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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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wpw ST lives LOL

Yes...he lives to drive us crazy one more time....or is it???

Thanks small-tool. Your riddles remind me of how EG24 used to be - friends playing together, laughing and helping each other. You have a gift and it's appreciated.

Wooooh let's goooooo!

Thank you very much for posting, Zoe :)

I hope you all have a lot of fun playing :)

Awesome! Thank you once again for taking the time and effort to keep us busy for a while with yet another great riddle.

ST, thanks for new riddle, but for me, a headache :)

Channel 5 - I suppose Google is not needed, is it?

I was so delighted to receive that email! Bring it on, S-T! I knew your well was not empty yet :)

For channel 5:

It's not Google, you can 'count' on that.

I've counted in different ways but couldn't get a good word though :/

o dear :-) Thx S-T

Hi there =)

I feel really thick, but I'm stuck on Channel 2. I must be overcomplicating it, but I've tried a bunch of things with constellations and also with m**** s**** and I just can't get anything. A hint, please?

Channel 2 - You might need to check the names again :)

Thanks, aaaasa! That was a cheeky one from S-T! Good to see you again, by the way :)

You're welcome :) I'm still trying to count in Channel 5 though

Start to get stuck at channel 10...

Nvm turned out I had a really bad eyesight for that one lol

Thanks! It's been a while!! :)

@Keeper - stuck at Channel 10 with you. Not sure if I'm meant to know who they all are? 'Cause I definitely don't, lol.

Stuck on Channel 2. Check all names(z....c) animal etc, and nothing. No idea.

@Zoran - not all the c************s are z****c names. For one of them, you may need to check Wiki to get the correct name. Alternatively, if you have four of the names, you can probably brute force it (you should get a word without Granny).

@Zoran one of the names is tricky
@BFS any progress from you? can't believe an "intro" level can be so difficult

BF & Keeper, thanks

I'm usually not too bad with URL changing riddles, but this one seems rather different and I can't even get past go! Please could I have a hint?

@indigo - clicking around may help :)

still limbering ip my brain LOL

Good morning and thank you s-t!! So happy to play with everyone!

aaaasa... duh! Thanks :)

Stuck on Channel 10 as well. Tried a bunch of things, but no luck

Stuck on Channel 10. Maybe the batteries in the remote died...

Channel 10 --I thought it might be ****e (with a sort of hint from the text), but I can't find a way to get anything meaningful from that.

I'm stuck on channel 9. tried to change the url with what i read from movies titles but without any luck

This comment has been removed by the author.

@maremoto -- maybe you did it the wrong way? Try using what you didn't use.

For channel 10: I think I see a Daisy and a Dottie among those girls and some are short, some are long.

Maremoto - only the winners

Thank you dutchie!

thank you mehroon, it was so easy!

Hi all and so glad to find another riddle ST, even though I know it will take me months!

thank you Laurie, as well

Still can't quite recognize the girls in Channel 10 as the first and the second set look the same to me :/

@aaaasa -- it doesn't matter who they are. In each group, there is a subtle variation in h****t. Use that along with m**** to get l*****s.

@Laurie - I've tried that but what I got still couldn't form a word :/

@aaaasa -- all you using all 5?

@Laurie - Yes, I used all 5 and got something like wkoeg

Here we go again!

@aaaasa - Some of those women are shorter than you think.

Ahh so I looked at the wrong thing... thanks tialuisa :)

Channel 17 I don't spot anything. Gotta sleep now, please leave me a hint :)

Channel 12 - I've calculated and converted but one of the results is less than 1... Now what :/

Hi! I need some help on channel 16, please? I don't know on what to apply the numbers.

Channel 11 -- is it the obvious cipher? I've tried every which way to get a word from that, but no luck so far?

Laurie - the c**** is important

Channel 11 - the number of the pigs is a hint.
Channel 12 - the names of the participants are not random

Channel 16 - apply numbers on the n***s

@Keeper - maybe spot again when you wake up :)

Laurie number and color of the pigs are important

aaaasa, thanks for the hint. But I am not sure how to do it. First letters? Whole n**e?

Thanks pipi and maremoto. Now I'm stuck on Channel 13. I've got f**e w***s, but don't know what to do with them.

NVM, I got it.

It sometimes seems that posting a request for help makes it suddenly click in my brain what to do.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi All! Seeing a new riddle game made my day! I seem to be on the wrong track for Channel 5. Is it about the ball?

pipi - first letters but not f**** n***s

@BucksDack - It's about the groups of players.

Thanks @tialuisa! Got it!

Thank you, aaaasa. Got 16 now

Thanks you very much ST for this new riddle!! I am so happy that I don't mind to admit that I'm stuck already in channel 02. Checked the names but nada ...

@Puzzled - did you find the other name for the second constellation? There is a similar constellation that can be seen from countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa...

@tialuisa, thank you :)

Channel 17 -- I have no idea how to even start. A tiny hint, please.

I'm at Channel 17 also. Saw aaaasa's hint but am needing a not so subtle hint.

17. Maybe enlarge to spot the spots?

For channel 17, after enlarging the pic I spotted something.

So happy small-tool has gifted us with a FUN new riddle!!

Hi, Dutch, I've tried lots of things on channel 18, haven't found the focus yet.

Thank you patty3poines and dutchie!!

NVM, think I have it. Sorry about name-autocorrected.

Hi patty3ponies :)

For channel 18, make sure you check every corner of the screens.

too late lol

oh my goodness! Here we go again haha. thank you s-t. I'm sure this will keep me busy for weeks!

Thanks for the new riddle Small, great to see that you made another :D

Channel 12- Stuck here. Do I need to know the names of the characters? Nor do I know how to calculate those hours, minutes ...

12. 3600sec/hour; 60 sec/min. Names given are important. Not characters. You're looking for distance; distance =speed x time.

i'm worried what's to come if these are the intro levels lol. already stuck on channel 5. I've counted my groups but not sure what to use them on.

Amy, do you have 5 groups?

Molly, I'm right there with you. I calculated the distance but not clear how to apply the distance to the participants. I tried using the distance to pick but not coming up with anything yet

channel 25. My TV is broken and I can't fix it!

12. Take those names to google and see if you don't get a wiki page.

Channel 25 -- stuck here along with p3p. Anyone finish this one yet?

Channel 23 - I found the c******* of the other c******** shown on the map, although not sure what to use, if anything, for the lower left region. I found the message in M****** although I seem to be misinterpreting it because I tried removing those last 4 l****** from the C******* and grannying what remained but got nothing for it. A nudge in the right direction would be most welcome.

Hi! Stuck at Channel 8...Tried using colors. No luck..

23. You sound like you are close. Take the the ones that don't belong there and use where they do belong.

NOT A HINT: but to avoid confusion in the comments:
Channel 25 has no eggs! So when 25 solved you have a broken channel and that's the last part of the intro levels/channels, in a way you can name that part channel 26.

8. Find the ones that belong under 8's URL.

@ tialuisa -- ignore the other c*******s on the map. Look carefully at the c****s shown in the map of M******. Do all of them belong there? Or do some of them belong elsewhere?

Thanks patty3ponies! Let me think on that!

Thank you as well Laurie W!

Thanks, small-tool, but how do we find our way to the regular levels??? Part of the riddle, I'm sure.


You have to solve that last channel. It's broken but there are still hints like the url, the name of the channel and the yellow.

Thanks patty3ponies but I don't get it. Under url?

Esteban, what is your answer that got you to 8?

I am stuck on 24 now. I am not sure what is the blue object and the one under it.

Are you sure you are hinting channel 8
Looks more like you're hinting channel 9 :P

For channel 8 I would say, maybe Google that man and find out what's very special about him.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks s-t!!! And thanks for the game!

channel 12 ... thanks .. done
with wiki came out

Thanks for the excellent clue for Channel 12 @patty3ponies!

@pipi -- you don't need to know what the objects are, just some characteristic that they have, hinted at by the text. Use that characteristic with the text.

Anyone get their TV fixed yet?

I'm doing really badly here... is it necessary to know something about the types of movies in Channel 3? I've never watched them (in fact had never even heard of any of them!) and googling isn't helping me.

Indigo, not about types of movies. These the v******s. Find the m****s.

BucksDack - yes, sorry, I misspoke - I did work out they're the v******s and the m****s they are in, but they don't seem to be connected in any way apart from the general genre. I think I'm going to have to give up - I'm usually a good lateral thinker but am getting nowhere!

Don't give up Indigo! FTF the m****s should work without granny.

Channel 13 - anyone have a hint how to get the f*** w****? I tried to find what each character might say but that's not working so far.

@BucksDack - Futurama + Omniglot

Thanks @tialuisa! I didn't know about Omniglot.

Almost missed this (my fault). Thanks S-T Jumping in :)

OK, I've gone stupid already on Ch 3. Have the movies, but just can't solve it

channel 16..I don't know where to apply the numbers..

@jpete - ftf will do it with the right movies.
@molly - Apply to the firsts of the lasts.

NVM left out a letter. Moving on.

Esteban, so sorry I got the cart ahead of the horse. No wonder you were confused. My bad.

Channel 24 - I've been here for a while now :( I read about the text hinting at a characteristic that the objects on the shelf share, and that all makes sense to me, but I can't take it any further. I also found what looks like the beginning of a question in the text (2 words). Should I just forget about that or is it useful? Thank you!

Welcome back, small-tool!

tialuisa - as the above hint suggests, apply the property of the objects to the text itself :)

Thank you aaaasa! And just to be sure I understand, the property they share is that they are all p**yh******, right?

tialuisa - more like p***g**s to me :)

And to fix the tv - writing everything down and follow the yellow should help :)

Ok. Thanks aaaasa. I'll keep working on it:)

Meanwhile trying to figure out how to do with the n*****s in lvl 3... I wonder if Google is needed :/

s-t, what was that cipher decoder website you recommended? I don't remember the name but it was so helpful!

Hm... how to fix the tv? Following aaaasa's hint, I get a 7 letters as*****, but it doesn't form a word.

Keeper - did you follow yellow closely? If you did, you should get more than 7 letters :)

and on to the "real" riddle.

channel 11. I think i know what I need to do but I'm drawing a blank on what cipher to use

Stuck on channel 10. Understand h****t (sort of), but don't know what else to look at.

@amy -- well, it's either one thing or the other.

@aaaasa thanks, I guess I need 12/13 letters? But I can't really pick anything meaningful

@amy -- I'm not s-t, but I think what you want is Red Luth Riddle Tools? It is very helpful.

@keeper -- you should get about twice that many letters, but you don't need all of them for the URL. No granny required though.

@jpete -- the h*****s are either one thing or another. They are in small groups. You need something to convert small groups of two different values into something meaningful.

@ aaaasa -- thanks, I got the TV fixed. I wasn't following it correctly.

@Laurie yes that's it! thank you!

lvl 4 - Having some ideas about the pic and the text but none seemed to work :/

@laurie thank you, I was looking at the wrong thing. lvl 1 now

Thank you Laurie W. had to walk away for a bit and clear my head. Moving on.

lvl 1 egg2: is google needed or just letter picking?

Keeper - remember what lvl 1 is about? Google should be helpful here :)

@jpete did you figure out ch. 11? I'm still stuck. I think my brain might be done for the night lol

Channel 3, I found the names of all the movies (TV shows), the names of the actors, but I still don't know what to look for. Small push please.

@zoran just focus on the titles :)

Channel 3, Nothing. I tried to count, genre, first thing first, and no results, or am I so stupid and blind.

Level 2?! Do I need H*** or A****?

Laurie W, A****

@aaaasa : seems we are both at the same point :-/

For Level 4, the yellow text in picture hides a hint telling you what to look for.

dutchie - I think I'm seeing a d***** s*** in the pic... is it relevant?

@Zoran - FTF should give a word
@Laurie - just put them together

@Dutchie : I noticed something in the "titles" but it gave not even an egg. Is it what you suggest?

@aaaasa thanks but I'm still stuck at lvl 1 egg2, not really sure what to google. Tried to combine some of the words with the level's theme but still got nothing. Can I have a bigger hint please?

@Keeper - think about one of the steps you did to get the letters for egg2, now do it the other way round on those in the egg

aaaasa, ftf doesn't help, I got words with T ****, H ****, A ****, but not a single word is the answer :(

Level 4 Sorry no idea what you mean with d***** s*** ,(my knowledge of the asteriks language is zero) but look for hidden words. The CAPITAL words like MOVIE tells you what to look for.And as far as I know there are no confirmation eggs. Answer is an anagram. I suck at giving hints sorry :(

@dutchie - Oh I think I know what to look at now... Thanks!

Channel 2, FTF is from a series and not a movie.

@aaaasa thanks, on lvl 2 now

aaaasa thanks, stuck on channel 12

lvl 5 - Not sure how to apply the d********s to the pic :/

For level 5: check the names, it might take some Time but there are a Number of things to find there, then apply that to grid.

lvl 3 am I supposed to rearrange the words such that the numbers can fit into them? But I don't seem to find a solution

Channel 4: c*****d quite everything in the pic and got nothing relevant.

@eric c**** the right place to pick

@Keeper - No need to rearrange but you do need to find the fits. The pic name and the numbers may help :)

lvl 6 - Are there any confirmation eggs to find?

Channel 13 - Got the translation and stuck

@aaaasa yes I'm aware of the p** n*** and hence was thinking of rearranging the words to fit the number of letters b****** the words. Should we find out the b****** of each word first? Is the white text important to remove something?

I am on level 1 and I found 1 egg, but I can't find the other one. Hint, please.

Stuck with Pipi on starter levels 13. Told I'm overthinking, but don't know how to underthink.

@puzzled/minkie don't overthink, simple picking
@pipi egg1 hints you what in the main level to focus on

channel 13: how do I find which language to use?

@pipi, on egg 1 lvl 1 you need google the main page and use the result. I stuck at egg2 here)
Come to me please and help me)

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Keeper - yes, you need to find what w*** fits b****** each pair. the white text may be helpful if you found more than one fit for a pair

Ouch! I was overthinking ... and this is only training levels ... Thanks Keeper :) @Ike, these "people" speak it ;)

Me too puzzled! Seems I couldn't count to 3!

Ouuff, on 2 lvl now

Level 1 egg 2 - Googling is not giving anything worthwhile.

@mehroon, on main page you did some action with google before picking. Jn egg2 do the reverse action for all phrases using google

This comment has been removed by the author.

@aaaasa thank you! I was doing something completely wrong!! On lvl 4 now

@ puzzled: thx

Stuck on Channel 14. I found the P********s, but I can't get a word out of them.

@BFS - if you get all of them correct, you should get a word from FTF

@BFS, use first names

Almost 200 games, meaning:

New comments will appear on the next page

Good to see you all playing guys :)
Hope you have fun.

Getting dizzy at lvl 8 egg 4 @_@

Thanks, @aaaasa and @Fossa. I had the method right but one of the names wrong!

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