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SD Axylem is another point & click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. In this game, you were sent to a haunted asylum to rid it of evil. There is said to be a teddy bear that is possessed by evil spirits. To destroy it, you will need help from the supernatural realm. Be careful: if the bear finds you, it will take you, and it will take your items and hide them! Good luck and have fun!

WARNING: This game may not be suitable for young children. Some scenes may be too intense for people who scare easily.

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Guys, this is a big game......strap yourself in!

I have the impression Teddy is playing a nasty role here, and it's a laaaarge place

that should be 'huge' I now think.

So far I used a crowbar on a wall and found a lighter in a drawer. But no map yet.

I am completely stuck. I didn't know you could pick up orbs with out a container. So I passed many up. The bear kept moving me to the 6 lower rooms. I finally got 50 orbs to stop the bear from stealing objects but I am stuck in these 6 room and can't find a way out. I can't collect any more orbs to buy the map. And it won't let me start the game over. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?????

There's a grey box, in two rooms to the right of that is a screwdriver.

LOL Debrah !!

But thank you for the hints. I will hunt for the orbs now first, cause I alreaday have some items stolen, the SD one of them.

Iʻm stuck in the same six rooms as well, restarted and same thing.

       Anonymous  12/16/18, 11:17 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

I have the map now, and the thingy to stop him from stealing. Used another key.

       Anonymous  12/16/18, 11:23 AM  

sorry but very unplayable with the teddy keep changing scenes everytime you find a box of code, and losing all what you have

If an item is glued to your pointer, teddy won't steal it.
The silver key is in that grey box. Use the red numbers on it, top to bottom.

I restarted, to give better hints. Teddy is still throwing me around.

This is an old fashioned big Asylum. Yummy.

There's a hotspot on the wall in R with letters for the box in I.

Nothing works so far on teddy.
The crowbar is in A (2 rooms down from where Teddy throws us back into).
It's used on the stone in N (left of the room Teddys throws us back into - it gives ʎǝʞ uǝǝɹƃ ǝɥʇ).

I catch teddy I will strangle em LOL

so this is merry xmas from SD you evil person LOL

teddy is getting annoying now.

Good to see the original creepy dude back in the shop :)

The green key and silver key bring you back into familiar rooms.
The question is ... if you have those keys stolen before you open the doors with them, how can you move on in the game?
Hi Leroy.

I bought map.. shouldve bought dready stopper LOL least dready dont steal map..

Arrie 50 orbs buys dready stopper in shop..

Oh wait, Teddy isn't always throwing you back into the same place?
LOL, I think I will have to delete a lot of comments this way.

yes, I have that Leroy, I just started again to find the logic ..

well dready thrown me back to room O 4 times in a row now??

And again??? did I trigger endless loop?

PS Arrie Dready stole my crowbar so I stuck that damn section..

The green key is used on the door right of where the crowbar was.
SD is in E, is used in H for another crystal (one on the map as well).

gonna try giving dready crystal from map to steal LOL see if that changes things..

Nope.. back to O.. restart?? Take note SD might be a bug..

how to get my sd back??

Yes, Leroy, me too now, constantly. But not in the beginning, there he threw me in another part of this asylum. That confused me, heheh.

I wonder if you'll get the crowbar back. There must be a solution in the game for that.

Really should have got the talisman Leroy, huge time saver.

sighs restart it is..

trick.. run around with crowbar in hand.. dready cant get it LOL

yeah I did this time Loki but laswt start kept sending me room O and ya cant do anything..

Is buren Suppose to make a word? I can't think of any word with all 5 letters. So I'm stuck on that puzzle...

I've got as far as AP, that's where the evil bear is, how do I get rid of him? cross, amulet, knife doesn't work

Hi Debrah, it's a boys name starting with R

Use crowbar in M for red key.
Is used in R to get into X.

Debrah, for scrambled letters I always use an anagram solver.

Hi arrie :)

The lighter is in the drawer in room AA.

hallo Yvonne :)

5 letter box is in i. gives gem.

Light the fire in Q for a blue key.
Used in W to open the door to V.

Flashlight is in U.

Use flashlight in D to get purple key.
Is used in AD to get into AF.

In Z are tablelids to be opened. In one of them is a crucifix. Not sure if the flashlight is needed there, I had it highlighted.

A paper with colourcode in AB (aaaand back to O, sigh).

You found us a beautiful place again to wander around in SD !! I love those old forgotten buildings with all their past splendor.

A doll in a carriage in AO, use hammer for gold key.
Use in AN to get into AK.

Box in AI for colourcode found on the map.
Gives a fourth gem.

A knife in AM.
In there a box for a 4-number code as well.

got fast travel now so dready cant mess me too much LOL

Sorry if I should have used the spoiler possibility more often. There's so much to find and combine, I just posted and didn't think of it any further apart from that one time in the beginning.

damn ruben worst game ever 0 star

hey welcome back Leroy !!
Help me with the three colourcode on the box in AC please, hurry up!

The gems go on the candlestands in U.

how to use clue for AB??

I asked you first, Leroy.

I just found out I don't need to highlight the ball and click with it on a roomnumber in order to go fast from one to the other. Having it in inventory is enough, just click on a room.

Damn SD and his nightmare for Xmas.. JK SD LOL

Did you notice the T=15 on the back of the board in AB?

have now LOL

very good, now combine the two clues.

4 number box in AM. spoiler4522spoiler gives gem

thank you Robin, then one last gem to go!

The number comes from the X-ray in AN.
Zoom in on name and number down right.

click on fine print on x-ray in AN

Also looking for last gem...

Probably in that 3-coulour box in AC.
Just wait Gwenyth, Leroy is going to tell us how to open it.

charge the cross with the power from the crystals.
kills teddy.

got the clue for the three colours, but it doesn't make sense N I L?

can you explain Gwenyth?

And well done !!

Where to use knife? Any ideas?
Unfortunately it doesn't work on the dreaded teddy.

I found a clue on the foot of a bed.
blue N, green I and red L
Haven't worked out how I can apply it to the three dials.

Robin explained how to get rid of Teddy, Gwyneth.
I don't know about the knife either.

Aaaahhah, LOLOL, I thought you had solved it Gwyneth.

I still need one more gem - probably behind the dials...
And still haven't found where to use the knife.

Clue AB for AC.
It's sooooo simple, I miscalculated.
On the back of the board it says T=15.
Meaning that every letter goes minus 5 .... last gem.

And that's the end of the game.
Never used the knife I think.

Playing together and helping each other is fun.
It works very well on longer games like this.
Thank you selfdefiant for creating it.
I enjoyed it.

I found the teddy unnecessarily tedious, but otherwise great game!

I still don't get the NIL/T=15 clue. Could someone spoil it for me? Also I have been to every room several times and the knife doesn't cut anything.

Curly. In the alphabet the T is the 20th letter.
On the back of the board with NIL it says T=15, that means 5 less than in the alphabet. Do the same with the three letters and watch out for the colour order on the box, that's not NIL.

Did the crystal ball actually sell for 50 orbs? I think I still had 25 left over when I bought it.

In the alphabet, T is letter 20. Since the clue says T is 15, all letters are 5 numbers lower than they should be. So, N(blue) is 9, etc. The dials are basically like clocks, so the blue dial would point to 9.

OMG Arrie Thank you. I am not focused.

I feel like I've played this before. And I remember being frustrated the first time until I figured out you had to take a key with you on the first jump.

Nope just didn't have the stamina for this one - Teddy got the better of my me. Just go round collecting orbs until you have enough for amulet and map before picking anything up, then you have a chance.

I got the crystals in the candle holders but the cross won't charge. Not sure what else I should do...

So if you losee the SD are you screwed? Cant seem to find a way to retrieve it. Solved everything else.

Dr. Dinkle, Marly Mouse, Landing Pad and Motor Cross all load quickly. Axylem just hangs, here on Melting Mindz front page and in the MM forum.
Firefox with Adobe version

This one loads, but is it the same game? Seems like an older version (no teddy bear): http://www.rustylake.com/adventure-games/axylem.html

Is SD playing third time lucky with the same game?


looks like the 2015 Axylem Rehash Version
Changes are sometimes a bad idea
Play this game and you'll know why.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finally got it to load, made a bit of progress then the bear stole everything and put me into a closed loop.

I love SD's games, but this one is unplayable.

I lost my crowbar and now can't find it again and can't unlock any more rooms without it. :/

I really enjoyed this. Thanks SD. It was complicated and made you think. Yes, going back was a bit frustrating but once you get the talisman and the travel globe, things go fine. Thanks for all the work you put into this game. Appreciate you.

This comment has been removed by the author.

PL WHERE IS THE candle holders

OK, I restarted and made more progress. I have 4/6 crystals now. One from panel on wall, one from letter box, one from map and one from coloured clock dials. I've unlocked all the rooms as far as I can tell. No idea where to look for the other two!? I have the knife, SD, crowbar, lighter and cross (plus the amulet, map and crystal ball).

Found a 5th crystal in room AI (dɐɯ ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ suoıʇɔǝɹıp pǝɹnoloɔ ǝɥʇ ʎlddɐ uɐɔ noʎ ǝɹǝɥʍ pɹɐoqdnɔ ǝɥʇ uı slɐıp pǝɹnoloɔ 4 ɥʇıʍ xoq ɐ s,ǝɹǝɥʇ)

@ester - The candle lighter is in U.

I found a number clue from the X-Ray, but where to use it...?

Ahhh, found from the earlier comments that there's a number box in AM. Thanks, guys! Time to nuke that bear! Lol.

@ester - oops, I meant candle holder, not lighter. But the room was right. It's in U.

Out now!!! That's what you get for constantly sending me to room O, bear!!! Lol.

Great game, SD!!

I don't know what's going on, but I still have only 5 crystals, despite watching the walkthrough carefully and reading all the comments. I seem to have done all the puzzles and have the one from the map and wall - where is the 6th??

I'm wondering whether to start again, but I've been on this for three days!

Usually I love seldefiant games, but this one, with that... bear, I dont know.

A rare Red X from me for a SD game. Bear repeatedly transports me to O and I have no green key so now way out. A bit too clever for it's own good, this one.

I'll replay Tring-a-ling :).

Cursed it, but I loved it!!!! I had to start over 3 times before I new all the traps!!! Hope to see another soon!!!!

Crystals :
1. in H. Use sd on the wall up left.
2. on the map.
3. in I. The box that opens with the name.
4. in AC. The box that opens with NIL/T=15.
5. in AI. The box that opens with the map-directions.
6. in AM. The box that opens with the X-ray number.

Holy Big Maps!!!! This is huge! Awesome!!! But, I'll have to come back to it after work hours. Looking forward to it... hate the bear already!

arrie NL - I've done all those but one is missing. I've checked my stuff along the bottom so I still don't know where the last one is, but thanks for the update

Finally got out after playing again!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I realise now what must have happened - evil teddy stole one of my crystals.

Much as I loved the fact it was a biiiig game (like lotsa rooms), the teddy factor was just not fun :(

soulessminion, I agree, though once you get the hang of not picking anything up until you have the amulet, it's not too bad.

I swear we played this game a few years ago. Unless it's the same rooms and whatnot with puzzle differences.????

It is the same game. http://www.escapegames24.com/2015/03/axylem-rehash-walkthrough.html

This one has the teddy bear. The one I linked above does not. http://www.escapegames24.com/2015/03/axylem-walkthrough.html

SD, I loved this game. The stupid Teddy Bear was an annoyance at first, but I sorted him out and really liked the big map, challenges, etc. I am amazed that anyone is complaining reused maps/scenes. It's been long enough since they were last used, get over it. Thanks SD. Great game!

Does anyone know, if you bought the map first, is there still a way to win the game? Can you still gather enough orbs? Where do the taken items go if so?

Hi guys. SD went to tremendous efforts to introduce a unique feature in this game. Did he use old pictures from a previous game? Yes, he did. I have seen the code for this game....it is over 3 times the size of the original and the thieving teddy bear is not random....it is based on your moves and actions.....so, you make a wrong decision, the teddy punishes you. It really is a work of genius. If you need to restart, learn why you are restarting! This, in my opinion is not the game of the month...or even the year......I think this is the most clever escape game made EVER. Frustrating......oh yes! Big? Oh boy...YES! Brilliant? Do I need to give my opinion on that or is it already clear? The only person who can make a better game than this one, is the man who made this one! Thank you SD, you really are a twisted, evil person for making this, but, I love you for it!

Loki, I 100% agree with everything you said. It was a whole new game. Period.

Look forward to seeing the dready bear again sometime. Really took this game to another level.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

When I find the bear's secret stash of stolen things, I'm gonna take that screwdriver and shove it ........................................... LOL. Great game! Thanks SD.

I'm stuck in the rooms A,H,O,N,T

This comment has been removed by the author.

I know I'm late but I just played this today so...

1. I don't think the bear moves you based on your actions, I think he moves you after a set number of minutes.
2. For those new to SD games: ALWAYS buy the map first. It has a clue and/or object that you need. Always buy the traveling crystal last. It doesn't let you go to rooms you haven't visited so you may be stuck without enough orbs to buy the other items you need.
3. Don't pick up any crystals until after you have the amulet. Dready stole one of my crystals and I couldn't find it anywhere and had to restart the game. ʇǝlnɯɐ ǝɥʇ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ lıʇun dɐɯ ǝɥʇ uı ǝuo ǝɥʇ ǝʞɐʇ uǝʌǝ ʇ,uop
4. Open the six number box and use the silver key to immediately open the silver door. Otherwise you'll be trapped when the bear moves you. Same with the green key. Get it and immediately go open the green door.
5. Don't pick up the screwdriver until after you have the amulet to keep Dready from stealing. You can keep an object in your hand to keep him from stealing it but you're going to want to use that option for the crowbar.

I couldn't pick up the screwdriver after I had the amulet. I can see it, but that is it...

no fun

The teddy keeps flashing on the screen blocking my view every second. Is that supposed to happen? Or is that a glitch?

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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