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Horror Game: Decay Apartment Walkthrough

Horror Game: Decay Apartment

Lutaru + GokurakuKungFu - Horror Game: Decay Apartment Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Lu-Taru and Gokuraku Kung Fu. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Dazz Ley]

Japanese Game Name: ホラーゲーム 腐乱アパート and 脱出ゲーム 腐乱アパート

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cool new gamemaker?

language an issue?

I cant' get the game to load on IE or Firefox

Im in but got japanese clue I think..

Im in chrome..

what's the code for the first door

Doesn't work for me in Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge with or without some form of adblocker on.

top right corner is a purse. Opened up right compartment with clue from purse strap. Need number clue for left compartment. Can't figure out red box lock.

I'm using Safari

Im just looking japanese numbers google..
been ages since I did that LOL

opened up left compartment of purse. 10000-3721(number on phone = 6270. Now have a plastic bag with japanese symbols. Need help

havent seen game challange like this in ages..

anyone playing this game. I need help

Nope, doesn't work for me in Safari.

same as siobhan, not loading anywhere

works fine on firefox, what is padlock code

Sue, have your got figured out the padlock code. There is a piece of paper on the door which you can also turn over for another number. This might be the clue for the padlock

Behind the door sign there's a clue: 昭和16年 (16th year of the Showa Era), that's 1941. This code opens the red box beside the door..

The purse strap is the clue for the rightmost purse puzzle (5 buttons). Press the ones that are not crossed out.

The cellphone gives a hint for the leftmost purse code (3721).
If you check that puzzle, on the upper left corner, there's the rest of the hint (10000-).

So 10000-3721=6279

The glittery bag contains "Cleansing Salt" to purify the demon on the red box

Before going out, check the top left corner of the opened door and pull the cord, otherwise you'll get the bad ending.

2nd room:

The window is the hint for the 6-button box.

New mail: The middle purse code is Sboq (5609) - get a spray

The wardrobe has 2 views (left and right sides). Both sides have also 2 views (up and down parts). Get a footstool from the left side, top section and a bag of cotton from the right side, bottom section (look right).

Use the stool near the door and attach the red lamp to the existing one. Make the red light shine on the paper above the door for a hint. Combine this hint with the one on first page of the papers above the table for the mirror code.

Mirror code answer:


Then use the spray to make the ghosts go away.

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started to play yesterday, today the game doesn't load

Greta, I've made the ghosts go away, got some kind of pliers/pincers.... now what??

@paullywog, use those on the rusty window handle and make your way into the backyard.

I'm stuck after pressing the button near the statue and going in the basement.

Stuck. A key is taken in the basement, then the exit from the basement is closed. To the right of the stairs you can open the passage to another door. The key does not fit. Language barrier. Not open codes in the room, in the closet (left lower shelf) Outside the window there is a door -9 buttons. There are levels. Code to bike. I do not know .. Stuck. In the subject of some white powder. Does not apply anywhere.

Thanks Nini for all the help! But stuck again - guess no one is that interested in finishing the game, there is absolutely no help available anywhere :(

I am very interested to complete the game. Only a lot of text. I do not know the language.

Turns out the game was buggy after all.
They released an update that fixes the fact we couldn't turn the lights off in the basement.


The bike lock code comes from the 4 symbols from the basement wall + the cards on the bedroom floor. The cards are from a popular game called Hanafuda (花札). The symbols on the wall are:

梅 萩 椛 松, each representing a flower.

The symbols on the lock are:

鶯 鶴 燕 鹿 猪 蝶, each representing an animal.

Each card has a flower + animal combo.

梅 (plum) -> 鶯 (Uguisu)
萩 (bush clover) -> 猪 (Boar)
椛 (maple) -> 鹿 (Deer)
松 (pine) -> 鶴 (Crane)

Now, pay attention to the red lines around the wall symbols and use them as a guide to know where each matching symbol go on the lock.


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Nini xD,such a clever girl !!!) I hope for you) Indeed, now you can turn off the lights in the basement. Something I tried to translate the letter .. began to google, and they gave me a page with a Japanese with a non-censored mat))))) The numbers in the letter 1533 as the code does not fit.

For the 4-symbol drawer on the right side of the wardrobe, combine the letter (Foods and numbers) with the posters scattered around the rooms.
Each food+number represent what symbol you'll take out from each poster. Note: The posters are read from right to left.

Cider 1 -> 噴
Donuts 5 -> 羅
Croquette 3 -> 肉
Caramel 3 -> 精

Open the drawer for a bag of rice and a memo.

The memo reads "呪ってやる", which is a hint for us to look for one of the pages glued to the top right side of the wardrobe.

The red squares are the numbers marked on the memo and the white squares are the non-marked numbers. Follow the equations of the glued page, while looking at the memo numbers:

魚 (fish): 8-3=5
貝 (shellfish): 2+7=9
虫 (insect): 4-1=3
花 (flower): 9-5=4

Each symbol has a matching word at the bottom drawer at the wardrobe.

魚 (fish) -> 河豚 (puffer fish)
貝 (shellfish) -> 蛤 (clam)
虫 (insect) -> 百足 (centipede)
花 (flower) -> 鈴蘭 (lily of the valley)

So the answer is: 9534. Get a wig.

Put the rice inside the cotton bag and warp it with the red string, then attach the wig.

Place the dummy on the bed and hide on the bottom left section of the wardrobe. Take a body part from the red box and a key left by the ghost near the bed.

Nini xD,Thank you very much !!!) Do not stop, please) The game is long. I have little progress. There is one valve (the sun). Found 4 figures of animals, which need to set the right direction. There is a man with a heart in the window (hieroglyphs are hard to see). And a bunch of hieroglyphs ((((It would certainly be easier if the game was at least in English.

There's a cane near the mannequin, that you can use to get a memo from the floor near the blue dragon.

The memo is a hint on how to turn the heart of the mannequin. Looking at the hint we have:

エ (that represents the symbol for "left" 左) - 二四 (24)
口 (that represents the symbol for "right" 右) - 一三五六七八 (135678)

Note that the hard has left and right inverted, so the answer is:


Then look on the ground and grab a coin (look at its symbols), also check the poster on the ground (red letters).

Use the coin on the device near the hare statue and use the red letters from the poster and the symbols on the coin as hints on how to press the 4 buttons.

Coin: 福引 (フクビキ)
Poster: キフビク (buttons)

Answer: 2431

Use the new memo that dropped from the buttons device to open the 3x3 grid pannel (look at the black squares). Open the lid a little more for a moon-shaped valve. Turn the lever.

Go to the barber pole, turn it on and quickly grab the star-shaped valve from the top.

Go back to the corridor and look at the poster on the wall. Each word has a symbol missing:


月 -> moon
星 -> star
日 -> sun

Place the valves on this order. The bars will open and you'll be able to return to the bedroom.

If you removed the rusty key from its slot, return it and close the stair's secret passage. Through the wardrobe, make your way backwards to the corridor and grab a hook on the other side of the door.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Nini xD,A barber's pillar is a blue-karsny pillar (it is plugged into a power outlet and has a red button on it)? I took the symbol of the moon. The lever is in the down position, when I press it, it immediately returns to the down position. I go to the barber's pillar, but nothing can be done. He is in the same position (((What am I doing wrong?

Sorry Nafanya, I forgot to explain the statues. They need to be correctly oriented for us to be able to flip the lever:

The poster near the sheep statue reads: "the blue dragon is where the sun rises". Knowing that the sun rises on East, that's where the dragon mark is.

There're a bunch of signs around the room telling us which animals are on which direction.

The animals are all from the Chinese zodiac and and the answer is as follows:

Rabbit 卯 -> North 北
Horse 午 -> East 東
Snake 巳 -> South 南
Sheep 未 -> West 西

Thank you so much !!!) I thought that I needed to do something else).

Oh ... I put the Rabbit-head against the wall, the horse is right, the snake looks at us with its head, the sheep is left. The lever does not work again. She did when the rusty key in the wall and when she took it. Maybe something else needs to be done?

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Actually, the snake faces the wall as well

Exactly))) Thank you)

So after getting the hook, grab the rusty key and return to the bedroom. Use the hook on the black hinge on the wall to reveal a secret compartment where you can find a shamisen pick, then use the rusty key on the floor for a crowbar.

Use the shamisen pick on the 2 drawers on the bottom right section of the wardrobe for a yellow key and a book that contains the hint for the black box near the mannequin. Use the yellow key on the black box to activate the dials. Answer:

Left dial: 5 (五)
Right dial: 7 (七)

The box contains yet another memo.

This game is neverending omg.. .

The crowbar is used once in the basement and again at the ceiling inside the top left part of the wardobre.

Place the round branch you got from the basement above the table and then you can escape the ghost from the attic.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Scrap used, opened the passage to the attic .. and there are some interferences ... Nothing can be seen ..

Nafanya, use the cellphone light (as you did to get in the basement)

Thank you) I forgot about the light completely) I drove the ghost away)

The answer to the safe on the attic comes from the flowers memo and the symbols below where the torso is.

別 -> 王

So we need to go from 別 to 王 while passing through all the other radicals. The safe ornaments tell us that daisy is left and rose is right.

The answer is:

L(2x) R(3x) L(1x) R(7x) L(5x) R(3x) L(1x) R(5x)

We'll get a charm and a plate.

In the box are not numbers, but letters (

I know these letters are for the 3x3 buttons outside but I don't know the order.

And in the book (on the side of the box) a similar figure, which was found. In the book there are 6 vertical lines of hierogyphs, maybe it is to levels? I try to hack levels)

I don't think we have the levels hint yet..
I'm trying to make words out of the letters and see if I find something.

Indeed, the levels need a hint.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Well, I had to google for the answer.

Turns out the symbols on the box can be arranged like an old japanese poem called "Iroha", which was famous in ancient japan because it contains every symbol of the japanese syllabary exactly once. It was used to order the alphabet almost like the eastern ABC.

The poem starts like this:

いろはにほへとちり (Hiragana) = イロハニホヘトチリ (Katakana)

Which are the same symbols as in the box.

Therefore, the order is:


I've read all the papers and posters and couldn't find a single hint related to this poem. Maybe it's just common knowledge to japanese people.

And finally we have the levels hint! Look at the chimneys.

Place the mirror inside the shrine and then use the charm to summon a samurai to defeat the backyard ghost.

Because we have collected 5 body parts (except the head), a symbol appeared on the body. The exact same symbol is written beside the "Caramel" poster. Click on it for a clue (わえぢおし)

Now look at the fridge lock. The hint is:

鍵 (かぎ = kagi) <- 公家 (くげ = kuge)


く -> か
げ -> ぎ

If we look at the hiragana table (https://i.imgur.com/cXAm7nX.png), we see that each symbol is being replaced by a symbol 2 steps behind.

If we take our clue わえぢおし, it transforms into れいぞうこ (which means fridge lol)

And that's it finally! Phew!

Nini xD,I have no words, what a clever you are))) If it were not for you, I would not have passed this game. Thank you so much !!!)))

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