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SMALL TOOL Riddle in Blue Walkthrough

SMALL TOOL Riddle in Blue

Riddle in Blue - is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. Riddle in Blue is another successor of the all record breaking riddle games Tool Torture Threesome and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
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True - I was aware I had let the z slip away, but never thought of trying that - ridiculous! I will sleep on my egg. Thank you ST.

KYD1 17
I've been looking back and trying to shift backwards or forwards on first letters or lengths. Not getting anything. Also tried using the letters to pick letters. I will keep trying, but am I barking up the wrong tree altogether?

The arrow is pointing backwards, so yep you have to look back (or better: go back) to solve it.

KYD1 17
Ah That's given me an idea. Thanks ST, I'll work on that.

KYD1; Lvl 16. Does WWW stand for world wide web? I can't make any sense of the second sentence: "Yielders per. . ."

Kyd1 16
Patty try doing control f and looking for spaces: you may notice something. I can't play for the rest of the day, but I'll check back tomorrow.

Thanks, I'll give it a go.
Have a good one!

Respect to all finishers and thank forum participants for your hints! Right now I am stuck on bonus 9. I found an egg with the grid. I found a hint there w***s w****n. I read all the comments and the hints how to use them, but nothing worked. I tried to find w***s w****n w***s in the level page with clouds but it gives me nothing. Give me a little push, please!

KYD1 lvl 17, I've spent the day going back to the number levels and counting the letter on said level. But 9 has no b's. And ran out of other ideas.

KYD2 Lvl 6 have 1good egg and 2 rotten ones. Don't know the hint from what she's saying. "Off W--- T---- H----". So stuck.

Will be back on Fri. I hope.

Alina, Bonus 9. Go back to the level page clouds and look at each cloud word for one word w----- each. Each short word will give you a letter for your 10 letter answer. They will be in order. No granny needed.

@patty3ponies Thanks. I will try it. Does this word start with h?

Yes, Alina Latipova, starts with an H.

KYD2 level 6 Patty. There's really only one group of things you can take the h**** off. You've used them already. I'm still floundering where you are in KYD1.

@s-t I still have gibberish. For the cloud a****h: is it a two-letter word?

The answer is (from top to bottom) no anagram.

Yes, the a****h one is indeed, just a two-letter word.

@s-t: Thanks.May I ask again, please. For the last h*********s cloud is it a 3-letter word?

4 letter word :)

KYD1 17
Does the arrow mean that I should only be going back one page?
And everything means something in an ST riddle, right? So do the words "Let's go for" and "and" have a significance? We could have just been given the numbers and letters.

Nope, you're 'unlycky' it's way more than one page.

Mmm. That gives me something to mull over.

KYD1 17
Phew at last! Thanks ST.

Help me, please. I am still suck on bonus 9. Tell me where I am wrong (cloud-word):
1 cloud - h**
2 cloud - **t
3 cloud - **n
4 cloud - ***n
5 cloud - ***l
6 cloud - ***c
7 cloud - *s
8 cloud - ***g
9 cloud - **d
10 cloud - ***e
I will appreciate your help!

This comment has been removed by the author.

KYD1 18
Is doing the split(s) a matter of trial and error or should I be using some technique. All I've managed to work out is that unless I want to land up with q's I need to pair them with the s and the t.

Keys are usually normal words.

Oh, many thanks. I used wrong words. I am on bonus 10.

Thanks ST I've tried a few, but I'll try some more

POP It seems so obvious once you've seen it. Onto KYD1 19.

I'm joining you guys in the KYD1 journey but need some help on an early stage. Can't get past level 5 1st egg.

Yes, yes, yes, a new finisher \0/ \0/
Alina Latipova finished the whole riddle and is now in the
Ballroom of Bigshots
Congrats Alina, very, very well done :)

Keeper, you're looking for a movie.
Just name those compass directions and the number in the middle is a two letter word.

Hi Keeper - it's good to have more company.

I'm getting stuck on every level (: I have 3 eggs on level 19. Can't find the 4th. I've seen the comment about dividing words into chunks. It seems clear how to do this on the title, with various options for the text, but no amount of brute forcing is getting me anywhere. I've been trying firsts, lasts, lengths, combining different chunks, including the url etc. etc.

Yes, you're supposed to be stuck on every level :P
The Kill Your Darling series of riddles are way harder than my normal riddles, but still (I hope) fair, logical and original.

Anyway, how about syllables?

Very fair ST. Others have managed this level without so much help. I'll try syllables (again), but I was getting too many.

KYD 19 4th egg. It seems I'm looking for 8 (I think I've ruled this out), 11 or (God forbid) 19 letters. Please tell me it isn't 19!

It seems you found the right amount (19), but you're confusing yourself. There's no reason at all to add them.
It's just like how the other eggs work. Every word gives you one letter, so every egg answer is a 5 letter word.

I was waaay over complicating that (as usual). Thanks ST, onwards.

oops I've jumped from my 4 eggs on KYD1 19 to an egg on 20. LOL.

Every egg one letter again.
Method how you got an egg is the method to get that letter.

Thanks ST On 20 now - with an egg in hand :)

KYD1 lvl 17: Very worried with ST's comments above about harder than normal riddles. Can't grasp meaning of his cryptic "unlycky" message. (May be over my head. . .reference to KYD2 lvl 6 which I did manage to pass. Thanks, Minkie.)

Sorry typo

KYD1 lvl 17 Patty, the unlycky clue hints the same thing as "Let's go for". Say the latter out loud.

KYD1 20. I've also been looking back for this one and thought I had a lovely word b*****h*** by repeating and using the same method afresh. But that's not it. Am I on the right lines?

You have seen 'red' text before.
It was a method.
But this time not only in one direction.
So there's two eggs to find.

KYD lvl 17: Am I to be on the unlucky level?? If so, I have no S, and if I use the lvl 17 page text I have no B's. Unless I try to put in 'back' somewhere. Am trying to use the method used on the unlucky level? Still stumped, as usual.

KYD1 17 Patty. If you've got the right level you should have a pic with some letters and numbers and symbols.

Thanks, Minkie, got it!

KYD1 19: Have 4 eggs and read about using the same method on the eggs, but I can find 6 letter words that way, but not getting any eggs to confirm. Not quite sure what to do with for eggs?

Not the same method on the eggS, but every egg its own method, so only 1 letter per egg, 4 in total.

KYD1 19
You are looking for a four letter word patty. For each of your 4 eggs you need to note the method that got you that egg.

Come and join me on 20. I know what I'm meant to do, but not what to do it on. I accidentally got an egg for this level earlier and I'm trying to work backwards from that, which is tying me in knots.

Got it. Had thought one method was middle letters until I looked back and knew that was wrong!

KYD1 lvl 20: Minkie, have you made any progress? I'm thinking we're back on the German flag & red letter levels, but have made no progress with that method.

No progress here. I've sort of given up for the day. I'm sure we are using that method. ST says we've got to do it both backwards and forwards. I'm not sure whether we should be using the simple addition method or the running total method. Most of all I don't know what to rotate. Using acac gave a promising looking HEAD, but that doesn't give an egg.

Yes, backwards gives a word/egg and forwards gives a word/egg.

KYD1 20
My task for tomorrow, a methodical reverse engineering of the egg I happened upon. See you then.

KYD1 10
Need a big big help. I think I got group 2 & 3, but no idea what to do with the other groups.

Only for group 5 and 6 (middle ones of second row) you meed a tiny bit of Google (but you probably know a lot of them already by heart).
For all the other groups it's all about the country names. Think about things like firsts or lasts or amounts of vowels and/or! consonants.

KYD1 lvl 20; are HEAD part of forwards egg?? If not, really need to rethink..
Minkie2020, how many letters in your accidental egg?? Might be a help. Will be a few hours before I can check back.

Patty my accidental egg had 4 letters. I'm busy on other things for most of the rest of today. CU.

KYD1 lvl 20: Minkie2020, Eureka! Use the title!!

Thank you s-t, I can't believe I managed to solve level 10 without brute-force!!

Just seen your message Patty. I'm away from my notes now, but I know I'd tried that before and got gibberish. Must be using the wrong method. I'll try again later.

See it now. I was indeed using the wrong method.

KYD1 16
Are we going to use the same method as RIB (riddle in blue) bonus 9 or 10? Either method seems to work well for some words but not for others.

KYD1 I was hoping to join you guys, but I'm already stuck on level 3. I know what N is, just can't work out what to do with the rest. I'm an escaper...not a riddler lol

KYD1 3 Vikkih You need to think about a digital font. If you know what N is, can you see a way of translating the number you have into 14?

KYD1 21 I've got a rotten egg. Does this mean I used the wrong key? I tried translating my key, but that didn't help.

KYD1 21 NVM, got it.

Minkie...thank you, I was trying to get to 14, tried adding, then shifting, but didn't get anything usable. Either I made some mistakes, or maybe it's not just adding.

Vikkih On a digital font you use strokes to form the numbers. e.g. 1 is formed using 2 strokes.

Thank you, Minkie...I don't think I'd have got there this side of Christmas!

You're welcome Vikkih!
KYD1 22 Is anyone making progress here? I've only got eggs 1 and 4 so far, but enjoying the puzzling.

KYD1 lvl 22
Minkie2020, Please tell me you've made progress here. I've changed NoToL. Have 2 rotten eggs on the 4th. Can make no sense of orange or purple. (Clue given is-- orange is made of R + Y and so purple is also made of 2 colors). But haven't gotten any good eggs from R or B or Y. So that doesn't help. If red is a riddle, I don't get it.

By the way, Keeper and Vikkih152 welcome to KYD1.
"Yes, you're supposed to be stuck on every level :P
The Kill Your Darling series of riddles are way harder than my normal riddles, but still (I hope) fair, logical and original." quote from S-T!

KYD1 22 I've now got eggs 1 2 and 4. I'm leaving orange and purple till I've got the other red. To start you off, since you've got the rotten eggs on 4, you need to be thinking about the middle numbers not the middle letters.

Minkie, thanks for that, but haven't made any movement on the others. Red balloons make sensible sentences, see viable words in orange and purple + gibberish in them and yellow. Can you lob a red hint?

KYD1 22
Patty sorry for not answering quickly. I'm juggling things here looking after my mum. One of the reds was about numbers of numbers.

Thanks, about ready to call it a day anyway. And you got back in no time, since I think we are across the ocean.

I think we are Patty. Wales for me.

KYD1 22; Have all 6 eggs, but not sure what to do with the 6 answers. One of the levels Norhindo mentioned we'd have to say it out loud. Can't be sure if this is that level, but I don't hear anything that I can make words out of. Try again in the a.m.
Signing off from West Virginia!

KYD1 22 So I brute forced (cheated ;) ) my way to the orange, but that still leaves me without the bottom red, which I was hoping to reveal. There are gaps there which I think may be significant. Going back to look and hoping for a POP.

Minkie, I'm in Wales too :)

Croeso Vikkih!

KYD1 22
I'm with you now Patty. All 6 eggs. Don't understand how the orange combo worked. Staring at a very unpromising lot of letters.

If you have all 6 eggs on level 22, then you have the answer.
The grey text on the eggs is telling you it's not a real word as answer this time (to avoid brute-forcing it with only 4 or 5 eggs).
Just all the (code) letters given in order (of the eggs) is your answer.

KYD1 23
I hope we're at the same place now, minkie and p3p :)
What to do on this level? Is the url supposed to sound like something?

Not sure Keeper. I've been saying all sorts of things out loud and I've been squinting a lot. I'll be back in 2 or 3 hours to try again.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Url is not important.
The amount (in pic) is a very important hint!

Something like * t** (or t***) k***? Is granny needed?

No granny.
Maybe you can't find your answer here!

KYD lvl 8 Oh, these are hard...but fun! So, I think I'm looking at b*****e from the layout? Individual letters didn't work, so have been trying 2 letters, like IA, but that doesn't seem to be working, either. Am I on the right track, or barking up the wrong tree, completely?

Correct tree, but don't forget the url. Sometimes that's a hint too.

small-tool...thank you, I'll keep hunting :)

Thanks ST. On to 24 now.

KYD1 24
Keeper are you on this level yet. I've got three easy eggs and a bunch of wiki pages that very nearly, but not quite, match up with the text. Any ideas?

Thank you s-t, I think I know where to find the answer, but couldn't get anything. Suppose the level title is the new gibberish/cipher?

Keeper KYD1 level 23. Imagine you had a lisp.

Thank you minkie, it was tricky.

KYD1 24 I'm not sure if I've really got three eggs as they all look identical. Is it the same for you?

Tried counting that word and its positions in the sentences, and also tried doing this for the words in the egg. No result so far.

POP!!!!!!! Read the egg words very very literally

KVD1 3
Hi! I am also stuck. Googling the text and know "N".
Now, Minkey's hint tells you 4/4/20, 10:20 AM, but "N" is the 14th alphabet, and the total number of two digital digits is that number.
So what and how to add it? Please give some more tips.

YAY done with KYD1! Will resume KYD2 tomorrow but I need some help on level 2. Do I really need to compare with the real map line by line???

@jan you need a digital clock

Yes you do Keeper. I'm encouraged that you got KYD1 25 so quickly. I'm determined to finish KYD1 today.

Thanks for the push on KYD1 24 Keeper. I get caught out by that ruse every time!

And KYD1 done! But now I've got to go back to 25 and try to work out how I should have done it properly without seeing the hint on Nordinho. Besides it's good to have a giggle at the story again :)

Jan KYD1 3. I think you already knew what Keeper said. Are you still stuck?

KYD2 21 Egg BA. The source of the image on the web shows the image with one little difference. Is this significant?

Congrats minkie! I think FTF is a big hint if there're other hints let me know too :)

Yes I'd seen the FTF Keeper, but would never had made the leap to the method on my own.

Minkie thanks. Yes, I am still stuck.
I don't have a digital clock, so I'm thinking for"wiki/Seven-segment_display"
I don't know if I have to find the number of strokes to make each time of PIC "14:00"?
Or what about the time you looked up in the text? Is it?
I think I'm wrong.

KYD1 3. Jan that page looks good. What you need is under the "Decimal" tab. You know what N means. You can count the strokes of that number to get 14. Now use the same method on the other times to get the 6 letters that you need, but don't forget where the sun is.

Minkie thanks😄
Finally solved.
I misunderstood the word "add". Thank you for teaching me patiently.

You're welcome Jan
KYD2 21 NVM I've got this level now.

KYD1 25: Do dots and fill ins count as lines. Having an awful time.

Hi Patty. Anything that is connected is one line. Dots are lines.

KYD 22 part 2. Can't even find an egg. I've been doing endless letter frequency counts, looked for reused letters or strings of letters, used first letters to pick. Googling hasn't helped because 3 of the lines are so dissimilar from the others. Out of ideas

level 22 part 2. Do what the url (kind of) says; use again what brought you here.

Thanks ST. I really should have seen that.

Love your message on KYD2 level 23 ST. I know just how they feel!

KYD1 25: I keep getting 17 for the second pic. Is that possible, or am I counting wrong?

17 is good patty.

And legs connected to body lines are the same line??

KYD1 25 Yes patty. Basically you are looking for gaps at both ends.

Minkie, thanks so much I had made a typo of the answer this am and thought I was on the wrong track. Finally, typed correctly'y'.
Back to KYD 2, I think I left off on lvl 7.

Well done Patty!

KYD2 24 egg I've been trying to translate things, but getting too many options. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Once on the egg no Googling anymore.
So no translations either.

Thanks ST.

KYD2 8: Must have stared at animal lines too long in KYD1 25.
Thought I had inspiration with counting white and black groups, but not the way. Need a hint for my fried brain.

KYD2 8
The green bits show you where to start. Count until you need to stop, then start counting again and so on.

That's what I did for lvl 7, but 8 is saying columns do count and there are 20 squares instead of 25. Doing it the same way as 7 so far hasn't yielded anything viable.

It would be no good counting in rows on this level. You would get a load of A's.

Thanks, finally got it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

KYD2 4
I don't think this is difficult (yet) but I just don't have any clues

Kyd2 4 you need to look for English expression gone wrong.

Thank you minkie, this was very hard to non-native English speakers, I knew only one of these expressions!

KYD2 6
Stuck with the football egg. No idea what to do next.

Refresh the level, Keeper.
I changed it a bit.
Was too vague Googling.
Not my style, no idea what I was thinking at the time :)

KYD2 11
Got the useless egg but couldn't make any progress. I must be messing up with the painting

The useless egg is telling you the method.
Every colour is just one letter (white is nothing).

KYD1 lvl 12...what am I not seeing? I am aware that I'm being quite dull lol

Same as the previous level, but this time you keep going (don't start over again with every step).

small-tool, thank you. I am not only incredibly dull, but am also prone to making silly mistakes when I try things!

Lol, of course you're not dull :)
Everybody makes silly mistakes, because my goal is to lead people there while hiding the obvious :P

I get annoyed with myself. It's great, though, learning how your own brain works, even though it's not always very well :)

KYD2 11
Still struggling on this level. Every colour is just one letter? I must be blind to not get your hints.

Look at the big picture!

KYD1 4
I tried to put together the three islands with paintsoft,
but I couldn't get anything.
Can you give me a hint?

jan...the islands are where they should be. It's a special "table" you need to put them on, but I don't know how well that will translate.

jan...maybe where the GOLDen treasure is will give you a hint.

KYD2 12
What did I forget? Tried many options but none of them worked.

KYD2 12 Keeper on the level page you've got five words which you have used and another thing.

Thank you minkie, didn't think of trying in that way

Vikkih. Sorry. I can't solve it yet.
I chose vertical and horizontal characters around the position of the treasure box, but I got nothing.
And I don't understand the meaning of the uppercase and lowercase for "GOLDen" .

KYD1 4 Jan there is a table you may have learned about at school. Gold is one of the things found in it.

KYD2 25. I'm stuck with 7 eggs. I've been trying to do something with the mistakes, but can't make any progress.

Whoops, that was meant to be *9 eggs.

KYD2 14
The previous level is dirty enough. How to make this level even dirtier?

KYD2 14
Keeper, you may need to visit a different anagram solver to get the second dirty item. The solver I was using didn't consider it a single word.

Minkie thanks😄

KYD2 11: Don't know how to use the colors as hint with egg for final? answer in 11. Tried using a painter of such egg + colors, but not it. Counted colors, letters from colors, etc. Haven't found anything yet. Can someone "lay" a hint?

NVM, just had brainfart.
P.S. loved KYD2 10!

KYD2 14: Am I to use a synonym for dirty to use with the egg?? Having a hard time here.

Granny in the gutter.

KYD2 14 I never even saw the egg on this level, LOL. Guess I've got a naturally dirty mind. More than one dirty word Patty.

? Nothing yet. Will think on it over night.

KYD25 I've been shifting everything I can see using the discrepancies and got nothing. Do I need to involve the special day as well? I've tried some things with that but come up with J's all over the place.

The alphabet has two sides.

Thanks ST, I'll think on that although I've already been shifting both ways.

No shifting, just make a 4 letter word.

Ah, that narrows it down! I'm too tired now, but I'll look at it with fresh eyes and fresh hope tomorrow!

KYD2 14
Can I give up this level? :(
I am not a dirty person so can't think of any dirty word to use

Don't give up Keeper! Granny and a little bit of brute forcing should get you the answers you need even if you don't know the meanings of the words.

KYD1 5 egg1
I'm converting numbers between magnets into azimuths, but it's not a word.
Please give me a hint.

KYD1 egg 1 Jan, it's simpler than that. The numbers can be converted into a short word using a very usual riddling method.

Minkie, is it the same dirty word for each word?

You need 6 different words Keeper.

This level is driving me crazy :(
Are all words from the previous level's rotten eggs?
I get "u" from both first and third word, is it correct?

KYD2 14
No that's not right Keeper. The first word is the easiest to find, because most anagram solvers offer only one word for those letters. I've been using scrabblecheat.com, but that site won't give you the second word.

Oh and you don't need to refer back to the previous level.

Thank you minkie, finally got it!
I was doing something totally wrong

LOL Keeper, we all have levels like that (I'm having one myself). Anyway the language barrier made it much harder for you to see.

KYD2 25
I've been trying to pick letters in various ways taking into account your comment that the alphabet has two sides. Using different directions for + and - this might for example lead to RSAC, but none of the anagrams of that work. Is this a better approach? I've already tried ****3 and A****h.

Minkie thanks😀
KYD1 5 2nd egg
Please give me some advice for numbers and "c***a"

Jan KYD1 5 2nd egg
You need to say out loud what you see. That may suggest some words. Then google. There's a theme developing here.

Thanks, to Keeper with questions and Minkie with answers, I too was doing KYD2 14 wrong. Now. . .

KYD2 lvl 15: Have the egg, and the rotten egg, and stuck.

Patty did you use all info from granny?

Patty you need another egg. Get it in a very similar way to the good egg you have.

KYD2 17
Got 5 eggs and my hands are cramping. Not sure how to use the results (not to mention that my results could be wrong). In particular, there are only 3 lines for set 2, and F beats V for set 3.

Don't quite understand what you mean Keeper. You need equal numbers of items in each set. I've lost my notes, but I'll have a go at sorting them out again here.

Oh, I see what you mean about sets Keeper. Don't worry about that. You just need to play the game 15 times. The difficult thing is getting each item into the correct group.

KYD2 17
Keeper you are wrong with F beats V.

KYD2 lvl 17: Am I trying to arrange one thing from left with one thing from right?? Think I've paired a few, but not sure if this is the way to go.

KYD2 17
You already have the pairs as they are Patty. You need 5 groups and you need identify which group each item belongs to.

Glad I don't have to re-pair. Have figured out 3 groups. Will keep looking for the other 2 and then sort them. Hopefully!

Ooo, have 4 groups. Maybe will be able to cipher what's left over. Ha! ha!

Aha! It's Sheldon's game!!

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