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SD AxEnd: Book of Curses Walkthrough

SD AxEnd: Book of Curses

[UPDATE] SD AxEnd: Book of Curses is another point & click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. This game takes you on another adventure through a dark place that lost souls inhabit: you have been searching for the book of curses for several years. You received information leading you to another asylum. Once inside, you encountered a dark force. This power is preventing you from leaving! Finding the book might be your only hope... Good luck and have fun! ☺ 

UPDATE: As the link to the previous version is unfortunately broken, SD provided this new release.

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Game Thread 2012

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Ahh! it's a big one! Games like this are why we became SD fans. Btw, go ahead and get that orb jar - up (right) and right.

All I can do is get the orb jar and collect orbs. Can't find anything else or open any locks. What am i missing?

So far, Jenny, I'm with you. 55 orbs, found one grate that needs an sd, but cant' find anything else at all! Gonna be a good one!

crow bar in room with bed and white drape

Use crowbar on grate for red key.

Color clue (Rob Row) not working on color grid?

Map anyone?

Purchase map in far left room after using red key

Heck of a good game. Took me awhile. Here awhile if help needed. Thx SD

I'm giving up. Too many rooms with nothing to do, unlabeled map, too dark, not worth it. Have fun guys.

Ok, rob row is an anagram for the word that opens the box of colored sliders for silver key

Got it! Thanks, Ericka!

robrow is an anagram

Where is the anagram box please?

I only see where to put a number code. Not the anagram box. Wish the map was lettered, it's very confusing.

Just found it!
2row 1st box

Don't really like these asylum ones...nasty looking buildings and dirty toilets lol.

where to use the screwdriver?

found SD in lower right hand block of rooms. room one row one. on window.

Sorry, got called away. I just realized this is an old game.

use sd in room just past the color panel

Use SD on shower drain far left, 3rd row up

blue key on back of clipboard

Same old games over and over again.

Missing last gem for the book!
Got the one from using the knife in the slot.

Haven't solved the four dials yet - has anyone found the clue for that?

Trapped in a room. Locked myself in. Help please!

Where are the gold and green keys? With what do you remove the cover at the scene with the white and blue tiles?

clue for dials is in piano but I haven't worked out how to use the numbers yet

POP. Moving onwards

oofta. This one is super dark on my laptop! I would've never found the crowbar without reading the comments.

lia, when you solve the 3x3 grid (clue on the wall with the tiles) the cover opens.

Dials is a combination of numbers and names from the piano.

wow, nice, I like SD´s games very very much!!! Thank you SD for giving us your famous games :o)

I found the color slades and the number box but not the clues for that.....but I have time, I will search it slowly and I hope, I will get it :o)

Gwenyth, do you mean the box with 3x3? I've solved that, but the cover in the other room stays.

lia put knife in the slot in the other room. then cover opens. purchase globe thing to exit first room with knife.

Justin - thanks for the dial clue! I was going crazy looking for the hint!
Which numbers do you mean?
The ones in the room with the suitcases
are the roman numberals in the room where you place the knife in the slot - 254 693

Got it! You need to fill the 2 slots earlyer. I retrived the knife. Thant's why it didn't work.

thanks skoot - I had forgotten what solved what!

And now: looking for the piano!

SD - please could you number the maps again! I also agree that the game could have been a tad lighter (apart from the scenes, where you want us to use a torch!!!)

Can't find the piano. Is it behind the green or golden door? Those keys I can't find.

can anyone spoil where the piano is?

found the piano top right block fourth row but canʻt figure out how to fix it

I'm sorry for the mess in all the rooms. I've smashed and stabbed it all in search for the piano, gems and keys.

Erica, did you find the golden key? If so, would you tell me please?

piano is in top right group of rooms. fourth row, third room over.,

Inside piano clue - 4 names dates (eg, 1967-1975 = 8). Use alphabetically on 4 dials/clocks.

I can't get there for I need the golden key. Please spoil.

click back end of piano. then click coins and make note of names and subtraction numbers.

Final item in unlocked book

flashlight is in room right above piano. on floor under window.

Will somebody help please?

Lia, I donʻt see it in my notes but Iʻll keep looking, I think it was in a drawer but that doesnʻt help

Finally found it.

Woohoo Lia. Happy for you!

I have blue, purple, yellow, green, and white gems. Missing one and canʻt find any more locked doors or clues

Have blue, white, pink, green, and red. Need knife, I guess, and not sure what else.

Ericka, red gem is in the room two to the left of the piano (use flashlight).

You have a flashlight?

Found the room I missed earlier, with the knife. Now just need purple gem. Hoping that the flashlight will reveal it somewhere.

Fantastic SD. Thank you .

Ericka, the flashlight is in the room above the piano.

Thanks Smokehalo! I missed it

I guess the flashlight doesn't matter for the purple one, since you had it already. Care to share where that one was?

       Anonymous  10/4/18, 9:23 AM  

head and shoulders above all others just wish there was a bit more fanfare at the end instead of them just stopping and saying you did it !!!

Oh, I got the purple one. It's the yellow one I'm missing. Anyone remember where that is?

Hi Tolo, this game is part of a series so there are similarities here. SD makes all sorts of different games so there are plenty to choose from. Have fun exploring!

SD - One of your epics! Fantastic game! Not a single bug...perfect!!!
Thanks for taking the time to make such a huge map and for entertaining us as always!

Loved the game Thanks SD

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       Anonymous  10/4/18, 11:37 AM  

RE(HI) all ☺

thx Nini for pointing that out
we are just about to check it out - watch this space...

thx for creating this game, SD ☺
(unfortunately, still d/have time to play anything...! :-( )

just too dark, map bad, wanted to really like this one because it was the type of game SD use to make. It was just too much work

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Absolute thumbs up on this game!! What a treat!!!

Hi Willis Pate, give me a quick mail: ishwatch@gmail.com I'll get you playing again ;)

Replied Willis....we can find a solution.....and we will!

Great game, except it is so dark that I can't find 75 souls to get the crystal ball, so I can't use the knife anywhere but in that room. Numbering rooms would help, too.

@David: Do you have the flashlight (torch)? You can use that in all the rooms, and it makes finding the orbs (souls?) much easier...

too dark, too many rooms for a game w/o a labeled map

The original creepy dude is back - yay!! Loving the old style of this game SD -thanks :)

don't know what's problem I have all from the shop & still 24 orbs need 2 gems

drat can't find room where to open cover need last gem

got it hoorah right top one bottom right

out now love these games thanks SD

Alright I'm starting to get really frustrated. I can't find the place to use robrow and there are too many rooms where you can't do anything

Hi Jinx there's a slider of colours also it's an anagram b for blue

gold key: lower right set of rooms, second row, far right. Room has two dentist type chairs, its in a drawer on the left side of the room. (Bit of a pixel hunt)

Oh when I read anagram I thought it was a box that i had to rearrange the letters lol

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played this before, great game!

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Hi Willis Pate. I will contact SD direct and put your question to him. I have your email so will contact you direct with an answer.

Thanks for using EG24 as your (fav) gaming platform.

IT Manager

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Willis Pate, yes and the games are uploaded twice a week. I'm checking the links right now and I can see them ok. Have you registered on the MeltingMindz site?

EG24 IT Manager

@Loki: no. and even if i was, my adblockers wouldn't let me play the game. p.s., I still don't see the game in the site's forum.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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