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SMALL TOOL Riddle in Blue

Riddle in Blue - is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. Riddle in Blue is another successor of the all record breaking riddle games Tool Torture Threesome and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


@Zoot: Oh! I didn't get that screen! How did you get there?

Thanks though @Blackfiresong. I got it from your clue.

BlackFiresong. It's not the letters. This is not an example from this level but "tiger shark" might point you in the right direction.

@Minkie: Ahhh, OK, so they don't have to be 6-letter words! I was trying that, but with the shorter words only. I think I got one: D** E*l? Is that right?

Thanks for all your help. Stuck on next bit of 14 (withered?) but got to go now. Leave lots of clues! :)

Level 16 d** e** isn't one of them, but you've got the right idea
You don't need to try all possible combinations of all the words. Take them in order.

@Zoot: Like how you had H___ A__ E_, there's a word in "w__ h__ w_____ed" that's like "a__". Do the same sort of thing again, except this time pay Granny a visit.

I've completely run out of ideas on the 18 egg. Any clues?

once again lvl 16 - I've got six double words from the text. I got 3 rotten eggs from the ftf and ltf so I guess I've got right 6 words. But I have no idea what to do with them, all the clues are making it more blurry to me.

NVM got level 18 using a different anagram solver.

Reached Level 17! Going to stop for the day and will carry on tomorrow.

BlackForest, please help me with lvl 16

@Minkie: Thanks for your help on Level 16!

@Hotaru: You need different words to the words that gave you the rotten eggs. Refer to Minkie's "tiger shark" clue above. The pairs of words you need are in the text in the order you need them (so you don't need to try every possible combination).


It seems your browswer is set to automatically translate to English and by coincidence that name on level 14 was a real Dutch word too, so it was translated into English.

I don't think there are other levels where that can happen, but to be sure maybe better turn off automatically translate when playing.

level 19,found the all the s... egg ,what is needed?

@the artist

Use your other egg to create an omelette with it.

I'm at the same place as you the artist.

Thanks KenKoh

thanks,sometimes you dont see the easy things!

16 - I can' find any connection like that for um**********, n*** and d******

Oh ST my old mate TY

lvl 16 please help, nothing really matches for example with umbrellabird, newt. I'm totally stuck here. Should I make names of species?

hotaru this is an example:there is a swift parrot in nature.... so on!

Hi there Leroy :)

You got to search like a bull-dog.

Half of those animals may be swift, I'm sorry but I feel only more confused. So please give me an example for that umbrellabird, which of the other words matches with umbrellabird?

Hotaru. You don't use the umbrella bird or any of the animals that got you the rotten egg. The artist gave you a strong clue. Look at how swift and parrot appear in the list.

I've found the artist of the level 20 first egg. Is that likely to help me.

I found pairs S P, M E, R D, A L, S E, W I but it gives nothing working. Are those pairs wrong? I completely don't understand this level - what logic to use here. Maybe I lack English vocabulary, and there are too many possibilities to check all, it looks unsolvable for me.

We'll get you through this Hotaru. There is an actual animal called a "swift parrot" your SE, RD and AL look right. WI and ME are not. I actually solved this level without having identified swift parrot. I just used wildcards in granny and worked backwards.

gosh, finally... that was definitely not "my" level.. Thanks all you you for help!

lvl 17 - please don't make to identify all the fish species in the animation ;)

I can't edit here to correct mistakes, so again thanks all of you for help!

Level 14 - I am very dumb but I am not able to break the text down into H___ A__ E_, so I can't do what it says and of course I am not getting any egg. Am I supposed to find three words and then make a phrase or action or whatever and translate it into a new word?

Puzzled, just remove the conjunction

@Hotaru, thanks :)

I am not sure about the 6 pairs on lvl 16. I have RD, AL, EO, SE and SP. Whi h is the 6th one?

lvl 20 is the egg picture important?

Stuck on 17. Tried the obvious, but my letters didn't make a word. May I have a push? Thank you

pipi, try that in granny with two trumps, it should work

deecee, look of the order, you may see the order in different ways

That did it...thank you Hotaru

Thanks, Hotaru

lvl 19 found two eggs, how many do i need? combining the two i have doesnt work.

level 19 Robin you need to use your second egg to get a third.

Level 20 totally stuck with an egg and a rotten egg. I know the artist and the copyist. Nothing there it seems.

23: how many letters from grid? 4?

Lvl 20 is not a Google level (ok, maybe the level itself is a tiny bit of Google, but once the first egg is found, no Google anymore)

Lvl 23 is more than 4 letters.
Why 4 anyway?

23: i thought shapes but seems wrong idea

lvl 19 trying to use the second egg to find a third, but using the pic gives me way to many letters, how many am i supposed to get from the pic?

Robin level 19: you know the "alphabet" to use. Watch the gif and note down the directions.

gif? what gif? its just a pic?

is the confirmation egg supposed to be a gif?

Robin, the initial LVL 19 pic is an animated GIF with the darts showing up. I'm trying to figure out how to decode the darts for the third egg. I've tried first blue with first yellow dart, first and second blue dart etc. with no luck.

BucksDack, the second eggs tells you exactly how

thanks bucksdack, i thought they were talking about the second egg, will go back and see if i can figure it out with you.

Robin. SORRY I was responding away from my notes and misremembered. Anyway I was correct in saying you need 3 eggs.

Hotaru, I have one egg k***b*** and another egg s******* which is a type of alphabet requiring two things (right and left) to create a letter. I'm struggling to figure out how to combine the darts to make letters. I may be off track.

thank you both, finally onto 20

This comment has been removed by the author.

lvl 22 part 3
Anyone have a clue for this?

bucksdack lvl 20 you use 2 at a time, one will be left one right, 3 and 20 are the middle

The previous answer is kind of hinting you what I'm looking for now (as is the text). Of course confirmation eggs all along this level.

Hi small-tool, thank you so much for the riddle, enjoying it very much.

Hi Robin :)
Very glad you (and all the others) like it :)

a litlle hint for lvl 20 egg please

And yes, I'm also enjoying it a lot, thank you as always ST :)

Think about the alphabet starting with "A" and how that would apply to that level

lvl 20 got the egg and rotten egg, see the hints not a google level and applying A to the level.... is it a cipher that is not clicking in my brain? tried replacing starting point with the letter on the egg, replacing letters, counting not getting anywhere... a little more of a push please

lvl 20 EGG
Look for that starting letter "A" from the alphabet. Then try the rest of the alphabet.

lvl 21 - got through the level using wild card but I still don't know who the person on the top left is... image search gave me 0 results

lvl 22 part 3
The text sounds like a play on words... that might be a person who lives in the previous answer? Right track, here?

lol... you must not be old enough! This was a show from the late 60's early 70's

lvl 20 I have 2 letters that fall where they should in the alphabet, am i on the right track? if so what do i do with them... added to words in granny and not getting the answer? :/

Nope. You're overthinking. They are what?

lvl 20
Look at the answer and think how you could progress through the alphabet.. a, b, c, d ... etc.

This comment has been removed by the author.

what are you considering the answer? if its what got me to the egg, I have tried all missing letters, counting from what it is to where it should be getting no where, just more confused... tried counting between whats there and how many between, I am either way overthinking this or just not grasping the obvious :/

Robin, from the egg word you should be able to get 4 more eggs by changing 1 letter in the egg word 4 times.

Robin, for level 20 one more clue...always change the same letter incrementally and don't expect it to be a real word.

lvl 24 - OK, now I really broke it... then what? :/

lvl 22 part 2 keeps telling me granny isnt happy with me.. tried everything granny gave me and she still isnt happy, and tom didnt look to impressed either, what am i missing?

robin, no need to ask granny for part 2. Just follow the order of the pics shown in the egg page.

i tried that and it said they arent that????

the egg page is telling you to find out their titles and ask granny.

aaaasa, did you find an egg? add 2 more to it

Oh help back on 11 please. Got the egg, got the next letters plus all the vowels and no luck. There’s a ten letter word with all those vowels that seems like it should work, but those weren’t the letters I got..stumped...

Donas, I found the d****** egg but could not make a word by adding 2 more to it...

thank you aaaasa onto 23 yeah :)

aaaasa, are you on your 2nd or 3rd grid?

I'm on my 3rd grid.

smartasawhippet, I found one of the routes could have more than one letter, maybe check your set of letters

aaaasa, 4 colors?

Thanks Donas I just went to google maps and I’m seeing that. Will keep at it.

Yes. Tried separating the 4 colors but didn't work :/

aaaasa, it should work

lvl 23 tried p**p** cipher but got gibberish, because its 9x9 i assume its blocks of 3, blacking out squares gives nothing, am i overthinking again?

robin, the text has your hints how to use captcha

Ahhhh so it does work... Thanks Donas :)

Stuck on 19. Got my numbers from the darts, but not getting any words from my numbers. Please another push.Thank you

deecee, you should be able to form a 8-letter word that lead you to the egg. You might want to double check your numbers.

must be too tired, tried clicking on the boxes as listed and ended up with too many windows open... and no closer to an answer... will try again tomorrow... good night and good luck all!!

I'm back) I cant find anything in the 14 lvl with "nice relaxing break". How to leave the intermission?)

Fossa, try clicking

Oooo aaaaasa! Thanks! I am sleeping probably yet))

lvl 25 - What to look for in the level?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I must be missing something obvious because no-one else seems to be stuck here. Level 20 I have the first egg, a rotten egg, a series of eggs, then another rotten egg. Am I looking for a 10 letter word?

For lvl 20, combine the 5 letters from the good eggs and the 5 changing parts to form a 10-letter word.

25: hint pls
looks like an english based level

level 23,pls help is it about p.. p.. as mentioned before,or sth else?

the artist, it's simply forming letters using the objects that fits the description. Try focusing on the red objects first and do it with the rest.

Thanks yet again aaaasa. I can't believe I hadn't tried that, but then I was getting a bit fuzzy by the time I gave up last night.

I can't get the idea of level 23. Hint, please?

same here pipi about 23 despite aaaasa's help!

Lvl 23, the text tells you what to find in the grid (it is more items/searches than you might think)

lvl 23,thanks for helping but no result yet,is it about drawing lines or counting?

lvl 20 again - I found 5 eggs, I've got 5 letters which lead me to another rotten egg. Granny doesn't help.
I read all the clues, I found the eggs but I still have no idea what should lead me to try to change that letter. What is the suggestion to do so? Maybe because I don't get it I don't know what to do further.

Is it because the chin in the picture is so distinctive? But how to come to the idea to change that particular letter like in an alphabet?

Thanks, got 23 now.
The artist, try to form letters from each of the 8 categories.

Hi all, I just got started on this and am a bit stuck on level 7, I got the first egg and I am now staring at various characters. I've also seen the hidden text.
Can someone give me a nudge please.

lvl 20 Ok, I found the answer, earlier I made a mistake in granny. But I'm still not sure what would make me to act that way for the eggs.

Edgar!!! LONG time no see!!

Need hint on level 25 now.

Hi Zoe! Dear old friend!

Back for Small-Tool riddle, LOL!

Welcome Mackem :)
For level 7; Find out their real surnames, pick the first letters and anagram them.

Level 25
Apply the picture text (the text on the sign) on the title of the story.
Confirmation egg available.

Got it thanks. On to level 8 now.

Back for more... Thanks @Little-Boy-Blue for the 'translate' tip. It also changed some of the words on level 16 with the animals.

level 20: I have 2 eggs one good another no ... I don't know how to get more.Little push? thanks

Am stuck on level 18 but can't see any tips above. I've managed the dartboards but now have a picture of a science lab with eggs.

lvl 25 - Found 6 pairs so far but the word I got is wrong. How many pairs do I need?

Zoot - the pic hints a common technique about what to do with the egg words you have.

Thanks aaaasa - got it.

@molly, lvl 20, little push:
The guy in the illustration has a prominent part of the face, right?
You are in the first of five eggs, try to find the rest...

got lvl 25. Onto 26 now.

aaaaa - You need 1 more pair.

I'm stuck on 27. No matter how I slice it, I can't make a word. I can get 5 letter from counting. Cutting in a different direction can change some of the letters but they still don't come together as something coherent. What am I missing here?

Got it. Thanks LinR!

For lvl 26, I found the confirmation egg but not sure what to do with it...

aaaaa - the picture on that egg gives a clue as to what you need.

Also stuck on level 20 EGG S
The prominent part of the face isn't working for me.

Molly, I'm with you. Got the egg on level 20 but can't find the 5 additional eggs. I'm focusing on shifting the a....... using the egg letter but coming up empty.

@Zoot, What word took you there?
As you should know by now, it's 5 eggs you need, which you don't number from 1, but from 'a'

Level 25 I've got seven pairs, but cannot get the answer. How many letters should I be looking for?

@Hancock, in level 20 egg change one letter in the url. It does not matter that there is no sense in this set of letters. Change according to the alphabet (A into B).

LinR - I searched for what is shown on the egg pic but there's too many of them to form a word... How many do I need here?

minkie - for lvl 25 you need 7 letters, one from each pair.

Thanks aaasa. One of my pairs must be not quite right. A bit of BFing in order I think.

aaaasa - Maybe you found a different egg than I did. Do you have the triplets picture?

so happy, thank you Fossa. I was had been trying to shift the url per the egg text, I should have been using the picture.

LinR - Yes I have that picture but there seems to be too many of them.

I am on lvl 26 egg. Does the triplets mean that I have to find 3 similar words?

Got 25 now. One of my pairs seems to have been a red herring.

Thanks Edgar and others. Now I'm stuck with hemorrhoids! Really want to get past this picture!

aaasa - Those triplets don't look identical to me. ;)Those words in each row are definitely not identical but they do have something in common.

lvl 25 what does it mean to apply a text on a title?

Oh, I think I know!

lol it took me so long to unwind this mess! Thanks LinR :)

@Zoot, you have 5 additiaonal letters to your hemorrhoids))

Level 25, what pairs should I look for? Hint pls?

Fossa, one of the words on the sign can be read in different way. Apply that to the title and you should get a confirmation egg.

lvl 25 I got the egg, but how to look in such a long text? Is there a one for each paragraph?

Lvl 23 how do I know what to choose, colours or types of transportation. Read something about 8 categories, but there are more ??

good morning all, stuck on lvl 25, not sure what it means to apply sign to title? could someone give me a push in the right direction please, read the hints above but not getting it.

lvl 25 is i..l i..e? But it's the only one I found

Robin, just look at the last word from the sign and try to divide it than apply to the title

thanks for the clues ..in 21

Hotaru, that is one of the 7 pairs. Keep looking for others such as s**l and s**e.

Stopped at lvl 17.
Considering hidden letters, I select letters by the size of the thing that moves left and right, but I do not get anything.
In the comments of Hotaru
There is "look of the order, you may see the order in different ways", but I do not understand the meaning of "order". Please give me some hints.

jan, if you know what code to use, first convert the things by the pattern on their body, then use the code to convert each group into a letter .

@jan, it doesn't matter how "things move". Read from left to right. Without anagram as fas as I remember.

@aaaasa, thank you! I suspected this term) I am not sure in my pairs because one of them has different first letters...

level 23,another desperate calling.How on earth am I choosing? By color, by transpotation type sth. else?

@the artist have you tried numbers? remember you need to choose by 8 categories to form 8 letters.

@ike/@the artist, for lvl 23:
Every single word from the text is a category to find in the grid, with the obvious exception of 'and' (discard that word and 8 will remain).

Anybody got past 27 yet could use a hint ta

Back again. Stuck now with the Grand duke. Do I need to enter his full title or just his name? Which of his many middle names to include?

@aaaasa, thank you for your help, on 26 now

Level 22, part 2. Got all the names ready to go. The first one worked. The Grand duke didn't.

Zoot, use only his first name and you should get a confirmation egg.

Remember when Selfdefiant games used to stick to the top of the list like this?

Pepperidge Farm remembers!

Thank you very much.
Proceeded to the next level(^^♪

@ Edgar , thank you so much

hotaru, thank you for your help earlier. Now stuck on LVL27 tried all the obvious to no avail, anyone manage to get anywhere with it? an egg maybe?

Stumped again on 17 - I see order, and I can see which ways to go, but....

@smartasawhippet...if i remember correctly, look closely at them not so much the size

Lvl 27 does the pot pic have anything to do with the answer or just there for the giggles?

Hello all, I'm stuck on Level 18. I got the dart boards but am stuck on the picture of the eggs in a lab. I've seen the comment by @aaaasa at 5:37 but I don't know what to make of it. Is there a further hint?

@Puffin, that means "make omelette") -> combine two eggs and anagram the answer.

stuck at 27. No egg, no idea.

It took me one day to reach lvl 23, and another whole day to solve this!Thanks to all that helped

🤦‍♀️ thanks robin.

lvl 25 - still :D I have only 5, is e...e, e...e one of the pairs? I need two more, there are too many options from granny with trumps to try them all.

lvl 25 ..I don't understand how to apply the poster to the text, clue? thanks

reading myself and also using
I can't find more than 5 (lvl 25)

@molly, in 25 lvl think about words which sound similar to the title (it's first part). With the meaning according to words in common.

@Hotaru, I googled the list of them. It was useful)

@Hotaru, and yes, e-e and e-e are the pair)

This comment has been removed by the author.

LVL 27 has anyone made any progress? I have tried counting, rearranging, cut out and twisted, using points on the graph alphabetically to get letters, not getting anything useful at all.

lvl 25 is k..w n. one of the pairs?

hotaru... red herring

lvl 25 I found 14, how do I know which ones to delete

robin, I am on 27 too, but no progress at all

ike you should have 7 pairs, FTF

@ robin, so I've heard, but I found 14 of 'm, and have no clue which are the 7 right ones.

In 27 do we need coordinates or do we need volumes? Or smth else?)


@Ike you need 3 vowels and 4 consonants for the answer. The pairs with different ftf are wrong. You need only strong pairs. F.i. "g****"-"g****" is the right pair)

S-T any hints on LVL 27 please??

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