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Dutchie's Pub Riddle

Dutchie's Pub Riddle is a free online change the url puzzle/riddle game made by EG24 player Dutchie for EscapeGames24. There are 6 categories of each 7 levels that you will have to solve to get to the final answer. Big hints are allowed, but please no direct answers. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all,
Hope you will enjoy this riddle.

Thanks for posting Zoe :)

Hi and thanks Dutchie.

Hi all, and thanks Dutchie! :)

Thanks Dutchie, will give it a try :)

Hi, everybody! Thank you, Dutchie, I've been waiting for something like this!

1. mishmash 1 - I found two hints and one egg, I think I found them, but I don't know what to do with them. Counted in many ways..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi everyone! and thanks Dutchie :)

For Letters 1, you need to look at the text OVER and OVER again :)

Star trek 4. I'm at a dead end with the name of the c*****n. Can anyone give me a push?

Hi Dutchie, thank you. Hi everyone..jumping in to Films.

well, i've never seen a riddle where I can't get at least one... this is it. congrats

hi: i'm stuck in mishmashstart 1..I can't find the egg 2. a clue? Thank you

Hello all! Thank you Dutchie for this riddle :)

I'm stuck at the beginning of mishmash, too - found five, now what do I do with them? *perplexed*

rbud57, there is an easy egg that will show you what to do to make them usable

I'm also in mishmash 1 with right-side smally egg. I think I've found the other five but can't apply them to the picture...

aaaasa, if you found them, then count for another egg

Hi everyone!! I got to Mishmash 1 hint and now stuck. I see I'm to count something but not sure what! Hints please

Sharon, there are 2 hints on Mishmash 1, not sure which you have, but if you think counting is right, I'm stuck there too

Donas727, I am on the first hint of Mishmash.

Are we counting something in the Where's Smally level?

Hi everyone!

Sharon, the first hint is telling you what you need to use on the image, which will get you to an egg and then the 2nd hint
I'm stuck on the 2nd hint as others seem to be and can't see what else to count.

Should have added that's for Mishmash 1

Mishmash 3
I think I need to use the eggs (ftf) on something else, but can't find out what it is.

@Keeper - could you help us through Mishmash 1 hint on counting? I've tried counting but that led me to the hint telling me to count :/

@aaaasa I brute-forced it =)

Thanks Keeper :)
By brute-forcing and reverse engineering I think I know how to count for Mishmash 1: Count the position of the five in each sentence, and do the simple convertion

And for Mishmash 3 - Look carefully and don't get fooled :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mishmash 3 was tricky, fun riddles

Any hints on Numbers 1? :)

Jumping between different paths and I'm getting even more lost :(
On mishmash 3, still stuck with the 5 eggs.
On startrek 3, got the "green" egg but it's too dark and couldn't see/feel anything else.

Mishmash 3 - have you tried using the ftf as answer?
Startrek 3 - You should be able to feel 5 letters by focusing on the directions :)

@aaaasa thanks a lot, both hints helped!

aaaasa Numbers 1. I put them in a well organised table and found a message there.

Mishmash 3 with 5 eggs (and a rotten one) - still not getting it. Should I be trying to find further help in the wiki page? - there seemed to be a couple of candidates there, but they don't work.

Mishmash 1. I got the first egg and I believe I understand the hint. However, I cannot see how to apply that to the picture/text. Any hints please?

Mishmash 1. Chael - a little background: it would fill smally with pleasure to throw that stuff around.

Minkie, look carefully at all pages and don't be fooled.

mishmash 7
What am I looking four? Got a good word but it wasn't the right answer.

Keeper - You only need 6 of them although all 7 forms a good word

@aaaasa thanks!

Still stuck at Numbers 1 :/ I guess I should focus on ROY but the table I found doesn't seem to help

Thank you Minkie!!

aaaasa. ROY is good. So is SML.

sport 4
Not quite sure what to "double".

Thanks minkie :)
Numbers 3 - don't know what's so special about them :/

@Keeper - for sport 4, lOOk carefuLLy

@aaaasa thanks, I tried this on another level but not this one!

The sport path is done, but feel very bad for not finding the surprise egg =(

Ok, can someone give some good hints on mishmash? what five are you suppose to count? these clues/hints are so vague. I seriously cannot do any of the levels. this is frustrating.

EnJoy - Did you find any hint pages or egg pages for mishmash 1? If you haven't found any yet, it is helpful to look at the start of each sentence first :)

Not able to play much today, but at a quick look back I see that I'm where you are on numbers 3 aaaasa. I've checked all the colour names - it doesn't seem to be that.

Minkie/aaaasa, I'm still at number 1. The numbers don't seem to go well with the table (I hope we're talking about the same table).

Keeper, I made a table for myself to read.

Keeper - not that famous table (although I did try that as well), it is the order of them that is important.

I'm feeling very dumb, still being fooled by Mishmash 3. I've studied the level and eggs in as much detail as I can. The only odd thing that happens is that when I do an image search on the second, google offers up a matching image which is not matching at all, but is of the first. Is this relevant?

minkie - if you got all the yes eggs, try ftf without asking granny :)

I tried that ages ago aaaasa. It gets me nothing except the Wixcat, and that is not the answer.

Doh, Ignore that, I've just noticed something!

Onto mishmash4 now. Thanks for your patience aaaasa.

Thank you aaaasa/minkie for number 1. I'm at number 3 with you now, see you tmr!

So I'm currently stopped at:

Numbers 3
Letters 2
Star Trek 4 (with a few eggs but need more)
Films 4

Any hint would be welcome :)

aaaasa, films 4, don't pin yourself down and you will find something in the end ;)

Identical aaaasa, except that I'm lagging behind on sport and mishmash.

Thanks for the push Donas :)

Startrek 3, part 2: Have been trying to feel the right 5 letters, but having difficulty following directions. From the egg, should I concentrate only on the Cardassians that face left as pictured?
or Forward vs. sideways facing Car. or include Kards? As usual, I have lots of questions. And feel way too many letters!

p3p - After you feel the letters and got the egg, you can ignore directions and focus on C vs K. Check where the egg tells you to check to get a hint on what to apply.

Mishmash: I did ftf and got to Hint 1. I have no idea what to do though I see some orange stuff to the side of smally-man!

aaaasa, Startrek 3: I'm not sure I'm as far as you think I am. I have 2 eggs--one for cipher and one with 3 little green men all pointed left. So trying to use only the Cars. pointed left gives me only 2 good letters that I can feel.

Sharon, Mishmash 1: See what Smally is holding in the hint? Use that!

Hi Patty. You need directions here. And some mixing of races is going on.

p3p - Oh I see you've done with the C vs K part and got that egg already. In that case, yes you need to focus on directions but the trick is each set maybe has different directions to focus (e.g. for one set you may need to look at left-facing ones but for another you may need to use the right-facing ones). Some sets may have different possibilities but you should be able to find the answer after a few tries :)

And for Numbers 3 - notice how the numbers overlap with each other. The color is not important.

Oooh thanks aaaasa. I'll have another try at doing something with the overlaps.

Numbers3. aaaasa I'd tried doing things with overlaps before and landed up with all odd numbers. Is this correct?

aaaasa & Minkie, Thank you! I'd been all around the 'cube' there, but kept slipping up.

Sorry to hear of your loss, M. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress.

Thanks Patty.

minkie - it may be helpful to write them out and you should notice how they “overlap” :)

Thank you aaaasa!!! I'd never noticed that interesting fact before.

Numbers 1, I made a grid based on the funny name and size but don't know how to pick letters. any help please?

Hancock, you do not need to pick letters, but use them all to read a message.

Mishmash 1- hint after ftf: I see what he's holding and other than spelling it in the answer (which didn't work) I don't know what else to do. Please help again! I seem to be booking along on Star Trek but this one...fahgetaboutit!!! :)

Sharon, you need to literally use Paint program. If you don't have a pc, you can use online paint. Be sure to use it on the correct place.
Have you made it past Startrek 4? I'm stuck with about 4 eggs "but you need more."

any hint for Bonus 1 pls ?
i tried countries but getting nowhere

Hi Patty. You should get two eggs saying "but you need more". Get them in similar ways, but looking at it from two points of view. When you get them, make an omelet.

Minkie, I have the eggs saying I missed something, but only one egg with "but you need more." A total of 6 eggs all together. I've tried making an omelet, but not succeeding after the first 2 eggs- E and P.

Sorry, total of 5 eggs.

Hi Patty. Trying to be quick cos I know you've got to go. I also have 5 eggs, but it seems a different 5th one. You should get an egg after answering the question on the e********e egg. I would be glad to know how you got the "but you need more" egg.

Minkie, After the question, I answered and got the pic of him with a symbol on his uniform. Take that symbol out. And you'll get a pic of a red ---- with the words "but you need more." How did you get yours??

star trek 4. I don't have it Patty. I'll try now. In that case I think you must have missed a (not very informative) egg on the level page. Use the star date.

I'd try using that date but didn't get anything. Will try again, but may have to wait. Thanks! Tomorrow??

Yep, Patty. See you then :)

Starting in. Not sure how far I will get this early in the game. In Mishmash 1 and throwing around some paint, but not seeing much.

I jumping around like crazy, having another look at Mishmash 1 and throwing some paint like you jpete and not finding a picture. am i supposed to draw lines?

jpete/hancock, you still need to find smallies from the pic.

thanks keeper, I'm trying to paint lines between the five

@Hancock - when you threw the paint around, did you included the text component of the pic?

Mishmash 1 - I have it in paint but please help. I'm using i think the right color, spray paint and all it's doing is covering up stuff. I'm so stuck on this.

Sharon - Did you notice a function in paint that has the same icon as what the smallie has in his hand?

Actually you can (sort of) see them without the help of paint. Look very closely near the big smallie's feet in level pic :)

Number path done =)

For letter 1, can't think of anything except the flag codes, but the first one repeatedly tells me to cancel...

Keeper - Can you help me with Numbers 4? I think I know what to do until step 6 :/

Letter 1 - maybe you need to look at the text OVER and OVER again? :)

OVER and OVER - you mean the chicken or url? I can't see anything special there.

For number 4, if you express your (correct) step 3 answer in Arabic numerals, it will be clear what to do next.

Just focus on the text, and you should notice some pairs from TIME to TIME :)

@aaaasa thanks, I got your hints suddenly when I recalled what I saw in the egg =)

Numbers 5 - Got egg 1b but can't find egg 1a... am I missing something obvious here

@aaaasa - did you check what you got left with?

@ceebee - thanks! I haven't thought of checking all of them... finished Numbers now :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mishmash 1 - A good start is to apply the hint to the pic
Sport 1 - Where is the sport played again? Try making something out of those names
Numbers 1 - First convert numbers to letters (note the rule of the game) then arrange them in the order of SML and ROY to get a message
Letters 2 Poem 5 - there is a name for that type of poems as well. Answer is 2 words
Star Trek 2 - Start with the stardate, no anagram
Films 4 - Find out all the titles to get something in the end

Meanwhile can anyone help me with Letters 3? :)

@aaaasa I just managed to solve letter 3, let me know if you need some hints

Keeper - yes I would like some hints. I’m still not sure how to start Letters 3

Stuck on Numbers 2. I have tried Ftf. LtL. Looked for d*****s. Don't know where to begin.

@aaaasa left + right

@chael begin with those names

This comment has been removed by the author.

nobody got bonus 1 yet?
i still need a hint

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Keeper! I didn't realize they can be in different positions.

I am also at letter 4 now. Should I look for the p*****s? But there don't seem to be many :/

@aaaasa yes you need to look for them, they are all in the text

Letter 5
Are the words and wiki pages in the same order (the third pair suggests "no")? If not it seems to require quite a lot of wild guessing =(

Phew! Letters 4 is a sneaky one :)

Keeper - I got Letters 5 after a few tries. I don't think they are in order so some trial and error may be needed. But 2 of the pages have only one matching word so that can save you some time :)

Startrek 4: Still stuck with 5 eggs, last one features a red ---- with words "but you need more." Minkie suggested using the star date but I still don't get anything with that. Can I please get a hint to move on? Thanks!

Letters 6 Egg 2 part 0 - How do I even go clockwise?

p3p - for Startrek 4, you can apply the numbers of stardate to sentences and pick 1 letter from each to get the egg (no granny). Using the same technique but the numbers from the symbol on the C******'s clothes, you should again get 1 letter from each sentence to form the egg you need :)

@Patty I just found out how to use the star date - five numbers, five sentences. But now I understand why Minkie said this egg does not seem to be useful (I still have no idea to go to the useful egg that I got by accident)

@aaaasa more hints needed on letter 5 please. I can't even search the "A" page (it's redirected to something else).

Thank you both; I'll have a go at it.

Keeper - for letter 5 I didn't use the actual page at all so I may be making up my own rules, but I applied H for the first word and E for the last

Hi Guys. I'm so stuck everywhere else, but thanks to aaaasa, now on star trek 5 :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Keeper - you've got all the right ones so far. For 4th, I use 1 a*** vs more than 1 a*** to pick the odd one out; for 5th, only 1 letter is not "S" (again, not sure if this is the correct way to solve it but this helped me to get the answer)

Startrek 5: Hi, Minkie, I'm trying to count the number in the asteroid belt text. Is that where you are?

Thanks aaaasa! The cheating granny once again failed to give me the answer, luckily I tried another solver

Patty it is not about counting

Keeper, didn't think so. . .I was coming up empty.

It is about that number but not about counting, the answer is in front of you :)

The reason I've not been back sooner is that I've been fruitlessly counting (so thanks Keeper for stopping me from doing that).

Star trek 5 egg. So am I looking for an 11-letter word Keeper?

yes minkie, and I'm done with all paths now :)

Keeper - If you are past Letters 6 egg 2, could you give a hint on how to go clockwise? Thanks :)

Well done Keeper!!!

@aaaasa in case you're still at letter 6 egg 2, use the full words of each sub-egg to generate new words

It's time to go to bed, good luck everyone and let me know how to find the bonus levels =)

Keeper - I'm still at letter 6 egg 2. Tried using the full answers of each sub-egg but not sure how to generate new words... Should I look for the new words using the method in egg 1? And are there confirmation eggs for each new words?

Keeper, I'm sure it will "click" for you soon :)

aaaasa, not sure where you are, Letters 6 has 2 parts, are you on part 2?

Congrats, Keeper! I've a long way to go and seems plenty of time to get there as we slowly reopen and wait for a new wave.

Startrek 6: no clue.
Numbers 2: 1egg and know numbers are important, but don't know how.
Sport 1: looking for how many times with no luck.

Just to name a few! Ha, Ha!

Donas - Yes I'm on part 2 egg 0.

Hope people hurry up to bonus level 1, been staring at it for ages.

aaaasa, make a stack of your full words made in part 1, not just your answers and have a look

Numbers 2. Patty, you can use your numbers to pick in two different ways.

I languishing on sport 1 as well with 3 eggs.

star trek 6 Patty, when you get the correct method for this level, you will get a sense of deja vu.

Thanks Donas! I'm done with all paths now :)

minkie - what eggs did you get for sport 1?

Thanks Aaaasa! Tripped over answer to Star Trek 2 soon after I posted. Didn't use star date at all. Asked myself which c****s (or c*****s)
do I have and I couldn't believe I had spent so many hours stuck.

sport 1. aaaasa I got f****** r****** and s****.

And Well Done aaaasa!!

minkie - not sure how you got the s egg as I never got that one lol

For sport 1, do as the f egg and r egg says. Focus on level text

Thanks aaaasa, I'll have another look.

Thanks aaaasa for a push to try that again. I'd tried before but must have used all of the words on the level, I think.

sport 6 No one has asked about this, but I haven't a CLUE. I'm sure it's important that the pink letters are so early in the alphabet, but can't see how to apply 6 pairs to 4 sentences.

For bonus 1, title tells you what to look for

equal in sport 6.. I don't know how to look at it

Sport 6: here as well & equally stuck.
Thanks, Minkie, for help with Startrek; made it to the end of it.

Sport 6: There's something in the image that tells what you need to use on the letters. Look left, there are 2 hints there.

Ah, I think I see (or don't, lol) I'll try that, thanks ceebee

Sport 6: Thanks, ceebee, but don't think I see the right tool.
Semaphores don't work, don't see how to apply pigpen, clock cipher not working. Missing something.

I thought it was going to be easier too Patty, but also can't make semaphore work. I got abby&brian as H, but I'm not sure of that, and the others seem even less clear.

Sport 6: Sounds like you have the right ciphers. You need to use one of them on each pair to make letters that will wave at you.

Thanks ceebee. I'm tying myself in knots here because I'm too tired. I'll try again tomorrow with the help of the hints you have given.

Thanks again, ceebee, will try again. Never thought we'd need more than one method. See you tomorrow, Minkie.

For Sport 1, Control F is terribly efficient, so focus on the level text.

Finished Films, stuck on Mishmash 3, Numbers 6, Star Trek 4, Sport 3, and Letters 5. Mishmash 3 -- I don't know what I am to look carefully for or what I shouldn't be fooled by. FTF does not lead to anything. Sport 3 I don't even know where to start. Numbers 6, I take it I should do something with the numbers from the egg? Letters 5 -- I don't know how to apply IM or H to words. I think maybe I need to stop for today.

Mishmash 3. Laurie distrust every page you look at even if it seems to be one you've seen many times before.

Letters 2 poems 1. I'm going to sleep now, but if anyone could leave a hint for this (which everyone else seems to have solved easily) I'd be grateful.

Minkie -- what kind of poem is it?

Laurie of course I didn't go straight to sleep, LOL and made rapid progress a few steps, so thanks. Really to bed now.

Minkie do Google search for poems with five lines.

The first finishers arrived in the HOF!
Congrats Mishu, Angua and Donas. Well done :)

(Curious what the ftf of the next players will spell out :))

And another finisher, congrats and well done Ceebee!

My gosh, I am making such sloooooow progress but.. progress just the same!! I am stuck on Mishmash 1 hint with the abacus.. I tried counting L to R the numbers shown but that doesnt work. Gentle kick in the right direction would be so helpful!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mishmash 1: counting L to R the numbers shown is the right way, then convert to a letter. (A=1 but also A=27)

Letters 2: poem six tells you to look back to finish the Letters 2 section.

And Shaharc has entered the HOF too, congrats and well done :)

Can I have a hint for Bonus 2? Looks like I'm not smart enough to see what to use/find here :/

Bonus 2, Google the names together to see who you have to get around the table.

Letters 5. Where to even begin? May I get a hint please?

Letters 5 Chael, you can get an egg by looking across the top. But at that point I am floundering. Am I right for the second one to be looking at a page about a visual novel?

minkie that is where I am too. A visual novel from 2004.

Sorry, I mean that is where I am at now thanks to your hint. I was floundering for a while before that.

Letters 5: For the first word write the letters out (tab Handwriting is hint) and notice the odd one out. The tabs are not necessarily in the right order to use on the words.

@Dutchie Thank you for your help. I have solved two of them so far. Were we correct in ending up on a page with a visual novel from 2004?

Hmm, no idea how you get to a page with a visual novel from 2004. Each word has one letter that is the odd one out, those letters anagrams to the answer.

Dutchie - oops, guess I was on the wrong track. I tried to go to "Another Sym" in wiki and it directed me to a visual novel. Good to know that's a dead end!

Need some help on bonus 1 please. How many letters/dishes to look for? So far I've got 2042 but they don't form a word.

Letters 5. Chael, perhaps it is "another", then the last tab repeated. If so, it seems to me that it could apply to 3 of the words, and we just need to pick the correct two.

Bonus 1, answer is 5 or 6 letters.

Keeper - Remember Startrek 5 and 6? The title tells you what to look for. You'll need to look at both the menu and level text to get the letters :)

Letters 5 - minkie perhaps you are correct. one of the words has perfect s*******. there is one other where three letters fall into the same type of s*******. Dutchie stated earlier that the Handwriting tab is for the first word but I haven't figured that out yet.

Letters 5 - Sorry, there are two others where three letters fall into the same type of s*******. However, I had already used (not sure if correctly) the uppermost of them.

Hi guys, very good to see you all playing, helping and having fun :)

Don't forget; it's almost 200 comments, Congrats Dutchie :)
So new comments will be on the next page

Chael: I got it :)). The answer doesn't show up in some anagram solvers because it could be considered as two words. For the first one, write the word out and notice what your pen does.

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