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Inka Grandpa Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough

Inka Grandpa Simpson Saw Game

Inka Grandpa Simpson Saw Game is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by InkaGames. The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to force Grandpa Simpson to play his twisted game. Help him rescue them before it's too late! Help them escape safe and sound! Collect items, solve puzzles and make your way around a maze of opportunities to get into - and out of - trouble to escape Pigsaw. Good luck and have fun!

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Great game. Quite simple for Inka games but fun and finished!

I can't get dollars from gorilla cage or get money from bank - placed Luis but dumb from there.

What to do with a glass of soda?

soda is combined with sleeping pill from nurse. then give to nurse.

don't go in the prison with the gas mask .
gotta restart over then .

Still stuck on the beginning..

@Unknown - stuck at the same point as you.

Managed to finish the game yesterday. Can help if anyone needs.

were do you get gas mask



Pick up the PADDLE
talk to Jasper
acknowledge the fact that he is missing his paddle
give him the paddle
Talk to him again to get money
Use the coin on the soda machine
Get soda
Pick up the cup on the table
Combine the cup and soda
Talk to the nurse and pick the third one
When you get the water and pill in your hands, quickly click on the X on the window
Combine the pill and the soda
Use the (poinsed) drink on the nurse
Pick up the Table bell
walk out of the house
Pick up the 1$


Pick up the "door"
Use the arrow
Pick up the broom and stool
we'll come back later ^^


acknowledge the fact that the worker forgot a ramp
Use the wooden door on the worker
Pick up the rockstar constume
Go in
Pick up the banana????
Use the table bell on the table
Cick on the bell to call the waitress
Click on the trid choice
Use the 1$ on the girl to get a casino coin
Play the one where the guy was to get paid-
Trade the five cosino coins to the girl to get 5$

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       Anonymous  12/14/18, 1:27 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

thx for taking your for sure precious time to make a written WT - much appreciated!
(as very rarely seen already for a long time...!)
d/you peek into the VWT we provide for (almost) each & every game to ge unstuck?

muchas gracias for all your creations, Inka ☺

~~~★ Walkthrough Part 2 ★~~~~

Talk to the bum near the barrel.
choose the second option.
USe the binoculars you just got to look at the password on the wall.
Talk to the guy in the green tent, use the password (3rd option)
Inside the tent talk to the guy- he will trade his plunger for something.
Give him your broom.

Talk to the burger mascot to find it's closed.
Use the plunger on the window.
Use the glass cutter on the window.
Climb in the window.
Take the Family Picture.
Talk the girl at the front of the line.
Use the rubber rat on the girl.
Talk to the cashier.
Give him five bucks to get a burger.

Give the burger to the bum in the other tent.
Get a key to Grimes's crypt from him.

Put the portable hole in front of the statue of Death.
Use the key on the crypt.
Quickly push the tombstone behind the hole.
Grab the family picture and use it on the wall.
Take the Gas Mask and the Key.

On the far left coner, use the wig
Talk to the officer
He'll let you in
Put on the Gas Mask
Use the sleeping gas
put the stool down by the keypad.
Climb up and use the wire cutter on the wire to open the cell doors.
Climb down and take the stool again.
Take the Rambo costume from Snake's cell.
Take the Newspapers from Sideshow Bob's cell.
Take the Raw Pizza Dough from Fat Tony's cell.
Leave the prison (don't forget to wear the wig)
Get the swimsuit outside the prison.

Give the banana to the gorilla.
Use the key on the gorilla's cage door.
Put on the Female Gorilla costume.
Grab the cash before time runs out.
Click the red arrow to slip out of the costume to safety.

Use ten bucks to buy a movie ticket.
Give the ticket to the usher (right) to go inside.
Put on the Rambo Costume.
Use the newspapers in the empty military bag.
Use the bag on the X near the movie screen.
Take the notepad and pencil on the seat.

Put on the Rockstar costume.
Use Luis on the bank.
Give Luis the notepad and pencil.
Go inside the bank.
Talk to the man behind the desk
Give the approved loan paper to Moleman
Get 10 thousand bucks!

Give Krusty 10,000 bucks for the surfboard (ripoff!).

Show the surfboard to Dr. Frink
Get a modified surfboard.
Back to the beach.

Put on the swimsuit.
Use the surfboard.
Take note of the numbers on the beach chairs. (7595)

Use the beach chair numbers on the keypad.
Go inside.
Quickly use the vibranium plate to block the beam.
Quickly Throw the pizza dough.
Use the glass cutter to free your family.


thanks for the walk through, you are probably a nice girl in general but try not to call homeless people "bums", I am guilty of using old outdated sayings too, but if we all make an effort we will make a better world!


       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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