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Dear EG24 players
Please be patient as we work on some minor improvements to your (favourite) game site. While there may be some short interruptions and changes to the layout as we are working, we will do our best to keep everything running, so you can always find the best new Escape Games here. When we're done, the site layout will be the same as it has always been, but - we hope - with the addition of some features to help you find, share and enjoy the games we all love.
If you find (broken) links or other features, please let us know right away!                                                Thank you! - The EG24 Team

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
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Keep up the great work!
Thank you for being so attentive to your site and any concerns your players put forth.
Very much appreciated!

I second that!
I love this gamesite because it is as it is. What happened yesterday scared me, that layout was aweful to the eyes and to navigate. It was a great relief to know that it was not here to stay :)

Cheers :)

Hi guys, the whole upset was ultimately my fault. I was working on a few things, as LSquared said, to bring more features to the site etc., when my needy cat tried to get onto my lap for attention. Unfortunately, she climbed my leg with claws extended and my reflexes to the sharp pain was, I hit a wrong key (a very wrong key) and we were plunged into darkness. We would never change the look so dramatically without telling/warning the players in advance. Send your feedback directly to: Misty Cat, PO Box: Meow24.

EG24 IT manager and Cat Owner ;)

I forgot to add, Alpha and LSquared came to support me and the players immediately in putting this error right.

Thanks EG24 Team!

I am so sorry, but this is very funny Loki :-)

I love this site and that just endeared it even more to me. Thank you to all of you who give us these fantastic games and the effort you are putting into even better features. simply just THANKS

Thanks for the great site. I've had this site favorited for many years and enjoy the games and all the helpful folks that give helpful hints. Keep up the great work.

Guys, it's funny now it's over and fixed..... Even the cat knew by the colour of my face that something seriously bad had occurred so she left the room!

I shall reiterate, Alpha is implementing changes to make the site better than ever before. LSquared is a fantastic support to us both so that means she is a fantastic support to you guys, the players.

Show her your support as a new admin and an all-round great person.

Last words from me: watch out for the changes, you'll love them!

I think this is a great opportunity to thank you guys for your efforts. Keep running, I'm looking forward to the new things.


Hey Loki,

sure, in the moment of happen its the super GAU, an very very stressfull and more than annoying ...

But after all, the problem was solved, the story is funny ... Now you also smilie about it.

(sorry about my bad english)

This is all so funny. I have two cats.

And I'm next in line to write down: "Thanks !" to everybody, for giving me such a pleasure every day (including the answers from players as well)
Keep going on please !

I also want to thank you all for keeping this site great. I love this site!!!

Thanks to all for the hard work.
Love this place.
"cat clawed my leg" is much better than "dog ate my homework"

Keep up the great work, guys. Bad kitty, lol! :)

well we all human & cats are cats, :) good work

Thanks EG24 for your very good work. Just a little addition regarding Chrome asking to allow flash. You know as well as me that this due to the fact that according to Adobe, Flash will disappear or at least will be no more maintained as from 2020. Adobe change their mind every now and then, but obviously, this is their aim by now. Therefore, we should see more and more games running with HTML 5. Games running under flash will no more be playable in less than 2 years.
Keep the flow, go on delivering us the good stuff. Once again, Thx to the EG24 team.

Hi Kris.A very good point, but, just to reassure the players, although Flash will not be supported with updates after 2020, it will still allow players to play the ~38,000 flash games in our archives. Unity etc. is already being used by developers such as SelfDefiant so no need to worry about losing your favourite older games. EG24 can and does employ xhtml, html...right through to html13 and a huge amount of html5. We will deal with the issues as they come.

Thanks for your excellent comment, and thanks for thanking us (getting confused now)....


EG24 IT.

I'dd like to add my appreciation for all your work and all these years of fun as well.

I never post, but this site is my favorite source of escape games since always, keep the great work!!

You've greatly improved the site! There seems to be a lot more variety. Thanks!

How do I turn off the sound on your site? I like to leave the comments for games open as I play. Thank you.

       Anonymous  10/26/18, 6:30 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

it seems that some Halloween ghosts already started to play tricks on our site...!

in general (Chrome & FF):
you can mute a tab where the sound is by clicking on the little speaker at the tab or right click & choose mute option

Thanks, AO! Never knew I could do that, always nice to learn something new.

       Anonymous  10/26/18, 7:04 PM  

meanwhile we were able to shoo the ghosts
(for now...)

Hi ! thanks for your good job on great EG24

Thank you all for your continued work w/this site. It's basically the only one I play from. I must admit I disappeared for several years whilst being captured and tortured by Mafia Wars. LOL. So glad I finally quit playing that game an NEVER spent any money on it as so many did. MW died altogether a year after I stopped playing. Where did I go after leaving MW? Here, of course. Just don't comment much. Lately, quite a bit more than years past. Anyway, love this site and thanks much to all who work so hard at bringing great games and keeping the site functioning well.
And to you Loki....lol Our previous German Shep's name was Loki. Our current Shep is named Thor. Golden Retriever, Maggie. At the time, I could not find a Norse name that I felt suited her. Have a fascination with Norse Mythology. Especially now since the series Vikings has begun. Sucks tho that Ragnar is now gone. Pardon my sidetrack. Again, thanks much to Alpha Omega, Loki and LSquared!!!! :)

Sadly, I don't think I've ever said "thank you" to y'all, and I've been here for years. I've probably only commented a time or two in the last few. I so appreciate this site! It's been an integral part of my morning routine for years now. I play a crossword first & then come straight here. Y'all do an amazing job! I hope you know how much you're appreciated!

Hi guys. Thank you all for such wonderful feedback. This entire thread came about purely by an act of fate. If I'd known that such a little cat could get all these comments of support, I might've adopted a Puma!

May all the players (and a German Shepherd) continue to be made happy by what we do, it's why we do it!

As always, good luck and have fun!

Loki and Misty
EG24 staff and rat-catcher

Please turn off that annoying music!!!

       Anonymous  10/31/18, 6:10 AM  

thx mega
for pointing out your opinion

you can turn the tune off in each tab of your favourite browser:
click the speaker icon on the tab or right mouse click & option «mute tab» (or similar)

Thanks Alpha and mega for the chance to let others know of something you can do to any open tab. In the URL bar, top of page, you will see "Not Secure" or something similar (not secure as we cannot get security certificates for all 38000+ games here), right-click and a menu appears....Allow Sound, click it to disable sound in that tab.

EG24 IT Manager

I never knew that ...

Thank you!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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