do this, when he still owned the site, and I went through a huge number of them, from the beginning to sometime in 2011, before I finally burned out on it. Of course many games are lost forever, but many just changed their addresses. I was able to find most of the old games by Hilgreed, MMOO, Wanpa, Dassyutu, Bianco-Bianco and many others. So it's worth a try.

just1 - Thanks for posting. I've been playing a lot of the older games and have seen your links many times. Many of them are still good. I always wanted to thank you! :)

Hi guys, I'm really sorry to report that AlphaOmega has too much going on in her life so, we are a 'man down'. Hopefully, she will be back but let's wish her every success in the meantime.

AO - come back soon, we will miss you heaps ....
take care and thank you for kick starting this great game site again.

Alpha can come back as soon as she has the time. She has a lot on her plate right now with moving house and things that sound simple....but you know they never are! We look forward to Alpha rejoining and doing what she does best, managing, organising and basically being a backbone of what eg24 is.......a friendly, happy, fun, safe place to visit. I might open the live chat earlier than expected due to players concerns for her so questions can be asked and Alpha might pop in and answer them herself. Let's see what happens.

Thank you for the walk-throughs. They load fast and no ads! Really makes using EG24 easy. Happy Holidays!

Love the new menu bar changes, it has been a wonderful year of change on this site. Happy 2019!

Guys, the chat room is open! Enjoy! I opened it early as it is the weekend and I think you'll be a bit busy Monday and Tuesday with family etc.....so, go say your seasons greeting early and let Christmas begin a little early!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  12/22/18, 9:44 AM  

@khawer rasheed and asher khan: stop spamming!

Exactly right Dazz, thank you.

What do people spam about? Are they promoting other sites? Just curious.

We get spam about everything!

       Anonymous  12/22/18, 10:06 PM  

@Lordesigns: whatever garbage they have

Loki, the links need to open in a new browser tab, especially the ones leading to the info board and chat room.

Hi Jon Kay, they should already be doing that but I'll keep a look out for any html errors.

Have we stopped having Replay games? They are the only games I play now barring the occasional very few premium developers we have left and it's been a few days since we have had a Replay

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hi Loki, Merry Christmas. I believe all the links from the main page should open in a new tab...but they don't.

Just to say Merry Christmas & hope all have a great new year, thanks for all your work 2018, been very interesting

Same to you, joycy! Hope your New Year brings happy gaming and less "getting stuck" every day!!

Going back a little while ago - LOL I'm astounded at having been targeted as a lightning rod, me being usually so discreet, and always promoting "peace on earth and good will among people" like the saying goes in my culture at this time of the year... I found so many comments I agree with in this string, no need to repeat them again and again, I'll just sum up all of my thoughts by quoting one of Iwantobreakfree's comments on the preceding page - i.e. before Dec. 16: "why can't we just go with the flow and stop getting our knickers in a knot over a bit of fun". C'est mon avis, en tout cas.

Jay jay - you have been discreet...and helpful and peaceful. It's been fun playing games with you and meeting nice, kind folks here. There are a whole lot of visiters to this site - would you believe tens of thousands every day? One or two crabby apples out of that is just plain....well, crabby apples.

Look ahead - there are some pretty innovative ideas being looked at for this site...and you are being heard - believe me.

Jon Kay, I think I got them all, I hope so, thanks for pointing it out. Merry Christmas!

FYI: The Replays top menu option doesn't display any games.

Hi Tiquer, still working on relabelling the games to allow the tab to work.....it should start to return results soon.

Some of the games (on the home page list) now have little boxes in front of the name (but not all.) Does this mean something? Pardon me if the answer is elsewhere.

I think the mobile games have a little mobile icon and the web games have a little computer icon NotYou. If I'm wrong someone will be along to correct me.

You're right Scarlet :)
We only started adding them a few days ago, so the older games won't have the icon. Games for PC and Mobile will have both icons.

Hi NotYou, we can't possibly add the new icons to all 38,500 games. The games posted from now on will have the symbols, sorry but we don't have the manpower to add those to all the games. We still need to do a lot (and I do mean a lot!) of work to do while we make the site better and post new games every day. We are doing our best and will continue to work on these things when time permits. Thanks for your patience and bear with us.

Oh, thank you! I was just curious. I really appreciate all that you all are doing to make this site even better. Keep up the awesome work!

Wow, you're the kind of person who just brightens up a room, aren't you?

Also, projection much?

It doesn't matter if I agree with you or not EP, but really, this is so not done.
Attacking someone you have never met before, never looked in the eyes, never really got to know, man, it hurts me reading this, imagine how it must hurt Zoe.

Hi Esmeralda, I can't help you here....I'm trying but you are not making things easy. Perhaps a different site is a good idea for you.....I hope you enjoy it but please, no more of such negative comments....players are not enjoying them and you are not going to force us to change a winning formula. EG24 is the biggest, most important escape games website in the world. Feel free to ask other site owners if they agree. Things have changed and if you think it is a few snowflakes and a button or two, you are missing a lot. As always, good luck and have fun.

Well. I've heard it all now. I had no idea my age, my intelligence and rationale were affected by the fact my husband is dead. You live and learn.

Goodbye Esmerelda. Any further posts will be immediately removed. You insult too many people so please, find the site that is much better than this one, you won't insult our players here again!

I'm so very sorry Scarlet, I might've got to this post earlier but don't worry, every post Esmerelda makes shall be removed as soon as possible.....I would like to apologise for not being able to prevent it but I will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't happen again. Please, accept my most humble apologies.

Really Loki no need to apologise this has nothing to do with the site and I am too thick skinned to take offence. I'm sure Esmerelda will be very happy wherever she has gone and no loss to us.

I have no intention of letting people insult others here. I don't mind if they criticise me for my tactics but not other players and what was said was quite nasty so that was her third strike. She posts again, anything other than an apology, will be removed and she has been banned from the live chat. I'm only sorry I didn't get to it before you had to read that ghastly comment.

Thank you. Let's get on with having fun and games :-)

Scarlet, I did not see what Esmerelda wrote, but it sounds like it was pretty unpleasant and affected a lot of players here. Im sorry that she hurt you, and I am sorry for your loss. Thank you EG24 for removing those comments.

btw... I still love the snowflakes :)

       Anonymous  12/28/18, 11:03 PM  

ep's comment was not against scarletstandard, but Im glad its removed.
glad to see an action against a user for one day taken, even though i have been under worse attacks for years and had to bear them.

Sorry Dazz, I know you have been attacked before. If I miss something, please report it to us and we will take action.

I know that I look at things through rose glasses, but I just don't see any reason to attack anybody for whatever reason on a site that allows us to play games and interact (we should all keep to good standards). If you like it, comment. If you can help, comment. If you don't like it, shut up, change site or even better - change your attitude and then comment in a pleasant fashion. There are more good people out there than bad, and yet open forums attract a great many of the minority

Dazz, yes, I know you have received the brunt of most attacks during the years, never really understood it, but I think we have all move past that. When I go on the comments, its usually when I am totally stuck, and I always appreciated all your help! So, I never thought you "Spoiled" anything, just enough for me get through to the next step. So, even though you were bearing those beatings, also know, more importantly, you are a legend on here :) Happy New Year Dazz! Much happiness in 2019!

       Anonymous  12/30/18, 2:16 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  12/30/18, 3:42 AM  

Thanks Lordesigns:)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

agree to Lordesigns, I always liked Dazz and AO´s style of giving those step-by-step hints. Too sad they stoped them.

Happy New Year if I'm not back before Tuesday. Everyone stay safe and have a healthy and prosperous 2019.

Thanks to EG24 staff for posting great games, and keep up the good work! :)

Is there any possible way to get back the tab with "recent comments"? It was great to see where people were playing/posting, and if anyone asked for help in a very old game. Please, consider to get that feature back.

Hi Confused. I have tried everything I could, brought in 2 professional programmers to assist me and even they are saying....I don't know why it doesn't work. My script was fine and I tried on different sites and it works perfectly. I made a mirror of EG24 and tried it there and it worked there.....it just refuses to work here. I'm not giving up on it and I want that feature back but, this time of year, we got so busy real fast I had to put things on hold to manage the everyday running....be, rest assured, I'll be back on it. As soon as possible!

I think you are going a great job with this site. I too dislike the mobile games but not that big a pain. Rot13 was a REALLY big pain, glad to see normal comments coming back.

       Anonymous  1/6/19, 7:23 AM  

Where is Loki?

Hi Dazz ..... Loki is away today, probably be back again tomorrow.

       Anonymous  1/6/19, 11:11 AM  

Hope so @cool, thanks for your reply

Welcome Dazz :)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  1/7/19, 1:46 AM  

stop spamming@kr

After commenting on a game, the Voting stars are removed.

@Jon Kay and Gizmo
They are? In a specific game or in any game?

Just tested in the game you last commented in. They DO disappear when you refresh the page, but they are back when the page has been completely loaded.

Love playing with the escape kitten!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I heard somewhere that Loki passed away. Is this true? I'm so sorry if that's the case.

I just heard the same thing.

Holy shit. Just saw the post from his sister on his facebook page.
Goodbye Jon! We had some fun together here and with the riddlers (even though we had a hard time and some fights at first). I'm gonna miss you...

Hope you find happiness wherever you are now...and lots of beer to drink!

if this is true, could someone in the "know" inform us all, so we aren't all wondering what has happened
Much appreciated.

Iwantto - announcement just published on main page

Thank you annaby

Where did Alpha Omega go?

LORdesigns: Alpha left the team some time ago

Oh, thats too bad. Sorry to hear that, Hope she is well.

Hi EG24. Love the site - been coming here to "waste time" for many years. However, I am noticing a decrease of premium escape games being posted. I love Tesshi-e, Neutral, M Skutnik, etc. They are artists who take the time to create masterpieces that provide not only challenging (yet solvable) puzzles, but also eye-pleasing artwork.

Are some of these creators retired? Moved on to mobile only platforms? Any emerging artists producing premium games?

Thanks again for maintaining this great site.

- Bird

Hi Bird.
I love those games too. But unfortunately some of them have indeed stopped making games.
A few are still making games, but because they are as you call it, premium escape games, it takes a long time to create one, which means they don't come in that often. We can only publish what's available, and we try to do that as fast as we can.

Of course we are also always looking for new developers and we would really appreciate every hint or tip from our players when they run into something new and promising.

And thank you for liking our site, we kinda like it too :)

Thanks Cool. Do these developers post right to this site or do you have to seek the games out? The new Amajeto from a couple of days ago wasn't even posted. Just wondering.

Lor, that depends. Some of us get email alerts from sites when there is a new game. Others, like me, open a window with links to all common sites and check for new games all day. Thx for the remark that we missed an Amajeto game, I'll go have a look and post it later today.
There are a few developers who post right to this site.

LOR: I checked back Amajeto until November, but we do seem to have posted all games.
Can you tell me which one we missed please? Thx.

The Blue Room. Did I miss it on here?

Or maybe it was the The Blue House.... I cant remember!

LOR: Maybe you overlooked because some of the links didn't have an image. I'm working on restoring bad links to thumbnails now.

ah, that could be. Thanks, and thanks for posting the newest Amajeto. :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Since January 16, I have sent 2 games to contact you. They have not added. Now there are 2 more new games. I do not know how to add them.
doctor post
The choice of the same colors

the last game of blood thriller ..


Sorry that we responded so late. Due to circumstances we had little time to look at new games to find out if they are suitable for EG24.

We really appreciate you sending us these links and we are currently looking at the games.
In future, maybe the best way to contact us on new games would be the orange Contact/Feedback button. We will get a mail then and can respond faster.

Again: Thank you for sending us the links.

I am sure this has been discussed before, but the fact that the video walkthrough appears so rapidly leads to fewer comments. It is obviously our choice whether to watch the video (and thanks for the effort by the way) but if there is no video, I am more likely to post a "Im stuck on...." comment.

I agree there are fewer comments now. I wouldn't use a VW myself as it defeats the object of playing the games to keep my brain ticking over so quite a few of the games I got stuck on recently where there are not many hints I have just abandoned.

When there is a passage, then it makes little sense to give a comment, because they might think that you have already watched the passage and therefore help.

Yes I think the same Nafanya and maybe others are thinking that too so do not comment so much.

Hi AO,
Do you know why Abroy has stopped making the "Who Lives Here" games? It's been months.

much prefer comments than lookig at w/t

About the video walk through: Perhaps a delay can be implemented? But how long should that be?

Hi Pellia,
Last week we were submitted a game we were trying out and found that it was a real challenge. We posted it as such, without a walkthrough.
After about 24 hours there were over 100 comments and all aspects of the game hed been discussed. Then we decided to place the WT.
This is the game: http://www.escapegames24.com/2019/01/rinogogo-pick-some-flowers.html

We are considering doing this more often when we encounter games that are challenging.

It did prove Fudge's point though

I loved playing that game but came too late to contribute unfortunately. However, I did not need to watch the walkthrough and was so happy to see all the comments.

Fudge, we've been thinking about what to do with WT's for quite some time.
We're gonna do this more often with games that are a real challenge. They are rare, but when we do find one, we'll post it as a challenge-game.
It felt really good to see that the "spirit" is still very much alive. :)

@Cool - I am sure this was in your pipeline anyway, but I am really quite chuffed at having had some sort of an input which actually mattered. So players out there, if you have an idea, dont be afraid to put it forward - the mods are on the ball. Thanks again to all mods for all the efforts

I just noticed there is a date above each game now. Thank for that!! Very helpful!

For me, the label Best Escape Games is now only showing a very limited selection and hardly ever updated. For example Amajeto La Vie en Rose, did not appear in Best Escape Games, despite being a popular developer and a +4 star rating. Something wrong ?


The use and purpose of the labels now available on the site is one of the things that are on our agenda for improvement. It has our attention, but it might take a while before we are able to make a final decision. We can only ask for some patience.

Amajeto games are not bad but waaay behind the standard for "best" games IMO

Can anyone explain what has happened to WOW and TOP 10 games. Both are now terrible to play. They are very short and WOW has a completely new format which I feel is,in comparison to before, a waste of time.

@Unknown: I don't understand why developers change their style. Maybe it has something to do with Flash going away?? Most of the games submitted to EG24 are still are still Flash-supported. A few games (not enough imo) are starting to use html5, but the jury is out as to who will keep developing with that.

Than you Zoe. I forgot about Flash ending. I guess we just wait and see what happens next!

For years, this has been my go-to site for escape and more games. I like to call them my brain aerobics. Now it seems that the lean is more than juvenile and mobile. I really miss the challenges and my favorites are either gone to replay or using topics that are so not to my liking. Gun buying and kidnapping. Really? First time to post a comment in 10 years. Probably the last as well. It was a great ride EG24. I can hope it will return to it's former not for 9 year old's soon.

Gee...my only comment sounded rather dismal. No offense meant. I just miss the interesting games that weren't so cartoonish. Please take no offense. I still come here every day and look for a game or 3 to play. Thank you EG24!!

Hello Tina T. Things are beginning to change with the demise of Flash, and developers are trying to make games fit for Mobile devices while keeping their PC fans happy and safe from hackers. There is about a two year time frame where Flash ends (unsupported platform and vulnerable), and the developers decide how they are going to proceed. It's a work in progress, and I think it's interesting how this will play out in the PC gaming world. EG24 is keeping watch on this development.

Flash will continue to be available, but without security updates at the end of 2020, developers are looking at the "safest" ways to present their games to PC players...bear with them :-)

Thank you Zoe. I appreciate the staff's watchfulness!

what happened to Abroy ?

not finding the games as interesting & it's very rare now to find a live one, plus it's a great idea to not put v/w/t straight away

Because this IB has become so huge starting 05/03/2019 it has been replaced by a new one. You can start the New Information Board by the link in the announcement, or by the green button top right on the main page.
You will no longer be able to post comments in this IB.

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