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Hallo Candies Walkthrough

Hallo Candies

Hallo Candies is another point & click room escape game developed by Amajeto. In this Halloween themed game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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so low ratings? this game is a bit complicated: you have to combine some clues...

easy one this time...nice

I agree to Hotz, it's one of the "harder" games from this series. But there aren't too many scenes or items, so try the stuff on various things if you're stuck.

I thought it was "easier" than most. Let me know if you need any help.

I think it is the hardest Amajeto

Good game as usual, Amajeto! As Hotzenplotz said, you have to combine some clues. And some clues help you solve more than one puzzle.

Well I haven't even started on this game yet - but just glancing down to see what's been posted, there doesn't seem to be a single helpful comment, lol. Just remarks on whether it's hard or easy - that is no use to anyone ; )

I said i was there to help, Zuleika. Where are you stuck?

I'm not stuck - not yet anyway.

But the thread is intended for helpful comments. Not 'this is hard' v 'this is easy'.

One point upon I stumbled accidentally is that the torch is used twice in the game.

Torch for 'ghosts'.

Aha - the lantern had me fooled at first. Note the direction of the triangular eyes.

Also - another use of torch in the garden.

A really nice game - ty Amajeto : )

Couple of tricky spots - hope my hints will help.

Completely stuck. Can't solve eyes (I see 2 triangles on the jack o'lantern that are the opposite way around from those on the triangle drawer, and that's it), can't solve letters (T = 20 doesn't help me with the numbers I have from the plant pots, as the letters I get from converting those don't make a word), and can't solve four-corner cupboard. I'm on the verge of rage-quitting. This is not a good Amajeto.

Hi BFs, click the boxes, you will see they make no's convert no's to letters

@yvonne - thanks!!! I had the right idea, but realised I'd got the second number wrong (thought it was a 6). Finally I can continue!!

Use the colours from book on the lit candles for order to click 4 corner cupboard

BFs, you're welcome

Finally out. Thanks, yvonne and Zuleika for your hints.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Looking for the triangle-eye clue. Do I need 10 candies to find it? I only have 9 and the pumpkin bucket.

Pop, found it in the lamp. Moving on...

well I can't do anything or figure anything out.

Loved it! Just the right amount of complexity to exercise the brain.

big X
Normally I have no problems with games from Amajeto
and no hints from anyone

I do not understand why players have to get testy on here if they can not figure out the game. Help was being offered, you just need to say where you are stuck so we can all help each other out.

LOR is right, eg24 brings the games but it's up to you guys, the players, to help each other. If you found it easy and somebody is stuck....the somebody should ask for a hint and the response should be just that. Don't hit the X, you are denying yourself a game...ask...get an answer and enjoy the game.....the formula works well.....

(RE)HI all ☺
I also wanna put my 2 pennies/cents in:
if you give hints not only when fellow players ask, but on the go, then it's very much of advantage for later players (hours, days, weeks, months, even years later...!)
that's what EG24 is for: to help each other that everyone is able to finish a game (& get the feeling of success) instead of hitting the big red X button...
therefore I invite you to post even more hints to get the life back into (some) comment sections - EG24 was created to be a Walkthrough Site - let's make it one (again)!

Hi AO, :) you know as well as I do, the abuse that was posted in comments when step by step comments were posted, much better for players to post how do I get started in this game, or I'm stuck here, I don't understand, can you explain, post the answer, It's up to the players to ask.

yvonne ☺
thx for sharing your opinion
you are a long-time player on EG24 (too), so you remember how the comments were in the past: also step by step hints (& even spoilers) on the go
& of course there was almost each time a player (mostly the same ones) who took their time to also post a (written) WT - rarely seen for a pretty long time now, as each & every game has a VWT now...!
but not all players are fond of VWTs - they prefer to get hints in the particular game threads...
& you also may know, that you can't please everybody - there will be always players that d/like sth that some other players like - it's all about to steer a middle course for us admins...!

AO. :) Yes, I know, I understand.

So, unless you happen to catch a live game you aren't really welcome here. Got it. What a useless "community".

thx for sharing your frustration about not being welcome on EG24... (that's how your comment sounds to me)
it's for sure of advantage to catch a live game, when other players are around & you can ask directly for help or being asked for it
however: when they left hints for later players (e.g. you, as it seems), each & everyone will be able to escape
as a later player, you also still can provide hints, e.g. for things not mentioned yet (unless there's a written WT), hence your contribution is very welcome & much appreciated! ☺

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin

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