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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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@Milena - there should be a message in the s**** l*****s in the gibberish in 1a.

I know I am far behind most of you but onto level 9 now: I know what to use, the M**** part is done (not so sure it is correct due to an earlier hint from S-T but will check that later)but I feel lost with the B***** part, cannot see where are the Z***** and O***!

@Eric - what you used as d*** and d***** are now the z***** and o***.

aaaasa: just realized how **** I can be, doh! Anyway, must have errors as I get only gibberish. S-T said earlier that 1st letter 2nd line is a L but I cant see how!

@Eric - s-t's hint is about the M**** method. With the B***** part each line should give one letter.

Yes I know aaaasa. The hint I mentioned said that the M part is 14 letters (ok), first line is a 3-letter word starting with A (ok again) and next word starts with L (that's where I don't agree and cant find how it could be a L). Delete my comment if needed ;-)

Anyway I am full of errors cause when M is "translated" to B, it gives nothing, except for the 1st line :-(

Note to myself: when S-T says it is easy, it is just like when a doctor says it won't hurt :-D

Still really stumped on Level 48 Egg. I keep trying to count and pick based on what's circled, based on who from the main level was b*** in that m****, based on who was b*** on that d** o* t** w***, based on the y*** in the original pic I found by reverse image searching, based on the other stuff that was removed from the original pic... nothing seems to work. I swear I've tried every strategy and variation I can possibly think of.

Lol, don't make up your own hints :P
And certainly don't make up hints based upon the original image. That would be beyond far-fetched. You (should) know I don't make riddles like that.

Hmmm is it important that the pic name in lvl 48 egg a bit strange or am I making my own hint here :/

Nope, it's just a name. Lol, what's strange, it simply says what it is; an egg.

@S-T - I know, but I was getting desperate, lol! OK, so I will definitely ignore the original image and stick to what's actually in front of me. Still out of ideas, though...

The level title usually has some link to the level itself. I haven't managed to find a link in this case. I'm wondering if that's what I'm missing.

Thanks aaaasa, Milena, and Namnet. Got it now. This is a subject I never even heard of before. I think I had tried Googling every which way except the correct one. I had found a musical artist and an actress, but neither of those helped.

Not sure what you mean!?
The level has no title and neither has the egg.
If you mean the egg url, then yeah for sure that's part of the hint (but you can see that on the picture too).

@S-T - Sorry, by "title", I meant the previous solution, so the URL word of the level page.

Stuck on lvl-18
I don't understand how many steps to count in each pinion, for example: if a pinion has 18 teeth, how many steps should I count?

Coming in late to the party....very impressive on how everyone is doing. Glad to see S-T is back!!
Need a hint on level 10. No idea where to even start. I am sure it has something to do with c********* w**** but not sure how to approach it. Can someone please provide a hint?

@Pichi334 I believe BFS gave a great hint before on this level. Really helped me out. Laid out how each gear moves in relation to each other. Remember, if one gear has 18 teeth and moves 6 spaces, then how many spaces would a gear with 12 teeth move?

@Ditg Look at what is in common with between adjacent words. For example, what do the words go & stop have in common. And then stop & nap?

LVL 36 - Got Egg 0 but don't know how to apply it to the Gibberish. Saw the pic name so know what to use but not how to use it. Can I get a hint, please?

@Chael615 - Take the gibberish and key to the cipher. You'll recognize a word at the start of the plaintext. Write it down and remove that amount of letters from the start of the gibberish. Rinse and repeat...:)

@ Tialuisa Thanks again! You are a lifesaver!

Can I please get push on Level 40? I've read the hint to study the title but I don't know if I'm supposed to google or use a cipher or visit granny or is it some kind of word play? Am I using the image and the title? I've tried a lot of things but got nowhere.

LVL 36 - Egg 2. I have tried the same methods on the new gibberish with the key a******* but nothing is coming up. Am I off base with the key?

@Chael615 the key is correct. Look carefully at the result. You should be able to pick out something that makes sense.

Thank you, @S-T and @BFS, I saw that, but didn't think to try it for the egg. I knew it was something stupid like that.

Level 39 - I'm missing what I need to do to finish this. I think I have to have the 2 correct letters marked in the crossword but when counting the number of occurrences row by row I get the same number 8 out of the 10 rows. What else should I be doing? Thanks!

@tialuisa the number 8 is important. Combine that with the 2 correct letters

@tialuisa hurry up and come help me on Lvl 40. I've been stuck for a while.

Thank you Puffin - I'll work on that:)

@Puffin - I'd love to be there on Lvl 40 with you but it might be a while... I added my letters to the answer to #8. I added my letters to "eight." I converted my letters to numbers, added 8 to each of them and tried to combine the answers of the resulting numbers. Again I added 8 to my converted numbers and tried to combine the letters in those two columns with those numbers. Nothing works :( I'll keep trying stuff but by the time get to 40 you'll probably be well past it... :)

@tialuisa, you did plenty of things, but did you try to write all the 8 (x10) next to each other, outside of the crossword? Does it remind you of something?

@Puffin, for lvl 40 you don't need google. Only the title and the text.
Do as the text says in the first row. How to find them? The title tells you what to look for. "His is"..H. There you have your first word pair.

Oh Ellie... No, I hadn't tried the smart thing yet. I'll go do that right now. Thank you :)

@tialuisa, it is much easier. Think about what these letters look like. They resemble something which is often used in riddles.
@Puffin, search for word pairs with the same pattern as in "His is".

I too have been stuck with lvl 48 since yesterday. Can't figure out how to use the egg info (text/url, and are the numbers important, then both or only the circled). The text on main page is changed a little bit in some spots, and it's much more text than we usually get for google, so I'm guessing we should pick from there. Maybe only from the ones that relate to the EGG-url (or all 21)? But, picking how lol? Tried words/letters with their own b**** d*** or the numbers in the EGG, also translating EGG-url to numbers etc. Like you all did...
So many questions here, but I'm sure it's all easy, straightforward, and very clear using the hints in the EGG :)

Before trying things you better figure out the hint.
There's not much going on on the egg, so it should be easy to see, especially since it's quite basic.

I am so stuck on 46. I read that the words in the box should be familiar from the past, but I don't remember anything that reminds me of them. Help?

Ok, lol I just noticed something, but will have to think about if I can use that somehow.

Title might help jog your memory :)

@pipi, I think you were there pretty recently, looking at your latest comment here lol.

Yay, 49!!

Oh, thank you small-tool! Now I remember, lol. Lets see how to apply them.

On Level 40 now. Many thanks to Puffin, Ellie and pipi for that, and thanks to all who are helping me and special thanks to the maker - I truly am having a blast!

@Ellie, thank you too. I found the words now. I supposed I should use them as coordinates?

On level 32 now, and not sure what I'm looking for. BTW, S-T, very sneaky on Level 31 Egg 2b.

Omg, well done, Ellie! Please do throw a hint my way!

Level 32 -- so is the animal a d**, and the scene is from TTGOV? I have tried everything I can think of to fit that, but so far no success.

@Laurie W - Identifying the animal is everything. It's a s****.

@BFS, Like S-T said, you need to use your basic skills to find out how to use the egg.

@Ellie: I think (hope) I have picked up S-T's hint correctly and am meant to make use of something basic (so to speak) relating to what is circled on the egg. However, I can't find anything suitable to put in it. There are lots of y**** in the text, but those are too large to convert to anything useful. Am I barking up the wrong tree still?

@BFS, not totally sure what you are doing, but it seems to be the wrong tree. Once you know what to do you will know :)
Maybe have another basic look at the egg page?

@Ellie: You guys keep using the word "basic", and given what is circled, my mind went to o****. I'm guessing that's not correct, though?

Stuck on 32 with Egg 1 and a rotten egg. Tried the word that was mentioned earlier (n****) with no luck. I have read about how it is so easy and uses the most basic riddling technique, but I can't see what to use the riddling technique on.

@BFS, right, o... etc is not correct (i think). I don't know where your mind is :)

@Ellie: I was interpreting the word "basic" as being about c***ge of b***. But I'm guessing you actually just mean "simple", lol! Which makes me feel worse, because I can't think of anything simple that I haven't already tried using the m****, d***, d** o* t** w***, everything... Just thought to circle the other b******ys in the same m**** on the calendar, but that didn't show me the light either. Only other thing I can think of is to maybe do something with any d***s/y***s mentioned in the level text, but I can't think what.

@BFS, yes basic is "simple". Simle, basic riddling. The OK-eggs might have been a little bit rotten, but not totally rotten.

Thank you @Ellie and @pipi! I made a total noob mistake and didn't scroll down so I didn't even know there was text. :/

@Laurie, one of the most basic things would be FTF. Use it in the main level page (the clickable EGG is not for use at all).

Lol @Puffin, we all make those kind of mistakes :)

I have quite many eggs on lvl 50, but unfortunately it's 1 am, and working day tomorrow (getting up in about 5 hours). Will have to come back for the rest tomorrow evening i guess :(

@Ellie: I'm still totally stuck. I've tried all basic techniques relating to e**** and F*b so many times already. I don't know what I can try that's more basic. I thought I could see a few words in the e****h letters of the n***s, but further down the line, the string turns into gibberish, so I'm not sure that's actually anything. I'm now wondering again if the thing on the OK eggs that looked mathsy is in fact mathsy after all... Not that I haven't already tried that in all sorts of different ways!

Level 13 : I got the rotten egg, and I believe I know the way to use that hint. I changed the text, but 2 doesn't seem to be able to change. Not sure where I'm wrong, or where I'm missing an info to get to other eggs.

Hmm, I've tried a certain basic skill on Level 48 Egg (taking the e****h of F******y). I searched the text for something and found a manageable number of that thing in each paragraph. However, I'm not convinced I can actually do anything with those numbers.

can't even get the broken TV. Need a big hint for channel 25.

@Ellie -- the main level page has no text, other than the standard WIX text on every page? Am I supposed to identify items in the pic?

@Bine -- the first statement (H*** a** t***** l******) provides a big hint. It can be interpreted as a self-referencing statement. Do what it implies to the other statements and then apply a common riddling trick.

@Laurie - for lvl 32, I think Ellie meant the main EGG page rather than the main level page. The level page has no text, but there’re something you can use on the egg pic :)

@aaaasa -- Got it finally! Funny thing is, I thought I had tried that before? Maybe I had a letter wrong.

@Laurie: Thank you for your help. Was waaay overthinking and counting the wrong way till blue in the face. Duh

@Namchokdef -- two of them do not change. If you make the right changes, you won't need granny.

Level 42 egg 2 - St S********. I kind of think that this is a rotten egg w/o saying so. If I count and convert the text I get sent back to the previous egg. So I'm not sure if I should try to get out of the level through this egg or revisit how I got here.

On egg 1 I did all the cuts, ended up with 9 letters including the piece that remained after the final cut, grannied for f*******. does that all sound good? Thank you!

@tialuisa - maybe try counting and picking from the text instead. The level text tells you which l****r to pick from which w**d

@aaaasa - Thank you. I never manage to think things through. Underthinking again :(

Meanwhile still trying to figure out how to use the egg in lvl 48 :/ should I use it on the level page somehow?

@aaaasa, think about a connection between something on the ok eggs you got and what you have on the egg, once you will find the connection, you will know what to do

@shahar - hmmm is the phrase “m* b******* is *-*” important here or am I looking at the wrong part of the egg

yes, part of it

@shahar: Was I correct in my earlier comment about focusing on a particular l*****? Or was I still barking up the wrong tree?

not sure what you mean by l*****, but it sounds like the wrong path

@shahar: Ah OK. I was thinking of the e****h l****r of F******* and counting it in each of the paragraphs. But I didn't know what to do after that.

I have just realised that the d**e and the way it's written on the OK eggs matches the f****s of the egg message. Is that significant?

@Laurie W : Ah, thanks! Wasn't getting it right because one is wrong, many changes in that one and I took the first one.
Now stuck in the trap egg. With the pic name, seems like I would need 4, but I am only finding 2(or 3), which is the base, the brown thingy, and possibly the one from before? (P.S. Is this one also not needing granny? Hopefully..)

@BFS now you're getting somewhere

maybe its even a bit too spoily

@shahar: Oh! So the second thing I mentioned is good? I still have zero clue how to apply it.

@shahar thanks! Its so simple after knowing what to do
(and thanks to BFS inspiration)

I've got it too! Thanks shahar and BFS :)

On level 13, the big trap egg, how about 'first' getting an egg with granny?
And then you know the four :)

Still struggling with level 9. Can someone check what I have (in PV of course)? The last line seems obvious in M but gives only gibberish when translated to B... 2nd line drives me crazy as well for same reason...

You can mail me Eric :)

Well done, @aaaasa! I seem to have the right concept but no idea what to do with it. Can you please give me a further nudge?

@BFS - there are only a handful of matches in the list

@S-T: done. Will check tomorrow as I have to go to work :-(

OMG. Finally made it to Level 49. Thank you, @aaaasa, @shahar, @Ellie, @S-T!!!

Hi! In lvl 33, do we have to pick the letters within the names of the actors/directors etc.? 4 picks per name? Thanks!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Esteban - you have to find something in common between the actors/directors etc. There is a hint on your screen as to what that is.

Level 43 egg 1 - I have the song title, googled the 6 and understand 'looking down' but then it all falls apart for me. I tried some counting and some considering of what k*** would be crossed going from one l**** to the next but am getting nowhere. May I get some help please?

@tialuisa - If you understand the "looking down" part, then you're most of the way there! You just need to follow the instruction in the song title for each individual l***** in the egg word.

Level 49. I have Egg 1 and all the confirmation eggs, so I know I've identified everything correctly, but I've got no idea where to go from there. None of the usual tricks seem to work. I'm guessing the message on the confirmation eggs must be significant, but I can't figure out how to apply it.

Never mind! POP is a powerful thing!

@BFS - Thank you! Makes perfect sense in hindsight:)

lvl 49 - Got egg 1 and egg 2, but now what :/

@aaaasa: Try using only the group mentioned, but picking in the same way that got you Egg 2.

Come and join me on Level 50! I can see it's going to be massive...

Yes, massive for sure :P
more than 100 pages :P

@BFS - Thanks!

At 50 now, but I think I need to find my notes first :/

LVL 37 - I found some rotten eggs including a yes but no eggs but I can't get a good egg. I saw a prior hint about counting but that isn't getting me anywhere. I also tried looking at how many M*** S**** each one had but that isn't working either. Can I get a nudge please?

Level 50. I just can't think of how to interpret Eggs 1.2a to 1.2d. I thought it was either s***p**** or p**p**, but neither of those seem to really work. I can't think what I could be missing

@Chael: Counting along each name should get you to Egg 1.

@S-T - OMG, I just saw your comment. Sounds like we'll be at Level 50 for a while...

@BFS - Can I get a really quick refresher of memory so that I can start lvl 50?

@aaaasa: You've seen the code at the bottom of the start page being used somewhere before. Do you have your notes, or do you need the l**** n*****?

@BFS - yes, I know I've seen it before, just that I need some time to find where :/

@aaasa: If it helps, it was h**f of an e** at the end of a l****. Remembering that made it easier for me to find it.

@BFS - the text is a hint on what to use in 1.2a to 1.2d.

Thanks, @aaaasa! I can't believe I didn't spot that.

Now stuck on Egg 1.3. Found a rotten egg but not a good one.

@BFS - I tried to be a smarty-arse here and got some very useful hint :P

@aaaasa: I've tried a lot of potential k**s. The egg word itself seems promising in that it almost gives me all R**** n******s. Haven't really got anywhere beyond that. I recognise the pic at the bottom, but nothing I can get from that l**** seems to work either.

@BFS - if there's a w**** k** then there's probably a ...?

@aaaasa: Ahhh, thank you :) I so often have the genesis of the correct idea but apply it wrong. I had thought of that, but I was trying it as a k** rather than in the U**.

Now stuck on Level 50 Egg 2.1. Not sure what the picture is referring to. If it's supposed to be familiar, I may need my memory jogged!

@tialuisa. Lvl33. Thanks. I did find something in common. And I thought I had to pick from their year.

@Esteban - No it's ftf on those particular f****. And did you see in the comments that one of the persons has two and you should use both?

Getting stuck everywhere in lvl 50... looking for some breakthrough :/

Thanks tialuisa. As usual going tooooo far!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Think about the first one you found and how you can change that.
But also, please do delete that post with that L word :)
A bit too spoily.

Thanks s-t, moving on now

No progress except for egg 3.1 :/

Still struggling with Level 23. I have the correct W***e N***s. I know the three S*****s. I have their positions in the words. I'm asking the right granny but not getting an answer. I know I can only take granny 10 letters. When I find more than one of the three in a word, am I picking or using a******n?

Level 23 hints, showed Robin mentioning "ntol...". I couldn't figure out what that meant. Is that a missing link?

lvl 26 having trouble on egg three, have tried lots of actual places and lots of just general synonyms, can anyone give me a hint please?

@bucksdack there is only one in each, note their position in the pic

@robin if you know the rules, google can quickly give you the right answer

Thank you @Keeper! I think that is exactly what I was missing. I'm back in business!

ty keeper, as soon as i read your hint it clicked.

So lvl 50 will be way longer than the independence day one last time. I'm now stuck at 2.2 and 3.2, and no progress for others so far

@Keeper: How did you get past 2.1? I'm mystified by it.

@BFS just try the first thing that comes into your mind :)

Made a step of progress on the i****** path, a good end for today :)

@Keeper: I tried FTF, but Granny doesn't give me anything. Tried counting too, and variations on "B******m" :/

@Keeper: Well done on your progress! I'm stuck on the "point one" eggs on paths 2 to 7!

LVL 37 - Still struggling to get to Egg 1 - Counting the l****** of the n**** of the c************** is not giving me anything that granny likes.

Lvl 10, once you find the egg page do you apply anything back to the original level page or is everything to continue done on that egg page alone?

@DitG I believe it is just the egg page you need to use now.

@DitG - I believe I had an additional extra letter I had to discard before granny loved me.

It's not an anagram (I think), it's about how many I gave you. Like in the first one I gave you 4, so the 4th letter and that should be an R.

@s-t You got me with misdirection yet again. I have become a master of the night sky and I was not any closer to solving this. Thank you!

Level 45 - I have a message and tried putting various parts of it into the url. I kept the numbers attached to the pieces as I was filling in the grid thinking they might assist me in picking letters but no. May I get a little hint to move on? Thank you!

@Chael - the egg page has 2 words. am I to assume we do nothing with the top right corner information, url name, and pic name? The fact you had additional letters and had to do a workaround is not boosting my confidence on this one.....

Bottom line of that meassage is a big hint and the book is telling how/where to apply that hint.

Just those two words Ditg.
Do what they say on themselves.

I've finished egg paths 1 and 3 on Level 50. Currently stuck at: egg 2.2, egg 4.1, egg 5.2, egg 6.1 and egg 7.1. Hints for any/all of those would be greatly appreciated! :)

@Ditg Before you had to use the letters that were similar. Now opposite. Which letters in those words should you use this time?

Thank you, @s-t, got the next eggs
I guess I'm still tired, cannot figure out what the c****r means for a hint. I tried to change the text with the now known places, couldn't get something to connect. Tried c****ing with the c*****rs then change, doesn't seems so. Going to rest for now as I cannnot come up with a connection to the c*****rs.

lvl 28 stuck on lvl page, read all the hints and cant figure out how to apply numbers to themselves, have tried lots of ways and not getting anything useful, not enough vowels for most of them, could i get another hint please?

@robin: Numbers can be written as w***s, right?

@bfs wow i feel so dumb, i tried everything but that, thank you soooo much

Late getting started, and stuck on Channel 11. A little push in the right direction, please?

purple, if you count the little ones it should bring a certain code to mind, notice the difference in tones of them.

@BFS how did you complete egg 3? I tried to read the text hinted by the pic but couldn’t see anything meaningful. Is this the right direction?

Thank you, small, for lvl 45.

@Keeper - can I have a bigger nudge for egg 3.1? The first things that came to my mind didn’t seem to work :/

Level 45 egg - So sorry to ask, does the egg relate back to the level page or have we moved on to something else?

@tialuisa - just apply the egg on what you have on the main page.

Thank you aaaasa.

@aaaasa I hope you have the right already. For the left, the last three is obvious, so think about what is on what in the pic

@Keeper - Just realised I made a typo for that :/ I meant 2.1 rather than 3.1 ...
As for 3.2, I think that's the end of the path as the k** is good on one of the l***s? (unless I somehow fell into another trap of s-t :P)

@aaaasa so maybe we can find the true end for 3 when we have the right k**. For 2.1, don’t use anagram solver, try another one

LVL 41 Egg 3 - I have an I****** clown and some text on the side that gave me a rotten egg. Not sure what to do here.

Level 37 Egg 1 -- I have seen the hint about c********* t** d***, and I have done that, but I must have one or two of them wrong. I am particularly uncertain about the last one, and maybe the first one as well. I find it difficult to tell for certain what the order is.

@Laurie - I couldn't quite figure out the last one either, but if you got them all right, you should get a word without granny.

@Chael - the clown does not use some of the l*****s in the side text. Take them out and use the rest.

@ Laurie I took it as if they were the same size then it would branch. For the last letter it seemed like there were two small ones the same size as each other and two big ones the same size as each other. So I made two lines one small to big vertical and one small to big horizontal. Gave me a nice lowercase letter

Thanks aaaasa and Chael -- I got it. Now stuck on a confirmation egg (b****)

Ah great, Chael :)
Thanks, I'm very glad you noticed the (imho logical) method :)

Some Google to do with that name and the theme of the level.

@S-T -- right after I posted, I did just that and figured it out. Now on 38, and just too tired to do any more tonight.

@S-T -- from what I have seen, the well was not dry, although I could understand if it is now. 100+ pages for level 50?! I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I can't even think what the bonus levels will be like, assuming I ever get there.

Don't worry, you're doing great and there are always very helpful players :)
Lol, yep 50 is a riddle on its own :P

I'm stuck on level 44 with only one rotten egg (the one with the cartoon character). I don't know how to find the other rotten egg. I've tried ftf and granny on the words on the level page but can't get anything useful. May I please have a push? Thanks!

@Puffin - you need one more letter for the 2nd r egg. If you can't see the level pic complete on your screen, reduce the size of it so you can.

ST, we cannot believe it but Mishu and me managed to crack the enormous and powerful 50
Thank you for those extremely challenging levels, you are really one of the best riddle makers out there!
We are now looking for the bonus level.

YAY, the first finishers are there!!!


\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

You're now in/on the Wall Of Winners

Wishing you guys good luck and lots of fun finding and playing the bonus levels :)

@shahar and Mishu - well done!

Congrats shahar and mishu, please leave some hints to us :)

Hi and Congrats! I have a lot of lvl 36 questions. Got Eggs 1a and 1b. Can't figure how to get to Egg2. Is the key the 1b phrase? The rotten monster? And is the gibberish the 1a text? With or without the s**** l******? With or without the monster? Thanks.

WOW! Congrats, Shahar and Mishu! That's incredible. Please leave us some hints for Level 50! I'm stuck in manyyyyy places. Now I'm not even sure I have finished Egg 3, lol. I thought I was done 'cause I got a key, but the pic file name indicates "part A", so who knows...

@esteban, you use both eggs together
You have the cipher, you have the key and you have the text for decoding. Its all a matter of looking closely at what you get.

@BFS if you get to the key, then you are through at that path (for now). You will see later on how to combine it all.

@BFS - just got some breakthrough in 7.1... looks like the position of the l*****s are important

Thanks shahar. But still stucked...

Ah OK, thanks, @shahar. I can park that path for now, then!

Am currently stuck on:

- 2.2 - don't know how to apply the s****g motion to the level/do things in the r***t o***r)
- 4.1 - I've been staring and staring and haven't the foggiest idea where to even start. Clearly the URL and the filename are meant to give me clues, but I still have no idea.
- 5.2 - I don't see anything new apart from the obvious addition and a change in the s**'s mood. I tried interpreting the two figures with the d*****g m** cipher, but they don't really fit it. Also tried various things to do with the s** being s** and what not, but no go.
- 6.1: I know what these are and I have a confirmation egg that makes me think I must be right. However, I can't find a word with them, especially not without Grannying (since if I'm interpreting correctly, the last two are w***s).
- 7.1: I've seen the pic f***n***, but I have no idea what to do or where to start. Just no clue whatsoever.

LVL 42 - I have Egg 1. I have a number and I think I have to go down the list removing the amount each time. I have a string of 9 letters but it isn't getting me anywhere.

@aaaasa: Interesting! I don't see any pattern in the positions, but I'll keep looking...

@BFS - also I found something regarding g*****es relating to the confirmation egg in 6.1 but still trying to find out what to do with them :/

Hmm, I don't know what g*****es are. I was thinking it was to do with c*****t u****e h**d s*****s. I am very familiar with those and what they mean, and it makes sense given the confirmation egg. However, I can't successfully get a good word from them with or without Granny.

@BFS - yes that's also what I had been trying to use :/

Lvl 36. Is the cipher the same for Egg 1a and b? The main level one? I'm so lost!

@Esteban - the pic name for Egg 1a tells you the cipher

For 5.2a, I think the lines in the c**** are important but not much progress yet

For 6.1, I can only think of s******** and d****** ***, but based on what I checked yesterday they don’t quite fit into it. Am I close to it?

@Keeper - there is a confirmation egg for 6.1 and I think it's about what BFS said above although I haven't been able to make a word yet :/

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