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SD Asylum 2019 Walkthrough

SD Asylum 2019

SD Asylum 2019 is a new point & click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. While inside the abandoned asylum searching for your lost girlfriend, you fell through the floor. Now, you must find her and escape the darkness that surrounds the asylum! Good luck and have fun!

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First hee hee

LOL Drop!!

Found SD: ı uı ɹoolɟ

finally.. green key..

I am still looking for a map?

Found Batteries: pǝuǝdo sı ɹoop ǝnlq ɹǝʇɟɐ p uı ɹǝʍɐɹp uı

brandytrc - Map can be bought in H

Brandy - srry - far left and bottom room

Thanks got to find something for orbs though, These tiny hotspots UUGG

just collecting orbs.. need map and SD..

Which room is H? Far left bottom isn't helping.

Found Plunger: ɹoop ǝnlq ƃuıuǝdo ɹǝʇɟɐ ɐ uı ɹoolɟ uo

Were you find orb jar Drop?

Jodi. Go to room with wheelchair and red circle. Then go as far left as you can go. Then back one room. Then go down and then left.

I am afraid were need orbjar to buy things we need?

orb bottle think was far left room after green key door..

Red, as far left from the red circle scene has to other exit.

Thanks drop still Looking for green key?

Bandy, find and light 6 candles for green key.

green key light the candles LOL

lighter was tough to spot on a window sill..

Jodi. thats right, now go back one room (should be an arched hallway with an exit sign at the end). Then go down (room should have a black graffiti image. Then left.

WOW Lighter was hard to see!! Room with alot of shelfs

Found that jar!!!!

Anyone know where the purple door is? Going round and round

Purple door is at top of Room U.

Thanks red!

Where did u find the purple key?

Nvm. Found Purple key: (ɐ ɯooɹ ɟo ɥʇɹou) ƃ ɯooɹ uı ǝuıɥɔɐɯ ƃuıɥsɐʍ ǝlppıɯ uı

Im still trying get damn blue key out of sink..

Leroy. u need SD - see comment at 8:55

where did you find jar Bandy. I still can't find it.

think I solved that problem finally found SD LOL remember down arrows in some rooms..

POP. Never mind.

Found Gold Key: ˙ɹǝƃunld pǝǝu ˙ʞɐ ɯɹ uı ʇǝlıoʇ uı

I am trying to find the room to buy the map!

Sorry Phaedrus Hunting around at least you found it,

flying along now LOL

Where is the plunger - can't remember where blue door was but I opened it.

I am stuck with 7 red gems and need to vanquish the wraith. Also, I think there is some trick to the compass on the map. Any ideas?

Found the plunger!

Stuck with 5 red gems and a magic wand that doesn't kill the wraith or open the sarcophagus.

Any help on the puzzle in room AS?

vball, no trick to compass. You just have to go to various rooms now and place the gems on the walls where indicated to move on.

Played the game earlier, thenoodge. You need 7 of those red gems. There will be spots on walls in various rooms for you to put them...it's a pain looking for them, but the spots will be in the shape of the gems.

If I remember correctly, the magic wand is used on the big ice wall.

Great game, SD, thank you! :)

The big ice wall!!!!

I don't get the colour clue in the book... probably to be used in AS

Set the outside ring as in the book, then match colors on the other side of the lines.

Haven't found the wand yet either...
Got a barrel with chemicals and a hole in a wall to solve still as well.

Got the wand - had forgotten a room - then the blue and red lever make sense :)

Only have 6 gems, no way to vanquish the wraith and what do with the Golden Cabinet that "looks wrong"

Anybody know what the chemical is for?

also do not know what to do to the barrell

Thanks goodness for the Crystal Ball

Thanks - I must have misclicked... worked now!

Still have the shrine to open, the wraith to remove and a barrel with chemicals.

Missing one gem - presume it is in the barrel...
Glove anyone?

Still stuck on the barrel - only missing one gem now.

Barrel is to fill bottle, and that is only for the courageous. ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

thenoodge which bottle is that? I only have the orb bottle

carnt find the wand have 4 genms not done red lever or hole in the wall dont know what to do any help please

Suzzy - you need to find the room AO - there is a red and a blue button on the wall.
Use the cristal to pull the red and blue levers in the other rooms, then go quickly back to the room.

Ooh found it!

ɯ ɯooɹ

That bottle was nigh invisible!!!
Thanks missy moo!

Thanks for the hints and thanks for a great game SD!

thankyou gwenyth i will see if i can find the red and blue buttons dont know where blue levers is

thankyou gwenyth found it now on the weights

Where is the clue to solve the puzzle on the book?

˙ʞɔol uo ʞɔılɔ uǝɥʇ ˙llɐʍ uo ǝdɐɥs pǝɹ ˙ɹ ɯooɹ

Where is the flashlight?

nvmind found it

I am not able to match the color clue in book with shape puzzle in room AS. Any help is welcome. :)

I have 4 gems.

Where to use chemical in the bottle that I got from the barrel.

How to solve puzzle in room AS.

I'm just wandering around now.

Found in room D a piece of paper in a drawer that looks blank but when I pick it up it disappears. It doesn't go into inventory. ??

This comment has been removed by the author.

Solved it! Puzzle in room AS.

Page 11 from the book in your inventory.

Notice the four symbols outside the circle in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Note the positions of the outside symbols - sort of like a clock.

Note the symbols inside the circle in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Ignore the symbols inside the circle that match the symbols on the outside.

The Puzzle has lines connecting one symbol to another symbol.

First change the puzzle symbols to match the positions of the ones outside the circle in the book.

Then change the connecting symbol to match the color symbol from inside the circle in the book.

You get a gem.

I hope this helps. Not only was that one hard to figure out it was also hard to describe.

MW for the chemical bottle, ʞooq ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝƃɐd ʇsɐl ǝɥʇ uo ʇı ǝsn

Still don't understand the colored circle puzzle in the book. The one on the wall has no colors??? Anyone still playing???? Help please...

Finally got it... Thank you!!!

Thanks for the AS solution MW. I had the 4 symbols in the correct place but hadn't made the color association.

And out!

Epic game SD, thanks. 5828 seconds well spent IMO.

Easy 5 stars from me.

My complements to SD. Best Haunted Asylum game I've played in quite some time!!! I loved the tricky puzzles and having a story-line was a fresh new concept!!! Excellent!!!!

Loved this game - just like the olden days! Thanks so much. Super ending, too.

where'd the upside down converter go?

TY SD.. ya back to your best now..

This comment has been removed by the author.

I can't find the book and not sure where to use the flashlight. Anyone still around?

This comment has been removed by the author.

My map doesn't match y'all's map. I don't have a D room, A room, AO room, G room, etc. I am playing the same game because I am seeing things that match your descriptions but the map is different. What am I missing?

Vicky - there are rooms that won't show up on the map until you open certain doors or get past an obstacle. I'm just stuck. I think I need to pull a blue lever to move on, but I've gone back through all the rooms I have open and can't find it. Someone said it's "on the weights" but I can't figure out where that is. I'm totally frustrated.

where is the magic wand

the scale is very confusing!! there is a little "+4" on the left side, so I guessed, this side should be 4 steps up or down...
but the scale should be even!!!!

where si the book everyone is talking about??

oh.. found it.. but i swear i tried those numbers on that safe a hundred times! :oD

I've placed seven gems, now I can't find what else to do, nor the clue for the compass points on the map. Can anyone help please?

looking for wand and scale that people are mentioning

What's the difference between begin and restart?

Thanks GMac! I'll just keep trying to get to the end.

robinrob, After I press PAUSE then press Begin it starts where I left off. Restart is from the beginning


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Is there going to be a video walkthrough for this?

This comment has been removed by the author.

5216 seconds. That torch was the trickiest for me! Took me ages to figure out that there was more than one box in that room!! Argh!

How do I deal with the wraith? (Just a hint, please...)

Finished the game! Those places for the jewels were very hard to see!!

sink with blue key in W.

use plunger in AK to get gold key.

@blah youtube selfdefiant channel

How to get rid of the wraith?

placement of 7 gems bftw aL am ar

after placing 7 gems closet in room AN opens

my closet in AN is open but I can't ddo anything with up and when I go up thee wraith is still as before. What am i missing please?

OH now I see I have a box!

Thanks for all the help! Loved this game.

Hi Folks! Happy Easter to Anyone Still Playing! I am SO stuck, found plunger but not the flashlight to get the purple(?)key. HELP! Thanks in Advance!

Thanks everyone!

Very, very good. Just like the old days. Thanks SD.

This will be my 3rd attempt at this game. I'm gonna do it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

WHAT a great game this was!! I really enjoyed doing it! You've outdone yourself on this one - please, Sir may I have MORE like this one??? AWESOME!!!!

can anyone explain how to try again on the weights? mine is frozen and i dont want to lose whole game

Natly01 I got stuck the same you touch where he weights originally were to take them off get a good balance

Really enjoyed the game thanks SD

where is SD? i am in I ROOM

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