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Riddle Me Tool is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. Riddle Me Tool is the successor of the all records breaking riddle game Tool Torture Threesome. Good luck and have fun!


1. DO NOT GIVE FULL ANSWERS but start with subtle hints.

2. Start comments/questions with a level number in format: LVL I, LVL II, LVL III, LVL XV, LVL XVIII etc.

3. When you want to chat use the embedded dedicated chatbox in the game.

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If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


congrats ST!

Thanks for the riddle Small! Looking forward to getting stuck (probably very soon!)

Thanks for the riddle st. Diving in.

Looks really GREAT, small !!! (lol..)

Looking forward to hours of fun and frustration, thnx :)

Sigh. OK to Level IV. Not going to count letters...at least not yet, lol

My first time joining live...love the theme. Onto Level II, and we're off. Yay! Thanks smalltool 😀

great to see familiar riddlers again,thanks small for this new one!any help for LEVEL VII, the reflection one?how to pick?

also stuck on LVL VII. I suppose it's really simple ...

Hi everyone - if you stick to the format ST suggested (e.g. LVL V), you'll be able to search for hints using Cntl + F

Thanks for the riddle Small - looks like fun!!

Level VII: Text tells you to look BACK, find six ANSWERS in the FIRST place.

Level VII :
If you work your way back FIRST, you should get the answer.

Stuck on level XVI. Are those things in the foreground important?

epresto - LVL VII - seems to me that's what I did (6 letters)

thanks epresto and ceebee,now on level x for a riddle about my country?

ok nothing to do with Greece!

LVL XIV really hard for me!

I'll try here instead, can anyone give me a push on level IV following the Confirmation Egg?

Mackem - just answered you in other box

LVL XII has me stumped!
I've tried all names given in Wikipedia

(but proud Ive made it this far)

LVL X - I've tried googling the image, visited granny, looked for a connection in the colours (languages?), and feel like it's probably obvious, but...help!

Level IV - look at the first letters in the text of the 2nd egg to get a hint for what to do next.

It's getting confusing to follow the requests for help in two places :(

Mackem -- lvl IV has several levels with increasingly larger things to coun4

@the artist, LVL XIV is all about playing on words.

LVL XVII almost had me stumped...
Great riddle, small-tool!

LVL XII, did you find the eggs?

LVL X Rain Dancer you are on the right track, did you try first thing first when you visited granny?

Hello :) Thanks small-tool for this riddle :)

As expected, I need some help already hehe:

LVL X - I can use some hint as well. I am lost on countries and languages and colors.

LVL X - sometimes the language of a country isn't what you think it is.

Thanks annaby, just finished that one and now 'feeling' my way through the next level :)

Thanks Epresto and Charlie, still not quite getting it 'meow', gonna stop for dinner (10pm here), brain might work better after that 😉

@Charlie, thanks for X :)

Charlie, I went back and found the other egg, but can't seem to combine them. I mistakenly thought my confirmation egg was the clue for the next level.

oops, that last was for Epresto, LVL XII

Need leave and do some gardening.

Yucky egg on LVL XX!

Onto level VII, testing my grannyisms using previous levels. Firsts seem to be the way, but nothing yet.

Missed the start, way later home than expected.
Anyway; Glad to see you al having fun.

Big, Huge, Giga thanks to the new EG24 staff :)

No joke!!!

It's thanks to all those great volunteers EG24 still excists!!!!

Be grateful and say 'thanks' and/or 'good job' sometimes :)

small, what the heck am I supposed to do on LVL XX? Any hints?

Level XX

The egg is obvious, right?

5 more letters then from very basic riddling.

Thanks small! It seems so easy once you know what to do...I feel like an idiot now LOL

lvl xvii not sure what am looking for here looked at morse letters from names etc see a lot of 2's 2 ears 2 eyes 2horns etc

LVL XVII Mtatt, text and drawing in pic hints to what you need

Still nothing on level VII, where oh where am I going wrong?


Six answers done so far.

Their first letters are? (when reading them from 6 to 5, to etc, to 1)

I've tried that, the big cat strikes :(

Spoiler ʇuɐɔuı Spoiler

Uff...made it to LVL XXII. Wish I could play longer but I need to go to bed now. Good luck all!

Well done @Charlie :)

LVL VII - Mackem, there was an eggy level - you only want the final first

Okay, I took first as being literal. Then I changed the 4th first first to the 4th last first and got the answer. Onto level VIII.


Third letter is wrong.
Check again!
(lol, or just guess the third letter, it;s no anagram)

Thanks @Rain Dancer, but I finally figured it out :)

And thanks to you too @ST

Level VIII complete, time for bed now. Thanks @s-t for the riddle, this will take a while :)

Jumping in! How many levels is this thing?

Very smart question Chael615!!!!

It says 50 when starting, but...

Doh, got the rotten egg on level X. Erm...

LVL XVI - I've managed to find 4 rotten eggs, getting smelly around here, lol... I've figured out why (so cute!), and tried a different seventh, still no joy. Can you give me a nudge please?

Thanks, smalltool, for an excellent tutorial and game, especially the toolbox. I finally made it to lvl XIV and love the posters there. (Further than I've ever made it in a riddle game.)
Also, thanks for providing the searchable format for comments -- VERY helpful.


@PuzzledinCA - well said, and well done for making it this far, I hope you carry on with us. It's my first live one...still stuck on XVI, so going to sleep on it. Back tomorrow.

Hi everyone, joined late today. Congrats Small tool on this new riddle.
Lvl XII I can only see one image and got that egg, but not seeing another pic that I can make out for sure, a little help please.

lvl XII ok, so finally found two confirmation eggs and one rotten..haha… onto XIII

XVII not sure what I am supposed to do, saw the comment about following the sketch above the pics but not even getting an egg combining 2 at a time, never mind 3, any help out there tonight on this?

will try again, tomorrow good luck all

Lvl X I am not getting it at all. I've got world maps opened...what is there to use granny on? I'm stumped. More hints please!! Lvl 10

This comment has been removed by the author.

sharon in every part of the world people speak different languages

Lvl XIV- nobody else seems to have struggled so why am I? :-(

help with LVL V please?

rasuo, take a look at the ship's lights, maybe you should touch not look

@enzed I've been staring at those lights forever :) tried combining white spaces, black spaces, looking for a pattern, but nothing so far

enzed, Lvl XIV - Notice a letter on each image is incorrect. Apply that to the title.

rasuo, Lvl V - The text indicates which alphabet to use. The lights in the windows can be felt, if you can't see clearly.

maybe that is your problem. Instead of staring what might you need to do if you can't see

rasuo, visit lvl II again. Scroll down and you will find a site to help you.

thanks Clio

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks clio_rose! :)

LVL XXIII - I've found two rotten eggs. I'm checking again what's in the pic (as told to in my second egg) but I can't find a third method to apply to those numbers and words. Little help please?


The exact amounts are very important.

hi there :), I'm so happy that small-tool created another riddle! congrats!! and I'm wishing all of us a good riddle time :) made it up to XIV, but now I'm stuck..I can't see any incorrect letters? thanks in advance

What is up with level XV? I cannot figure out where to begin. Maybe a hint in the right direction, please?

Hi Abraxxass, lvl XIV, look at the image on the left. There is a famous movie that rhymes with the words....what smalltool is holding is the clue to that. In the right image, the drink is called something else, which also rhymes with what it's called there.

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks a lot, clio, got it now, didn't know neither the movie nor the drink..good one :) btw, nice to see you again, clio :)

LVL XXIII - Thanks s-t, but I still don't get it. I must leave now, will try again later tonight :)

xxiii can't find any eggs nvm rotten ones

xviii,do I have to translate these characters,cause I find it difficult as they look like calligraphy to me

xviii no just read them

Chael615, Lvl XV - googling the text will help you.

mtatt100, Lvl XXIII - Notice one final set of numbers/letters are one colour, and the other a different colour.

thanks mtatt!

This comment has been removed by the author.

confirmation egg LVL XII? can someone give a hint please?

lvl xii what are they made of

Clio yes noticed they belong to their specific word groups but don't see how to continue

rasuo, Lvl XII - I'm guessing the egg you got was an animal. What in general, do you see? After that, don't forget who is paddling.

got egg now ta Clio

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can anyone give me a nudge on lvl XXI? I've got 2 eggs so far...

I think I'm on the last LVL XII confirmation egg (the one with the cloud finger and an egg). Tried granny, finger, sky...

rasuo, once again go back to lvl II and read the second line written. hahahhaha.

clio_rose, I have! and I've tried anagrams of every word I've used on this level...

rasuo, did you make a granny omelette with your two confirmation eggs?

clio_rose, now I have, thanks! :)

Yayyy, rasuo.

LVL VII - the hints were confusing. When looking back, use one of the EGGS from lvl IV, not the first IV answer

Ike, if you come down here. Lvl II, if you read the first paragraph, you will see certain letters are in bold and in a different font. The paragraph itself talks about a way of solving letters which don't make a word. Use the info in that paragraph, and scroll down to find the correct solver to use. Good luck.

Stuck on LVL VII. read previous hints. I went back to levels 1-6 (no eggs) and got the first letter of the answers. Is that correct? Letters don't make a word (NFANTF)

LVL VII - Enjoy, one of your letters is off, fix that and then use granny and you'll be spot on!

LVL VII - EnJoy, check your letter for level 6 again

Enjoy, Lvl VII - what is your url now?. You're last letter is incorrect. If you read your answers, ftf but backwards and start from where you are now, no anagram needed.

thanks .. got it

LVL X - Still stuck. I have tried the languages of the colors, the countries and I'm just not seeing it. Am I on the right track with the languages of map colors?

Small Tool - Thank you! I love these riddles even though they drive me mad but...I showed my daughter and sister and they are now hooked (and mad as a hatter!) :)

Clio-Rose - LVL VII: Thank you for correcting...no anagram is needed. If I'm going to help I need to not confuse!

LVL XVII good morning everyone, could someone give me a push on xvii, I know where the upper pic comes from although I don't watch it, but not getting how to apply it to the other pics, tried combining all different ones and not getting anything. a little help please.

Sharon, yes you are on the right track with the languages, there are 6 of them, and remember the comment from earlier, not all languages are what you may think, double check them and visit granny

This comment has been removed by the author.

LVL XVII - Google is your (very good) friend. For example if you were to google the 1st combo of pics, you'd get an answer. Verify by typing it in for an egg

XVII robin google two pics of each line,think myth....y

LVL IX - what cipher do you use? I've tried them all. UGH

LVL IX - pictures can hold clues

I tried that .. SINTBIGR in ciphered text and SOFUBOYS in key and I get auizauiz

This comment has been removed by the author.

LVL XVII - just two. Ignore the top - that's just the hint for what to do with the bottom sets of pics

So the "KEY" is something else. Mtatt once said to look in 3 places for clues, title (url) picture and text

Lvl X - Thank you Robin! You got me in the right direction and after many trips to granny I had to revise one and got it!

LVL IX - seems I lost the key ! Tried many but none works... Any push ?

LVL IX - the key is there - Mtatt once said to look in 3 places for clues, Title (url), Picture and Text

@Janet - I see what has to be see in the pic, tried with the url and text but I am in a dead end and got only....gibberish :-/

Lvl XVII ok so after lots of googling I have the first 4, is the last one a goat or gazelle? neither seems to work to find the right answer? but found the rotten egg for it, just cant find the right one... any help please?

Lvl IX Eric read what you typed into the url

@Robin - how ***** i am. Thanks !

LVL XVII - That was an obscure one. The head is a goat and the rest.....

lvl xvii had to guess but onto xviii,

LVL XVII - Wiki Hybrid Creatures in Folklore Human With Animal Head

congrats robin,run quickly so you can help me with xix!

LVL XIX - google what you see on the wall to help you pick

janet the d.....s i see dont make any word for me

LVL XIV - Have read previous hints & comments, think I have the correct movie but I wonder if there can be a language barrier (at least for me) there... I think I also get the right pic. Is there any egg to confirm my ideas ?

LVL XIX - there is one set in each of the liquor names - granny not needed.

thanks janet!

LVL XIV - substitute - each pic has something wrong and then there's that funny word above them

LVL XXI found the egg, am I still using the same cypher on the new words?

lvl xxi never mind, was overthinking got it, applied what I had, no need to use cypher a second time.

LVL XVI - carrying on where I left off yesterday. Can anyone help please? I figured out why I got the 4 rotten eggs, but still no progress...

xvi you used the mistake now what could those misspelled words start with

LVL XV - I got the egg and looking at the picture with that in mind. I've put in titles, first initials, even the name on the shelf. Still not getting it.

LVL XV - ftf and granny helps

LVL XV - Sharon, notice the direction of the books...

Help - thanks mtatt100, but I'm still struggling with LVL XVI - I've tried firsts, centers, misspellings, corrected letters, numbers, including and excluding the title...

xxxi bad egg go back and read previous page can't make anything tried humpty dumpty ,first letters of url etc nothing

LVL XVI - There are 7 errors in the names. Taking the right letters to granny will get you an egg.

Rain Maker firsts is good

Your latter idea is a nice one (it does say eggheads and up and stuff), Mtatt, but the letters are of course not just there to give you a rotten egg.

Thank you Sharon :)
I'm glad you (and your family) like it. I hope you have lots of fun :)

Oh good grief - on LVL XVI, need 7 of 8 possible misspellings, I missed one... On to XVII, thanks Janet and mtatt100 - woo hoo!

level XXIII. HAve two rotten eggs, but i dont see what to do. I saw the clue "exact amounts are important" but dont see what/how. Amounts of what? i dont get it.

thanks small had a small mistake got it now

Lvl xxiii think how the bold numbers relate to the ones above them how does 5 relate to the first string

thank you Janet for help on IX!

Thanks mtatt! got it now :)

LVL XII egg - I've read the hints here and still have no idea what to do. Anyone here that can help?

LVL XII - when you look up, you see an animal- name gives you confirmation egg. Then go back and look at the pic again - general name for what you see (not plural or you get the rotten egg) Make an omelet with your two egg words

LVL X hint - what is the official language of China -- it's not chinese.

Thanks Janet! Moving on again :)

LVL XV - got the egg. the book is sideways. the book titles on the original picture are going different directions. tried granny on sideways... nope

POP - I got it

LVL XVI - I got both eggs by identifying the misspellings. but can't get past the eggs.. help. (7 misspelled in text and one in title)
Help please

Lvl XXIII is there one from each? some have several? do I use them all? just getting gibberish. have both eggs but not helpful haha

LVL XVI - EnJoy, make sure you've got the correct 7, there's one that's a cutie I'd never heard of

pop, got it right after posting

XVI - i have --- Wolverins, Rap, Ottar, Sheet, Purcupine, Ell, Lemar

This comment has been removed by the author.

Level XVI - to get the egg, pick what should be the correct letter in each of your answers. Then the egg tells you what to do next. Visit granny again and you're done

p.s. Might want to erase your post - you did get them correct ones.

UGH... saw the FTF in other hint and I forgot about it. Thanks Robin and Rain

XXV I have looked at cyphers but getting any that really match, am I on the right path?

LVL XVII - got all the names of the hybrid creatures. took FTF but nothing

OHHH. I think I got the last one wrong

I did get the last one wrong... but I just guessed. never figured out goat/man

LVL XXI, I'm stuck - had one egg, I gather from a comment above that there are two, but can't find anything. Tried visiting granny, RedLuth and Google, not getting it. Tips welcome please...

Robin, no ciphers on XXV, that word is a bit off, try what you think it should be

Well, I made it to XVIII - Hebrew? can't translate or make out any words. Going to quit for tonight. Thank you everyone for the fabulous hints

Rain Dancer, I only found 1 egg on XXI, use what it says to pick letters

xxxiii should be easy but not seeing a word

XXV Donas thank you, found 2 eggs, found the feud they are having found the one movie they did together A.P. nothing is working and nothing is popping into mind. am I over thinking again or is google the best way to go?

25 what sect do they like

mtatt, thanks its the feud, I didn't bother trying it at first,

mtatt some of the letters could be a couple of things, maybe try more than one way

Still baffled on XV. I have rotated the picture sideways. Tried FTF and granny but I am getting nothing.

lvl X
I have the colors according to the language where they are .. but granny does not tell me anything .. one help please
Thank you

Molly, maybe it's all chinese to you? Then you are wrong and need to check again.

Lvl XVIII - Hebrew? Not getting anything from the pic...I've looked at it with one eye, cross-eyed, squinting....I noticed the colors and that's it..just noticed. Any nudges would be helpful!

Chael on XV if I am not mistaken its the pic of books, Type some of the text below that and you will come up with a title that tells you what you need to visit granny with.

Level XV - Google the quote to see the title of the book. And, for me, it wasn't "sideways". Google told me the author was Neel Shah.

So once you have the correct book title, look at the books on the shelf - some are read top to bottom, some are read bottom to top.

Then look at the titles from reading the way you need to. Ftf and go visit granny.

Sharon...stand back and squint at it,thats what I had to do..haha.. fill in the missing strokes if needed.

Level XVIII - Try copying the picture into Paint and add some strokes to make letters.

level XXVI not getting anywhere, in the first 2 paragraphs I think I found the cypher but when I add the rest to the cypher its gibberish, am I on the right path?

LVL XXI, thanks Donas727, still not seeing it, going to sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings. 'night all.

Hi! lvl X also stuck like Molly. We do not understand what we do wrong, we have country, color, and letter (Chinese is ma ***** n?). We only have one vowel...
A push please?

Robin, you need a key too!

Almost 200 comments!
Newer comments on the next page

Pichi level X ftf on 6 languages only

thanks Small tool, is it 10 letters and key that I am looking for?

Level X - Look at the url. What does it say? So the color codes all relate to that. You have six colors... There are two vowels (blue and tan).

Yes, Robin the gibberish is 10 letters.
But I think you already got that.
So you need to find the key.

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