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Dutchie's Pub Riddle

Dutchie's Pub Riddle is a free online change the url puzzle/riddle game made by EG24 player Dutchie for EscapeGames24. There are 6 categories of each 7 levels that you will have to solve to get to the final answer. Big hints are allowed, but please no direct answers. Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you, dutchie and aaaasa.

Stuck again on bonus 2. No idea how to use/combine the numbers. Tried some obvious conversions which didn't work.

Congrats minkie!! I am still here. I think I have the first one. There is one letter where the pen doesn't lift from the page. I also think I have the roman numeral and symmetry one. I am going with your strategy on the "another Sym" one and alternating between the two possibilities. For the Inspector tab I am looking into m****. So far no hits. It is WAY past my bedtime and I will try again tomorrow.

Keeper - If you have the correct numbers you should get a word from the famous table :)

Meanwhile I'm at bonus 2 egg 4a, wondering if more Googling is needed :/

Chael see you tomorrow. I'll check to see if you need more hints, but it seems to me you are doing the right things.

Bonus 2 egg 4a, don't overthink, just a simple riddle trick.

dutchie you typed faster than I did =)
For bonus 5, what is the right order???

Look at the border
for the right order
or google My Dear Aunt Sally
she will tell you surely :)

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So it is the most basic order of operations. Let me try tomorrow. Thanks dutchie.

Minkie you better delete your post (coz you got the right number!)

Minkie just step 5 6 7 left to do

Thanks Dutchie and Keeper. That's encouraging (in a way :/)

Something in my brain finally clicked into place. On to Numbers 5. thanks.

Bonus 5 - I followed the s**** and got 11 letters (including start and end) but couldn't form a word :/

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YAY. Onto the bonus levels.

Well done Minkie, have fun with the bonus levels :)

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Letters 6 Part 2 Egg 5 -- now what? I have the five additional words, what is left? I have tried to find another word from the five new words, but to no avail.

Numbers 6 -- found the egg (a bunch of numbers and creatures. I don't know if there is another egg). What do do with it?

You had me confused there Laurie looking for a phantom Numbers 5 Part 2, LOL. Do some simple maths on Numbers 6 egg numbers only.

Bonus 2. I have eggs 5a, 5b and 5d. I'm struggling to find 5c. Can I find it in the riddle or do I need to go somewhere else?

Bonus 2 egg 5C can be found in the same riddle Minkie.

Have been chiseling away, but baffled in Letters 6 part II. Have the first egg, but don't see how to get any others. Am I using part I egg 2 to get word for part II egg 2 and moving clockwise as with egg 1?? I've tried several good words that weren't accepted, heel, feel, eels. Missing something.
Also got stuck on Sport 6. Found 4 good letters (I think) with S--------s, but the other 2 letters allude me.

Patty. Letters 6 part ii. Yes about which egg to use, and yes to clockwise. You need to make a small adjustment each time. The clue is on the egg.

Thanks Dutchie. I'll give it another go after a break.

P3P see Ceebee's post on first page for Sport 6.

I'd thought that was a typo Dutchie. Should have known better.

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Hancock,I believe that is right. Perhaps, you pulled a wrong letter. You can probably get it with a hint left above about all grannies don't work 'cause it's 2 words.

Letter 6 Part II: Egg 2 (now) before it was actually egg 1. So it is showing a 2nd letter again as in egg 1, but if I use egg 3 from part I, I don't get a viable word using the same 2nd letter method.
What's the twist?

Patty, I think maybe we're using different ways of recording egg numbers. If you look at the part 1 egg with fall top left, it's got a 3 in the middle. So you should not be using the 2nd letter but the ...

I see my confusion. Thank you!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Patty. I'm afraid not. Only the first is right. I struggled a long time working out how to use the two ciphers, until I realised that the names couldn't have included one beginning with an E.

thanks Patty3 I will take another look

Thanks, Minkie, I'll try again tomorrow. Congrats, on making it to Bonus rounds. I've only 2 categories completed.

Letters 5. Still can't match up correct letters. There is only one that applies for the Roman hint. I'm sure I have the first one correct. The enclosure one is giving me trouble. And my tried at the Symmetry ones are not bearing fruit yet. May I get a little nudge please?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I deleted my comment because it hit me what I had missed right after I clicked Publish. The enclosure refers to a characteristic of three of the letters in one of the words. One word has letters that have a particular type of symmetry (except for one letter) and another word has extra-symmetrical letters. The IM clue is a bit of a red herring. Only one of the two words is essential. Think of a common cipher used frequently in these type of riddles.

Finished Numbers (whew!). Letters 6 Part 2 Egg 5 still stumping me. What do I use now?

Chael615 I am in the same spot. just can't make it work but i am (almost) certain I have the tabs lined up perfectly with the words.

Hancock -- I couldn't get it to work either until I tried a different granny. Make sure that isn't your problem.

Chael, i will share my thinking...but be warned I haven't solved it so something is off. for the enclosure think about spaces within the letters. there are two types of symmetry. one word has 3 letters with symmetry in one way, the other has 3 letters with symmetry in two ways. the first word is about picking up the lead, the second word is related to the roman hint.

Bonus 5. This snake is very elusive! I'm assuming that if I need to get 11 letters (questionable) I need to do 4 operations then start again on an adjacent square. Does this make sense? And does the snake eat me or do I work down from the tail?

Minkie, you may have to snake around on a the grid a bit to keep the operations in order, always moving to an adjacent square of course. Start at the tail and work down.

To you sound pretty well spot on except that (apart from the first) there are three possible candidates for symmetry. I'm away from my computer now so can't check further.

YAY thanks ceebee. That narrows it down. I'll try tomorrow :)

Ooops, my last but one comment was addressed to Hancock.

Mishmash 1 - My gosh I stink at riddles! I'm still at the hint with the abacus and I am not getting any vowels when I try to convert. I did the abacus (top row is 91) then I counted letters (91st one, etc). What am I doing wrong?

Sharon: You counted where 5 things were to get the 2nd hint. Count where they are again, but this time from the beginning of each sentence.

Thank you minkie, that helped me spot one really really really dumb error (too embarrassed to tell...involves mixing up braille and morse.) of course still I did solve it...grrr

Bonus 5 - the path I got from following the snake only got 10 results, but the numbers and the starting one didn’t seem to form a good word... what should I take from the path :/

aaaasa: hmmmm, I'm not sure what you mean by 10 results - if you mean number of operations then looks like you are on the right path. Look at your results in a different way.

So how many letters am I looking for? Tried FTF and counting and looking at the shape of the path but still no luck

7 letters

Got Letters 5 after walking away and coming back!! Thanks minkie and Hancock!

Laurie Was stuck with you for a while on Letters 6 Part 2 Egg 5. You have half of the letters (one highlighted from each egg page on part two). What brought you here to Part 2?

I finished Sport! Thanks Dutchie!

Well done Pamela :) did you find the surprise egg? (if not, take the firsts of all sports)

Level 3/2 - No idea what to look for

Level 4/3 - Found the egg saying first part. No idea how to get another

Level 6/1 - No idea who the man and the six persons in the pics are. Also unable to decipher what the map and painting represent

Bonus 5
I'm still completely lost in the snake maze. Need a big big hint please


number 2 - start with those names
letter 4 - use the second part of the things that get you the "first part" egg
film 1 - google image search can help you :)
map is about t***z***, painting focus on the white part

Keeper: I am also on Films 1. How do you separate the pictures to put them in google image search. They were all clumped together for me. Admittedly, I am not very good with this kind of thing.

Chael -- Thanks. I have now finished Letters as well as Sport. Still on Mishmash 4 and Star Trek 4 (with an unhelpful egg). I have noticed the numbers of words in the sentences in Mishmash 4. Is that significant?

Laurie: You have 1 egg? There is another egg using the same method but in a different point of each sentence.

Chael, you can use the snipping tool to extract any area on the screen. Alternatively, print screen the whole thing and save the area you want in paint.

Laurie, no it is not.

Laurie: for sport 1 - I have three eggs but no idea what to do on the level text?

Chael -- the eggs all ask how many. Some counting of the text is necessary, focusing on certain characters. One of the eggs tells you which characters. Ctrl-F is helpful, but be sure to ignore anything not part of the level.

Keeper - Have you found out which squares the snake passes in Bonus 5?

Keeper Have you made any progress with the snake? For me it's like that pyramid all over again :/ I'm torn between trying to make all the squares positive integers, and picking some of them OR allowing fractions and negative numbers, and trying to end up with 7 integers between 1 and 26.

LOL aaaasa, both crying for help at the same time :)

aaaasa/minkie: still zero progress here. aaaasa, are you saying that there are some squares the snake doesn't pass thru?

minkie - Actually I've done Bonus 5 and am staring at Bonus 6 now :)

The first step is to find out where the snake passes (it does not need to go through all squares). Big hint: you start with 4->2->8 because 4x2=8. Then follow the right order to find the path to the head.

Well done aaaasa, and thanks :) It seems all my assumptions were wrong.

Thanks so much!!! This level was really hard

For bonus 6, are you on the egg now? Looks like it will require a lot of googling!

I'm still on bonus 6 main level and can't find the egg :/

You need to "find" the egg

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

And for Bonus 6 egg 1 - Yes, you may need to google to get a message

Finished the Sport category. Thank you everyone for help on Sport 1. That was by far the hardest of them. Only Mishmash and Films left. Now its time for bed.

I'm missing the 6/7/8/13th guy, I can guess the letter for 6/7/8 but I think 13 is very critical. Googled a lot of turtle / dinosaur but couldn't find the match.

I guessed the egg but then it seems I need to know all of them in order to proceed, sigh......

I think 6th is the one who wend down the rabbit hole, 8th is the archenemy of a famous rabbit, and the 13th one can be seen ridden by perhaps the world's most famous plumber :)

And for those like me who haven't seen the 7th one before: he is the first breakout character in animated television

Perfect descriptions of the characters aaaasa :)

Thank you aaaasa. On egg 2, I wonder what is the right thing to do. What I've done doesn't seem to be right.

Bonus 6 egg 2 - I did the r**** l*** t**** but there seems to be way too many vowels to form a word...

How many letters do I need? 6?

Bonus 6 egg 2: The right last thing will give a 6 letter answer.

Bonus 6 egg 1 I'm getting vietnamese restaurants and two shortened male names. Is this way off base?

minkie - you should get a message without granny so you might want to check the names again :)

Bonus 6 egg 2 - I've been trying lasts of firsts, firsts of lasts and lasts of lasts but none of them seems to work :/

thanks aaaasa. I wan't using the first name for the first one.

I think I know which guys to focus on, but same as aaaasa, none of the combinations works.

Bonus 6 egg 2 The first three words on this egg tells you what to pick from what.

This comment has been removed by the author.

You have the right characters but their names wont give you what you are looking for.

Yay, got bonus 6. Thanks dutchie.

Finished finally \O/
Thanks Dutchie again for this amazing riddle :)

Mishmash 5: No one seems to have had trouble with this level, but as usual I haven't made any progress. I thought the quote was yielding a cipher to use on the untranslatable words, but my attempts have failed.

I've had to take a break from Sport 6 which is still hanging me up to dry.

Patty Mishmash 5, There's a clue in the translated text about what tool to use. And another clue in the picture name.

A new finisher, congrats aaaasa, well done. You are in the HOF :) https://dutchiespubriddle.wixsite.com/pubriddlehof

End of bonus levels. Tried some obvious things that haven't worked. On one of these pages I found an egg that was not needed for the level. Do I have to do the same for all 7 pages?

Minkie, thanks, I've been trying R-- with no luck, and don't get a clue from Hamlet's ghost?? I seem to be getting worse at these.

minkie - the level text is hinting you where to focus. You need only those 7 pages

p3p - Try starting with the last untranslatable word and use the tool in red luth website. Maybe you'll notice what to look for :)

Thanks aaaasa. Helping me out to the end :)

Great riddle Dutchie. It was lots of fun playing, and playing in company. Thanks so much :)

Mishmash 3 - I am not fooled but don't get what to do next

Sport 2 - Got three eggs, two from teams and one from both team totals. Stuck after that

Letters 4 - No idea what to look for

Thank you! Getting somewhere now!

Mehroon Letters 4. One word in the text is different. That and the title tell you what to look for.

And congrats to Minkie2020 too, well done. You entered the HOF :)

Mishmash 5: have 1 egg, how to get another? Lol the egg word + R----- = take control! Wish I could.

Patty. Check out your R**s.

Minkie, I believe I have the egg from the R--s. It is C----.
I've tried to get a word from their regions, but not getting anything since several are "southern".

Patty. You got c**** from using r**. You r*****d a different amount for each of the five answers.

Minkie, congratulations on finishing! Good work. And thank you!!

Mishmash 6: I've connected egg dots, but don't get it. Other than proof of my brain damage.

Mishmash 6. Patty You can use the level again - as a pic this time.

Mehroon for the third egg on Sport 4, don't cross off Patty, cross off both Patty and me.

Films 1 - I have tried using google images and even Tiny but I am not getting anywhere. Specifically the bottom set of pictures. All I am getting is the name of the artist but I cannot find any film quotes regarding him or the work of art.

Chael, I was not able to resolve the last one, but the first four suggested four letters of a five-letter word that was the answer.

Chael Film 1, last line: if you Google the painting you should notice something different between the painting Google comes up with and the one on the level page.

Btw Pamela I never got the middle line of films 1 (too many results). What was that all about?

Minkie the third returned either recyclables or the actual word, and when I did a search on "Who said ' '?"
it gave me the third name.

Minkie Google image search, returned ...

Got that middle one now. Thanks Pamela. But I don't understand your last comment.

Minkie that's alright. I wanted to make sure that it was an image search that returned either the word "recyclables" or the word that needed to go in the search on the quote.

Mishmash 4 -- I've gotten as far as the egg telling me to find them. Where do I need to look? In the level text, on a map, what? Star Trek 6 -- I read the hint about the correct method producing a sense of deja vu. Could I get another little nudge? I so want to finish these two paths.

Laurie - Look at what you did last level. Also, the riddle will help you

Chael -- thanks. I was looking for the wrong things. Now to finish that darn Mishmash path.

Thank you Dutchie!!

Dutchie, I thought the firsts finished the level. There's more?

And another finisher :) Congrats and well done Verito, you entered the HOF.

Pamela, I think you are referring to the sports video? That is just a funny extra, it is not part of the riddle itself.

And Keeper just entered the HOF too, congrats and well done :) I won´t ask for more for a while lol.

Thanks minkie and Pamela! I got it. I was never able to figure out the last line though even with your hint. My brainstorming led to well being is ok. or something like that.

Mishmash 2. I have found the gameshows and matched them with the hosts. I have tried taking the "covered" letters and using them to make something but getting nowhere. I know I am missing something obvious because no one has asked about this one. I have finished all other paths.

Mishmash 2, After matching up, take a good look at the names of the shows.

Hi, can you please help me with Letters 5? Especially for the morse? Thanks

Letters 5. Pipi if you write out all 6 words in that code, one of them should stand out.

Well done Verito and Keeper :)

Pipi If you are using the correct word for that tab (and keep in mind they are not necessarily in order) then one of the letters should have a different characteristic than the other three once converted.

I am looking at the missing letters. I have figured out which letters are missing but trying to order them is getting me nowhere.

Chael, Mishmash 2 is not about the missing letters. Focus on names of shows. It's as easy as 1,2,3

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you minkie and Chael! Got letters 5.

Still stuck on Mishmash 4 egg (the one telling me to find them). I don't know where/how I am supposed to look. I actually BF'd the end of the riddle without the Mishmash answer, as I had the rest, so I am also stuck on Bonus 1. I have seen the hints that the title is telling me what to look for, but it just isn't clicking. I do want to finish Mishmash still--I don't want to feel as if I cheated my way through, I want to figure out all the answers.

Laurie - for Mishmash 3 I have the 5 eggs and I am not fooled on the 6th egg but unsure where to go from there

Chael -- I assume you mean the 5 eggs with the animated characters? FTF the five eggs, no granny needed. Look carefully at the page it takes you to. You think you have seen it before many times, but are you sure it is what you think it is? It may need a coat of paint.

Laurie - for mishmash 4 there should be a list of l*** m******* on Wikipedia. You already have the names of the l***s, so you know what to find :)

For Bonus 1 - Remember the Star Trek stages where you need to look for something in the text? Here you need to focus on a word in the title :)

Thanks Laurie. I had highlighted so I knew what it was but I didn't go the full step.

Mishmesh 1. Hint ABACUS do i have to count only "letters" or also signs

It's time to tie up loose ends after finishing the riddle.

Film 1: does anyone know the first sentence?
Mish1: still can't reverse-engineer the 2nd part and do not have the abacus egg. Must have missed something very obvious.

Marja and Keeper. Mishmash 1. There are two ways of counting small ys. One gets you the abacus and the other a left hand smally.

Film 1 For the third pic look at the arrow. You may want to add one letter to this person.

Keeper - A very famous (and kind of spooky) line from a movie about 20 years ago. The line is spoken by a child.

Thanks both, minkie and chael, for film 1.
And I know what's wrong with mish1, a very very stupid mistake that I made repeatedly for so many days!

I'm curious why this game gets special treatment and gets to stay at the top of the list of games for days while other (better) games get the normal treatment of being pushed down by newer posts?

Numbers 5: Have eggs 1a & 1b. Are they referring to red dots in Mishmash, 'cause I haven't been able to make a word with them. Wrong path?

BTW, DW, think the position of games has to do with number of comments.

Numbers 5: NM, just got the message.

Thank you, Dutchie. I just finished the levels. Sports 6 became crystal clear today! Enjoyed the riddle immensely and will start bonuses after a break.

Well done patty3ponies, have fun with the Bonuslevels :)

may I get a hint for mishmash 1, got two eggs but do not see how to count the new type of smallies. I'm stuck everywhere but I will ask for a couple more hints...films 3...i've tried counting and converting and ftf and ltl but can't get anywhere. Same with Numbers 2...i read the hint about "starting with the names" but the usual methods are getting me jibberish...also tried converting their ages other such...no luck. finally (for now!) can someone confirm that Star Trek 3 is about b*****, 5 letter answer? Ive tried grouping those faces in so many ways. thank you.. this puzzle is kicking my butt!

Hancock. Star Trek 3. For one of the eggs you need b******. For another you need another alphabet. Check out the stardate.

Well done Patty!

Mishmash 1, There are 5 smallies in the picture and 5 smally's in the text. Not sure which you found already. For the text you need a bit of counting and remember A=1 but also A=27.

Films 3, there are two hints on the wall that tells you what you need from those movies.

Numbers 2 Googling the names of the historical figures and kings will make things more clear probably.

I am stuck on Numbers 2 egg. I don't know how to use the numbers in another way

Pipi you can use those numbers to pick letters in three different ways.

Is one of these ways picking letters from the text?

Two of them are :)

Thanks, I will try.

thank you Dutchie and Minkie...I'm settling in with your hints..ready to wrestle with these paths and make some progress

I keep getting stuck. Got Mishmash 4 and 5, now stuck on Mishmash 6. What do I do with the text? Bonus 2 egg 1 -- I can see some letters in the pic, but nothing i have done with them has yielded results. How do I get rid of the w***s?

Laurie I am with you. Mishmash 6. By the way, how many Bonus levels are there?

Mishmash 6: Stay Focused till the END is the hint to get you started.

There are 7 bonus levels.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes Chael. If you are using paint you will need to uncheck the draw opaque option under the images tab.

Minkie - That's right. Had to do something like this in a previous riddle. Were you the one that uses a Mac (like me)? Because I remember somebody showed me how to use it in browser and told me the exact same thing. Uncheck the draw opaque option. All of a sudden I remembered the program! Thanks again!

That's right Chael :)

Thanks ceebee. I think I had interpreted the hint in every possible way except the correct one. Now for those bonus levels...

On Numbers 4 I don't know what the first conversion should be.

Pipi. The language of the text on the chalkboard should give you a hintus maximus.

Bonus 4 - Nobody seems to have had trouble with this one. I found something but I'm not sure how to use it. I went through a list and tried a lot of names. Can I get a push please?

For Bonus 4, start with thee hidden message that tells you what to find. Only one of them can be bitten away from the candy's name :)

MISHMASH 6 - Overlaid the egg page of dots with the main pic page to get to another egg which told me to do what I did earlier. It's not making anything recognizable

SPORT 6 - No clue on how to use s-------e on the pink letters

NUMBERS 5 - Got the three eggs but following the instructions of the third egg on the main page as well as on first egg is not yielding anything

LETTERS 4 - I think I got the correct letters which are in order consonant, consonant, vowel, vowel, consonant, vowel but they are not making a single word. Two words of three letters can be made but they are not working

STAR TREK 6 - Tried counting the stardate word in each line they appear. Also tried in each sentence. No idea what to do next

Mishmash 6 - by reaching that egg you connected the c*****s not the d**s, so you may want to check where those d**s are :)

Sport 6 - Does the animal on the flag remind you of a cipher where each letter are in a different position?

Letters 4 - Are you sure that there's only 6 of them?

Star Trek 6 - the stardate is a hint to find what the r***** is asking. It is somewhat similar to the method of Star Trek 5 but this time you will get a message

Numbers 5 -- doing what egg 1c says to do should yield something. You have to do it in multiple different places, a little at a time. Look carefully at the result. You should notice something. Actually several things.

Rewatching - On the very last level. Found all the pictures but not getting anywhere. Read the text many times over. So close yet so far. Can I get a little bump please?

Chael615, thanks for the hint on Numbers 4. Got it

Chael just apply a common trick to the text, no need to anagram.

Thank you Keeper! Finished! Why do I always overcomplicate things?

Well done chael =)

And another finisher! Congrats Chael615, well done!
You are in the HOF :)

Well done Chael!

On Sport 1 I got only the f****** egg. A hint how to find the others, please?

Try some of the things you can see in the f****** pic, pipi.

Stuck on Bonus 5. I found a path, but can't make anything of it. Do I use the result of each operation, the starting number, or the middle number? I have tried it all three ways, but cannot get seven letters that form a word.

Laurie: You need all the numbers that are on the path. Maybe if you look at them from a different perspective you will see how they can make 7 letters.

PAGINATION ALERT: Almost 400 comments, new comments will be on a new page

ceebee--I'm just not seeing it. Does each operation begin with the number that ended the last one, or does it start fresh? That is, is it a x b = c, c / d = e, etc., or a x b = c, d / e = f, etc. ? Or am I completely off?

Laurie - Where one operation ends another begins. a x b = c, c/d = e is correct. Also, look at the size of the grid.

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