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Riddle Me Tool is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. Riddle Me Tool is the successor of the all records breaking riddle game Tool Torture Threesome. Good luck and have fun!


1. DO NOT GIVE FULL ANSWERS but start with subtle hints.

2. Start comments/questions with a level number in format: LVL I, LVL II, LVL III, LVL XV, LVL XVIII etc.

3. When you want to chat use the embedded dedicated chatbox in the game.

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Thanks Small tool will take another look.

lvl XXVI am over looking something obvious? I have tried pretty much every word for a key and getting nothing but more gibberish. tried pictures, url and too many words in text to count. must be something I am overlooking/thinking?

Maybe Google the title :)

I swear I tried that already small tool, didn't see the word. Thank you so much

So yes small-tool another masterpiece. Love the graphics, the plays on words, the innuendos. Thank you for all your creativity and sheer genius. Who knows (not me!) maybe someday I'll be able to finish one. But, then again, I'm not holding my breath.

p.s. Enjoy your explanations on how the ciphers work - like Vigenere. Illuminating.

lvl xxvii I cant read the label is that going to hamper solving this level is it?

Lvl.xxvii its tells me that its not A but N, but not sure how to apply it, tried in the cipher but got gibberish, and cant quite make out all the writing on the label(and not real familiar with the songs/bands whatever) to apply to that. am I even on the right path if I continue down the this road?

Lvl XVIII - Just can't see the word! More nudges please!!

try this Sharon... you are looking at block letters from the right side of them. let me know if that helps.

robin, no need to read the label other than to get the right idea to be able to read the gibberish

LVL XVIII - first letter is A - it's in the word twice. You need 8 letters.

Donas I read the gibberish I believe, and that's how I know it says not about A but about N, just not sure where to go from there, do I use the same gibberish in another way?

Donas got it, put the logic behind what I read and it finally clicked, thank you,

LVL XVIII - Waaaaahooooooooo!!!! Janet/Robin...THANK YOU!!!! I got it!!!!

yeah!!!! Sharon, it took me a bit to realize I didn't need to know Hebrew...hahaha

lvl XXVIII I think I have them matched correctly, and I know there are 2 sets that can fit in 2 different places, but even with that knowledge it gives 60 plus different possible words, tried over-half of them to no avail, am I missing a step somewhere, I have the 6 letters (possible other 6 etc.) what am I missing?

Janet...I thought it was calligraphy and that was my 1st mistake...It is so exciting when you actually 'see' it!

doh!!! nevermind, got it

LVL XXXI anyone on that can help with one of the movies on this level? its the one with he watch with no face?

LVL XXXI totally out of ideas, tried everymovie I know about time, gears, faceoff, must have tried 50 plus movies, even Narnia haha, just not getting it , hoping for a push on this one before I retire for the night.

robin, Lvl XXXI - You want the colour of the watch, and the part of the watch are you looking at. Watch has synonyms as well.

clio… gold, inside or gears or back and clock or timepiece? tried all those and no movie, my son is trying to help as well and has listed everything also... ? a little push please.?

No the watch is not gold. It is between yellow and red. Clock is a good synonym.

LVL XXXI I'm still trying to figure out the third one with the clouds. I don't watch much TV so this is hard for me.

Cardinal, Lvl XXXI - The three people all have the same surname.

thank you very much clio, now that I said it my 32 year old son who is supposedly helping me says... oh yeah I just watched that again yesterday.... lol...

robin, hahahhaha. That's hilarious.

Clio, thanks. It would have helped if I knew who the people were. I got it figured out though.

Lvl XX: Only 2 previous comments and it didn't help! I got the rotten egg but I dont understand what to do with that 'rotten' picture.. I've picked different words and used granny, FTF but I need a shove, no need to be gentle!

This comment has been removed by the author.

lvl XXXII, no idea where to start..hahaha think I might call it a night.

LVL XXXIII, I have one egg, but I can't figure out what to do with it. I can kind of see how to make letters, but there are a lot of variations.

Cardinal, Lvl XXXIII - use only the furniture which is on its own.

LVL XXII please any help? I just can't get to the bottom of it :)

Clio, I've been trying to do that, but there are so many different angles to look from, that I can't tell what the letter is supposed to be. I'm also not sure what on its own is supposed to mean.

LVL XXII, it's what is between each set that counts.

Cardinal, I don't really know how to explain properly, so please forgive me if this sounds loony. Top right corner is a piece on its own. Imagine you sort of laid the it out flat, it would form a different letter (lowercase). You are looking for six letters.

Lvl XXXII. I got the long word saying what to do. I got some others that gave me a second word for a confirmation egg. Now what? Tried to anagram the last word with for example the title or so, but cant see more to do.

Clio, Do you mean to bend it? I can form a p that way, but I wouldn't be able to tell whether it's lowercase or not. Maybe, you mean to squish it down to form an o? Or tip it over to form an r? I am so lost. lol

Eureka, Lvl XXXII - the long word hints at what to do with the confirmation egg.

Eureka, you have done everything you need to do. Your second word is actually a rotten egg because you only took half of what you needed when you picked letters.

Cardinal, see? Told you I wasn't able to explain very well. Whoops. It is uppercase. P it is. So, yes, you sort of bend it to lay it out, as if it were made of cardboard. Sorry, hope I'm not confusing you even further.

XXXII, but clio, i cant do anything IN the egg. You mean with the word that got me there? I found some 11 words in the text when i used the long word on the word i got for the rotten conf. egg. None worked. I googled and got "gold", not working.

Can't wait for you to solve XXXIII, because I have been staring at Lvl XXXIV all day, and still can't work it out. I think my retina's have exploded.

thanks cardinal! I thought i needed more letters but not sure where to get them lol. Will look around.

Eureka, Cardinal gave a FAR better hint than I. As he/she said. You only took half of the letters you need.

Eureka, Cardinal's first sentence tells you that you have all you need. You just didn't both with you.

got XXXII! Thanks for the help! I was too lazy to pick them all :)

Clio, you are explaining just fine. I'm just too dense to understand. lol

I still can't figure out a reliable way to determine what is by itself and what is not. I feel like I'm just randomly picking pieces.

There is another egg to find on Lvl XXXIII

If you only look at the top parts of the tables and chairs (Like that P is an O). It is a kind of rotten egg, but then at least you know which ones to use.

Love you Janet :)
Thank you so much :)

Thanks for the help Clio and small-tool. I finally got it. Now I can go to bed. :)

I am seriously stuck with the eggs on LVL XV. Read all the hints, still makes no sense to me... :(

rasuo, do you mean lvl XVI? I can't recall any eggs on lvl XV

Clio_rose, LVL XV. the one with read bottom up. there's a picture of the book slanted. I get that it has something to do with the titles of the books going from bottom up and vice versa, but have no idea what to do next

Rasuo, yes, but not vice versa, ignore those.

small-tool, I tried anagramming the first letters of all titles that go bottom to top, individual titles, title of the book itself, names of authors. still no go...

Maybe a typo/wrong letter, maybe missed a book (there are 10 of them).

Rasuo, when I did it, it took me ages to realise that I had to scroll slightly to see the last book on the right. Maybe you have to do the same?

thanks clio_rose and small-tool! :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

LVL XXI egg? the ONES? slowly frying my brain here :)

lvl xxi now apply on the text in the egg

xxxiii egg need a letter check ta

mtatt100, apply what? I can stretch that there's a word ONES in the first word and the word THE in the second and fourth, but I feel like I'm reaching too far

rasuo, xxi, you have a bunch of 8-letter words, and a bunch of 8-digit strings.

mtatt, xxxiii one of the letters is lower case.

thanks Clio and Eureka that helped

Stuck at LVL XXIII after getting two rotten eggs
Any help will be greatly appreciated

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks Eureka! :)

I feel dumb. It went so well the other day and now I'm forever stuck on XXII.
Seems I'm the only one who doesn't get it. Saw the hint about what's between the sets and don't know what that means.

xxii if you counted half way forward and halfway backwards where would you end up

Keeper and Puzzled, Lvl XXIII, I haven't forgotten you. I'm just trying to work out a way to lead you to a third egg.

Thanks mtatt. Still don't get it. Whatever I count nothing makes sense.
Going to take a nap. Maybe it'll help...

Keeper and Puzzled.- Lvl XXIII, If you look at the words you will notice that in each word a particular letter is used more frequently. Some words have same number of different letters, but as you go, you will see it. No granny needed.

This comment has been removed by the author.

rasuo you must have made a mistake because they definitely make a word

@ clio_rose
Thanks for the hint on the third egg! Finally got the correct answer after lots of counting
Now I know what does "exact amount" mean, and the formulae make total sense now

any help on lvl XVIII please, paint won't help me. BTW, nice to see you all again.

XX - Still a bit lost. I got the first painful looking rotten egg but my brain isn't making a connection!

Hi Ike, Lvl XVIII - you don't need paint. Imagine you are looking at shadow writing.

Sharon, Lvl XX - Oh, I thought I answered you earlier. Sorry, if it didn't post. You have the erky perky yukky egg. Now just use the first letters of the individual images you see on the main level. Make an omelette with each egg.

@clio_rose: thank you very much :)

well xxxv have tried all ways to apply the numbers just obviously not the right one .

mtatt100, Lvl XXXV - You have the numbers, and I'm confident you would have converted them. Which are missing? Don't be afraid to use ALL the missing ones.

Thanks Clio

@clio, thx

Past my bedtime. Will continue failing on lvl XXXVI tomorrow. Good luck everyone. Night.

Lvl XXXIII I have found the 2 eggs as well as the rotten one and at a loss what to do at this point? help please.

nevermind, it finally popped, just needed to go visit granny

Lvl XXXIV where do I start? tried downloading pic and manipulating it and printed it out to try manually overlapping but not getting anything. says to look at the big pic, but not understanding I guess. any help out there?

lvl 34 tried morse but doesn't line up or make sense, at a total loss here, the top line would be ---- and there is no letter for that..please give me a push when someone is around.

robin, are you sure you are looking at what the level asks you to look at? Try using the words literally and you should find what you need. No need for codes or ciphers.

aaaasa, I have tried things like blank, broken, whole, hole, picture etc, must be missing something obvious?

I have even tried just counting each line several ways 4 1 2 1 7 1 7, and 4 4 7 8/9 , not getting anything useful.???

robin, think of what exactly does the level asks you to look at. (not just picture but the ...?)

got the 2 eggs, but what do I do with them? normal, large, picture don't work?

just right, as in goldilocks doesn't work either haha, just not clicking, 3 pics of the same thing, must be way overthinking (or way underthinking) need to take a break I guess and come back fresh... thanks for the push aaaasa, my mind is just not working right now I guess.

Robin, xxxiv, are you sure the 3 are exacly the same?

I have 3 rotten eggs, but I do not get anything else, someone help please?

Pichi - lvl XXIII - can you give me a hint on how to get an egg? I haven't gotten anywhere

XXIII pichi, did you do the exact count? as in how many 5's and then apply that to pick which letters?

annaby: first egg: count black and white numbers, in those words ...

thanks pichi!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lvl XXXIV came back and have looked at all 3 again, 2 are framed smaller, can see a bit more detail in the bigger pic, but other than that not seeing any real difference.... is it something obvious that I am overlooking or is it in the details?

Stuck also at LVL XXXIV - have the 3 images and I'm not that proficient in using any tool to re-size and overlay them. Assuming that's what I need to do, maybe not.

Living up to my name....need a better hint for the first puzzle in LVL IV....fortyone doesn't anagram.

LVL IV - Everyone starts this way - learning - so don't diminish yourself, please. You're right to count letters but maybe you just need to break them up a bit. There's some natural spaces there.

LVL XXXIV -I printed them out on tracing paper and tried the overlapping and get nothing and I am not that proficient either to try resizing and pasting, I wouldn't think it would be so hard to figure it out, They all appear to be the same except for little bits added to the larger pic.

XXIII I know the amount of 5,4,9 etc there is, but when I apply this to the letters I do not get anything meaningful

pichi….. how many 5's? so down below in the first line what letter has that same count? and so on. let me know if it helps or you need another push

I'm afraid you're correct, Janet, but it's not that hard, really.

LVL XXIV - Tried with GIMP, IRFANview and Paint. Oh well, had a good run - over 2/3 of the (first!) 50 levels.

Robin use paint it is easier to paste into an image and resize it

@janet, i use Photoscape. If you dont want to download anything... maybe put a thin paper on the screen and draw?

robin: I just do this, there are eight 5's and I count eight in the 1st word, same with the others but it does not work

@robin, on xxxiv, they are not the same, and if you make them the same size you will see they add up to what you need. Well, you have to look at your result a bit from the other side (R to L).

@pichi, on lvl xxiii, there are 8 fives if you add all, but thats too many. Look only at the first string of numbers. They are 3. Now, look at the word.

Level XXXIV - So do I curse you or hug you? But seriously, I do need to figure out how to do this stuff and will keep trying. Promise..

@Janet, if you decide to use photoscape, start with one pic in editor, then go to object to input a photo, and change the opacity before clicking "ok", to make the next pic see-through.

LVL XXXVI - I have one egg, but using the same method I used to get the egg doesn't work on the names of the two people. I can't see anything else to do though.

There are confirmation eggs (their names) and the correct method should work on those names.

Yes Ellie I count 3 in the 1st word,then there are two 4 and I count two in the 2nd word, and so ... does not work

small-tool, I still don't get it. I've tried picking many different ways and using every anagram that shows up, but nothing works. I have the names correct. Picking letters using the method I thought was most correct gave me 4 letters which can be read as a kind of instruction, but I can't do anything with that either.

Lvl XXIII - There are three 5's in the first string of numbers. So you go to the first black word and see there are three of a letter in that word (P). That's your 1st letter. Now go to the 2nd number, count and look at the second black word. Find the next letter. And so on.

The letters on the level are special.
Try to figure out what the difference is between the one group and the other group.

small-tool, I never did understand the correct method, but a scrabble solver did the trick for me. I'm sure that's not the way you wanted me to solve it though. lol

Level XX1 - I've got the egg, but the fourth word only has 7 letters which knocks out the cipher.

Using hints from earlier though, I've managed to start a sentence, but the end is gibberish.

Spoiler sʍɐǝɔ pɹoʍ sıɥʇ ǝsn ʍou Spoiler

Any help around?

lvl XXXIV ok, so finally got it, had to resize several times and print it out, and still didn't know if I had it right cause I have never heard of that before... haha, that was a tough one for me..... but thank you all for your help. onto XXXV

Every word is 8 letters!
The 4th 'word' is THEEWOKS and that's 8 letters.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks to all those who helped me in XXIII

On my version it says TEAWOKS!

But I'll take your word (literally) and work on that. Thanks for the help..

Nope, still can't get anything.

Here's a copy and paste:



Is my computer knackered?

Maybe your browser is set to translate!
THEE is Dutch for TEA.

But anyway, with THEEWOKS you shoould get it. Check your surfboiards again.

Hmm, I guessed the answer and got through to level XXII. Must be a grinch!!

Hi s-t, I think you're right, my computer must have translated it to english because, working back, I see how the resultant answer came about.

Cheers mate.

Oooh, level XXII - what a bummer lol

Okay, got XXII, lovely graphics :P and a good puzzle, but time for bed now. I'll start XXIII tomorrow

LVL XXXVIII - I have two rotten eggs, but getting nowhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?

LVL XXXVI - got the correct names but how should I apply the method on them?

Stuck at LVL XXV - found out who is the guy on the right of Egg 1, what's next please?

XX - Thank Clio-Rose, I don't know why I"m having trouble with the 5 pics on main page...I swear I've used every first I could think of (F-fruit rather A-apple) and still not getting the 2nd egg.....Still need help ...

@Sharon For pics you are not sure of, you can use the "?" wildcard when visiting granny. I also used this way to solve the word and came back to think of what is the word we're supposed to use

LVL XX - Yes A is for apple. And the next picture is a .... Keep going, you need the 5 letters to add to your "rotten egg" word. And then you'll be on LVL XXI

LVL XXV - you need to find out who is the guy in the Midgician picture and see how he connects to the guy in the egg.

lvl XXXVI... still searching for anything.... came back with fresh eyes and will keep putting away.... found the song and band and year etc... not sure what else I am looking for?

anyone on this time of night?

@Janet - thanks but still do not get it, no idea who is the guy in Midgician, tried Google image search but nothing useful

Im on Lvl XXXVI too. Only found one egg thus far. (afternoon here, but I'm already tired, lol)

Keeper, lvl XXV - He is made up of two different words. He is both a ? and also ?

keeper, if you look back at the comments about that level it tells you to use the 2 words that are scrambled in the title, replace the 2 letters for one and add 2 for the second

robin, I don't think lvl XXXVI is about songs, but if you mean lvl XXXV, then clio had a very useful hint above about using all that is missing

LVL XXXVI - I wish I could help with how to solve this level correctly, but I never figured it out. I just put the names into a scrabble solver and tried words until I got the answer. lol

clio, you got further than I did... haha... because of the title I tried the song name, got nothing tried band … nada... and then tried counting words according to the actual picture and getting nothing. but maybe it will help you if you see that there are 2's and a 1 in the pic????

Hang on Robin, are you on 35 or 36?

oops...that should be XXXV or XXXVI

cardinal..... hahaha love it.... have done it too...hahaha

Cardinal, do you mean their actual names, using the method that got that first egg?

Cardinal, I actually got lvl XXXVI from the scrabble solver as well so thanks for the hint(?) lol
Now on lvl XXXVII, not sure where to start...

36 clio…. "song"

eh? what? huh? I'm lost. Do i need to find a band or something?

Clio, I got the first egg on LVL XXXVI, then there are two confirmation eggs you can get to make sure you have the names right for the people on the egg page. I'm assuming there is a method to pick letters from those two names, but I never figured it out. I just used a scrabble solver using all of the letters in those two names and tried all of the words it gave me until one of them worked.

I've tried their names in every way I can think of. Birth name, full name, married name. Oh, I just got a rotten egg, because I used their combined media name. lol

robin, pretty sure that's level 35, but did you notice the numbers in the song names?

You can devide the aLPHaBeT in two kind of letters. Use that on their surnames.

ohhhh I got it now. Thanks dutchie :)

Thanks Dutchie.

Thanks Dutchie. Now I see it. :)

LVL XXXVIII, Anyone to this point yet that can give me a hint. I found two rotten eggs, but I can't get anything else.

LVL XXXVIII look carefully what letters are used in the words, a bit of counting is needed.

Have to go now. I'm stuck on LVL XXXIX, hope you can solve it and leave a big hint :)

Thanks again Dutchie. Got it now. :)

LVL XXXIX - Sorry Dutchie. I'm stuck there too. I found two mistakes in the cards, but I have no idea what to do with them.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lvl XXXIX, find a way to order all cards. When in the right order, the mistakes will make sense in their surroundings.

LVL XXXIX, thanks Ellie. It made sense once I noticed the number of cards.

Could anyone give me a hint on lvl XXXVII? Looks like a word finder but couldn't find anything useful out of it

lvl XXXVII, the title tells you what to find. The biggest challenge is that you can walk in any direction within each separate word/sentence. As a teaser... you can find "game" in upper right corner, which might be a part of something you need.

Still struggling on lvl XIV. Got the correct title for the left pic but no idea at all about what it is supposed to be... Thought first it was some i*** t** but no.

LVL XXVI - cant find either the gibberish letters or the key.

XIV, do the same for the right pic as you did for the left. Simple substitution to get the right words. However, i think you might be able to guess the answer even with only the correct letter from left pic. Apply it to the title (switch letters there).

@Ellie thanks a lot got it by guessing but still no idea what was the right pic !

XXXII- got long word. But can't find the other one for conformation egg, Tried to operate with "latin" stuff but no luck or wrong choice :)

@Eric, if you work it backwards from the answer, you will get the pic :)

mehroon, XXVI: do the First thing First. That will get you some gibberish. The key is some substitution of the key you have in the level.

XXXII; what does the long word mean/how could you apply it to the text, to find specific words in there?

@Elle, ty for the hint!

@Ellie - Thanks for help

@Ellie - Thanks for the hint!
On the egg page now... tried googling and granny but nothing seems to come out

@aaaasa, Those movies have something in common. Find out what and you can tell who the egg person is.

Not really almost, but it's getting close and I'm posting anyway: + 400 comments on the next page.

@aaaasa, XXXVII; The ones you found in the grid have someone in common. Google for that person with the words which took you to the egg page.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@puzzled, lvl XXVIII. Try your words for confirmaion eggs. You need to pick the question marks.

Lvl XVII - are we supposed to get a confirmation egg for each of them ? If yes, got only 1 correct then :-(

LVL XXVII - Got the message about N and not A. Now how to use that and where?

LVL IV -It took me a long time on my knees to learn my ABC's when looking at the paragraph's BOLD letters. (and it rhymes with the last thing you put in)..ahh.. finally on to level V after 3 eggs and the final answer.

Eric, yep re Lvl XVII. There is a wiki site which helped me enormously. Has a list of all those weird and wonderful creatures.

Still stuck at XXV, no progress
@clio: I thought you meant m****t and m******n? It doesn't help me identify who the first guy is...

yes @eric, XVII you need more confirmation eggs.

mehroon, XXVII: at what specific places did you find your message?

Good job @maman!

+ 400 comments on the next page.

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