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SMALL TOOL Riddle in Blue

Riddle in Blue - is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. Riddle in Blue is another successor of the all record breaking riddle games Tool Torture Threesome and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
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Hi guys :)
I hope you will have a lot of fun!

Thank you so very much for posting, Zoe. Love you :)

Yay! I'm diving in. Thanks Small-Tool

Hello ST :)

Hello ST, hello everyone!

Thank you small-tool :)

so do I , thx s-t

Level 4 was good. Didn't know whether to go for the alternate name for a starter for a meal or the literal number of what is on the plate. Chose the right one luckily.

Does it matter that one of the level 6 eggs doesn't have a comma?

Oh no. Stuck on level 5. Yes I am blind.

If you're blind bondslave you may need to feel your way to the answer,

Hi, thanks for the new riddle.
Already stuck on 6 after a few eggs

Level 6 - sequences matter

Thanks small and Zoe. Now you know I've never yet finished one of your big riddles but I always enjoy the levels I can figure out.

Right now stuck on 10 - I've enlarged, counted, sequenced to no avail.

lvl 8: do I have to know that specific card game ?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry - my comment for for Level 9.

thank you Minkis. I am trying to "feel" Still not able to make contact though lol. Just escaping me at this point

Level 5 - did you click on the link on the egg? Then go back to the original diagram and use it there.

I'm also a little bit stuck at lvl 10

bondslave Small-tool didn't suggest all the alphabets you might use.

Lvl 8 : can think of 2 card games but that's it.

Janet I did click on "blind" EGG word cannot be a link. Brought me to pdf that I assumed was braille but that is not the answer. Now I really confused.

Level 5 - no Braille is only the a (small)tool you use to get the answer. Again go back to your first page.

Level 8 - did you notice a capitalized word? Sometimes you need to use what isn't there.

thx Janet, I did notice the word, but that too is a card game. I'm afraid I'm taking a wrong turn somewhere.

Level 8 - (with the monkeys right?) The word you need to think about is in the bottom of the 4th panel. Then look at each panel - what do you have, and more important, what is missing?

level 9 Stuck on an egg with three royal looking Small Tools. Do I need to know p***r terminology?

Level 9 - Yes - Google will be your friend.

level 9 thanks Janet, I've tried some obvious terms but now I know how to delve further.

whoops, I must have mistyped my first try. On to level 10 now.

Yay! I'm still stuck on Level 10. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Stuck in a loop on lvl 6 egg of religious readings. Pretty sure my answer is correct, but just goes back to the first egg. What am I missing?

jpete...use the answers to the eggs but the "clue" is one, two, three, etc....more of clue below...

first letter, second letter, third letter, etc...of each egg answer.

level 6: jpete Look back at what you've done to get where you are.

I haven't a clue on level 10.

I'm still completely stuck at lvl 10. A little push please...

Stuck in Level 8 ... I don't see what the other panels lack !

Molly Level 8. Each panel has a symbol and some letters to go with it.

Dear Small. Now you know of course I love you. But where the heck are you? Cause I need you now... (set that to music - Lady Antebellum "And I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now. And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now. I just need you now) Sigh....

lol Janet. Feeling much the same here ;)

Hey Minkie, never saw you here before but I'm feeling that we're kindred spirits. Welcome to EG24!

Well I've just started and already stuck on level 4. It seems so obvious what the answer(s) could be, but I've tried every alternative word for 'starter' I can think of - both in numbers and in letters - and nothing works. Help!

Level 4 - Hi Zuleika - You have a bunch of things on the tray. So count and A=1 and so on.

Level 4 Zuleika count

Level 10 tearing my hair out.
I've tried counting
removing letters in lots of ways
northern ireland politics
popularity surveys
looking for prohibition codes
found a name for the pic that is not the gobbledygook that appears in the url


And yes Janet I came late to riddlemetool, but I'm an addict now!

Hey Janet : ) Yes, i tried that already. Sixty five items - but doesn't work when I translate that into numerals or when I just use 65. Am I missing something obvious?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Zuleika you need to count 8 different groups

Zuleika...count only each group of appetizers...not all together...then what letter (number..) of the alphabet is each..

Hi Janet ;-)

Level 4 - count each item individually. For example if there's one item = A. If there's 5 items = E. And so on.

Ahhhh ... thank you minkie and Zoe!

Hey my dear friend Zoe - thanks for posting this. Though I may not think so a bit down the road....

But then I can be a bit of a masochist

Though I will say again the best time I ever had was when Zoe and I were stumbling through one of small's earlier riddles. I don't think I ever laughed that much. And, yes, we didn't finish. But did we have fun!

Janet - I think we got to level 25....and then we wanted to call the police on small-tool :-D

Deservedly so....

thanks Minkie .. now stuck at level 10..

I miss what EG24 used to be. The friends helping you out. The many comments. sometimes over 100, on a game. The closest thing I can get to past times is small's riddles. So again thank you small and Zoe.

You're welcome Molly. We all seem to be stuck in the same place now. Perhaps there will be some enlightenment in the morning (for me).

I miss the old EG24 too Janet (I had a different alias then), but at least S-T helps to foster a community again.

Welcome back Small-Tool...looking forward to playing!

I so happy to see another Small Tool Riddle game and glad I'm catching it in real time for this one. I am also stuck on level 10. Trying to figure out what game this is. Perhaps a type of Ru..y? Are we to figure out what player 1 move is? Score? Name of Game? I am clueless.

Hey Minkie - so who were you back then? We're all friends here...

BucksDack, are you really talking about lvl 10?

And yes, it seems we are all stuck on Level 10. At least that makes me feel a tiny bit better.

Sorry Hotaru, you caught me being wrong again. I'm suck on lvl 9.

I'm stuck on level 9 staring blankly at a card game. 4 cards are exposed (5 of hearts, 8 of diamonds, 2 of clubs and 3 of spades. Below the pic it says "LEVEL 9 Player 1"

Do the 9 and 1 mean something? Does the word "Player" mean something?

Of course I didn't go to bed as I intended ;) It was Methanwy, Janet.

Bucksdack you don't need to know the game, just the suits.

Zoe, the cards are important

Perfect clue for level 9 Hotaru. Thanks!

Hello Methanwy, nice to see you back :)

Methanwy, yes I remember you.

Hi Yvonne. Great to see you too. Maybe I'll change my alias back if I can work out how.

Level 9 - count

Level 9 - 5 of hearts - count - what is the letter?

OH...duh!! Slaps forehead! Way overthought level 9!

I got lvl 10, text on the signs IS important, take it literally

Level 10 - care to elaborate (pretty please)

Hello everyone, have been stuck on 10 for a while with everyone else, hotaru what do you mean take it literally? tried removing all the letters from the alphabet but only got jibberish, a little more please

apply the signs on the text, then ask granny

Level 10 - so if I look at the text and remove all the letters that are on the signs from the text. I end up with only two letters? (I think - it's getting a little late here and I'm losing it)

lvl 10 Don't remove all the letters, just read carefully each sign, it tells you which letters to remove.

removing just what the sign says e.g. swimming, leaves me with 17 letters and seems to be too much for granny

remove all

Ohhhhhh....far out!!!! Hopefully I'll finish this one and join the club!!!

ok, removed all 6 words left with 17 letters and granny doesnt help.... am i missing something?

lvl 10 remove all the letters that the signs tell you, even if there are more of them

stuck on lvl 11 egg. I think I found the numbers right but nothing works

Level 10 - Yay Thank you Hotaru!!!

p.s. Though I will say small - that was kinda a sissy answer :-)

p.s. If it helps I had 8 letters left for Level 10

level 9 I get counting, but it doesn't make sense. It isn't a word.

Level 9 - 1st hand - you have four cards - look at the number on the card and count. You get four letters and it does make a word.

To solve anagrams this is a good tool - anagram-solver.net

jpete: There are 4 players in level 9. Player 1 has a hand of 3 cards plus the middle card. Spell out the name of the suit on the cards and then use the numbers to find the letters. So 5 of hearTs (T); 8 of diamondS (S); 2 of cLubs (L)and the card in the middle 3 of spAdes (A)...then granny (anagram) the letters. Player 2 same thing, but remember to use the middle card...same for player 3....BUT the next one: "all in" is a granny of all three of first 3 players words. The last one (player 4) is the name of the hand (three of a kind plus a pair) in a poker game. I hope this helps...it may confuse you even more than you already are, tho...

ty hotaru and Janet finally onto 11

Hello everyone!

Really excited to hop onto this new s-t riddle and face the challenges to come, but I'm now stuck in lvl 6 with all the egg answers... Can I have a bigger push here?

Level 6 - start with your 1st answer and then sequence... 1st letter of 1st, 2nd letter of 2nd etc

LVL 11 has anyone gotten anywhere on the egg? my numbers dont seem to be working, tried mixing first 5 with the egg and still getting nowhere... any hints?

Thanks Janet! Onto lvl 10 now.

I think I need to remove 9 words on the signs from the text, but after removing them there's 13 letters left instead of 8. Am I missing something here?

Finally a light bulb went on in my brain about level 10. It's funny after I solve one of these that I think "I should have known that"!

Waiting for more clues for level 11....

This comment has been removed by the author.

That hint is for the egg.

For Level 11 egg:

Don't forget you have 5 more extra letters from the egg itself. ;)

Stuck on 13.
Based on level number I tried something on first letters but I don't think I got something out of it. Is it a google level?

Still struggling on level 10 where Robin was with 17 letters which include a mass of t's. Is another push possible?

minkie, level 10 has no T. Remove all letters which are mentioned in signs.

Fossa, THANKS. Got it at last.

Hello all!!! Lovely to see all the familiar usernames :) I'm diving in. Let's hope I haven't completely forgotten how to riddle. I feel like I have to relearn every time!

New riddle! I'll go finish Funstration first before diving in to this, but thanks, ST!

Hi everyone. I have been playing these games for a while now and love them even if I need a lot of help along the way. I have never been in at the beginning before, but all your comments have always been a great help. Have managed to reach level 10 so far and am not asking for help yet!

lvl 11 am really stuck, got the egg, but the 5 numbers from the egg dont give me anything even combining what got me the egg with the new 5, what am i missing? tried counting letters and combining and still not getting anywhere. a hint please

Robin, each of the 5 number comes with a letter, use those 5 letters to combine with the numbers

Robin level 11 I guess you need some vowels. You will have seeing them when you got your five new letters.

Anyone past lvl 13 now? Need a hint on where to start the level...

aaaasa 13 hints a method. Try it on each line.

Super stuck on Level 11. I can't even get the egg. I think I have the right idea (taking letters from the relevant "I-"s), and that gives me a word that means to have fun, but that word doesn't lead me anywhere. Where am I going wrong?

Ahh, never mind re: Level 11. I had one letter wrong. I have the egg now.

Stuck on level 14 with a rotten egg. I thought her necklace might hint a cipher but it's getting me nowhere.

minkie, try reading the level text in a different way

DUH thanks aaaasa

Clearly Level 12 is easy as no-one else seems to have been stuck on it, but I'm not getting anywhere. I've observed that the number of flowers is significant, and I've also observed that some of them don't match the title. I've tried to count in the various directions and take the letters to Granny, but that doesn't work as I don't have enough vowels. Could someone please throw a hint my way?

BFS level 12 is telling you among other things to look down

This comment has been removed by the author.

lvl 11 ok read your hints, tried adding the vowels to make a 10 letter word and still not getting anything useful, is there a specific travel site you are using that will give me different routes perhaps? i have checked my routes so many times i feel as though i could drive them blindfolded haha.

Robin all the European routes use the same letter. There's a list on wiki:International E-road network

Stuck at 13. I think I know the method but don't understand how to apply it in the each line. I tried word numbers, last word, first of last, and nothing. Do I overthink?

Level 13 You are overthinking Fossa. Always try first things first.

I don't know what to do with the braille code in level 5.

Hello everyone!Level 13,found the guy but this is not the answer,is it about the number behind him?Small tool you kick some ...thanks for the game!

I'm at the intermission after level 14. Do I need to try and find a way past it?

Level 13. The artist you are not looking for a guy.

Level 13 Fossa. I think I see what you've been trying to do. You need to apply the same method eight times.

minkie, try clicking where the answer suggests.

Any help for level 5? Not sure what to do with the braille code. Thanks in advance.

Level 5 Zoot. Notice how the grid can be broken up into 4 groups of 6.

Thanks again aaaasa. Another Duh moment.

Oh I seeee! You have to look at Level 4 again. Thanks minkie2020.

minkie thank you finally got it using that page, onto 12

thanks minkie on to 14 with no thoughts!

Now stuck at lvl 17... don't know what to look for here

@minkie - Thanks, but I'm still totally stuck. By "down", do you mean count the l_____? Because they aren't very clear. I'm just completely clueless here. I don't even really know what I'm counting? I tried the ones that are a lighter colour, and also tried the ones that look more like tulips, but now I'm not sure any of them are actually tulips... I'm just totally lost.

Level 13) Thank for help but I still cant apply anything to the first letters)

fossa,number 13 reminds you of a well known cipher!

BlackFireSong. When I said look down I meant not on your computer screen but further down to your hands.

artist. I think I know the cipher but I cant apply it. I've got a lot of different letters and no words even with anagram.

ok so in every line and in every first word's letter will be fine!

@minkie - Ahh, OK, I understand now! I can see that the letters correspond to the lighter flowers as I had thought. I took those letters and the mirror image of them and sent them to Granny and got a name, but that doesn't work as the answer.

artist, I tried to change all 8 first letters in different ways (including the increasing method). I cant get any good set of letters. I suspect I dont see the obvious way...

any help for level 14 pls?it says it is not about googling

@BlackFiresong. Arrows L and R show you where to see the right letters. You need eight.

Help on 13? anybody?))

foss , you have to change all the first letters of all the words in every line!

Fossa, for lvl 13, do ftf on the first line and apply the code on the letters you get. Repeat for all the lines and then Google what you get.

lvl 14 - read the level text carefully in a different way.

Somehow you guys used a cipher for level 13 (no idea how), but it's actually way easier.

Look at the first letters and look at them as a pairs. Aren't they alphabetically very close together?
Or as other hint: Read between the lines.
And then you will notice it will go for every word in the poem.

Aaa, @ARTIST. I love you! Thanks a lot uphh damn)))

lvl 17 - I know what to find now but don't know how many letters to find... Any hint please? :)

@Fossa: What I tried to do is "flip" the layout so that the letters on each r** of the k******* are backwards... so e.g. R becomes U. I did that for the four letters of the word and I got a name, R*T****Y. But that didn't get me anywhere.

nvm got it

Level 16 I thought it might be about t****nyms, but I'm getting many more than six. I've also tried doing things with common and scientific names which looked more hopeful, but it didn't work. A hint please :)

@BlackFiresong, forget about flip. You have 4 letters in level. Look down and take 2 letters from left and right of the first letter. Then - of the second one. Etc. And get 8 letters for the answer.

stuck at lvl 14 egg, no idea what to do

Thanks @Fossa! (And @Blackfiresong for asking the question in the first place.)

minkie, for lvl 16 look for the six pairs of name that can combine into new ones

level 14 egg Do the same sort of thing over again Hotaru.

lvl 14 egg - use the same technique that brings you to the egg and ask granny with what you get

Thanks! Intermission...

Thanks aaaasa. I think I've got the idea.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Fossa: OMG! I've just understood. Feel really silly! Thank you!

EnJoy...click on the word "blind"

@EnJoy - click on the link (blind?) and then use that decode the bigger picture on level 4
I'm stuck with a rotten egg after the picture of actor E. Wood

Enjoy...and then go back to the big picture and see that there are four "sections" of six squares. Use the ones with the pictures as if they were braille dots and get your letters that way. Put the two words together (don't need to granny)

@Zoot: I'm stuck at the same point as you on Level 13! I also have a bunch of words from reading between the lines, but I don't know how to extrapolate first and last names from them.

@blackfiresong I've googled the words I found and they all relate to a film and its cast. Have tried each of them but not getting anywhere.

@Zoot: I figured it out! The words from reading between the lines and the word leading to E Wood all lead to a particular film. You need the first and last name of the person who plays a particular character in that film.

Now staring at 14. I know who the person is but not where to go from there.

lvl 16 - found only 3 rotten eggs

Thanks @Blackfiresong!

No idea who the woman in level 14 is.

@Zoot: You have to read the word in a different way. Break it down into component parts and interpret it that way. That gets you an egg. I've no idea where to go from there.

@BFS: apply the same technique to the egg page text.
@Hotaru: look for pairs that combine into a new name.

Ahh, OK. Did the same thing again on the egg and got to the "nice relaxing break".

Please help on the lvlv 16 - with 3 rotten eggs. I don't know what else to do with those pairs.

Level 8 - I see the SUITS. I remove letters and see what is left. then I gramma. I get several answers, but nothing works. (monkey card level). I am using the plural form of the suits. hmmm... I get 9 letters left over.

@Enjoy - look at the word on the diamonds card. Which letters are missing that would name the suit?

Still stuck on level 14. Have tried translating the second part of the word but no luck. HAve noticed the word clue at the bottom changes. Is that significant?

POP... after the 10th time I got level 8

@Hotaru: I'm stuck where you are. Hope someone can help us!

@Zoot: Have you got the egg yet? Do the same sort of thing to the text in the egg as you did to the original word. Break it down, omit the relevant letters and take the rest to Granny.

No, I haven't got an egg. And my brain has turned to mush.

I think I know what I have to do on Level 16, but there are so many options that I really can't figure out which ones to combine unless I try EVERY combination!

level 9 - player 2. I did the same thing as on player 1 picking the letters. On player 2 I got 7 letters but they don't granny into anything. for example, there are 4 diamonds cards and I get IMNS. help please.

Almost 200 comments!!!

Thank you so much guys. It's good to see you all playing together and helping each other :)

But 200 comments means the new comments (201 and up) will be posted on the next page!

BlackFireSong level 16 There's a fairly easy way to reduce the number of combinations to try. Read out the list and you may notice likely candidates.

They should all be 4 letter words - 1 letter per card in the hand and 1 from the centre card.

@EnJoy: Only consider the middle letter and the letters from Player 2. Ignore the 3 from Player 1.

@Zoot: Break the text down into H___ A__ E_. Then do what it says. That should give you an egg. Do something similar on the egg.

level 9. Enjoy player 2 cannot use player one's cards.

I have NO idea what to do with those words. How to spell them to make new ones

ST please help :) I can see you behind that littleboyblue name :)

Hmmm, the word in front of me for level 14 is 'dutchman'.

@Minkie: I found certain pairs which led me to the three rotten eggs. I tried picking out words containing d***** l*****s, but I got more than six of those. The only other thing I can think of doing is combining the th***-l****r w***s with each other?

@Zoot: Oh! I didn't get that screen! How did you get there?

Thanks though @Blackfiresong. I got it from your clue.

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