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Riddle Me Tool is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. Riddle Me Tool is the successor of the all records breaking riddle game Tool Torture Threesome. Good luck and have fun!


1. DO NOT GIVE FULL ANSWERS but start with subtle hints.

2. Start comments/questions with a level number in format: LVL I, LVL II, LVL III, LVL XV, LVL XVIII etc.

3. When you want to chat use the embedded dedicated chatbox in the game.

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If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


I did open the manual keeper. googling "format" now

is there something beyond the first easy egg that I need? . i haven't found a confirmation egg. i've added t**, and made p***** every dang thing i can find. i can't even find the rotten one here.

@ keeper, thx for support, I have no clue, guess I know what you mean, but not how to execute.
@ Hancock, good luck !

@ Hancock, the rotten egg you get by the and p**** a bold printed word at the beginning of the text

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thanks for you tips @ike on bonus level 4. I am lost/dumb, When I click the book I get an egg level title and the short instructions to make p*****, add "the". I did this to every word on the page and url. Also to the level page

Hancock and Ike,
Remember; Not only words can make words. What you are looking for can even be found in the instructions on this page!

Lvl 26 need help finding second egg using, according to an earlier hint, what got me first egg. Tried z to a, tried own letters in sentences indexed by egg, Tried own letters of sentences featuring anagram of egg. Reindexed 'own letter' sentences from a to whatever and looked for second generation of own letters. No joy.

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Pamela Stubblefield, did you count how many in each?

got it, thank you @ike. i have no idea where you got these! i'll keep pushing

@ Hancock, that's about all I found. They were on the site the book picture refers to. And you say: "I'm lost/dumb", well so am I because I don't know what's next

Yes LinR. Did count many times. Lots of gibberish. Promising 4-letter words gave 404 errors. Gibberish strings returned shorter words by Granny.

all done, bonus levels and all - certainly happy there were lots of hints here to find, such a big help! Thanks, S/T, another masterpiece! Smooches until we meet again! ♥

@PamelaS: hard to help not knowing exactly which egg you have, and they are quite similar, including their numbering, haha! For one you count and convert, for the other you use what you counted. (and none of the actual answers on that level have 4 letters, just what shows in the eggs does.)

Congrats to all new finishers, well done!

Finally finished the bonus levels too :D Huge thanks too Ceebee who spoonfed me on bonus 10 egg :)

Thanks Small for making this wonderful riddle. Although it hurt my brains many times, I enjoyed it :)

Hancock and Ike, have you seen "format" at that page, where you went according to the book?

i think the key to bonus level 4 is a website that i cannot find. can someone help me get there? I have googled the book image and book title. I have opened the book and found the instructions. ike helped me a lot but still frustratingly stuck.

RBud I have egg 1 of 2.

Got it! Thanks LinR and RBud!

@Hancock, Bonus level 4.
You need only that page where the book leads you.
Find another place, where to use the same method (rotten/confirmation egg).
This place is connected with FORMAT. Look for the "format" in that page.

I have been stuck on lvl 2 for days! I've read all of the previous hints and thought I knew what I was doing. I end up with 6 letters that don't make a word. Help!

JB, The two uppercase letters in the title hint at 2 methods to find letters. One gives 3 letters (from 3 rows) and the other gives 4 letters. ( 4 groups of 6 pictures). You should get 7 letters for an unusual word.

LinR - Thank you for your response. I should have been more specific about where I was stuck. I found both eggs and solved BB and BM. It's MB that I can't seem to figure out. I know both color and hats are important which is how I have 5 letter from M. B gave me one letter. The 6 letters together don't give me anything usable.

JB, The B gives you one letter. The M gives you 4 letters. It is a bit of trial and error on the M but as hint is the word starts and ends with the same letter. Combining the B and M gives a 5 letter word.

LinR - Thank you for hints. That should help a lot.

@Fossa, thank you. I have not found the rotten/confirmation egg (only the easy egg). Is this all I need? I found a FORMAT in the page source but when I applied the instructions from the basic egg; nothing.

Hancock, if you found the Format heading just take what is there and convert it. Then add what the basic egg tells you.

@Hancock, check your conversions. There are 5 examples, so you have 5 letters. Anagram them and add what the basic egg says.

Level XXXI
I got 9 letters + 1 egg + 1 rotten egg.
From past comments,I guess "e * g *** ds" is the first letter of "tab name" o r"U * R".
But how do you use "9 letters" on each page?

@jan did you try to treat the 9 letters as numbers that tell you which letter to pick for each page?

I'm sorry. I do not know English, so I use Google Translate to translate your comments.
I do not understand the meaning of "9 letters as a number".
What number does it mean? Or is it "total number" of a certain character?

@jan A=1, B=2, etc. For example, if the answer is "apple" and the letter is "C", then you pick the 3th letter which is "p"

Congrats for finishing the bonus levels Rbud57 and Dutchie :)
Glad you girls liked it :)

@fossa & @LinR, thank you for the supreme patience with me...bonus lvl 4 is going to destroy my sanity! i search the source code and found "format-detection" i know that is wrong. i spent the night looking for format as a heading or 5 examples.

Hancock, you seem to be overthinking. There is nothing in the source code. The format we are referring to is from the instruction page and explains how to enter your questions in this forum so others know what part of the riddle you are asking about. It is also at the top of this page under the heading Rules.

Thank you for explaining it clearly
I learned that there is such a way to pick up.
I was able to move on to the next level. (^^♪

dear god...i made it. thank you so very much LinR. i will say that i was prepared to feel horrible/tear my hair out once the logical simple connection was spelled out to me...but i really don't because the link between the level, the egg and the format place is pretty hard to see...but i'm so happy now :)

Can anyone help on level 6 please? I have been looking at it since yesterday. I have the confirmation egg but am stuck now. I have read the previous hints, but not helping my brain fog. Also is bonus level 6 different to level 6?

lvl 6
You used their first names to get that egg and that's a good thing. But now look at their last names. Quite famous last names! Try to find those famous people (all of them had the same famous profession) and use their first names!

Yes, the bonus levels part is a different section.

Thanks s-t. I was looking at last names but not in that way. Now I can see they are all famous, so will try again.

Thank you, Smalltool, for the great riddles! I'm still ambivalent: Glad it's over, but sad it's over. Excellent job! Enjoyed the 12 bonuses, but relieved there were only 12.

Okay, that's probably enough breaks for now. I need more, but I want to find the bonus levels.
I'm.... kinda stumped. Tried looking at past hints and I don't quite understand what p********* is. I've downloaded the thing I first heard the quote "Riddle me this", and I'm stuck there.

Namchokdef, you need to look at the p********* for the downloaded thing. I had trouble figuring out how to do that, but for my Mac it was to "get info". Don't know about a PC. Then in the p********* info you'll find a comment that you'll need to use in an appropriate spot as we've done before.

@patty3ponies : I see it now! Thanks! Now to start the Bonus!
Hmm, it seems that it was hinted in the URL the whole time........ And I somehow skipped that and think it must have something to do with the sound file itself (Spectogram)...... Probably need more break to make me see simpler things.

Bonus lvl 11 Got the confirmation egg, but after that no 4-letter word that will do the trick.

@ hancock, glad to see you found it.

@ike, look at the title and read it as a phrase.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Fossa, sorry, wrong count. Late now and I would like to finish, so a bit hasty I guess.

@ike, the title divides in two parts. The first 5 letters are the separate word and says you what to do in common. The other 4 letters are the objects. 4 objects -> 4 letters of answer

@ Fossa, thx got it. Saw my miscalculation after I posted therefore I deleted the comment. Forgot to mention I found it, lol. One to go.... save it until tomorrow for the final countdown.

on bonus lvl 9, i have 5 eggs but can't granny the 6th. Do i need to add some letters? i tried the red ones.

@ Hancock : I guess you miss the egg nr. 6 ? You found 4 and 5 by joining some thing. The same for 6th egg, but not every granny has an appetite for that egg

thanks ike, yes I am missing egg nr. 6. joined egg 1 + 2 for egg 4. joined egg 2 and 3 for egg 5. but i can't make an omelette with eggs 1 and 3...i've tried over 10 grannies

@Hancock, use this one http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html
And make big omelette from 3 eggs.

This one (the first one I recommend in the toolshed):


does work!!!

But it seems most people forgot (or didn't read at all) what I wrote there:

I introduced that solver with this text:
change settings to max length 20 and sort by length

Oh, dear. ST, I was dumb and really hadn't read your advice about settings! I had the same problems as Hancock at that level with the 6th egg because of it))

I do not know what to solve from.
I did not see the confirmation egg.
Because I do not understand what the long words of "italic letters" mean.
I think from the image that "all people are not wearing u***rw*ar" is one of the tips, but I do not know it now.
Please give me some good tips.

Bonus lvl 12 : Don't know what to pick ?

@jan, italic and strange people on the pic are not important.
First of all do ftf. It'll give you an egg and a hint what to look for.

Thank you Fossa and ST. on to bonus lvl 10.

Thank you for the easy-to-understand tips.
It took time, but I was able to confirm the confirmation egg and the rotten egg, and I was able to correct it.(^^)

still stuck at LVL XXIV ... I fill in the blanks, and I couldn't find a way to get an answer,can somebody give me a little hints?

EmeraldLam, fill in the blanks, take the letters you found to granny for a 15 letter word. I think there are only one or two word pairs where there are two possible letters that work - so you may need to try two or three total letter combos at granny

Wow! that was a long journey of pain, fun, bafflement, and pops. I really really enjoyed it....I'm so glad it's over! And I look forward to the next. Thank you small tool.

Bonus lvl 12: Any hint on what numbers to pick? Tried the "mistakes"in the text but that wasn't it.

@ike, just use all 12 parts including the "wrong" ones.
You have one number in the each part and an object, use the number to pick.

@Fossa, thx , gonna look at it

@Fossa, thx again, was counting numbers as well. Found it now. Well....now going to clean my house after spending lots and lots of hours here. But, it was worth it! Thanks everybody for helping out en above all, thanks to S-T! Bye all, until the next s-t riddle

Hancock and ike! My congrats!))

Congrats on finishing the bonus levels Hancock and Ike :)

Congrats Candi, you did it and you're in The Hall of Fame now :)

Thank you very much!
It turns out that the tool I used didn't support the granny for a word that long. I found the answer as soon as I had used a new tool.

level XXXIII Egg I'm stuck.
I have not seen rotten eggs either.
I knock down the desk legs and guess the character, but there are a lot of desks and I am confused.
So I'm thinking about narrowing down the candidates candidates.
Should I also consider the series of desks?

@jan try to imagine that some desks can "stand up" to form letters, use those letters to get the answer

@ Keeper
Thank you! ありがとうございます(^^)
You gave me some great tips!

LVL 8 I have the rotten egg, and some other letters which I hope are right but not sure. I cannot get them together to make sense. Any more help please?

lvl 8
It is the 4 rotten egg letters + 3 extra letters (letters made out of two digits).

I have been watching for a long time.
It's about looking at the whole picture.
But I think one word in the upper row and one word in the lower row.
I'm looking at the image of the block of the alphabet on the other side.
Is the top letter a letter such as "F"?
Please give me some good advice.

Level XXXIV, Jan you need several other pics/eggs here. The text tells you to look for something special, try that in the url.

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Thank you very much.
I was troubled even after combining the pictures, but I was able to answer correctly.

Thanks again s-t. I must have tried every combination except the one that worked!

level XXXVI
Please give me a hint for finding eggs.
I have read past comments of smalltool "start with the caps" but I do not understand the meaning of "caps".

@jan focus on the CAPital letters in the title

@Keeper Thank you.
I got four confirmation eggs. I have anagramed the four capital letters referring to the capital letters of the title from each surname of the couple but incorrect. It is incorrect to add the capital letter of the title. Please give me some advice.

@jan, if you have both persons, you can pick letters for the answer. But remember their genders and use the level page as a hint how to pick letters from each gender.

Riting helps, I knows,
My sweet Clio-Rose.

Most meds block hen-pecker,
That tweakin' spell-checker.

An' the tranqs? Gave the grammar pleece those!

Level 40 - Got the egg. Tried the same with the text under the egg. Not working. Only three places have letters in circles with seven lines for "trinity". Going backwards it should lead to a circle with four lines for "holy". Then there should be a circle with three lines for "the". Where is it? Unable to find. Hopelessly stuck

@mehroon, trinity means here "only three". Look for this path (9 letters without anagram)

@ Pamela Stubblefield,
It seems to me you're on lvl 42.
Question my sanity, the thing to do.
Not there yet, I'm struggling still.
Have yet to climb my insane hill.
Lucky for me, straight-jackets suit,
If it's pretty and flowery, I think I'll look cute.

I'm on lvl 37. Been happily reading hints/cheating and of NO help to anyone. However, reading hints on this one, I know I have to go backwards. I think I know which level. How do I get there? I type the answer to the level I am fairly certain I need, but it's a no go. Do I need a different starty thingy thing.com/answer thingy? Will look further tmrw. Hints and help accepted and wanted. I really want to go insane and can't wait for my nuttiness on level 42, but unless I solve 37....

@clio_rose, if you know where to go, just use 6 numbers to get 6 characters from that level and ftf

Thanks Fossa. I was trying to look at the wrong level. I understand my mistake now, and have the correct level. Will work on it tmrw.

Bonus 1 : Wow, that was a long break, but I'm ready. I'm not from America, so I don't quite understand the hints about wordplay and american expression. Trying to find it for a while now, using the 6 letters hint s-t gave, but got nothing.

@Namchokdef, I had the same problem here. Just use the url as a hint. Try to google the url and the phrase together. There will be another (similar) phrase in accordance with the url meaning. Then change one word in the new phrase. Just almost synonym - kind of this word. F.i. if you have phrase with the word "flower" just change it with "tulip", "rose", "sunflower" etc and you'll soon find the answer)

@Fossa : Thanks! And wow, that is quite a weird expression.

level XXXVI Thank you.
level XXXXL
I have read past comments, but I can not yet understand egg's "think b**ger". Could you tell me more? Does it mean "words with a lot of letters?"

@jan, yes!
Lvl XL - just take all five words. It is amazing but they have anagram altogether!

Hi clio
I need you to get on so that you can help me on level 41! I gave up on it to tackle the torturous threesome, and back now I'm still staring at it as blankly as ever ... :(

@Fossa, thank you for your help on 37, now on 38 egg.

@minkie205, as above, but 38 egg is going to take me a while. I'm sure help will arrive re lvl 41. (then you can let me know whether I need to see a doc on 42).

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Bonus Level 2 : I've got the egg, but I don't see the 2 words, tried to use words in the picture, splitting the answer that got me to the egg and nothing seems to come. I think I'm on the right track, just need more pushing. Is P*** and B*** right? I've tried that and I got nothing.

@Namchokdef h***** t*** are two separate words, so you need to apply the conversion separately

@Keeper : Thanks! I see it now. Was overthinking it once again.

Oh dear, I'm stuck again. Level 19 is really hard for me to see. I have found the differences, drawn the lines connecting them and still can't see what I am supposed to do.

@Di999. LVL 19.
If you drew the lines correctly, every line crossed one letter. Collect them and anagram.

Level 19 di999 what do the lines cross between the picures?

Oops. should have refreshed before posting that.

Bonus Level 4 : I see the hints, but nothing comes to my mind. I don't know what to do with the instruction about pl****. I saw very helpful posts from people helping Hancock above, but still nothing.

@Fossa. Thank you. I had drawn the lines two ways. One way I can see the lines crossing letters except the last one. I have 14 letters but can't anagram them. Do I need 14 or one more? I'll keep trying.

di999 yes 14 letters. Make sure you have the anagram cheat set to give answers of up to 20 letters.

@minkie205 Thank you. I didn't have quite the right letters but now eventually have got the answer. Onwards to Level 20.

@ minkie205, we answered at the same time, I think)

Where on the 41 lvl have you stuck? May be I can help you?)

Ooh fossa could you?! I'm at the almost right egg, but it's just not clicking. I've read all the comments above about removing an L etc. I've no idea what st meant when he said the the text to the left of "almost right" was important.

@ minkie205, yeah, it was a stumbling block for all here)
Look at url at the almost right egg. Then look to the left in the url. There you can see smth similar. Similar but not the same one. Do it the same.

@ fossa I've seen that and tried everything I an think of. adding L removing L practically every anagram containg meta. I also tried everything I could think of involve Gorgorth and black metal. It just seems to be a missing part of my brain.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

fossa: FACEPALM How did I not think of doing that! thank you so much. Onwards!

Centerpedes again! I'm very happy now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Level 21. I have the egg, have followed the path to find the golden egg, but have no words to use with the path. Am I missing an egg?

@Di999, lvl 21.
Every step has its own word in the url. And pay attention to the number of arrows when you pick letters up.

@Fossa Thank you again. I'm finding this second set very difficult. Never been a riddler before, but a bit hooked even if painfully slow.

@Di999,if you get to lvl 21 (factually #71) in ST riddle, you are already the great and professional riddler!)
No one can solve all the riddle without hints and help (may be there are 3-4 such persons but they are abnormal in the mankind :) )

@Fossa, thanks. I am struggling but determined to finish (probably with loads of help).

Still stuck in Bonus LVL 4 : I don't quite understand what the instruction says. Where to p*****? I'm confused, and reading all the hints above makes me a little bit more confused. Possibly needing just a bit more pushing to get to the right path.

@Namchokdef, Bonus lvl 4, you need to go the page the pic says about. This page tells us how to solve the riddle, how to write the answers, how to hint each other correctly in the chat etc. Besides there are some examples how to do it. Some of such examples you can see just in this page, above the all comments.

You need these examples)

A new finisher :)

Congrats Pamster00 (Pamela).

You're now in The Hall of Fame :)

@Fossa : I think I get the page I need to find now, and the hints above kinda make more sense now. I think I need to Format my head? So now what to do? Looking back to the past l****s?

Namchokdef, if you haven't received any help yet (just came online), the lvl numbers you have are simply converted to five letters. Then add what you've been told.

Thank you Fossa and patty3ponies! Didn't see the simple conversion at all, was thinking about taking the hint p***** to the 5 levels referred.

Yay. I've completed level 50! Back to normal life for a bit I think before embarking on the bonus levels.

Thanks a zillion small-tool for fantastic riddling. thanks too all who posted helpful hints and especially fossa who got me over a total brain fade.

@minkie205, YW!) Congratulations!

bonus level 3. I've been trying to see how to convert the first half. Do the digits used on the left suggest I should be using the converter we earlier used on the pillars pictures?

@minkie205 : You did played with letters on Bonus level 2, right? This level is similar, but the first half needs to be converted differently. You don't need to use that converter.
The numbers on the left side here are "very" specific and only one out of those makes multiple letters.

I've been stuck on lvl 40 for days. I've read the comments and think I understand what to look for to get the egg but nothing seems to make sense. I've tried going from 9 lines to one but everything always ends up with gibberish. Help!

thanks Namchokdef - I'll have a think about that

jb for level 40 I saved the image to a grey scale file then colour coded all the nodes in paint. It made it much easier to see a path. The egg path may look like gibberish at first but granny can come to the rescue.

This comment has been removed by the author.

bons 3. I think I'd tried something like what you suggested before, without success. There's one number that stands out, and it also stands out when translated to an older numbering system. Am I on the right lines?

@minkie205 : You're on the right track of using old numbers. Then all you need to do is to use the second half in those old numbers to change those in a similar way as Bonus 2. The special one should create 2 for one, for a total of 12.

thanks for confirming that Namchokdef. I've got to go now, but I feel much more confident about finding the solution later.

Bonus Level 5 : There's only a few past hints about this level, and I don't quite understand it much. I think one set of stuff stands out in the picture, but that's pretty much it.

Thank you, Minkie205. I'll give the color coding a try.

Nam..., there were some pretty good clues earlier. Look down at what you're using to see if the pic reminds you of it. Then it is a matter of using it and the more you use it the deeper the color. That will get you to a word.

@patty3ponies : Ah, okay! I was a bit confused on the earlier hints about looking down, now I see it. Wow, one of color is really tricky to see. I'll stop here for today at Bonus 6.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Giving up for the night, but hoping that someone will be able to be help me with this. I'm on bonus level 7 looking at lyrics by a band with songwriters bb and dm. That's not got me far. Is it on the right track?

I can't see what to take out like in level LXVI, although I have noticed a couple of 4 letter strings that could be applied to something, but to what?

@minkie205, you are right with the lyrics. Find the video/audio of this song. From the timecode ~ 1.10 the yellow phrase (song title) has a reply) Use it.

@Fossa : I'm stuck in the same level as minkie, but I have no idea how to Google the right song. Can you push me a bit further?

@Namchokdef, do you remember the trick with NOTICE?
Here is the same trick with the first yellow line.
You get the band.
Caps are the song title.

thanks fossa for bonus 7, got it now. but, rats, I thought I had to do something else for a long time, LOL.

@Fossa : I see it now! I did search for that song last night by typing all the colored text in the pic, but I dismissed it.

Through the bonus levels now! Thanks again Small-Tool :-)

Thank you for Level XL hint.
Level L(50) was finished some time ago.
In addition, please help me sometime.

Bonus Level 8 : I got 1 egg, i think there's one more based on past hints, but I can't seems to find what short list is. I'm guessing it's what the top equation hints?

@ Namchokdef, did you google it?

@Fossa : I did, but I only found the bottom one and got a Place (I******), using the list from that Place took me to Egg 1. The top one didn't quite make sense, as I don't understand what the not equal sign means.

Aka Minkie on a device I've never synced. Namchokdef: Bonus 8. If you Google the numbers and operators you may learn something about the politics of I*******. There are 32 c*******. Some people out them together, others don't.

Whoops *put not out.

Okay, Thanks minkie and Fossa! I got the same "wrong website for list" problem like someone did. (W*k* is being a bit naughty)

Congrats on finishing the riddle minkie205 (Margaret Sunderland) :)

Congrats Jan :)
You're now in the The Halfway There Heroes HOF :)

No wonder I'm suffering mental health issues on lvl 42. Lvls 40 & 41 drove me mad. However, after getting the first egg I wish to apply to the Medical Board of Mental Riddlers and put my case forward. I consented and am content. However, the riddle-maker seems to suggest his discontent and non-consent. I put it to the Board: Who made the riddle? Who has only just reached this lvl? Could a person who is lagging so far behind, genuinely have pulled off such a trick on the riddle-maker? I think the board knows the answer to that. I am contending in my consenting contentment, that the riddle-maker is the one suffering from mental conflaptions of the tooloodalums.

Huge thanks and Big hugs :) (c).
Thank you for this wonderful lvl among other wonderful ones)

Thank you @Fossa. That's very kind of you, considering this afternoon I was wanting to kill (mentally) you and minkie for deleting the comments I needed to solve lvl 41. hahha.

Hah, I suspected that somebody would want to kill us for that deleting)
But it was impossible to remain it. There was the straight direction to change the folder)
(I hope this hidden hint for the following gamers is not forbidden?) )

Fossa, I reckon it's fine. I took so long after changing that because, to be honest, I didn't know what the word meant. lol. Some say they are spoon-fed. I had to be bottle-fed.

Fossa I reckon it's fair enough to leave that hint for those - like me - who take for granted rules that don't even exist. still feeling dumb days later!

I am giving up for the night. Fossa and minkie, I think you will enjoy my next sentence. Lvl 42, clearly I know which words to concentrate on, but I haven't got a clue what to do with them. FTF didn't work. Tmrw I will delete certain letters from each word and count or something, or something else...or do as always - use ctrlF and cheat from everyone. I'm just SO happy to have solved lvl 40/41 today. Thank you everyone for the great hints.

Sleep well clio_rose. I hope that in the midst of your dreams an idea will come to you.:)

all you need is the first part of the first word in the title (in those words that you so amazingly input in the story). Not ftf but the first part of the title)

Fossa!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was so busy concentrating on the last part of the word in the title, it didn't even occur to me to think about the first part. On to 43. I broke a record. Three levels solved in one day. WHOO HOOOO. Sleep with a smile on my dial beckons me. Night.

@clio_rose, ))))
Sweet dreams!)

Bonus Level 10 Egg : Hmm... The right side of ":" is some sort of unit, right? I got that, but I'm not understanding what the left side is.

Namchokdef bonus 10. the left side is something that needs to be replaced. Look up.

That's all, folks? YAY!!!! Finally I can say that this is the first riddle from s-t that I've fully completed!
Okay, since there's no mailing here, I guess I'll leave my final thoughts here.

This riddle is really tough, but fun for a beginner(?) like me, I mostly play escape games, so the puzzle here is quite different. I missed lots of obvious stuff. And sometimes don't get the clues from others and from the site.
-Omelette : It didn't really caught on my head what omelette means at first.
-The hidden words like "NOTICE" : It's obvious, but it's also really easy to dismiss it. I did that a lot in pretty much every level with that type of word.

I think I'll be more ready next time, if s-t ever decides to make another riddle (hopefully?) Thank you s-t for making this wonderful riddle, and thanks to everyone again for helping me finish this riddle. Now it's time to make a nice omelette to celebrate.

Help. I have downloaded the green image but unable to access it's p********* to find the bonus levels

@mehroon : It's not the image that you want to "see" it's p*********. Where did you "h**r" the green words? Download that and you should find what you need.

Congrats all new (bonus) finishers, well done!!

Congrats all who finished!

@jan, you are great! Of course I'll try to help you on the second half of the riddle.

Lvl 47 is kicking my butt. I read and understand all of the previous hints. After googling the word that gave me the second egg I split the words and used the second first as instructed. I can't get a valid word out of the letters. I went back and tried different letters just in case I wasn't splitting correctly but still no joy. Is the answer 11 letters? If so, how do I split the words properly to get the right answer?

Pop! Finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

Fossa! Thank you. I'm happy.
Lvl 4
I have a confirmed egg.
I think "k * ll" is "deletion".
Removed "m ****** b ** d" from "Title" or "Text" on the level page and anagramed the remaining characters. However, it is not the correct answer.
Please give me some advice.

Congrats Namchokdef :)
I'm glad you liked it and am sorry you're a riddle addict now :P

What you are doing is correct, but you removed only 2 words from the movie title. You have to remove 3 words. You forgot the very short word.

@ Small-tool
Thank you very much.
I did'nt understand about the missing "one letter".
English articles is difficult.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ZodiacTR, you did all correctly. Check your math. 8 letters with 2 vowels.

@Fossa yep I realized it when I posted for help. Power of Posting I guess.. I can't believe how I didn't see it earlier.

lvl 7
"Key" "5 cans" eggs are confirmed.
We also confirmed the "real" on the "b**ef**t " site.
I also read past comments, but I do not understand the meaning of "st**en**e".
Is "st**en**e" the "can's name"?
What should I do after this? Please give me some advice.

LVL 31. I have the rotten egg and the first egg, have read all the hints, but still don't understand how to get the other eggs. What do I need to do now please?

@jan : You are missing one more egg. The solved text has one more egg for you, in the same way you did to find the key.
After that, Google 2 brands of both the "5 cans" and this "new egg" together, and you should find a someone. (Hopefully my hints are not too confusing)

@Di999 : Have you tried switching A letter? you could make new words by switching one letter from the answer that got you to the first egg.

@ Namchokdefu Thank you for teaching me intelligibly!
Level 8 Confirmed the rotten egg. past comments
(4/21 @ ceebee : Lvl 8 - keep the numbers in the order of the level ie no letter 'O'. A letter can appear more than once)
I read, but I do not understand the meaning well.
※sorry. because translation is not done well.

lvl 8
Jan, @CeeBee says: you can not use 15 because 1 and 5 are not next to each other.
So only use the numbers this way:

X, X, X, X
the center XX

@ Small- tool
Thank you very much .
I have to soften my head more^^;

@Namchokdef. Thank you so much. I was changing letters everywhere except on the answer.

Lvl 23: I think I have the right countries, but am now stuck. tried ftf and granny but got nothing... does this mean my countries are wrong?

It is ftf and granny, so yes, probably a country wrong.
To make it a bit easier to find out which one is wrong, this is the order the firsts of the countries make a word;
5, 2, 4, 1, 3

got it, but basically guessed on the 3 and 5. Not sure if there were hints pointing to those countries specifically :P

Level 23 Anonymous: the clues for 3 and 5 lead to the backgrounds and shapes, so they are pretty specific.

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