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Room in Room

Room in Room is another Chinese point & click room escape game developed by 4399. In this door game, you are trapped in different areas and your objective is to escape from there by finding and using items and discovering hints to solve puzzles. Open door by door to proceed. There are 15 levels with a bathful of challenging puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  10/20/18, 6:04 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

(for all those players who d/know yet)
we have a new VWT provider aboard:
welcome EscapeGamesWalkthrough (EGW)
looking forward to a further & fruitful collaboration with you ☺

谢谢 for all your creations, 4399 ☺

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin
& managing director

the black button in the top left is for hints. I can't tell what a lot of inventory items are though.

in level 5 (some kind of temple): there is something between pillars on the right site...

level 5 slider puzzle - you can move the arrow down as you clear the path

level 6: at the end you will need a 4#code. 2 numbers are reused...

level 5 - clue for the circle on the right is a floor tile

if someone needs help for jigsaw in level 7:

nice game but Iám totaly stuck at level 5, built an ax but no way to smash anything

black düsseldorf, you have to find a rope and combine...

Stuck on level 15 with six numbers and their positions and a fingerprint.

I think, rope was in locked box on the right...

ok, I didn´t actualize here, now I moved the arrow...going on (thank you annaby)

I am stuck in level 8 and can't do anything. how to start this level?

finally I have found the little hotspot in level 8: there is something to the left of upper door...

Aha, for anyone also stuck on level 15, it's a matter of addition.

taking a break at copying symbols on level 8 - some of these puzzles are a bit tedious

took me a very long time to get all 9 symbols in vertical orientation in level 10...

Level 11 arrow/slider puzzle?

Mike, put 2 blue pieces together...
but I don't know, what to do after this slider. what is the effect of this lever?

I am stuck in level 11 with 2 ropes (tied together) and some kind of ring. what to do next?

finally I have found the pixel to use the ring outside...

Hotz, duhhh thanks! No idea about the lever.

Restarted 11. Have a feeling a bug made it possible to take about six ropes from cabinet. One became stuck on center of screen. Not sure it is a bug?

Mike, lever switches off the electricity, so you can cut the cable...

mike, on suitcase are 2 fake keyhole and 1 invisible in the middle...

Thanks Hotz. Got past 12. Hunting and the weird puzzles are a little bit annoying.

yes, I will make a break in level 13.
I really hate this pixel hunt and random clicking in every new level...
good luck

Level 8- HELP please! What to do with the knife?
where to use it?

Found it.. NVM...

is there a BGM setting?

there are only 15 doors ;)

got to 15, but I give up on the blue and red balls.
There were some good puzzles in this game, some that were random clicking and some that were just plain tiresome. A few more better puzzles and less levels would have made this a much better game.

Maru, where did you use the knife, level 8

Found it, in the painting where used symbols

Didn't get the rings on level 7, watched VWT, you have to make exactly the same pattern as the immovable rings. However, the hint paper shows the 180° turned pattern (notice the center dots). Is that a game designers mistake or did I understand something wrong?

Love the new look to the website Alpha!

Btw in Level 11, you can take endless amounts of rope from the blue cupboard on platform 6. Not that it helps any : D

I restarted the browser and the computer itself as all the things happened the same time -- many ropes on level 11, one rope and one key stuck in the middle of the game window, and suddenly this site changed lay-out and didn't accept comments any more. So I thought that something is wrong with my browser.

The same thing happened to me and I do NOT like what I see. What is it that has happened? Please tell us that it is not here to stay! I for sure will stop playing at escapegames24.com iffff this terrible page is here to stay.

Will be waiting for an answer which I expect will come real soon. Right?!

Evil, wicked cat from Hades. I love her dearly but that was not a kind thing to do to me (my blood-pressure, anyway). Next time I edit anything, the cat is being locked out of the room! When she's not trying to sit on my keyboard as I try to type, she's sticking her claws into me for attention. Bad Misty!!


EG24 IT messer, sorry, manager.

LOL - the God of Mischief has a cat who's a match for him!

Found a glitch in Lv11. If you go back to the blue locker you can keep taking rolls of rope, until a roll freezes on the screen. Restarted, but had to quit on Lv15. I just couldn't get past the red/blue ball puzzle. Never been even adequate at those types of puzzles. Shame. I was having a good time.

I do not count how many times I restarted level 12 !!!! Immediately appears 1 green circle. You click on it to the left, a second green circle appears, you press the right-nothing happens ... I tried to go from level 11 to 12 - the same thing ... Fix this puzzle !!!!

Hi Annaby, my cat is called Misty but perhaps HELen may be more appropriate!!!

EG24 IT manager

I quit at 15. The red/blue drove me nuts.
But, that was a great game.

LOL Loki - that's perfect!!


I pooped out on the last puzzle, but overall excellent game! Even if a little finicky on the hot spots everything made sense to me and it looked beautiful.

Punnivinn it's just a error in the clue.

Please fix the Circle puzzle at level 12.

I can't play it because it involves downloading from Windows or the site app.

Hi Willis Pate, the only download you may require is a newer version of Flash Player. This is a browser game. I've tested it in three browsers (Chrome, FireFox and Opera) with no running problemes.

For an update on flash, goto this site: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Hope this sorts out any problems.

EG24 IT manager

So they did not fix this bug circle in 12 ((((

Passed in the Opera .. Also with glitches. For all the remaining levels, starting at 11, I walked with a cigarette lighter and a key on the screen. The game is interesting, but it spoils the impression of mistakes.

Beautiful game, couple of glitches .. this is a perfect example of what an escape game should be like.

by ME,
Some important Title to make me look more IMPORTANT,
CEO of one
Lacki to the rest.

My key froze on the screen at level 11 and I can't get any further. I quit.

Лиа ван дер Веер-Kooiman ,I’m with a key and also with a cigarette lighter at level 11, the game has been played to the end)

Nice game, a little different. Thanks to the developer.

I've got zoom issues within the frame, can't see inventory. Unplayable. Chrome.

Hi Tiquer, sorry for late reply. This very much sounds like a settings issue. Please email me directly (contact info, top of game post) to see if we can find a nice, simple solution.

Many thanks


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