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Four Seasons Room Walkthrough

Four Seasons Room

[WEB/MOBILE][UPDATE] Four Seasons Room is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Springman alias Haruo. In this game, let's escape from a mysterious room that was divided into four seasons. Find and use items and hints for solving all puzzles in the four seasons room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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Wall pattern is a clue which give match for mosquito-repelling incense. After killing mosquito the wind bell rings for another clue

Oh hi tautau. Good to see you here as I'm stuck right at that point. I see that wind bell but no clue? Must check that again.

I've solved the first exit door riddle as well. You have to mix some colours...

Strange. Now I heard that clue, could have sworn I had done that before. But maybe it depends on the windows? I had opened all before, maybe only the wind bell window should be open.

Btw: If you want to mute down that background music, just click the gramophone.

Wind bell give dice clue

hi, what to do with black card from dice code?

Checked it again. You hear that wind bell clue if you open the window or if you shut and open again.

How to solve color riddle? Where is the clue?

Hi Hotz, put it into the slot on exit door (if you have solved the first riddle). Stuck again at that point...

I've got a basket but no place to use it.

thanks, for first door code: combine ice cream colors in blue room (in your mind)

maybe we should find a screwdriver first...

I solved first door code and put black card. But what next?

Tautau, that from exit door?

˙ʇɥƃıɹ ǝɥʇ oʇ ǝuǝɔs ǝuo sɹnoloɔ ǝɔı xıɯ

yes, I can't see any other clue...

Too late. ;-)

not too late for giving a hint about the basket or what to do next...

Tried the leaves colours from autumn room and the Christmas tree balls from the picture. Nada.

What to do next? Refreshing the page and hoping someone had an idea.

ok, I give up. maybe I will come back later. good luck

Still can't get second door code

Neither do I.

Solve door clock time riddle. Notice how the digital clock related to the wall clock

Holy Moly! How did you get that? Thanks a lot.

Ah, now I know what that snowman's nose is for. Don't ask what I tried to make out of the arrow before.

Don't know where to use basket of ash

Found that by chance. Open the window and throw the ash out of it. Some smooth running after that.

Waiting for you - all buttons are green, opened every door except for that with the red X. Items left in inventory: matches, axe, magnifier, empty basket. Stuck again!

Solve final door code. Then what?

Oh sorry, just saw that I didn't mention WHICH window is needed for the ash. It's that in first room, I think you already found that.

I think we need a screwdriver for the ice cream, then we might push the top row to the left to get a pattern like that on the last closed door.

I need more of a clue to solve clock please. How does digital clock relate to the wall clock?

Need to open last locker. The hint should be on the locker itself but I can't find it

@Fudge, two o'clock is 12:34. How about three...

Fudge, in winter room there's a clock on the wall and an alarm clock. They don't show the same time, so there's a difference between them.

In the summer room there's also a clock on the wall. Remember the difference from winter room and set the time on the door.

@tautau Why am I still not getting it? Brain not working in right way obviously

Not 12:34 but just an hour later. Military time!

AH was totally on the wrong line! Thanks meritneith

Got it. Notice locker door

Out finally. It is a hard game

Eh - what? :-o

Which locker?

Lower left one

I used every item on that door, nothing.

I see that the pattern is the other doors open but that doesn't help.

The hint with red X is for doors of locker

Okay, I see the facepalm moment coming.

The other doors are open. Do I have to click enter then? Sorry, blond moments.

The moment was here. Not THREE doors open.

Sorry and thank you so much!

I am so behind! Now have firewood in place, but no basket or matches. What other puzzles should I have solved. Have done dice and walls and first door colours

Open the doors as shown and then click enter

Basket is under one of the windows

Fudge, watch the fruits and open the bottom right door.

sʇınɹɟ ɯoɹɟ sɹǝʇʇǝl ʇsɹıɟ

A monkey will take the fruits then and leave the basket.

I'm already late and got to go now. Great game, hard but logical. Thanks for helping, tautau.

Now things are moving forward - thank you

solved the arrow box now that the poster has gone and the left/right buttons from snowman now that the fire is lit

Have just spotted mosquito

would never have got out without your help - takes me back to olden days when this is how we played all games. Thanks

I have no sound at all. Could someone please spoil the dice code.

I don't know the arrow or dice code.

for the dice:

ǝuo ǝǝɹɥʇ ǝuo oʍʇ ǝuo

the arrows - once the poster has fallen from the wall, follow from start to goal, ie up, right, etc

Woohoo thanks Fudge

Where is the match after solving wall pattern?

Can someone tell me the doh ra mi answer cos I'm too lazy to work it out.

q p ɟ ǝ ɐ ǝ ɹǝlıods

Liked this game very much, some clever puzzles, thanks for the game and for the help!

Thanks Princess. x

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