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November 1, 2018

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EG24@Halloween Walkthrough


EG@Halloween is another free online quiz/puzzle game developed by our EG24 IT manager Loki for EscapeGames24. In this game, there are 10 levels of scary movie questions - there may be also eggs to be discovered...! Do not use caps and spaces in the answers - and when you find a wrong answer, use the back arrow in your browser to return for another attempt. Music appears throughout the game. Let the challenge begin! Good luck and have fun!
[Created and submitted by Loki]

Note: Please do not post direct answers - hints only - thanks!

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       Anonymous  10/31/18, 1:16 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

Halloween is here!
(at least in my time zone...)

here is our special gift for you all to this special holiday - enjoy mwahahahahah! ☻

thx for all your creations, Loki ☺
& thx for your big dedication to make EG24 thrive again - our noble aim! ♥

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& managing director


doing of lot of google images here - thanks Loki!

And done! Love the ending - great movie, great tune!

I don't know #2. Hints anyone?

POP, it came to me.

Hi Annaby, you said you were done.....are you sure? Eggs to be discovered.....some in a very strange place, I won't take credit for where I put them though...

To show you've finished the game, post the titles of the hidden movies ;)

Loki - I didn't get any eggs; where were they? I won't post all the answers, only Time Warp :)

well done....go dance !

       Anonymous  10/31/18, 7:59 AM  

Loki gave you a keyword in his first comment ;-)

TY AΩ - got them now!! That was tricky.
thanks again Loki!

from eggs: 3 more movie references and 2 short movies to watch (besides Rocky Horror)

       Anonymous  10/31/18, 8:59 AM  

congrats for finishing ☺
we had to delete your comment though to not to spoil the fun for other (later) players - it's a bit different for such kind of games

in the game description, it's clearly said:
«Note: Please do not post direct answers - hints only - thanks!»

thx for your understanding
keep up your great work in providing hints for our fellow players


Sorry! Definitely dont want to take away the fun from anyone else!
Was just following your post at 7:00am

"To show you've finished the game, post the titles of the hidden movies ;)"

I didnt post direct answers

I meant that was Loki's post at 7:00am

LetMeOut - It's quite all right. In that post, Loki was just teasing me because I hadn't found the eggs :)

       Anonymous  10/31/18, 9:36 AM  

cit. LMO

Movie References

mouseover each link & look bottom left of screen or click the link & look in URL bar


Could you please remove the music from your site, because it interferes so much with the in game sounds, that I actually do not want to play a single game anymore.
Thank you in advance.

gyrz - per Loki -

Thanks Alpha and mega for the chance to let others know of something you can do to any open tab. In the URL bar, top of page, you will see "Not Secure" or something similar (not secure as we cannot get security certificates for all 38000+ games here), right-click and a menu appears....Allow Sound, click it to disable sound in that tab.

EG24 IT Manager

No 3 is without apostrophe

       Anonymous  10/31/18, 11:38 AM  

these are not the answers you need, only the movie references
for the answers it's as per game description above

Major spoiler.....if your narrator asks, 'do you know him?', you want the character name, not the movie. There are two hidden movies to be found in may need to inspect each and every page to find those eggs.... Every page! For your effort, I will credit you with an apt reward.

Doesn't work. 404 error

I tried the name of the movie, the character's name, first and last with no spaces, with spaces, the actor's name...first and last, etc.

Hi cyndee43, what level?

Level one LOL

cyndee - try googling the image. There's a scene in the movie where the character calls himself another name.

cyndee, i was stuck on that initially. it is not the character or actor's name. it's what he calls himself.

AO, you are right. But in the case of No 3 it is the answr. I was stuck on it forever, because I used several possibilities, including this one. Then I realized: no apostrophe.

Hi Loki, what is the apt reward? I found 3 eggs. (Three-and-a-half, because one has two answers.)

Hi Noel....I found a MODEL car....perhaps the model name might help....

cyndee, annaby....a real pain of a level to start you....the rest are easier!

Yes, Loki. That's what I meant. A toy, a car with two names, and Hockey Mask Guy.

I'm usually not good at these. But I was ably assisted by my Google Library Membership.

Hockey mask guy is from a movie, I want his characters first name and you get a short horror movie as a reward

Yes. I know the answers. Don't want to give them openly, unless I do Rot13 (which everyone seems to have despaired of). Armoire scared me to death, because I was alone late at night. Couldn't watch entirely. Now I'll watch, and also Now Go Dance.

Nice game. Maybe we can have more with different themes. A Thanksgiving one, or Christmas/New Year?

Noel, I have a head full of ideas....Thanksgiving will most certainly be taken into will Xmas, and Tuesday (I like Tuesdays, I don't know why....but there you are), basically....I'm going back to my short, fun puzzle games...perhaps a more challenging riddle along the way as I this space!

To find the names wasn't that hard, but those eggs. I really can't find any (or I don't know HOW to find?!)

ca3na. you need to scroll Noel said....In the UK, we have an expression, "pull your socks up", meaning, Look Down. Also, you must explore the whole site....even the boring Credits!

Just played this riddle, eggs were nicely hidden :) Thanks for making it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

just found this ridle by accident..coooool..I finisched it, but I didn't find any eggs?

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