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SD Sneaky Rooftop Escape Walkthrough

SD Sneaky Rooftop Escape

SD Sneaky Rooftop Escape is a new point & click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Sneaky is on a new mission! This time, he was hot on the trail of the Sharkmen when things went wrong! Now he must figure out a way to escape before it's too late! Good luck and have fun!

*Note: This game was created with Unity and is the first game of it's kind from Melting-Mindz games. Please give us your feedback to help us to continue making great games!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Not loading after the Unity screen.

Ya mine started but it fizzled out UGGG

Now it's freezing up my browser. Fix it SD?

It's difficult for me to fix something that I'm not sure of. It works perfect for me on Chrome and Firefox. It is a much larger file compared to my Flash games.

It runs on Safari, but the lack of hotspots is killing me. Got to the highest part of the roof and looking for the 1 and 4 color clues. Was the die supposed to roll?

Yes, when you click the cube it will rotate if you drag it. I will try to see if I can add hot spots. Thank you for your feedback!

Took a while to load but that's normal for Unity. Nice game, thank you SD. No problems for me using Vivaldi.
I like that we can move things.

Thanks for the feedback Melody! With anything new, there are sure to be issues. I'm trying to tackle them so I can keep making more of these!

Played fine in Chrome. A little slow to load and navigate, but I figured it out.

i'm using chrome and all i get is a black screen
i got 8 gigs memory, no problems there
i got the latest flash.

Wasn't able to turn the die, even after watching the video. The system made my older computer (5 yrs) run a bit hot. Back to normal now that the window is closed.

Topcat, this uses Unity, you have to have the Unity Web Player installed and the file is a bit larger which could take some time to load. If you don't see the Unity load bar it's not installed.

Good game, thank you Selfdefiant. Adding hotspots would really help, as has already been mentioned. I was clicking around on the screen with the car and found myself on the roof (before finding a way of bringing the ladder down). I then spent ages trying to find the way back up there!

Thank you Nikoko, I will find and fix that. :)

Can't play on my computer. just says java script error and won't load.

Jenny, have you installed the Unity Web Player? Have you played other Unity games before? Thank you for your feedback!

use google chrome for your web browser. I had the same problem Jenny

SD, the clarity is not the same as before. It is not my PC. Just giving you what I see. DM

DM, yes, I couldn't set the quality to best, then we would really see problems from many players with slower pc's. It will improve with time. I'm still trying to figure everything out! Thanks for your feedback!

My standard browser is Chrome. It didn't load properly, first time, F5 helped.
Maybe the quality of the pictures is better, using a different browser (?)
Normally, SD uses the cursor change routine; had to get used to their absence, but that didn't take too long.

SD, also not hotspots anymore with cursor? Is this the way you created just this game, or is this the results of using Unity? I'm going to pass on this game.

The hot spots are not there because of Unity, I can look into adding them. It shouldn't be a problem.

I'm using Chrome, and have had no issue getting in - no delays. Hotspots would indeed be nice. I'm stuck, but that is my issue, not the games, lol.

The messages saying "that worked!" fly by very quickly. I think I'm stuck because I missed something when I solved the slider.

Loaded fine and looks good but I'm totally stuck! Have got the sneaky coin and that's it! Can anyone nudge me in the right direction?

Worked fine for me in FF. Hotspots would be great as mentioned above. Was frustrated by the sliding height puzzle that seemingly did nothing (spent a while looking around trying to find another clue and going back to repeatedly do the puzzle). Otherwise good game...I got out! :-)

Zoot - license plate.....

Thanks LT - just found it.

I'm working on the hotspot change. :)

No problems on Firefox. Wasn't an indicator on the lever puzzle so not sure what setting it did. Made it out in with the Sneaky coin in any case.

what did you do with our favorite Selfdefiant? it´s so....hm....different....

I can still create cartoon style games with Unity but the 3D aspect is what I am moving toward. :)

Thanks SD, I can't load Unity player on this old PC. Looks like a nice game though. Good luck with it.

SD, I have Unity Web Player installed but the game won't load, only the intro to it with your logo and the music. Tried on both your site and World Escape Games site, still no go. Using the latest Google Chrome & latest flash. Will you be making all your games with Unity from now on?


Unity games don't use Flash. Often the problem is either an old version of the browser, which is obviously not the problem you have.
But also an older videocard can cause problems when a game uses WebGL tools. Maybe you could check if your videocard can handle WebGL and whether it's enabled?

got to play it in firefox... not sure if I like the new look, though.

I had no problem in Firefox. I would have liked something to say the sliders were correct - maybe it did and was too fast for me to see it. Appreciate you trying new things SD. And your monitoring and responding to our comments (as you always do) Thanks

p.s. Game won't load if anyone is using an AdBlocker

Thanks Cool. Intel HD Graphics 4600, on a 5-year-old laptop. OpenGL version 4.3. Maybe I just need to upgrade the driver. If I can't, I'm not buying a new laptop just to play games, since this one works like a charm. When/if this one ever dies, my next one should probably handle WebGL.

Hopefully SD will still be making some flash games, or at least having a hand in some of their development. Would hate to not be able to play any more of his games.

@Sugar, updating the videocard driver could work. I remember Arrie doing that some time ago when a html game did not work. After the update it was fine.

Does anyone know if there is a unity download for Windows Vista, I've had a look on the web and can only see it doesn't support vista, just wondered if anyone knew any different.

I will continue to use Flash but it will be gone by the end of the year so everyone really needs to be able to use Unity or whatever everyone else is using. Which, I'm not sure what that is.

yvonne, good question. Older computers running older operating systems my have problems.

Hi SD :) thank you for responding

Some games will be going to HTML, got no problem with that.

Thanks SD. :)

Is there a trick to the levers, mine arent working?

Ah! It opened another arrow!

Personally, I don't like the interface. Text/notes that pop up seem blurry.
Agreed that lack of hot spots is frustrating (don't know when I will or won't be zooming in on an area).
There is a pixel in the muscle car scene that jumps me to the flaming BBQ. I'm guessing I'm supposed to get the ladder down before actually being able to be up there.

On the whole, the game is running, but I do seem to be stuck having only picked up the sneaky coin...

And as I posted that, I found the screwdriver to let me move on.

It looks like an old game
and graphics something from the late 90s
It's not for me

levers don't let you know that they worked..look around after you set them

didn't say the cup was full of coffee.
I liked the box and graphix. Would have been too easy with hot spots

Hmmmm... I had the cup in inventory. In the top leftmost scene on the roof, I clicked on the cup in my inventory and the cup disappeared immediately, before I could even move my mouse to any part of the scene. It said "That worked!" My cup is gone, and I don't know what worked?

Well... I liked the game in general, but a huge draw for me is the style of sd's games, both the smaller ones and the larger asylum style games. This one felt underdeveloped, like a new designer that hadn't fully fleshed everything out yet. I'm a loyal escaper though, and will stick with you, sd. You are without a doubt my favorite developer and you've definitely earned my patience to experiment with new platforms and styles. I don't post much, but I've played every game you have here, and many you don't.

Thanks bigdaddy! It's like starting all over using a new software platform. It won't be long and the games will get better and better.

I miss having the cursor change when there's a hotspot. Turning the die and tossing the boxes is neat! Is it blurrier than other games?

It's not blurry at all for me. It might depend on your graphics card.

I made a video walkthrough, does it look blurry? Maybe I need glasses! lol

Maybe blurry isn't the right answer. I'm not used to seeing the bevels on objects. I also zoom in to about 135 to 150%. At 100% I didn't get the bevels nearly as much. It was particularly noticeable on the die when turning it.

I should have added, it could also be an effect of the colouring, since much of the colour is a washed out hue.

well that was very interesting and worked fine, nice change and added challenge without the hotspot indicator. thanks for making a new aspect to these games. well done!

LOL just drinking my own coffee.. not the cops..

Oh and SD some unity games I run into memory issues loading some unity games.. Obviously lots of peoples still learning how to program unity..

Well, I guess I won't be able to play SD's games anymore either. I double checked WebGL, Unity cube screen loaded, the the SD and key came up. Next the SSSG logo showed, then the MM screen stayed around the perimeter, but the middle went black and stayed there. I waited 20 minutes! Tried both Chrome and Edge. Same thing both times. Sad to see you go SD. I've always loved your games.

webgl memory issues.. some unity games say refer developer..

Loaded fine on Firefox after refreshing page (as I always must to get Unity games to load). Game is a little rough, but to be expected for a first effort in a new platform. Took a minute to realize solving block slider added navigation arrow. Thanks SD; looking forward to bigger & better =)

Hi SD, love your games but this one using UNITY is a problem! I'm using Chrome (updated), browsing history/cache cleared, Unity Web Player active and up to date (I have played UNITY games before) - still your game will not load - gets past the SD logo and the blue Melting Minds logo screen, then nothing but a BLACK screen.

Another black screen here :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

It works perfect for me in both Chrome and Firefox. Not everyone has the same computer set up. I can only test on my own.

That was an interesting experience, new style SD. Wasn't blurry and worked fine here (although I have an 8 year old PC). A. Kofod is right, it was indeed like from the late 90s, but I kind of liked that, late 90s was the time I loved to play shooting games like Duke Nukem 3D etc., this game reminded the graphics of such games nostalgically. Pinocchio-policeman was funny, exactly like made from wood.

Thanks, waiting for next ones!

SD,thank you for being vigilant. Thank you responding to my thoughts. Hope you create games for us for many more yrs. (and love the hotspots!)

First off, I love SD games, so my comments are aimed at providing useful feedback and not just complaining.
After lots of failures, I finally got it to load. That’s generally a deal-breaker, since people playing games that take 100-300 seconds aren’t usually going to spend 20-40 minutes trying to get the game to load. But, it’s an SD game so I invested the time.
The lack of hot spots makes it an ancient click-fest, which isn’t attractive.
The yellow color on the cube looked olive green, and it took a number of tries before I realized that poor color might be the issue.
The cup is just a cup; it isn’t a cup with liquid in it, or it would have put out the fire. But, it is a cup with something that made the cop move the car.
Not being about to clearly see the symbols behind the car was frustrating, since I had to go back on the roof and back down several times to figure it out.
The lack of feedback on the sliders made it difficult to realize their was a new arrow to the higher rooftop.
After that, it was just anti-climactic.

Still getting black screen. I tried another Unity Web Player game and got the following warning:

Unity Web Player games are no longer playable on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers.

Please try this game on Safari or Internet Explorer 11. If you are using Safari or IE 11, please ensure that your Unity Web Player is correctly installed.


Loaded just fine for me with Chrome. Seemed to load faster than the flash games. I do have a super connection and super computer though. No hotspots threw me off, but I managed to plug through it. If this is your first Unity game, then bravo! When I get past "Hello World!" in any language, I get totally lost. LOL

I don't know whether you changed something between yesterday and today, but I thought I'd give it a try this morning and it worked. I agree, that it's a click fest without the hand hot spots. It's a little jerky, but with time, I'm sure it will get figured out. I hope the loading problem is being looked at. I'm using Chrome on a laptop. Thanks, SD

Not my favorite game. Amusing but not a fan of unity.

I liked it. As a stepping stone into Unity, well done. I even enjoyed the retro adventure game look (since I grew up on that stuff :-P)

That said, almost everything worked fine on my end. The only issue that I had was when Firefox notified me of a blocked pop-up and I went to tell it what to do -- it killed the music and would not restart it without a refresh.

I can't play. Why the change, anyway? :(

Personally do not like the interface. I'm sure SD will make it alot better, or scrap the change.

I really like the new format SD, but I especially like the way you interact with the gamers and answer their questions and concerns so promptly! Unheard of!!

I'm a few days late. I admire your games SD. I appreciate your responses here too.

This game was fun to me. My favorite part - the "fiery" triangles. I just wanted to stop and watch them.

I have played your games for years. It takes patience and a lot of effort to create these games. I know because I am trying.

I recently found Room Escape Maker. It is incredibly difficult. So far I have two shelves with a bunch of books and a locked door.

I'm working through the tutorial.

SD you have my utmost admiration!

One more thing - I'm almost finished and just now noticed the moving security camera. Neat!

Hang in there Self Defiant. Change can be hard at first. But I have confidence in you. :)

Found the solution to the "game not loading in Chrome" issue: disable ad blocker. The first thing after the splash screen that wants to load is a short ad.

love the idea of 3D games.
however, when this game loaded, all of my desktop icons disappeard (ubuntu w/ unity). not pleasant!

I'm really not sure how a browser game could get rid of your desktop icons. It sounds like a bigger problem caused by something else. Thanks for the info though.

Will not load after seeing the Self-Defiant page then I just get a black screen and nothing else happens and can't even adjust the screen with the scroll bars.

I'm going to echo what some people have said, lack of hot spots made it feel like a pixel hunt. Also, I was running around all over the place trying to find out where I could fill the coffee cup, I accidently gave it to the cop and he drove away, after that it was easy.

I liked this game. Nice change of pace and I had no trouble loading or seeing anything. Nothing was blurry. Maybe a bit pixel-y, but no issues with the clues. The lack of hot spots was a bit annoying when I was trying to figure out the trash can, but other than that, no problem. I did find the whole "rooftop escape" ironically funny though since you technically didn't need to escape something you weren't even on in the first place, lol. Just climb back down the ladder!! ;)

SO most of you spent the time complaining but there is not ONE clue here to help me through the game.
Yes, I COULD run SD's walkthrough but that's not the same as getting a hint from other players.

I'm disappointed.

And ... ... out - by accident. I never found a clue or answer for the levers.

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