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07-03-2019 - DEVELOPER'S INFORMATION - MildEscape Tesshi-e Walkthrough

07-03-2019 - DEVELOPER'S INFORMATION - MildEscape Tesshi-e

We found the following information on the MildEscape (Tesshi-e) site we thought we should share with you.

About the end of game release

This site (Mild Escape) uses Yahoo! Geocities.
But it will be closed at the end of March 2019.
In order to continue Mild Escape it is necessary to search for a new provider.
On the other hand, although Mild Escape No.1 to No. 116 games are created using Adobe's Flash, this will be deprecated in 2020.
Currently, moving the site is under consideration, but in any case the games of No. 1 to No. 116 will be closed at the end of March 2019.
Although I also thought about rebuilding with the current method, I gave up considering the large number and damage situation of the original file etc.
All the games are sorry to me because I made hard work but it can not be helped.
I thank you for playing with many people for a long time. Thank you very much.

UPDATE 31-03-2019:
The Mildescape site has gone offline today, the end of an era. Bye bye Mr. Birdy and Hippo.
Maybe we will meet again some time in the future.

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
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This is really bad news. I have played their games almost every year.

It's a pity that those gems will be lost forever. I hope someone will show up to help.

Probably the games can be saved somewhere somehow, with a bit of help of fans! After all, Coconuts Park games (a few of them anyway) are available to be played here on EscGames24... let's try to do it!

New provider should be available using one of the cloud systems that work well and are free for small or limited usage. (heroku, digital ocean are two to consider)

Sorry to hear this...
I really enjoyed these games a lot, and feelthat they belong at the top end of releases.

A really, really big THANK YOU..!

I noticed that their last two games have been published as mobile games first, and yesterday web versions for both were posted.
These last two games were not made for Flash, but made in Unity.
This seems to indicate that Tesshi-e will keep making games.

This makes me sad. I really enjoyed all your games! Good luck in whatever comes next for you.

       Anonymous  3/7/19, 6:58 AM  

Flash still can be run in standalone player, so why not just place old games somewhere for download ? Like on www.myabandonware.com

Can EG host the files or just store them for a while? looks like most of the .swf files are still there.

Very sad news, a real internet treasure of amazing games. Please keep us updated!

Pouring one out for Tesshi-e

Sorry to hear the news!
The MildEscape / Tesshi-e games are always a MUST play and a perfect example of expert construction and craftsmanship.
Thanks for your huge efforts over the years!!!

It's really a pity to lose all these wonderful games, but it's a win if you at least can keep the site running on some other provider. I hope everything works out! Love you Tesshie-e! おつかれさまでした!

I,too, love the Tesshie games. Graphics were beautiful and the imagination in them superb. Many thanks to all who helped to create these games.

The Tesshi-e games have been among the highest quality games I've seen. The rooms are so beautiful, you almost don't want to leave even after solving all the puzzles and finding the happy coin.

Let's make March Tesshi-e month!

Omigoodness! I love Tesshie games! I recently started to replay them all and am on #95. Such joy and quality! I hope they can be saved. Thank you for all the Mild Escape fun!

@cool: Where did you find those games?

Tesshi-e games have always been a "must do" challenge for me. For years I had to attempt every one I came across.
Truly beautiful games, even though I couldn't finish most of them on my own.
Surely there has to be a way to preserve them.
Thank you, and Good luck!!!


The last two games that have been made by Tesshi-e are posted on EG24. They were first made for mobile and later for web. He used Unity for these last two games.

In the message it says that there are 116 games made in Flash so far. It's just not an option to remake all these games in Unity.

I do hope Tesshi-e can secure his games and maybe at some later point publish them again. There's so much good Flash content out there that I'm pretty sure there will be several options made available to play Flash anyway.

That's really bad news! Tesshi-e games were among my favourite for the beautiful graphics and challenging puzzles. I really hope there's a way to save them all, so that we can be able to play and re-play them again in the future.
Thanks, Tesshi-e for the great work you've done in all these years

Noooo! Tesshi-e are in my top 10 favorite games! Many of my favorites are disappearing, Sakura for example 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Tesshi-e . . .

I do hope an angel comes along and preserves your Mile Escape games. I truly enjoyed playing them and looked forward to seeing new ones posted. I hope you continue creating these works of art for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you.

Tesshi-e were the league leaders, no other dev came close to their standard. Instead we got devs who went for money over quality, loads and loads of inferior quality games that I wouldn't waste my time playing. It's a tragedy for the escape game world if tesshi-e stopped making games.

I do hope that the games will continue working on Wayback Machine. They do seem to be in a one big chunk and not with a loader type setup so they might be preserved that way.

While all's in limbo, I've been enjoying (re-)playing the old games. It's been fun reading the old comments when everyone helped each other and our motto was EGDAWT (Every Game Deserves A Walk-Thru).

Early games said "Good Luck!" when you clicked the play button. The Happy Coin design changed over time. (I want a collection! Also Mr. Birds and Mr. Hippos!)

I hoped I could play one last game tonight, but was too late. So sad ....


There is some good news too. About 30 of Tesshi-e games have been made for mobile and those are still available.
We are working on an instruction on how to play these on your computer. When that's available we will add the Google Play links to those games.
We are hoping Tesshi-e will keep rebuilding games and maybe find a new provider and create new games.
We will have to see what the future brings.

apparently they've found a new provider? Only 6 games now:

Anybody have any news or updates as of May 2020?

I have one... Escape to the boss room. If there are others, I'd love them.

And the new site is gone. Anyone know where to find them? So much effort to be just be forgotten. Flash will probably be around forever as a standalone on an emulator (like all the early video games are).

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